November 21, 1969.

Dear Ron:

   In 1967 when the first Sea Org Ethics Mission to W.W. targeted
me when I was Qual Sec S.H. at the time, I experienced horror, not
at my own position, but at what such people might do to mankind.
You came to my rescue at the time and ordered me finally to the
Sea Organization.  I did not take the matter any further assuming
all would be well.

   However, this is where I was wrong.  I should never have let
the matter be not-ised for the sake of our technology and mankind.
Because what happened to me has happened in the last two years,
unjustly to many, many people across the earth.

   But, had I taken a stand at that time against the tyranny of
form monitoring function, you would have really got the true
picture of what was going on, and the last two years would have
been entirely different from what they have been, and probably
thousands and thousands more people would have been applying and
reaching for Dianetics and Scientology.

   You are not properly informed as to what people are really
talking about.  Whatever their upsets, deeply suppressed until
they feel they have a safe enough space to communicate, all are
in some form a rejection of form monitoring function.

   People are afraid to talk about their basic feelings even in
a session.  Many have told me so.  Our organizations are not safe
enough and hitting them with savage or vicious ethics does not
help.  It makes all the staff members introvert on to a self-
protecting first Dynamic and this means they do not, any of them,
have a safe space in which to operate - not even the auditors.
So then, how can someone who does not have a safe space create
one for another whether the other is preclear, student, junior
staff member or whatever?

   The solution to the problem is the problem.  The problem is
to get Tech In to all people.  Therefore to use Ethics as a
solution is wrong.  So the solution becomes the problem.  Over
these last years our bad ethics declares and handlings have
become more and more the problem and are squeezing the safe
space, once created by us, smaller and smaller, darker and

   It is a testimony and a tribute to the basic nature of man
and the technology you have aligned for man, that as many have
continued to reach in these years.

   The purpose of my permanent mission to the U.N. was to create
a politically safe space on earth for Dianetics and Scientology
to be brought to people.

   This has succeeded surprisingly well in its own gradient.
But in the last few months this mission has been insiduously
undermined by "our people" till I felt at times even my body
was not a safe space through which to create a safe space.
This did not, however, prevent me from continuing the purpose
of creating a safe space or spaces.

   Nevertheless, the mission has been ended, apparently by you.

   As a means to Reform, I am resigning from the Sea Organization
so that such a thing of form monitoring function stops dead and
it shall never happen to me or any other person again.

   You see, Alan Walter could not be the source of the current
existing condition.  Whatever his negative actions may or may
not have been, they could have had no significance whatsoever
if there had not been vast fields of fertile soil for them to
grow in.

   These last two ghastly murders of our students near ASHO in
Los Angeles, one of whom is clear, need never have happened, if
we hadn't been mocking up Enemy so solidly.

   For an enemy to exist, it has to be mocked up both sides and
our purpose is to see that all men want to reach in evolution
the state where each knows he or she has no enemy, for each is
basically good.

   Somehow we are violating our own basics for such things to
happen to us.

   I hope my resignation from the Sea Org. will achieve its
purpose and that it will just be accepted for I wish to return to
Durban in South Africa, and do the Hubbard Standard Dianetic
Course and continue to distribute our Tech to the people of earth.

   I shall never withdraw my allegiance from your love or the
product of your love, nor shall I withdraw allegiance from all
people of earth and their attempts to attain Infinite Freedom,
particularly whose who work with our Tech to further man's
attempts to attain Infinite Freedom.

   I shall continue to give your love to the world.

   As always, my love to you,

   [signed] John McMaster

Mr. L. Ron Hubbard
Saint Hill Manor
East Grinstead
Sussex, England