Beyond the black magicians, part two.
Phil Scott
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				Being Here, Drills.

Several thousand years of thought, research and development have resulted
in the discovery  of the root causes of mans ills. The information however
has been occluded, countless times over, for various reasons and motives,
most times innocently... there have been many vastly workable paths.... but
only a very few have managed passage on them.

There have been recent crucial refinements. What has been missing is viable,
broad spectrum, applications tools for the resolution of these discovered
conditions and causes; and clean statements of the actual conditions, clean
enough to define a resolution... or allow a person to 'see' the mechanisms

This course and drills program is on the leading edge of this discovery,
and application.

Three crucial mechanisms.

What has not been discovered completely or addressed adequately are three
crucial issues that act together with devastating consequences.

1.	A (natural) focus onto objects, and ones own thoughts etc.    This focus
onto ones own internal turmoil, or  thought, or external objects, is in
fact a complete diversion from Life, peace and freedom.    Its the opposite
mechanism.    One can not be peaceful and creative, and having fun, and be 
obsessed with some situation, at the same time.   

The purpose of the drills is to allow you to see this reality for yourself
and  _experience_  the relief attainable by having choices in what you
focus on and react, or do not react to.     The goal is free choice, one is
then free to seek and implement effective solutions in ones own life.  

The above is what I can say in words…. The experience of complete freedom
thus attained is beyond words, as are the insights…. I cannot put that into
words.   You will have to spend the few hours it takes to discover these
for yourself.

For those of the readers who are already significantly advanced, see
footnote two of this article.

2.  Involuntary reactions to what we focus on.     It has been known for
thousands of years that we REACT to EVERYTHING we see, sense, recall hear,
smell or feel.

Some  technologies have only addressed trauma, or certain types of
incidents in attempts to resolve a persons unwanted condition(s).   These,
predictably, have been only partially successful, as the  whole , 100% of
the base, cause structure, was not addressed.

Addressed here are the underlying base structures ( simple habits) that
lock one into the related 50 trillion or more subtle snags, and major
disasters,  entangling one in miserable conditions.    Its seems that as
this base structure us fully comprehended, much of what's bothering a
person just falls away.

We address HABIT and the OPERATIONAL STRUCTURE that locks us into this
situation, and as such,  do not specifically address individual 	incidents
in Part #2 services.   (Part #3   drills  address individual incidents, as
an entry point only, to resolution of the attached liabilities.)

3.	Gaining the option to default our attention to the context of a reality,
and not focus randomly on one, or several, aspects. The context of any
reality is its key component… required for resolution and means of creation,
manipulation or destruction.
I am speaking here of what I call the 'void'... in its most stunning, and
terrifying reality.

These drills are designed to allow you the personal experience of these
capabilities for your evaluation, or use.    Discussion of the mechanics,
philosophy etc., will be limited to these introductory remarks.    It is
not possible to 'tell' a person to greater capability It is only possible
to let a person develop and discover it personally.    I wish you the best
of luck in this pursuit.   To succeed one needs to be an active 
participant......  just do it.    (by the way excellent advice for almost
any endeavor.)


We are habituated by life, advertising, schooling, and our need to avoid
running into things to focus our attention onto thoughts and 

As we stick our attention, at random, not at our own initiative, onto
things, pictures, sounds, thoughts, etc.     We are no longer being a free
and causative Life entity, we are a preoccupied entity, and progressively
more so every day, until there is little unoccupied Life available to us.

A major difference between the young and the old is the degree of this
preoccupation in my view…. Those that lead combative lives end up often
completely preoccupied..... and stuck onto and dramatizing the vast
insanity that humans are liable to generate.

The key word here is habituated.     We are no longer in control at that
point, we are reacting to our environment as our attention randomly bounces
around in it and sticks to much of it.   We exist as spiritual beings,
***where our attention is***.    We are where we put our attention.    
Later drills will demonstrate this absolutely crucial and vastly useful 
mechanism  conclusively... to both your horror and delight, a resolution to
lifes ugliest problems.   


