>>     If you create something and you KNOW it has the potential to go
>>out and do wrong, then if it does go out and do wrong, YOU are
>>responsible and should be held accountable.
     >Hehehe.  So if I have a kid that grows up to be a murderer I am

     Gee, now that's a thought isn't it.  I guess thinking and
responsibility are new to Christians.

     Husband: 'Well honey, I think its time we had some kids, don't

     Wife: "Sure, dear, but, you know, what happens if one of them turns
out to be a murderer or something, or an Anti Christ?  "
     Husband: "Well, now that's none of our business you know, and
besides once he is 18, he is accountable for his own actions, and if he
does do wrong, God's got someplace proper to put him, Hell Forever, at
the end of his life."

     Wife: "Oh well, that's a relief dear, stick it here...'

     Maybe if parents were held responsible for the actions of their
children things might change around here.  People wouldn't go having
children without thinking about it twice.

     And the stupid hand wringing parents couldn't get away with, 'But
we did our best!'

     It just slid out of her demon port no matter how hard she tried
to keep the baby in.


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