On Jan 8, 11:06 pm, Clearing Archive Roboposter

Just had another ascension experience, but yet again was unable to 
maintain the perspective. Birds eye view, moving around in a heavy, 
cumbersome meat suit. Detached from emotion and thought, but connected to 
all. Actually a pretty great feeling.

As fate or the universe would have it, I find myself searching for the 
"Why can I not maintain this perspective/experience". While blindly 
searching, I stumble onto this site of tens of millions and click on this 
post of tens of thousands and there I go. The answer. Misuse of powers - 
greed and power begin to set in, and as they do, descendancy (for lack of 
a better word) begins. So yes, I would agree that misuse of powers is 
possibly the greatest liability and obstacle to overcome connected to an 
ascension experience. Apparently, I have more house cleaning to do. I 
suppose when I am ready I'll be ready. Still a major eye opener every time 
though. Anyway, I thought I would share,

Tue Jan 11 13:23:29 EST 2011