Well now that we have a field of play we need some players.

Up from the root chakra and located in the vicinity of
the belly button is the second chakra called the Natal Chakra.

Yin and yang masculine and feminine, sometimes called

the sex chakra, but there is more here than just the physical act.

The operative word here is intimacy, coming so close
together yet not closing the gap entirely an interplay
an intimacy sets up.

This chakra is even more brilliantly faceted than the root chakra
and articulations concerning love and sex can be so varied
and numerous it can be a bit daunting to really cover it.

We also have the integrative factor of the root chakra is now
added to the mix and since chakras are an integrated system
to seperate or pull them apart is to fail to see them to some degree.

You can certainly point in their direction, but every effort to
make them seperate has ended in a sort of philosophical
frustration of monumental proportions which I have had my
fair share of for sure.

Chakra is the sanskrit word for wheel or circle and like

that circle with no begining and no end, or like the chicken

or the egg, which came first ? Logic has its limits where as spirit

Imagination and creativity does not.

 It is extremely easy to go esoteric on this stuff
as the chakras have harmonics above and below the seven
were going to deal with and extend infinetely.

Just gettin a little elbow room here to work ;)

I bow to the extent master on this subject Osho and reccomend
his writings highly, his discertations concerning the maturing
of relationships between men and women are brilliant funny
and enlightning.

This chakra is about intimacy and closeness and personal
relationships of family and close friends which are extended

Father to son, daughter to mother. husband to wife,
brother to brother etc.

Connections of an intimate nature, powerful and dynamic
subtle and soft, vibrant and reaching far into the future and
far into the past a dance of the mileniums.

And yet it is the simple act of meeting moving close
and joining in celebration of difference and sameness.

It is a freightrain a locomotive of natural dynamism as
anyone who has tried to go against will feel the force
of it fullfold.



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