OK, let's start at the beginning.

     You are a conscious unit.

     Consciousness is defined by the facility of perfect certainty.

     A perfect certainty can not be wrong.

     If you can be perfectly certain of anything, you are conscious.

     If you are conscious, you can be perfectly certain of that.

     You can be perfectly certain that something exists, because at
least part of that something is you.

     You are not a meat body.

     You are not a brain.

     You are not a process in a brain, and you are not an emanation from
a process in a brain.

     You wonder if you exist, but you are just sure your brain exists.

     Who or what is it that is sure their brain exists?

     And this is a false certainty any how.

     This doesn't mean you are sure your brain doesn't exist, it means
it is certain you can never be certain whether your brain exists or not.

     At least not until you exteriorize from space and time, and see
that the dream of temporality arises from the actuality of eternality.

     In your present state, you can't even be perfectly certain whether
you are asleep or awake, as both are merely different levels of

     But you do know you are dreaming without doubt.

     And you know you doubt.

     Once you know you are dreaming along with the rest of everyone
else, you can then take or leave your brain alone, as it is a dream
brain, and serves the same function as any other dream machine in the
virtual reality of space and time.

     The truth is, being fully awake, is being sound asleep in the arms
of eternity, the eternal peace that passeth all understanding.

     And dreamtime is tooling around thinking you are awake in the
virtual reality of space and time.


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