In order to work with chakras some understanding of
them is needed, there are thousands of articulations
offered by those who have studied and worked with them.

Each chakra is like a jewel and has many facets and
so the many varied articulations arise from that.

These articulations can be helpful, but getting yer own
as you work with chakras is the best.

Everyone has an inate understanding of chakras and
references to them abound in the language.

But if your going to work with chakras you need to raise
that understanding just a bit.

First of all, life is energetic and how we handle or process that
energy determines the quality or lack of it that is manifest
in our daily lives.

First rule of good chakra work is not to get esoteric.

Frame yer work against the backdrop of what is going on yer life now
and what you want it to be.

Those familiar with the old Bewitched TV show will remember the
character of Aunt Clara, always poofin elephants rather than the vase
of flowers she intended.

Chakra work is similar to that in the sense of what you are poofin
in life.

You say you want this and somethin else appears, it may be a slower
process but the mechanics are the same.

It is spirit manifesting as physicality.

It is done thru a system and that system is the intermediary system
known as the chakra system.

All of these chakras working as an integrated system creates the 3
holographic experience we share known more broadly as life.

It is a two way system of emanation and reception.

We interact thru these to from particular relationships with each other.

Whether they spin or are vortexs or have pretty colors known as auras
I really don't know that is not my perception of chakras, they have been
described that

Thats enough for now, I will take up each chakra as  seperate subject in a
of seven and robopost them as well as this one.

And also a simple how to tech piece.

When I'm done with that I will open a community page where I'll answer
questions and a help line for those interested.

Comments are welcome but this is a write up not a conversational thread
for me.


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