I found this in a dusty pile of papers...
     A 'zero' is a starting question for withhold pulling, from this
question other questions can be formed to make a tree of questions until
the basic chain of withholds is found and blown.
     There are two kinds of withholds, those things which you are hiding
from others and are not now sure whether they know or not because they
might have found out, and those things which you tried to communicate to
others but are not now sure whether they know or not because they might
not have received the communication or the import of the communication.
     The first kind are called 'should have knowns' in that the other
party 'by all rights' should have found out but didn't, and the second
kind are called unintentional withholds.
     A Theetie Wheetie is a play on the word THETAN, which means YOU
BOZO, and refers to Sweetness and Light cases, or someone who can't
conceive of ever having done any wrong.  You ask them for overts and
withholds on the meter and nothing reads, but they are clearly 'for the
birds'.  (LRH)
     These questions are designed to crack the theetie Wheetie case.
     1.) Have you ever falsely accused another?
     2.) Have you ever deliberately pressured another with questions?
     3.) Have you ever submitted another to constant interrogation?
     4.) Have you ever hounded another with accusations?
     5.) Have you ever used accusations against another in order to get
questions answered?
     6.) Have you ever committed the overt of subjecting another to
     7.) Have you ever deliberately misinformed people?
     8.) Have you ever pretended to know something you didn't?
     9.) Have you ever accused people of lying?
     10.) Have you ever lied about something?
     11.) Have you ever accused a person of knowing something when they
     1.) In this lifetime has anyone failed to listen to your
difficulties? ((No Auditing))
     2.) In this lifetime have you failed to listen to someone's
difficulties? ((No Auditing))
     3.) In this lifetime was there anyone who didn't listen to your
     4.) In this lifetime was there anyone whose troubles you didn't
listen to?
     5.) In this lifetime has another refused to listen to your
     6.) In this lifetime have you refused to listen to another's
     ARC PROCESS 1961
     1.) Who haven't you been willing and able to talk to about your
     2.) Who could you have talked to about your difficulties?
     3.) Whose difficulties haven't you wanted to hear about?
     4.) Whose difficulties have you been willing to listen to?
     5.) Do you feeling able and willing to talk to me about your case?