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homer@lightlink.com wrote:
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>      DHEA, 25 mg in morning (adrenal hormone) (declines to 50% of
> youthful levels by 45) levels decrease linearly with age till death
> this one in particular allows you to deal with stress gracefully,
> without debilitating physiologic reactions
>      L-deprenyl, 2.5 mg each day (Studies show use of this makes rats
> live 40% longer)
>      NADH, 10 mg (currently in use in a clinical study at GT Univ that
> I applied for and they told me where to get it after I was declined -
> they has 5000 applications for 100 spots))
>      Cytomel T3 (thyroid replacement hormone) 25 mcg 2 x a day (use
> basal (upon awakening) temperature, if your body temp is 97.  or lower
> your T3 level is low, mine was 95.6 upon arising, its now 98.3)
>      Melatonin 3 mg at bedtime - protects liver, powerful antioxidant,
> levels decrease linearly with age till death
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Hi Homer,

I'm taking 1mg of Melatonin at bedtime (will do some research on the
dosage. Cytomel T3 I've heard of and was planning to research time
permitting. Thanks for posting this. Allow me to add a few words.

Another excellent extract which has been studied extensively and is
considered a "by perscription" medicine in Germany is silymarin, the
extract from milk thistle seeds. Besides being a strong anti-oxidant, it
has for centuries been a folk "liver ailment" remedy.

As someone who is suffering from worsening liver function, I have been
taking 140mg x 2 per day for almost a decade.


"Research suggests that Milk thistle extracts both prevent and repair
damage to the liver from toxic chemicals and medications. Workers who
had been exposed to vapors from toxic chemicals (toluene and/or xylene)
for 520 years were given either a standardized milk thistle extract
(80% silymarin) or placebo for 30 days.[15] The workers taking the milk
thistle extract showed significant improvement in liver function tests
(ALT and AST) and platelet counts vs. the placebo group.

Patients taking silymarin in the study had less hepatic damage from the
oxidation of lipids than patients taking the placebo.

In a 2009 study published in the journal Cancer, milk thistle showed
promise in reducing the liver damaging effects of chemotherapy in a
study of 50 children."  (quoted from Wikipedia)

As I mentioned, I've been using sylibum marianum extract for a decade if
not more to provide support for an ailing liver and delay the onset of
severe cirrhosis (scarring.)

Hope you add this to your list. :)

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