You can hurt.

     Really bad.

     You can cry forever at the loss of a single cat, even long before
they die, nay from the day they were born or the moment you first meet
     Every First Hello implies a Last Goodbye.

     The evil we know as Goodbye, is matched by the good we know as

     How much pain could you be made to feel, without dying or going

     Most people will tell you that they have experienced pain far worse
and deeper than any pleasure they have ever experienced.

     It makes them wonder.

     Wonder makes it worse, because wonder is anti faith.

     Faith is a bad word because it connotes believing without evidence.

     But one can know one is sovereign without a single shred of
evidence apparent in present time.  This is hard on a being, but this is
what faith really means.

     Faith means knowing that flinch commits to pre postulation of
disaster, both physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.

     Faith means knowing that questioning one's sovereignty kills,
because doubt is self casting.

     Faith means knowing that the consideration/observation flip flop,
casts in stone considerations that become 'proved' through observations.

     Things in the world of mammon are created and become 'true' because
of consideration acting as the causal agent of existence.

     Things are created in the mere conception (consideration) of them.

     Observation is then used to verify what was created.

     Failing to notice that consideration CREATED these things in the
first place, observation then tells us that not only do they indeed
exist, but they exist INDEPENDENT of our consideration of them.

     Observation fails to notice that consideration was CAUSE in the
first place.

     That's like the GodSoul saying
     'Let there be light!  And he saw the light was good'
     and a moment later thinking, still observing the light
     Where the hell did all this light come from?
     He is still convinced through observation that the light is there,
but he no longer is aware through observation that his original
consideration created it.

     He now has the consideration that he didn't create the light, and
he observes further that he can't get rid of it which bolsters his
consideration that he didn't create it.

     And he uses his observations of trying and failing to get rid of
light, to prove to himself that indeed he is stuck with the light.
     That is in fact how the GodSoul created the world as God and then
jumped in, and incarnated, as Soul.

     Using looking (observation) to prove knowing is a death trap, in
the spiritual world.  All looking shows you, is what you created BY
KNOWING it into existence in the first place, but usually looking is
used to also put the spin on it that you didn't create it and are now
stuck with it!

     Faith is at least understanding the mechanism and deciding which
way one is going to go, and taking full responsibility for one's fair
chosen fancy free faithlessness.

     There are beauties and pleasures beyond one's wildest imagination,
all of them Self, which includes both the God side and the Soul side
of the GodSoul.

     A Soul side being is being the Soul more than the God, the
Creature more than the Creator, the Character more than the Author.

     A God side being is one who hasn't yet draped itself with the
dreams of the Soul side being.

     The Soul side being can't see the beauty of itself, but the God
side being can.

     The highest love is Self love.

     The second highest love is love of other's Self love.
     One has to come down from the top to even share the idea.

     Many of the beauties are halcyon and humor, high cool and romance.

     Halcyon is bemused relief on the verge of time.

     "The halcyon winds of summer heal the cold cruel wounds of winter."

     How high does it go?

     How low have you gone?

     This is the undreamed dream come true.


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