P.Scott (pscott@inreach.com) wrote:
>     It may be best to admit we are all idiots, and seek our salvation
>directly on a via of christ consciousness to the mother load of Life
>and skip all the error in between.
> (homers sessions on the subject are world class.... and to be sure,
> a few notches up from where I was sitting at the time)

     Any dicom item-pair can be made into a Code of sorts ala Acey:

     Respect - Not respect
     then becomes
     Must Respect - Mustn't Not Respect

     This then leads one into overts against such a code, regrets,
withholds, justifications, sympathies, problems etc.

     Beings live by dramatizing item-pairs as Codes and this becomes a
multiplicity of one way flows.

     They respect A and have contempt on B, they never have contempt
on A and respect B.  Or at least they try to do this very hard until
they engender a code violation, then they try even harder!  Eventually
they flip sides and make the violation right, then they only respect B
and have contempt on A.

     Thus they dramatize themselves into a tight weave of one way
flows on all the various items of their lives, and they sink under the
weight of lies, reversals, alter-is, failed intentions and charge.

     The being who is dramatizing item-pairs is not running them out,
he is running them in, he is spreading himself thinner and thinner on
the wings of the dicom, trying to live on the extreme tips, and never
living life from the *NOTHING* that is in the center.

     This is probably in part why people take such exception to Carol,
she seems to want to push that God and Ultimate Truth are good etc.

     Now maybe there is a God that is Good, that would be a great
relief to those who are apparently stuck in a world where everyone is
bad, but both are one way flows of Magnitude.

     The Christian God may be good but the ultimate God is *NOTHING*.

     The joke is even Nothing doesn't describe it, because
nothing/something is just another dicom.  If it can be described, it
ain't God.

     But nothing is a much better idea for Fountainhead of Source than

     From that Nothing pours forth the manifestation of the wings of
the dicom, nothing/something, good/bad, beauty/ugly, love/hate,
light/dark, respect/no respect, magnificence/anti-magnificence, etc,
and then God distributes itself out on those dicoms in the form of
individual Selves, in order to have a theatrical play called life.

     This is all immensely intentional, one therefore has to ask if a
God that creates good and evil is really good?  That certainly is not
the human concept of good which is parked way on the extreme end of
the good/bad dicom which can't admit to creating ANY bad.

     Thus living on one wing of the dicom inherently implies
irresponsibility for the other wing.
     The human in fact will tend to think of such a God that creates
good and bad, as bad, because it sure ain't good to him to create good
*AND* bad, and bad is all he has left to think with as he lives on
the wing of the dicom and can't see anything else.

     Adore says that God is Divine, meaning prone to creating dicoms,
but Divine is itself just another dicom, Divine/Holy.

     (Divine is the care free pre dicom state, Holy is the careful
post dicom state.)
     By positing ultimate truth as good, light, beauty, love, respect,
one traps the being into striving very hard to move from one side of
the wing where he is stuck to the other side where he WANTS to be
stuck so he can never slip off to the bad side again.  This sticks him
in manifestation because it sticks him to one wing of the dicom.

     It would seem a bit inhuman to suggest that beings practice being
both good and bad, but truth is in order to reach the nothing in the
middle that is native state, that is exactly what you have to do, and
all becomes Flow 0.  *ALL* becomes Flow 0.


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