One breaks the ancient habit.     

By now you might be suspecting that I am  talking about the habit of having
our attention draw onto things, or even our own thoughts, against our
better interests.    We will be addressing the issue one piece at a time,
and that is what drills 1-12 are about.    

Each is a progressively more challenging drill aimed at breaking this
network of habits and compulsions that tends to keep a person  dispersed
and stuck.

If all we accomplish is a faint tendency to notice the space around what we
focus on, even subliminally, we have gained the lubrication to slip off of
them.   One has broken the fixation.  and is no longer stuck.    We begin
to see things in perspective, and that slightly loosened grip opens up a
view to interrelationships and options that break the grip entirely.


Drill #1     (A) Breaking the Ancient Habit.   

Note:   	You may end  any of these drills if or when you feel sort of light
and free, tingly, powerful, out of your body, very perceptive, or  have
sudden flashes of insight.   Take note of your successful activities so
that you can develop and enhance them.

We have physiological reactions to all of what we see, or know, or sense in
life.    The bad or upsetting things cause tensions, chemical and hormonal
generation and prepare the body  for the expected battle, or activity.   
These are well known feelings most people can spot if they look closely.

Conversely, when someone  has a breaktrough insight or reliev,  is truly
loved, or has a sudden insight, or reaches out to another with love, there
are physiological reactions to that as well, learn to spot your own
reactions in this regard.    These are often indicators that you are on the
right track in your search for freedom. ..... you may wish to record which
activities produce this result and repeat them often. 

Purpose of the drill:

Purpose of the drill is to break the habit of seeing only objects, and not
the space or context of the object.    And to reverse the habitual fixation
on objects, or other things,  such as thoughts, and bring to ones attention
the fact of another place to put ones attention, besides  objects,  or
thoughts,  etc.....   the gaps between them.   With time this gap can widen
to transcend the universes.... and one is free.


Look at the spaces between some objects in the room, look at the shape of
the spaces.     Do this until you can easily notice the emptiness between
objects, and the area the emptiness pervades.    Several seconds or minutes
might be sufficient.   Noticing _just_  the edges of the objects may help

Expand this drill to include larger and more distant objects. Write down
any considerations that come to mind.  

Drill One (a))	Breaking the ancient habit.   

Make a mental image of a ball or other simple object and place it somewhere
in the room.   describe its size, shape and color etc. end the drill when
you  can do it easily.    Usually takes a minute or less.   But practice
all you like… and practice moving and changing the object……….. the faster
you do all this the better.

Laboring the drill is counter productive.

Drill One b

Purpose of the Drill:

To break the habit of focusing on mental images and learn to place and
locate them in space, be cause over them, and able to deal with them
without focusing on, or getting involved with them.
(for those who cannot make or see a mental picture, see footnote at end of
this section.)


Create a mental picture of a basket ball, gallon of milk, or washing
machine and place it somewhere nearby.     Next erase the picture.    When
that is done, create another one and place it as you like.

When able to do this easily, do the following:   

1.	Notice the space behind the object.    Notice the space in front of the
object.    Notice the space to the left of the object.   Notice the space
to the right of the object.   Notice the space above the object.  Notice
the space below the object.
Notice the space between yourself and the object, and the space between the
object and adjacent objects.

Repeat as above, describing each space, the temperature of it, the size of
the spaces.  (do all this as fast as possible, notice the edges of the
objects only.... just absolute outer boundaries of the objects.)


Decide to personally **be in** (occupy) the space between you and  the 
object.   If you think you may have done it to any faint extent  that's
good enough.

Decide to personally **be in** (occupy) the space around the object, first
above, then to each side, then below the object,   and drill that for a
bit.    Then be in the space that surrounds the object.  Then expand that
space.   Expand it again.  Expand it again….. end off when  you wish.

