Copyright (C) 1992 Homer Wilson Smith
                          All Rights Reserved
     The war on drugs is the primary excuse that the FBI has for its
unprecedented push for the new wire tapping laws to go into effect.
     If you were to end the war on drugs, the amount of criminal
activity left in the world would not be enough to justify such broad
ranging powers.
     In short these laws would mandate a common technological backbone
to our entire communications system including the phone, cellular phone,
computer link and e-mail communication lines.  It would further mandate
a common logical socket to plug into to access this communication
network, and allow the rerouting of all communications to a central
headquarters so that the FBI could listen in on the world undetected
without ever getting out of its seat.
     Only registered and approved encryption algorithms would be allowed
and anyone caught sending an undecipherable message would be charged
with treason and violation of anti-privacy laws.
     You know, the privacy laws that say you ain't got none.
     Privacy and piracy will become synonymous.
     The people in the FBI do not want to end the war on drugs, not
because they honestly think that drugs are bad for anyone, but because
they want an ever expanding game to play, with our country being the
playing field and our rights being of secondary concern to the
continuation of their game.
     It's their game.  Their attitude is, what are we doing on their
playing field?  If we get trampled, tough.  Love it or leave it.
     If there were no criminals, the various government agencies
involved in fighting crime would be out of a job and would have nothing
to do.  Thus although they claim to be fighting crime to make the
streets safe at night for dear sweet little old ladies, their real
agenda is solely to have a game to play and somewhere to play it on.
     If they were to start running out of criminals, you can be sure
that they would start creating some, much as fishermen stock lakes with
fish so that they can go out and fish them!
     Why would you put a fish INTO a lake, if you were just going to go
take him out again?  Just so with crime fighting.
     They don't really care who you declare to be the criminals or the
bad guys, just as long as there is an expanding pool of them, and no
chance of ever running out of people to chase, hunt down and kill.
     Imagine the fun of being able to sit in your little war room,
hidden safe away from the world, and be able to listen into any
conversation you wanted to and plan the most amazing sting operations on
the biggest bad guys you can find, and then celebrate after wards by
spending and snorting some of the take.
     Sounds like a good thing, no?  I mean only evil people want
privacy, right?
     The problem is that evil people get into these war rooms and start
to use them to chase down the good people.  Imagine some FBI agent who
is listening in on the top secret communications of a big corporation
planning its next big deal, who is approached by someone who wants that
deal to fall through.  They pay the FBI agent $1,000,000 to leak to them
the information that he has attained so that the business can be
thwarted.  Quite a way for your competitors to level the playing field,
     And what of the hackers who will learn of the common socket and
soon have easy access to any information they want?  Would anyone want
to invest in the USA or do business here?
     Does the Federal Government care about these things?  No, they all
flunked out of business school long ago, they would rather play prison
guard than make a living.
     The idea that only evil people want privacy is itself promulgated
by evil people who want privacy.
     Only stupid people, or people who want to die,fall for it.
     Has life become so unsweet that we must put ourselves in chains in
other's hands to feel alive?  Or is that the point, that no one wants to
be alive anymore?
     Has it become fashionable or politically correct to be a victim?
Or a slave?
     The populace must have recourse against the government, there can
be no freedom of thought in the presence of an all seeing eye with the
only army in the land at its beck and call.
     Such a social system could never rise above the level of its vilest
member who no doubt would quickly bubble to the top of the hierarchy and
become its president.
     Absolute power corrupts absolutely, that is until humans become
Angels again, and by giving the Federal Government the absolute power
over the communication lines of the planet, you are building a
bacteriological petri dish which is guaranteed to grow the greenest
green slime you ever saw.
     I mean if you leave bread out to mold, it will mold, right?
     If you give absolute power and authority to a human commission it
will mold too.
     The war on drugs is a farce, a con of magnitude.
     Now I know there are a lot of people on the net who think I am a
real jerk, but if things are allowed to continue in the direction they
are going, I will be the least of their problems.
     Actually, it is the people who elect these cruel masters into power
that are the real danger.
     The strange thing is that some people will probably be HAPPY in the
communication line slave camp that the federal government has envisioned
for us.
     The day these people get led to slaughter they will probably feel
like it's a birthday party to them.
     WHEEEE!, here we go, down the chute!
     And out the tubes.