Manifesting temporal life (in time) exists in cycles.

      Create, survive, destroy.

      This is the world if Sabe (Sa-bay).

      That's why, in the world of Sabe, all eventually is lost, never to 
be, or live again exactly as it was.

      Everything is precious, unique, and fragile, and never will pass
this way again.

      There will always be new creates and new destroys, new first hellos
and new last goodbyes,

      In the end the main thing that doesn't persist forever is persistence 
itself, survival in time.

      Persistence in time is Sabe, because persistence exists only for a
while.  Time is only for a while.  When the while ends, EVERYTHING that
exists in that while ends too.  Forever.

      Whatever was, will never be quite that way again even in future
cycles of time and whiles.

      It could be, but it won't.

      The GodSoul never visits the same place twice (except to vanish it 
through as-isness.  That's how you end a while, duplicate the beginning.)

      Dura is what is eternal and stands forever outside of time.

      Eternality is beingness, not becomingness.

      Divine Magnificence resting in the folds of Eternal Omni Awesome

      Mortality is becomingness, different every moment.

      Sabe gives us momentary windows into the world of Dura where things
are different than they are here.

      In those windows are the things we love, eternal loves.

      A favorite cat in Sabe, is a window into Dura.

      That cat you love and cry for so much, even while alive, is a
symbol for a cat in Dura, never to know loss or fear or self reproach.

      We are all this way in time, living but passing symbols for the
beauty of the immutable.

      As the windows in Sabe pass us by, the preciousness and sorrow we
feel is for the apparent loss of Dura.

      To have had forever, then to never have again.

      Or so we believe.  That belief is necessary and desirable to remain
in Sabe.

      The small little cat we cry for is a finite representation of that 
bigger loss.

      The cat in Dura, with a dance in its step and a twinkle in its eye 
and smile that can never end, CHOOSES to symbolize itself, it's own 
eternal beauty, via temporal ephemerality in Sabe.

      Thus the eternal cat is self incarnating.

      It can do this over and over again, each time manifesting in time 
close to its true nature, but always different and short of the mark.

      Look at the love.

      There are no tears in Dura.

      Sometimes when you see someone crying their eyes out, you can't
help but crack up laughing.

      Their love is just so great.

      Their sorrow, their loss, reminds you of the love that is real, of
the beauty that is yourself, of the eternal peace that is our home.

      It reminds us of the greatness and care free warm humor of *US*.

      Somehow the one in sorrow doesn't see it, but their loss helps you
get a momentary glimpse of the perfect.

      Their descension experience becomes your ascension experience.

      Thus their sorrow becomes their gift from them to you.

      They say that dried eyed sorrow never heals.

      This is true, suppressed sorrow is suppressed love.

      No sorrow is no love.

      No love is death.

      People are pretending to be in Dura (no sorrow), when in fact they
are sinking below the bottom of Sabe.

      They also say that excess of sorrow laughs, and excess of joy

      This is why.

      The sorrow reminds us of love, and love reminds us of the 
Majestic humor of the eternal.

      But the eternal reminds us we live in Sabe, and in Sabe life is loss.

      *ALL* first hellos are matched by last goodbyes.

      Everything you find here that you love, you can watch it rust as you 
hold it in your hand.

      Sometimes if we allow ourselves to really feel to the bottom of the 
well of our own sorrow, savored as a fine wine, or divine gift, we find 
that same laughter, love and golden beauty ourselves.

      If we dare to feel the enormity of our sorrow all the way to
the bottom we surprise ourselves by the enromity of our love, our eternal

      And it cracks us up into gales of laughter.

      When you find a person who is alternating between laughter and 
crying, laughter and crying, you know they are plugged into existence half 
way between Sabe and Dura.

      The message or laughter may not be clear, but it says that the sorrow 
is ludicrous, there is too much love for the sorrow to be true in the end.

      Temporal sorrow can not win over eternal love.

      We think that all that exists is stuff in time, we can not
conceive of something that exists outside of time.  Well where the hell
do you think time came from.

      ALL temporal whiles must end one day, there is no such thing as an 
infinite while, and when the whiles are over, what do you think remains?

      Eternal good humor and peace.

      So much love and beauty and warmth and peace and SAFETY, it becomes
hysterical we should have ever thought otherwise.  It escapes us how we
did it, how we ever fell for Sabe.

      But without a context in which to understand how eternal love
became mortal sorrow, the being just turns away from the moment of
higher vision, feeling but non comprehension, and suppresses both the
sorrow and the laughter, and sinks further into Sabe wondering why.

      Surely no *HUMAN* would engage in this temporal rape of love.

      True, but a GodSoul would.

      The God is their Dura half, and the Soul is their Sabe half.

      And the purpose and fundamental action of the GodSoul is to
manifest back and forth between Dura and Sabe.

      To enter time, to leave time, to enter time, to leave time.

      Something is going on here, but NOBODY is talking about it.

      Handling it alone is almost impossible.

      Some dream to be the first to understand, but most don't have the

      Are you ready to be OK?

      Are you ready to be the first to be OK?

      Are you ready to be the ONLY ONE to be OK for a while?

      Can OK laugh?  Can OK cry?

      Temporal life is a process of fair exchange of these gifts of NOT
OKness and OKness, between GodSoul's lost together in Sabe.

      It's hard to audit people crying their eyes out, the beauty is just
so shocking, the depth of their love so oceanic.

      I mean who could possibly ever care for a cat that much!?

      It's just a cat.

      It is almost impossible for the auditor to not crack up witnessing
the love light singing through the preclear's sorrow.

      This is why auditing, and true co-relating, work.

      To bring us closer to Dura, while yet operating in Sabe, until
others can operate in Dura too.

      To relate means to share what is important, precious, unique and
fragile to you with others and have them reciprocate in like kind.

      Without relating there is no feeling, no love, because its all
hidden behind the GodSoul's poker face.  They don't want anyone else to 
know, lest their eternal love and distress be ridiculed or abhored.

      One foot in heaven and one foot in hell.

      Hanging on to God with one hand, and hanging on to a lost Soul
(your friend) with the other.

      The problem is there is no one in Dura to help, the GodSoul is the
High US.

      All of Sabe is Dura in carnation.

      The dinner places are set in Heaven, but there is no one there to

      Thus the disconnected GodSoul in Sabe, needs to be come a
reconnected GodSoul in Dura, become a conscious eye/I of the universe,
rather than a conscious eye/I in the universe.

      He realizes that he is not made of the universe, the universe is
made of him.

      Once that reconnection takes place, then YOU become the bridge from
Dura to Sabe that leads the lost ones home to do and become the same.

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