There is a WANT and a WANT NOT.

     This produces a PROBLEM.

     The problem consists of a POSITIVE and a NEGATIVE.

     The positive is a want for the presence of something.

     The negative is a want for the absence of something.

     The somethings are not positive or negative, the presence
or absence of the somethings are positive and negative.

     Negative means to negate the existence of.

     We are not looking for a positive and negative item or something,
we are looking for a positive and negative ATTITUDE for two different

     Want for an absence is a want not for a presence.

     Want for an absence is resistence to a presence and resistence
of those who do not want an absence along with you.

     Want for a presence is resistence to an absence and resistence
of those who do not want a presence along with you.

     This is the basic game.

     It is the definition of a problem, something to be solved, fought
against or for, and won or lost.

     It produces a game that can not be won and can not be lost.

     This is because the being puts his own power into both sides.

     As he wins and becomes stronger he puts more power into the opposite
side and so starts to lose.  As he loses and becomes weaker he puts less
power into the opposite side and so starts to win.  The equilibrium is the
state you find him in.

     There is also denial of the problem.

     This is a NO PROBLEM.

     This is audited as a NO WANT and a NO WANT NOT.

     Tremendous power is in this.

     The somatics go through the center of attention, through the bridge of
the noise down through the teeth into the back of the throat where it
manifests as sickness, stuffed noses, sore throats, throat tics, coughs
and sneezes.  It is the center of not saids, not thinking about, not
feeling, not knowing, and not looking.

     It continues down the back of the neck which controls the speaking,
breathing, sighing and jaw motions, and down the spine to the area right
below the heart about half way down.  It continues to the very rump of the
spine and ends at the cocyx.  It also encompasses the hips and is in
involved in every action and decision to get up and go do something.

     "Pining is unsighable bitter noble melancholia, usually on the subject
of not (non) operating divine operating religions."