YOU 10


      You are bigger than the world.

     The basic game then is to bring to the world that part of you that
is bigger than the world, and not yet in the world.

     To bring something new to the world.

     You are bigger than the world in terms of the space and time needed
to encompass it.
     Your consciousness of the world is a zero dimensional rendition of
the apparently multidimensional dream reality, called the physical

     The physical universe is computer graphics, a conscious rendition,
in the mind of God.

     God is a Multi-Being, the High US.

     All of life is God in carnation as individual I-AM's.

     A conscious rendition is a painting of space and time that itself
does not take up space or time.

     Just because there is perspective of space and time in a painting
doesn't mean there is depth in the painting.

     Just so, conscious renditions of space and time do not themselves
take up any space or time.

     Thus your consciousness may (thankfully) not be immortal, but it
certainly is eternal.

     Immortality, living forever without choice in a single space time
game stream, is not desirable.

     Infinite time is hell forever.

     There is no infinite time, there is only an infinite number of
different finite whiles.

     The being has free choice whether to engage in any particular
dreamtime or time while.
     Eternality means coming from and living above space and time where
one can source and join or not join space time game streams at will, for
ever for free, and rest as long as you like inbetween.

     This is desirable and you know it.

     It is what you always wanted.

     For many it is the undreamed dream come true.

     You do not come from the world.

     The world comes from you and the conscious High US.

     You are also bigger than the world in your ability to create and
originate things to do.

     Limited only by clearable aberrations, anyone can out create the
world, as the existing world is merely what everyone has already created
on the table of clay.

     The universe is not a buffet of all the possible things you can do
in the world.

     It's a pot luck dinner.

     What is here, is what people have brought here to do.

     You needn't eat their food, let them eat yours.

     They need something new to chew on.

     Many children, first starting out, look to the world to give them
an idea of what they want to do in life.

     They consider the world to be their list of opportunities, the
ultimate job listing.

     They visit all the churches, all the science labs, all the art
galleries and music halls, all the market places, all the government
halls, all the coffee shops of philosophy, religion, science, art and
business, all the places of social concourse, looking, looking, looking
for something that interests them, for something they can do for the
rest of their lives, to make for themselves that oh so precious living.

     They are trying to find a preexisting receptor site in the world
for themselves where they can fit in and function and thus contribute
and provide for other's and themselves.

     But the basic purpose of a child lies not in what others have
already done, although it is true that the child can certainly learn for
a while through mimicry, harmony and counterpoint to others and what
others have already done.

     The basic purpose of a being is to bring something NEW to the
world, sourced from that part of himself that is bigger than the world
and not yet manifested in the world.

     Yes there may be some willies.

     The slave masters do not like anything new, there are no laws
written yet to control, tax, or use it to their own ends.

     But too much agreement and devotion to what other's have done will
lead to an existence of dwindling life, dissatisfaction,
meaninglessness, and unfullfillment.

     For the originators of what already exists were doing something

     But their followers are not.

     Are you happy?

     Are you doing something meaningful in life?

     Are you subversive to the status quo?  The most subversive thing
you can do to the status quo is DO SOMETHING NEW.

     Are you fullfilled and satisfied at the end of every day?

     Are you smug as hell about how good life is?

     Or are you sacrificing yourself to another's cold pot of stew?

     Happiness, meaning and fullfillment come from ORIGINATION of the
new, not from agreement with the old.

     If everyone does only what already exists, the world becomes old
pretty quick.

     Oldness is death.

     Newness is life.

     Anything new is better than nothing new, even if it is just new for


      "Get the idea of nothing   new.
      "Get the idea of something new.
      "Get the idea of nothing   old.
      "Get the idea of something old.

     Run it for a few hours across many weeks or run it dual with
someone else.

     E/P, endlessly something worthwhile to be, know, want, do, have,
and create.

      (E/P means End Phenomenon of the process.)


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