You are an orientation point.

     And orientation point is non dimensional, eternal and stationary,
because there is no created space or time in which to move or come and

     An orientation point creates and manages illusions of space, time
and symbols projected in your own eternal substrate.

     Your substrate is a holographic rendition engine, which does not
itself have dimension but whose purpose is to render illusions of
dimension, space and time.

     A symbol is any rendered object of dimension, including space, time
and anything in space or time.
     Symbols exist in relation to their creating orientation point.

     A symbol has mass meaning and mobility, and ultimately refers back
to the orientation point for its existence and reason to be.

     A symbol is called a symbol, because it acts as a symbol, identity
or avatar for an actual conscious being, or eternal orientation point.

     A symbol can have many different orientation points of different
seniority, even orientation points that are actually symbols, but which
act as stationary eternal source to a being.  A childhood home can be an
orientation point for a being, he always knows just how far away from
home he is and in what direction.

     A symbol defines where it is, and why it is, relative to its
various orientation points that it considers senior to itself.

     A body is a symbol, it has mass, meaning and mobility.

     Although mother is also a symbol, relative to the baby,
mother is an orientation point.

     "Mother is the name of God on the lips of children." - The Crow

     Although an orientation point is fundamentally eternal and non
dimensional, it can create consciousness of dimension, space and time,
and create and place symbols into that space and time.

     This is Q1 of Scientology:
     Theta can create space and locate objects in that space.

     (The Q's are pre-logics, meta meta philosophy.)

     This space and time is virtual, but can be made real enough to get
involved in.

     An orientation point can become a symbol in its own mind.

     An orientation point can do this.

     It does this by first creating some space and time, then placing a
symbol in it.
     At the same time, the orientation point creates another symbol,
claims the second symbol was created by the first symbol, and then
claims itself to be the second symbol.
     Thus the orientation point is claiming to the first symbol, "You
are my orientation point, you created me, I exist because of you and
relative to you, and you give me purpose for being and operating."

     At that point the orientation point has assigned away its
fundamental eternality and motionlessness to the first symbol and the
space and time that contains it.  Thus the orientation point, now
pretending to be a second symbol himself, can move around inside the
space or time and be a player in a game.

     Or a ball (a piece), depending on its mood at the time :)

     But in any case the being become symbol keeps a wary eye on his
local orientation point, lest he become 'lost'.

     This is called the orientation point - symbol flip flop.
     The orientation point is still and eternal as there is no space or
time for it to move in.  It then renders, displays, some space, time and
objects in that space and time, still maintaining its own existence out
side of space and time.  The orientation point can move that space time
around and put it anywhere it wishes to, and it can create other spaces
and times and put them anywhere it wishes to in relation to each other.

     Thus the orientation point remains motionless and eternal, and can
create and move spaces and times at will.

     At this point all of space and time are a symbol, as are all the
individual objects in that space and time, having mass meaning and

     Then the orientation point takes a dive into one of its own created
spaces and times and becomes one of the objects in it, such as an atom
or cell or a rock or human body depending on how evolved the space time
has become.

     In becoming a symbol, the orientation point has assigned eternality
and stillness to the space it now resides in.  Space doesn't move, its
still, because 'there is nothing outside of space', the only things that
can move are time and things inside of space and time.

     At first the orientation point knows it is doing this, casting
source onto created symbol.  But because the orientation point is now
playing at being a symbol itself, the symbol that it has elected to be
its apparent orientation point (space time, or some big object in it
such as God) starts to act on its own determinism.

     Somewhere down the line the elected orientation point will do
something that the symbol considers unfair or unjust.  But the symbol
will remember that it created the orientation point and thus take
reponsibility for it's errant behavior, "I created you thus I am
responsible for all that you do, could you please get off my toe."


     A little later however, and the symbol starts to think about its
assigned orientation point, "I created you, and you treat me this way,
shame on you!"

     Even later "I created you, now I regret creating you."

     Even later "I had nothing to do with creating you, where the hell
did you come from, I am going to spend the rest of eternity trying to
destroy you."

     At every layer of descent the being becomes more and more a symbol
in his own mind and less and less an orientation point.  Pretty soon
orientation points have such a bad reputation in his universe, he
wouldn't become an orientation point even if it were forced on him.

     An orientation point is cause, that which orients.

     Thus by denying is original state of being an orientation point,
the being loses his ability to orient space, time and objects in space
and time, and thus he comes to consider that they are able to orient

     Thus the being descends from God to Rock in a few thousand million
game cycles.

     The being has become PTS to his own assigned orientation points,
they are suppressive to him, and thus he becomes a Potential Trouble
Source to himself and those around him.

     Remember an assigned orientation point is actually originally a
symbol, so by assigning a symbol the status of being able to orient him,
the being has made himself a subservient symbol to the symbol he
considers is orienting him.  Thus he buries his abilities below the
abilities of the original symbol that he created when he WAS the
orientation point but then later claimed it way.

