The subject that many of us were involved with did have a bit to
deal with.  I have experienced what it would be like to live under
dictatorial control, I have been under house arrest, Have all my
rights stripped and to be treated as fair game.  I have had over a
million $ in resources stolen from me by the "finance police".  I have
been followed for months, if not years by private investigators.  I
have had my life and future threatened.  I have had my friends,
associates and staff systematically turned against me.  I have been
declared publicly as a mean and terrible person.  I have had the honor
of being their public enemy # 1, ( preceded by Alan and followed by
David Mayo and then a host of others.  I have had my case secrets
exaggerated and made public.  I could go on and on but many of you
have your own, loss of families, friends, games, money, time.  The
list could go on and on.  Some lost their dreams or at least the
belief that a group could function to bring them about mutual dreams.

     I would like to comment on the abuse we have experienced,

     1.  We can't spend the rest of our lives being victim to that
series of events.

     2.  My attitude was and still is, that this is just button
bushing ( bull baIting, power plays), on the survival areas of groups
and mankind.  If you confront, be present with and are able to
permeate these events you get bigger if not, oh well.  It was group
processing and an environmental processing.  Ones reaction made it a -
or + process.  All of life is just a process.  You have a choice it
seems to me, to let it affect you or get on with handling it and
following your dreams.  You know, it takes heat and pressure to make a
diamond out of coal.  Their are many diamonds and diamonds in the
rough (like me) that can use this experience to achieve what it is
they want to.

     3.  It can take some time to handle what can be triggered from
such a betrayal.  Even worse can be to continue to operate on some of
the false ideas and precepts one got from some earlier practices.
Alan and I added up the amount of processing we had done from the time
of leaving that subject to the discovery of the codes.  It was well
over 5000 hours we had co- processed.( Alan more than I as he
processed a great deal with Eric on this area as well as others).
This work in my view has to be played for the long time.  To reach
ones potential takes some work and serious effort.  Mastery takes
time.  We are becoming the Masters of the Knowledge of life!!!  Life
contains a lot!  It is a big subject!!

     4.  For me it was the right place at the right time.  I wouldn't
have missed it for the world.  I was not involved for status or to
please the authorities.  I was there to learn a skill that would help
me better handle my life and to handle areas of charge and
difficulties in reaching my full potential.  I have trained and
retrained, I processed and processed, I drilled and I drilled.  I got
what I got.  I have no complaints.  I gained a great deal.  When that
subject fell apart for me it didn't change what I had gained or
accomplished.  Was it complete?  No !  Did it deliver all that it
promised?  No !  Did the organization turn into an enemy group?  Yes!
Did I make tremendous gains?  YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Why?  Because I
was one of the highest trained and had the most # of hours in the
chair of any of my peers.  I also ran my life as a process, the
ultimate process as Alan says.  It was and always has been an
adventure of discovery for me.  I have gained from the good, the bad
and the ugly.  These experiences enabled me to access areas of my case
and locked up area of life and power that could not have been accessed
in any other way to my knowledge.  YOU CAN ONLY LOSE IN THIS GAME BY
YOU STOP PLAYING.  Winston Churchill was gave a famous speech, As I
recall the entirety of the Speech was, (DELIVERED WITH FULL INTENTION

     NEVER !  ....  NEVER !  .....NEVER !  .....  NEVER !  .....
NEVER !  ....  NEVER GIVE UP !!!!!

     5.  My final point, What we do with the knowledge we have and the
connections we make can cause us lifetimes of regret or joy.  It up to
each of us to decide at what level we wish to play and what are the
long term consequences over lifetimes, for ourself and the ones we
care about.

Dean Stokes
Allen, TX  USA