DHEA, 25 mg in morning (adrenal hormone) (declines to 50% of
youthful levels by 45) levels decrease linearly with age till death
this one in particular allows you to deal with stress gracefully,
without debilitating physiologic reactions

     L-deprenyl, 2.5 mg each day (Studies show use of this makes rats
live 40% longer)
     NADH, 10 mg (currently in use in a clinical study at GT Univ that
I applied for and they told me where to get it after I was declined -
they has 5000 applications for 100 spots))
     Cytomel T3 (thyroid replacement hormone) 25 mcg 2 x a day (use
basal (upon awakening) temperature, if your body temp is 97.  or lower
your T3 level is low, mine was 95.6 upon arising, its now 98.3)
     Melatonin 3 mg at bedtime - protects liver, powerful antioxidant,
levels decrease linearly with age till death