     In general beings will not maintain a level of nobility higher than
that of the universe they consider created them, so pretty soon you find
the being acting more and more suppressive in order to deal preemptively
with the suppression that he considers is coming at him from others and
his own elected but how disowned orientation points.

     The being is natively very big, probably size doesn't even apply at
the height of true eternality, but just below that before he decides to
create anything, he is just God awful huge.  Maybe a couple thousand
universes across.

     Thus the first orientation points that he chooses to create and
cast source upon are also huge.  He has to make himself smaller than
they are in order to maintain the illusion that they created him, rather
than he created them.

     With every new orientation point that he casts into a symbol larger
than himself, he makes himself smaller and smaller.

     Eventually he finds himself really tiny amongst unimaginably large
spaces and times in which he could get absolutely lost forever.

     That was his intent.  He enjoys playing games more than creating
them, so he will create games so big no one could ever have created
them, so he can play them to the end of time.

     But accumulating postulates to the effect that postulates don't
work, that he didn't create the condition he is in etc, eventually lead
him to a point where he can no longer win any games at all.

     He may like playing but only if he doesn't know whether he will win
or lose.  As soon as he is betting he will win or lose, he begins to
lose interest.

     It's that 50/50 mark that fires the soul and keeps him extroverted
into the play at hand, rather than complaining about the game.

     So when he finally gets down to thinking he is certainly going to
lose any game he plays, he won't play any more, and then he is out of
luck and out the tubes as a being.

     The way to rehabilitate this being then, is to clear coming in, as
the way in IS the way out.

     He came in by being an orientation point, creating spaces, times
and symbols in them, and then casting his own qualities onto the symbols
to make them the orientation point, the creator.  The bigger those
symbols were, the more unmovable and eternal they seemed, the better
this ploy worked.

     This is always a lie, as there is nothing eternal inside of space
and time, although he will pretend there are immortal things inside of
space and time that substitute for true omni potent eternality.

     Even immortality is a lie, as all spaces and times are created in a
finite while, but he needs to pretend that SOMETHING inside of space and
time is bigger than he is, so he casts the illusion of immortality on
some space and time thing, and that thing becomes his controlling
orientation point for the while, or until he changes his considerations
on the matter.

     In this way he became in his own eyes, a symbol with mass, meaning
and mobility mostly spent running in the night trying to hide from his
endless omnipresent unmovable enemies.

     Eventually the fun is lacking, for fun is not knowing if you are
going to win or lose, thrill.

     The way out then, is to get the being to spot his various
orientation points, and their suppressiveness to him, until he can take
back his postulate that they are eternal and stationary, and he is
temporal and mobile.

     In particular he needs to take back the postulate that they created
him, rather than he created them.

     ((Take back is probably the wrong word, he doesn't want to fire
God, he wants to take responsibility for hiring God, and then continuing
to let Him be God for a while.

     He has to get back to doing what he was doing anyhow, only
consciously.  That's called 'going lucid'.))

     Every time he spots a created orientation point and takes back its
eternality and stationariness for himself, he contacts and begins to
reoperate the fountainhead of source as himself.

     Of course what he will do with the recovered ability is create more
friendly orientation points in space time, to cast source upon, so he
can go back to having fun as a symbol again, until it decays all over

     Source sources what Source is not, space, time and objects located
in space or time.

     The purpose of Source is then to cast the illusion of Source upon
Not Source, those things which are not source.

     We don't really want to turn a rock back into God again, but we do
want to help rocks know how to once again make themselves into better
rocks by operating the Godhead inside them, and which they are
operating, by casting the apparency of source outside of themselves, and
have fun in the process of doing so.

     Thus the process of aberration is

     Orientation point -> Symbol.

     The orientation point first creates a symbol, then claims the
symbol is an oreintation point, this is called casting cause onto the

     The orientation point then creates a second symbol, claiming itself
to be that second symbol, and also claims that the second symbol was
created by the first symbol, thus locking in the apparency of source in
the first symbol.

     The process of clearing is

     Symbol -> Orientation Point.

     Spot the symbol you are being, spot the symbol you are claiming is
an orientation point but which is actually just another symbol, then
spot the actual eternal orientation point that the being really is, and
then spot the process of coming in and getting lost as described above.


     "Spot an orientation point."

     "Spot a symbol."

     Or if you are into orthodoxy,
     "Spot NO orientation point".  "Spot SOME orientation point".

      "Spot NO   symbol.
      "Spot SOME symbol.

     Or just simply,

      "Get the idea of being a symbol."
      "Get the idea of being an orientation point."

     E/P, End Phenomenon, facility with humor, thrill, romance and fun.

     Thrill is the effort to get lost, romance is the effort to get
home, and humor and High Halcyon are bemused relief on the verge of
time.  Together they make fun.


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