Allen considers that he has the superior operating know how to
subsume the rest of us into his plan.  He considers that the rest of
us are on the right track, but don't really know what we are doing in
the long run, and don't have it among us to really pull it all off
without him leading and organizing the push.
     To me Acceptance is just one more in a long line of one mores,
and 200 Hundred years from now, neither Acceptance, nor Adore, nor
Knowledgism, nor Dynamism will be remembered, except in dusty history
     What will come out of all this may be a single unifed religion,
just as Einstien sought the unified theory of existence, but it won't
be Acceptance or any of the other ism we now know.
     If in fact a new phoenix is born out of our separation, and if in
fact it is ONE phoenix that is born, that pheonix will be very
different than *EVERYTHING* we have now, and will incorporate
everything we have now, and put everything we have now all to shame.
     A tetrahedron keeps its space by having 4 independent vertices,
not by collapsing all of them into One Central point.
     Each of us is a vertex in the tetrahedron of clearing, and we
must maintain that space by making sure it doesn't get collapsed.
     Allen is just another vertex as are we all.
     Because his theory is that we are all One being that shattered,
and because he believes he has a workable route back to that
unification, and because he believes that without him it may never
happen, and with him it probably will, it is natural for him to want
to subsume EVERYTHING under himself, his ideas, his tech, his
approach, his Ideal Scene, his Final Attainment.

     Subsuming shattered parts of Self is his main thesis, it therefore
colors everything that issues from him.

     When you bring up how odious a One World, One Church, One Mind,
One thought is to a Scientologist, they will invariable say, "Oh we
don't want any such thing, really!" They may actually believe what
they say, but you and I know its not true.  Whether they think they
are on a unification ride or not, they are, there is no question about
     Same with Allen.  He talks pretty, but its a spaceless disaster
waiting to happen.
     If not with Allen, then with his many followers who already show
their mettle with their silence.
     Can you imagine a world of silence?

     You would choose a Scientology world first, no?
     You gather people under you, with high hopes and high ideals, and
then it becomes too many, and suddenly you are riding on their wave
rather than them riding on yours.
     The Great Ones have told us, have told *ME*, that the only way to
avoid this, is to make sure that the space never collapses, to have
competition and differences among all the points of the tetrahedron
all along the way.  Then whatever point of the tetrahedron someone
gravitates to, they can head for the center from that point and vanish
out of the universe forever more.
     Making the vertex the center is a mistake that leads to disaster
and will never work.
     Allen and Acceptance are welcome as a vertex of the tetrahedron.
     He is forbidden to disturb the alignment and balance of space and
power among the vertices, or suffer the penalties of termination with
prejudice at the hand of forces far greater than he or I.

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