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>"Ego" is a very ambiguous word in the history of psychology, world 
>religions, and metaphysics.  Sometimes it has a positive healthy 
>connotation akin to soul or healthy individuality, other times it has an 
>undesirable or derogatory connotation akin to arrogance or 
>worldly-physicalworld self.  So you have to know a tradition and how it 
>defines "ego", not mix traditions or desirable/undesirable connotations 
>and have broad historical awareness when you hear the term.

>Prayer, meditation, contemplation, prayer intentions, postulates,
>affirmations are a complex set of subjects.  There is great danger that
>one from outside of a tradition will misdefine and misunderstand, and then
>argue against his own misdefinition and misunderstanding, with the
>questionable purpose of setting his own view off against or in contrast to
>some other view that he has now in effect trashed.  

>My preferred interpretation of Scn "thetan" is more like Hindu "atman" or
>pure consciousness, spirit.  

>And I understand "theta" as spiritual substance in a classical sense.  
>But I've been told countless times that my understanding on these misses
>LRH's view/definition.  My view is more like Scn if I had invented it.  
>Sort of like the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) - the group that
>acts out days from the middle ages as they should have been lived.

>I think however that LRH modeled "thetan" in large part on, or was
>inspired by, Kant's "transcendental unity of apperception."

>My partial definition of Kant's "transcendental unity of apperception"
>is a self that is a priori or prior and beyond sense experience and
>logic, with an ability to look AT the contents of thought, and includes
>self-consciousness or self awareness.  This was a step beyond Descartes'
>systematic doubt and his "I think, therefore I am."  So what is prior to 
>and beyond sense experience and logic?  Traditionally that would be 
>spirit, self as spirit. 

>In Scn, sometimes ego in an undesirable sense as in arrogance or excessive
>pride or narcissism etc. get tangled up with thetan.  I consider that a
>liability and a failure to differentiate, but it does make for certain
>kinds of "games" in life, people having an experience, and all who stand
>witness then have an opportunity to see the consequences, how all that
>tends to unfold.  As Phil would say, "People are doing their demo in 


>jacksonmoore69@hotmail.com wrote:
>>Please help me understand

>>By auditing the past we are clearing the losses of the "being"
>>individual. Of course this is placing "share of attention" on these
>>areas of Duress and we of course can expect future slumps after
>>auditing as a result. (A thetan creates what they postulate and
>>validates whatever they put their attention on)

>>It appears that the Thetan realises with more clarity that they are
>>'source' and do not need to Prayer or Connect to a source point.

>>Is this the premise behind all auditing type schools??

>>On the other hand - there are those that use the brotherhood of the
>>universe - the infinite energy - an with meditation and intention,
>>prayer and whatever ...do well in life.

>>A true Scientologist may beleive they are falling into the oneness
>>trap...a long term trap.

>>However many people in a very loving way - say how many wins they have
>>had from this path...

>>Hardcore scios are the first to ridge against most other non scio
>>things including oneness - we know they are awkward to be around and
>>we know they have individuated.

>>In Jungian or any other ology - this is the ego talking.

>>Are we supposed ti audit this ego and make IT more aware...simply

>>A few of you guys have said that god is a duality and we are both "at
>>one" and "ourselves" simultaneously..

>>Or is it more correct to say...

>>"we are all connected to the infinite...but we are all individual and
>>this is how the glory of the infinite realises its own wonder..." or
>>some stuff like that

>>And if one person wants to exteriorise and realise they ARE a thetan
>>(ie exteriorise the EGO to validate erroneously that we are super
>>individual) then they may be subject to the ultimate CON

>>That we can enforce everlasting life by empowering the ego through
>>auditing the ?thetan? so that this ego can have everlasting life which
>>was the original erroneous goal of the ego in teh original scriptures
>>(refer to the story of aladdin and the lamp - aladin is the poor boy
>>that wants to improve his lot by askiing the infinite wisdom, genie,
>>BUT the bad guy wants the lamp for himself to have all the power for
>>himself and thus wishes he has all the power of the genie and is thus
>>destroyed in the attempt)

>>This is the ancient way of describing hw the ego realises it can have
>>the knowledge of GOD AS the ego instead f connecting with source.

>>On the tone scale we may easily say - well at tone 400 (not tone 40)
>>400!!, you are the one source (hyperthetically) - But that is theory.

>>Are we just trying to enforce everlasting life by figuring out HOW the
>>ego (thetan) failed in past eons..when we should be validating TRUE
>>SELF.. straight off and placing most attention on that and ignoring
>>most of the negative other than giving it acks..

>>TRUE SELF??? - is this the being that is part of the whole magic of
>>the universe and can make an impact onteh universe with infinite
>>loving power. With no ego and unlimited forgiveness and love can we
>>use the theta energy or whatever you want to call it to truly move
>>mountains...Shift galaxies (lovingly).

>>Do WE live forever - operative word WE collectively and simply ebb and
>>flow from each other...am I truly NOT YOU (i don't think so) - this is
>>even proven in Scientology as auditing case from a % of the population
>>is enough to handle the condition.

>>Thanks for reading

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