Upon arrival on the Earth plane, your instructions were to completely
fall asleep - just like the local population.  You were to totally
forget your true identity and everything you knew.

Since most of you entered as babies, this was not difficult.  Every
institution in the culture supported this memory loss and it became
easier as the years went on.  Any inadvertant slips on your part most
likely occurred during childhood and were easily dismissed as the result
of an over-active imagination.

Since imagination threatens the dysfuntionality of this world, it was
probably drummed out of you as soon as possible by the adult inhabitants
of the planet.  What your parents were unable to suppress, the school
systems most likely made short work of, as this is their specialty.  In
this manner, the local planetary inhabitants unwittingly assisted in
maintaining the secrecy of your presence and the security of the


Ground Rules

Step II of the transmutational process cannot begin until the successful
completion of Step I.  In short, you must be able to pass for a local,
and you are not allowed to just fake it.  Total dysfunctionality must be
achieved before Step II can commence.

When extraterrestrial incarnates on mission to planet Earth finally
arrive at the point where they are no longer able to demand water they
can drink, food they can eat or air they can breathe, without killing
themselves, Step I of the mission has been successfully completed.  The
incarnates have truly become Earthlings and Step II may now begin.

Coming Out of the Closet

You may dimly recall the saying, "In Rome, do as the Arcturians."  If
not, don't strain your memory.  Even if you do remember, the humor of it
may not be immediately evident.  That catchy little intergalactic saying
was coined to capture the essence of Step II of the transmutational
procedure.  That procedure entails waking up to your true identity and
forgetting everything you learned up until this point so that you can
remember what you actually knew before you got here.  In other words,
junk the entire identity you just spent a lifetime laboriously
creating.  Now do you see why we say the humor may escape you?

All Roads Lead Away From Rome

Yes, you understood the preceding entry correctly.  You are to disengage
yourself from your old identity and disassociate from a declining Rome.
After falling asleep profoundly, you are now expected to wake up,
equally profoundly.  Now is the time to dismantle all false identity.
Now is the time to forget that which has been learned in deference to
that which is deeply known.  Now begins the time for everything, and now
is here.

Note - Refer to "Time/Space Anomalies & Their Physical Functions" for
further clarification on "now."  Also see "Passing for White" and
"Closet Cases" in "Troubleshooting" for some precautionary instructions
about this emerging consciousness.

Gentle Reminder

Some of you are probably wondering why such a torurous route was chosen
to get to the desired destination.  The reason you are wondering this is
because you have been on this planet too long and have absorbed some, if
not all, of its dysfuntional thinking.  Keep in mind that this planet is
no model for rational thought, and that what passes for sanity here is
sending chills down the spine of the remaining universe.

The need to absorb the dysfunctionality of the planet is in order to
legitimately disarm its patterns.  Any other method would constitute an
invasion, and we do not invade.  We alter by earning the right to do
so.  No entity is permitted to enter an alien world and disarm its
dysfunctional patterns without having lived them.  That is in compliance
with Universal Law, which we represent.

Although we have had transmissions from many of you, screaming "INVADE
already!  Just get me out of here!" we regretfully remind you that that
is not what you signed up for.  Getting out of here is not the point.
Getting more light INto here IS.  Remember?

Homer Wilson Smith   Clear Air, Clear Water,  Art Matrix - Lightlink
(607) 277-0959       A Green Earth and Peace. Internet Access, Ithaca NY  Is that too much to ask?