Now move to within ten feet of the mental object that you have created.  
For those who cannot yet create a mental image object, use a solid object
in the room.

While still sitting the chair.   Decide to be farther away from the object
(s) than you are now.     Farther.  Farther.  Farther. Until you are so far
away you can see the surroundings at distance as well, 	then farther until
you can barely see the building,  and farther and farther.   Decide to **be
in** those spaces as you like.  Repeat until you are an expert at getting
as far away from a picture or object as you  like, and occupying the

Do each aspect of this drill as fast as possible, seconds or miliseconds 
per step… do not grind on until you feel certain you did a step…just  blast
on through the drill…. Any level of competence is good enough....  even
halucinating you did the drill is good

Come in close again and repeat the drill…. The idea is to become very good
at being in and around solid and mocked up objects, moving  around them,
and away etc….   we test this ability under heavy fire in  the later

 Insights you are able gain in doing this drill will can be very useful
when we practice on real live situations in later drills. *We will practice
on ones own mental constucts and mastications... and... those of others,
remotely sometimes.*

Drill One (d)   

Create a mental image of a beach ball.  Locate it in the room or somewhere
else that you wish..

While sitting in the chair be closer to the beach ball .    Then farther
away… etc.
practice flitting around it at high speed.   When any degree of proficiency
is reached back away from the image while still sitting in the chair, until
you are quite some distance from it, and possibly your body,  perhaps
several thousand miles.   Drill this any way that works, as long as you

Application 1:    	

1a.  As  you live your life, practice spotting objects and looking for the
spaces between them.    One is exercising an ability that has OTHER

1b.  When this becomes second nature in a week or so, start spotting the
space between the nodes of sound vibrations, then mental images.   If this
ever becomes difficult practice for a   while on objects then go back to
thoughts, mental pictures, and sounds again….(deep resonant sounds are
easiest).     Spend a few hours of your days noticing these empty spaces 
(Rajneesh called them 'gaps')

Stick to innocuous thoughts, pictures, sounds at this time.  Bothersome
material will be addressed as your skill level rises and you discover some
of the factors that draw one into unwanted situations.

End drill one when you can easily and almost habitually notice the spaces
between all things, material, and mental constructs…. If you have trouble
with thoughts, locate them first, then  spot the edges, then the space
between them and yourself or other thoughts. (sometimes its not much)….
Expand that space by whatever means you like.

Do not get involved with any of thousands of preoccupation's that will
certainly come up as you are doing this series of drills.   I recommend
that you 'don't think' as much as possible when doing the drills.   


1....For those who cannot make or see a mental image picture.   Do the
drill with the idea that indeed you have made a mental image picture as per
the drill… even if you can't make one… then decide where in the room you
would like the mental image picture to be if indeed you could see or make
one.   Decide that its there just for the hell of it.   Run the drill as
though the mental picture actually exists where you put it.

If you feel well and good about this tactic, then do it.   If not, try some
other tactic, feel free to invent one that you think might work.  And above
all, do not try to do the drill perfectly…. There is no perfect way… just
take a wild stab at it…. Its like sex, sometimes a shot in the dark is

Do not run a drill that does not indicate to you as a good idea…. Do not
run a drill that doesn't go easy or well…. You may reinvent the drill as
you like so that it is suitable to you.....  the risk in this however is
that you will invent a drill that simply grooves in
our favorite bad habit and does not leave one defaulted to the gaps between

2.    For those with advanced abilities, but not yet completely free. 
these drills as pedantic as they are in the early stages, set the stage,
defne the arena for later drills that will demonstrate conclusively to you
that what you know,  even truth, and especially things like how to drive
your car, are a very severe liability as you may be currently related to

Those things that you are adamant about, most especially those things you
know are true, and actually are true, and that you are defending or
advocating or attached to in some way.... are the anchors that bind you to
this and all material universes.

When you can notice the space between objects, the gaps between the nodes
of sounds, then the drill is complete.

Phil Scott

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