and the operative word is "support"

This chakra is often associated with mother earth
and it makes sense as the planet supports life.

On a more personal level it is about the support
given and received and how well that is working
in your life.

Familial and work relationships are the most
apparent areas that this chakra comes into play.

The coloquel terms and innate terms most often
used are "get off my ass"  "got yer ass in a sling"
"pain in the ass"  "saved my ass" these are all references
to base root support or lack of it.

These are the very basal things such as space and time
and energy and possesion and your relationship to

This the broad base upon which the other chakras
will then begin to fill in the details.

It is a very low note on the scale it is the bottom
but it has a richness to it like no other.

Mystics refer to it as one with the universe its a place
to start its not an end point as it was so often confused

We've all experienced it to some degree if for only brief
moments, we are there with all the richness of taste color
smell sight, we breathe not only the air but the entirety of
it and the texture of it.

Wanta experience this chakra simply take a walk and let
it fill you up, notice the rythym of the stride and yer feet
touching the ground, pay attention to the detail, the crunch or
smoothness of the pavement as your feet meet the ground.

Look at the sky until you get a sense of its 3dimensionality
let it fill you up.

This is the area that the root chakra deals with.


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