I could go on forever speaking about the Root Chakra
and its infinite facets and when and if you begin to study
chakras you are going to see many articulations and have
a few of your own as well.

But before I move on to the next chakra there is something
I need to adress first, that is yin and yang.

Each chakra has a spectrum and in the case of the root chakra
it is most often symbolized by the earth and sun or masculine
and feminine.

Physicality itself has these two qualitys and you can see them
in the subtle or magical quality that earth has as well as its
gross or unsubtle qualitys as well.

The earth can be a volatile violent place and at the same
time there is this peaceful warmth as well.

Both are true in the spectrum, and just as an individual
is dynamic and in motion so is the earth and all its relationships.

This plus and minus spectrum can be embraced and accepted
and integrated and in that broad spectrum their is balance
not of an opposition of forces but in the understanding that
a piano player has of the breadth of his keyboard.

Each chakra has this spectrum and chakra work is about
spanning and integrating these spectrums just as a piano
player can choose any key or octave too express his/her play

Some are left unplayed but intact and available that is
integrity and wholeness with the spirit of play.

Root chakra is the backdrop the field of play the support
system the basic agreement to have a field of play.

It is a form of consciousness but it is very base and when
you connect it is like a low hum and the chanting and
tones used to connect to it make sense.

One individual humming like this does'nt give you the
full extent of this, but an entire group does its a wonderfully
harmomius feel and can rehabilitate this most basic
communication line.

Native cultures more easily get this connection than
modern or so called western civilizations, but there is this
sense of something lacking, a sort of hunger that is often
commented on and misidentified as a need for faith.

It is a sense of connection to our root and support
and nourishment and how we gain that support and
how we return it.

Your attitudes towards earth and the physical universe more generally
will give you some idea of what shape yer root chakra is in.

Is it one of mutual support and interaction or is it one of
being put on trapped or just plain indifference.

Do you acknowledge and revel in the wondrous thunderstorms
or do you curse them, you acknowledge wonderful warm
days where the sun shines or do you curse the heat.

Do you acknowledge the dynamic aliveness of the earth
as a thing of wonder or is it just a bunch of accidental
chemical reactions born out of a spiritless cosmic stew.

I am purposefully giving the extremes of the pendulum
as it swings back and forth across the spectrum.

Neither will move you forward alone, but as you span the spectrum
and come to center motion towards the middle path allows
the natural motion upward toward a balanced ascenscion
one that is stable and based in maturing of energys and
experience and is healthy.

All the problems with chakra work can be summed up into
forcing energy thru either the ying or yang channels.

Neither is large enough to allow life force to move through
them alone, so you get blockages, those blockages are
the areas chakra workers can free up and give relief to
the dis-ease caused by them.

Left or ignored blockages can and do eventually turn into
actual physical disease, chronic aches pains and somatics
are the symptoms, working patiently and with care and
respect the chakra worker can help reduce the blockages
with a simple but effective tool.

Feel the feeling of................keep in mind the level of acceptance
of the person yer working with, take smaller bites if it gets to unpleasant.

some these areas can be extremely tender, take it at a steady
pace that is a kind of 3 steps forward 1 step back.

This is the basis of gain its going to take some life force
investment that is the one step back, the willingness of
someone too work only comes from the forward progress
and profit gained.

Check with the life examiner often to see if life in general
is getting better or worse, more of what the person wants
less of what they don't.

Make it clear upfront its a team effort and your part in it
is that of assistance, like a farmer next door that brings
over his mule to help you clear a stump.

If its a co-operative trade of helping each other out or
a more professional set up of service rendered its still
gotta be framed in those terms to be efective and avoid
a laundry list of problems I wont get into.

Thats it on the root chakra and a bit on tool and technique.


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