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From: "Raymond J. Krenik, Jr." 
Subject: Re: IVySubs: Foundations .. and success stories
Date: Fri, 15 Nov 2002 04:52:04 +0000
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**   ivy-subscribers relaying   **

One of the biggest wins I ever had regarding Scientology was followed right 
behind by what I considered an even BIGGER WIN!!!   :):):)

  I had left the Co$ on 26 October, 1984, knowing I would not return again 
unless some monumental changes for the better would happen to occur.
   Fortunately for me, a few people really cared about me and knew what I 
personally thought about the gross insanity regarding the criminal handling 
of David Mayo [one of the most gently beings I had ever known---not that he 
could not be a tough cookie too. :):):)]. Well, I was more than adequately 
hatted on his AAC (Advanced Ability Center) in Montecito, California (no 
longer exists due to Co$ management crazy behaviour), next to Santa Barbara. 
Well, I took a pile of money and had a fun train ride down there from at 
that time, Seattle.

  I got to have dinner with a Celebrity whom I had always admired but admit 
I failed to state. I just had a nice pleasant dinner. :):):)

The next day I routed in and had a fun filled 10 days. When I was finished, 
I was asked if I would like to write a success story. I said something along 
the line of being tired of writing success stories. I was told that that was 
alright with a big smile (WIN #1)and ended up at the Reg's office (thinking 
- Oh no!!! They are going to ask me for more money. Instead, I was told how 
much my refund would be of unused money. I was aghast!!!  I frantically 
bought all of David's tapes and STILL I had money coming back, so I took it 
(WIN #2---there were many Auditing wins, but my Auditor and I knew that and 
so did Julie Mayo who Audited me on one small action) and the headed back 
home on the train pretty blown away. :):):)

One of the biggest wins there with my Auditing was when I talked to my 
Auditor asking the C/S for a specific Auditing action and was shocked to get 
it. Be it sufficient to say that it was an action I had always been sure 
would produce catastrophic results. David Mayo did C/S me for it and my 
Auditor David Dunlap and I had some real fun on that one.

  Hey David, if by some chance you get to read this in spite of your no 
longer communicating with us due to the insane handling of you courtesy of 
David McSavage, uh MisCabbage oh yeh, Miscavige, let it be known to you and 
one and all that I still to this day still have Cogs. on that action. It was 
and is still terrific. THANK YOU!!!   :):):)
Ray Krenik, Jr.
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