PART ONEa    credits / excuses / and mindless pr.

Phil Scott.    
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Amongst the many works studied, and my study has been broad, but certainly
limited, I have selected the books listed below for their milestone

 All but one containe serious and fatal flaws however… and that one is
seldom ever comprehended.

The value in this list is the action these works have synergistically...
they debug each other as the insights presented by these authors are used
to fabricate an internally consistent whole....  as  that whole becomes 
consistent with what one can observe broad spectrum...then truth is

For instance: 
Bank robbery is a workable wealth building system for some.   But as soon
as we expand that workable system to the broader culture,  and the persons
long term life, we instantly begin to see the errors and lies built into
that system of thought…. A system of thought by the way not just embraced
by bank robbers..

That's how the lies in any system are discovered……the lies are those
aspects of the workable system that do not function or are a liability in
the parallel and supporting systems.     Its also possible to look at the
microcosm and detect flaws….  What emerges after this screening are any
threads of truth in the workable system.

The tactic is commonly referred to as developing an  'internal
consistency"…. A workable debugging concept.  It has fallen dramatically
short in this arena however, as the approach has not been used  across the
gestalt of Life, and physics, material and otherwise.    So the core
algorithms have not been discovered as far as I can tell. (Reference: 
LRHubbard Data Series One.)

With a few relative truths thus established, one goes deeper, looking then
for the underlying common aspects of these relative truths…..  what in
mathematics is refered to as the lowest common denominator, or the prime
factor, or derivitive function.... it
is possible to arrive at some very liberating insights in this fashion.

For the record, regarding absolute truth, my estimate here is that is that
I do in fact have a handle on it…. Maybe a 0.01% handle on absolute truth! 
Truly I am grateful.   The reader must notice however that the rest of what
I might utter, and we never know which part, is 99.99% false on a scale of
absolutes...… and these errors are fatal.   Relative truth is just a
temporal thing... lies. S please beware.

That's why I have chosen to just present the drills, and talk around the
core issues…. I do not wish to stick anyone with data founded on my vast
ignorance of ultimate reality.

Credits, and references:
I recommend ONLY those works referenced, and often not the collateral work
by the same author as it often degrades into incidental and misleading

LRHubbard.    Science of Survival….  Data Series One… 88008, 08, 880.  He
has missed the point of our limitless origins however,  an absolutely fatal
flaw.  I appreciate Hubbards vast insight as presented on L-12 beyond
words... some of his other developments were equally valuable.    I believe
what  error there is,  is rooted in his association with Aliester Crowley,
an avowed satanist, and black magician.    The idea being promoted that an
individuated individual can be supreme….an insanity. 

Bagwann Shri Rajneesh.   Psychology of the Esoteric.  (Bodhi tree book
store LA Ca)  an incredible book, his other work degrades from that level
considerably.  He has no address to the issues such as LRH had developed…
he uses the term 'inside' in such a way that a person seeks freedom there.
.introverted as it were… a flaw in translation from the Hindi, he did not
have that miscomprehension personally.  By 'inside' the eastern
philosophers mean, 'not in the material, out of the material, and in the
spiritual arena that is the realm of Life, ourselves.'…  that's just my
reality of course.

The words of Jesus Christ of Nazareth…. But not all of the words of the 
disciples, including St Paul, ex tax collector who snuck in many fatal
flaws with his loving words.   Jesus understood the ultimate physics
thoroughly… this becomes evident as you approach the core physics yourself.

The Secret of Life, by Roy Masters… This work address the issue of the
supreme being effectively, and that which
separates us from our origins.    It can be difficult to get past the
barrage of insults in the first few chapters.
The rest of his work to one degree or another degrades into obsession with
incidental issues and analysis…. In my view a fatal error.   (available
thru the foundation of human understanding, Venice Calif.)   

EE Doc Smith… The Lensman Series,  Science fiction, out of print since the
70's.. but can be found in used book stores… treasured finds… in six
volumes.  He demonstrates a grasp of the factors of human spiritual
evolution and influences…  usually in just 4 or 5 fragments of sentences
distributed in each book.  His dissertations on the Edorians is a
dissertation the liabiities
of the human tendency to the  Medusa complex.... the terrifyingly evil
encounters describe what Castaneda calls conflict
with the petty tyrant.   One wonders the liability then of the tyrant.   
The drills presented in this series of articles address
that issue exclusively.

Carlos Castaneda,   A  6 volume series dealing with his unwitting
apprenticeship in sorcery at the hands of Don Juan Matus.   I've met
absolutely no one in the last 20 years  who has grasp the gestalt of the
issues in this series.    In context with the above references and by
reading the last in the series, some of the issues raised become
obvious…..but the magic is reserved for those who eventually see.       It
appears so far that only those apprenticed directly have come to 'see'… the
significance tactic of writing books left Don Juan rolling on the floor in

None the less, for  those interested in a magic bullet I recommend Tales of
Power, and paying careful attention to the chapter Island of the Tonal….
Let it run as a drill on you…. For one in extreme pain, or near death, this
can be a magical and wondrous experience.     The analogies have taken me
20 years to comprehend to the level I have…. I keep finding new plateau's
of comprehension in this work.   

 Along the lines of other magic bullets....  the CCH's by LRon Hubbard,  
run to the limit of confront and use of force,  produce incredible results
as runs out force in several hundred hours and is left....
an unalloyed being at many levels.... a vital comprehension of the phsics
involved however is missing on that tactic... the result is unstable.

I will discuss Castaneda's work with individuals who can answer the
questions   'who are the black magicians'  (a question posed at the end of
Journey to Ixtlan).  Or 'what is the 'double' , precisely'. or with anyone
who can tell me what happened when they read
the above referenced chapter "island of the tonal'.

Phil Scott
end of part 1a

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