Christine, Founder, Church of Chaos ( wrote:

>The word "scientology" has stench all over it and always will.  You aren't 
>going to get "scientology" very far away from Hubbard and the CoS.  Maybe 
>"clearing".  That's me with my Ouija board diving the future.

     I understand your feelings, however some of us choose to continue
with the original unblunted goal and use the correct definition of

     I seriously doubt that Robert believes that what he is doing is
Scientology(TM).  I suspect he hopes if LRH were to ever see his
process, that it would eventually be integrated into Scientology(TM).

     I also believe that Robert believes that his process is founded
upon the paradigm given to him by LRH and which he has found to be
real for himself and those that he is winning with.  He audits many
non scientologists, so I doubt paradigm indoc is part of his approach.
He just takes them into session, and gets them to start looking.

     Robert suffers from an inflexibility in his auditing approach
that was in part the cause of his downfull with me.  It is just not
possible to get me to locate an incident and then go to the beginning,
run through it and tell me what happened, and not generate more charge
doing this than we are running.  Robert never fully 'got' that LOOKING
and focusing and talking generate more charge per second than anything
we were running, it was beyond his conception.

     It took Enid a long while also.

     Enid manages to find areas to look at, and gently pries them
apart with curiosity, no running, no narrative other than what I give
her, and wham, it opens.  Not even I can do that with solo.  But
basically both are trying to do the same thing, find the moment, and
release the moment.

     The only real difference is approach and Enid's amazing nose for
where to go.

     "What the fuck are you looking there for woman?  Wham!"
     I can almost tell exactly when a session is going to get good,
Enid starts poking around in something I find totally uninteresting, I
used to complain, but now I just get real quiet and I think to myself,
"Uh oh, here we go..."
     You don't do that with "Locate an incident of..." "Go to the
beginning", "Scan through it" "Tell me what happened".  What HAPPENED
isn't worth repeating!  Its what didn't happen that counts, what could
have happened, what should have happened, what might have happened,
the sorrow is all locked up in a million things you didn't even think
of at the time.   The real stuff is hidden in the cracks BETWEEN
the incidents.

     I am surprised that Dianetics works at all sometimes.