Phil Scott  11/27/96

This covers drills 1-9 approximately, and some background.   There are
about 50 drills total……. And any number of leading questions one can ask… 
(I pose these  simply to get the person to actually see and state what's
directly in front of them….I want the person to acknowledge the obvious  ….
And see whatever situation exists.  Usually I deliver these drills
personally and can catch any diversions off the rails, such as the person
trying to use a drill to run some problem in life, etc.... here I cannot do
so, and diversion is generally the rule of the day.

Regrettfully I did add some descriptive suggestions.... and very direct
remarks about what may be actual phenomena... you should consider these  a
great liability to your discovery.... it will be to your advantage to
discover what you can for yourself .. that was the intent and structure of
the original personally coached approach..

We live life with our attention transfixed onto thoughts and objects… we
store the mental image pictures and sensations etc .    Its a habit born of
having to watch where we are walking, pay attention to others, not burn the
oatmeal, and originally at the fascination with our own creations.     We
also react to most of this material we stick on..... it gets to be a
habit........ soon we are stuck and chain reactive.... hyper active in some
cases.    These drills have changed hyperactive children,  in the pilot
program,  from out of control to well behaved and in control of themselves
and thier reactions.  

If the material we have our attention on is  heavyf or  holds danger....
well then we can really get stuck..   That's the implanter's specialty… and
the specialty of your exspouse,  pain in the ass neighbor,  opposition
attorney,  or mother in law in some cases.

Why drills:
An example serves best..... we could have a person lift weights, and do
reaction  time exercises,  and ballet moves .....those would develop the
skills he or she needs to play FOOT BALL, or survive combat..... or fend
off a mugger.

Same with these drills......they seem unrelated to the current problem....
but  the skills developed are directly effective in resolution of the
problem…. The breaking of a habit, cuts loose all that's attached to it…
countless things one never sees… but  life changes.

Drill 2

Mock up a  simple thought and put it inside the beach ball…. Get good at
noticing the differences between the mocked up
beach ball, and the thought that your created .... such as 'cookies'... and
placed inside the beach ball....'feel' these with your

Then take the thought out of the beach ball and stick it on the
ceiling............ reach  out and feel the  thought...... touch it.....
notice its EDGES.....differentiate the thought from the object mock
up….notice the differences in its edges and boundary….   Notice 10
different -physical things- about the thought, how warm or cold is it,  how
smooth or rough does it feel… 

Notice this was a thought that you causatively mocked up… and then placed
exterior to yourself…

when you can do that with thoughts that you habitually or unwillingly
generate,  or thoughts developed in reaction to others and alloyed with
them….. then,  you can be exterior to what troubles or limits your

This skill of differentiation is important in being completely exterior.  
Lacking this skill, one just
drags his mental baggage along,  and has a rather occluded experience.  
(The chapter Island of the Tonal, in
Castaneda's book Tales of Power,  is a spectacular application of this
tactic. a  Yacqui indian medicine man  tactic, used to escape the
conquering Spaniards….. it has been developed to absolutely incredible

Now for an hour or so,  practice noticing the spaces, tiny or large, 
between the simple thought  and the object you mocked up earlier.......
practice at various distanced up to million  miles or so and down to feet
or meters.   As  you get good at it,  BE in those spaces......... being
careful to notice the  JUST the edges of the of the object  and of the
thought  involved.

Drill 3

Go out on the street and direct 'insistently curious' beams at a person, 
from behind,  while focusing your attention on the back of the persons head,
 from various distances, up to 100 yards or so,  see if the person turns
around to get catch a glance at you.    If you don't get a result take a
friend with you,  and try it togehter on a person walking ahead…..   
that's a 150 lb chunk of body, plus being,  you are affecting, what do you
think the effectiveness is on a simple mental picture?   Notice the
difference between the  reaction time of children and adults.  ( an LRH
development as best I can tell).

Recreate the beach ball mock up and a simple thought mockup. Direct energy
beams at the mock ups….

 The kind you use when you are mad at someone is one class of beam, get the
idea that you can narrow the beam down and focus it on a target.   Blow
holes in the mock ups with the energy beams….  Look at all the different
sorts of beams you can produce, and what effects they have when used on
your mocked up beach ball.

Have some fun with this, invent a whole range of drills……… then practice
blowing apart some of your medium level traumatic incidents.   In doing so
you will discover literally hundreds of phenomena involved in your
relationships with your creations.    Good luck., you could spend a year or
more in this discovery.

If you can't seem to get a grip on where an energy field is located… and
its one that's currently bothering you,
or an ongoing situation… you are probably inside it… its surrounding you,
and its wherever you look… seems to occupy your entire universe….  There
are many ways to get exterior to it…. Use one, or invent one.

You can simply decide to be at a vast distance away, then blow it apart.  
If that doesn't work you can spot an edge or boundary of it from the inside
and then move to and thru that boundary very quickly and you will find
yourself outside of it…..then move quickly away. .... or you can try just
expanding beyond its limits..... when you can notice its shape and see its
edges you are
outside it.... move farther way.... do not think the the thoughts of the
energy field at this time.... it may put you back into
an interiorized relationship with it.     When you get far away again. 
Then destroy the field with beams…. 

You may wish to recreate it then destroy it many times, then enter and
leave it many times… finally you may wish to recreate the field and from a
distance pull thoughts out of it, if you are curios in that way…..  

the validity of this technique will be verified, or not verified,  by the
caliber and accuracy , and value of the insights you gain and
liberation from previously painful or limiting concerns.    

This drill is complete when you can create and destroy   mental pictures
and thoughts.     The idea is to develop a way to obliterate massive scale
mental debris at will, without having to get immersed in and involved with
it…   Much of what surrounds a being is too thin to identify in words or
concept….  The turmoil, sludge, and background noise of the universe one
might say....
a background energy field that may go to the distant  limits of your

Drill 4

To demonstrate what it is that gets one stuck in his miserable thoughts and
traumatic relationships…. And the liabilities of that.

Spot some completely minor and now resolved incident in the  past,
something that's been handled… a petty issue, that you feel fine, even
happy about today.

Good.   Now _locate_ the energy field that it consisted of…  where is it in
relationship to your body or the room etc... notice the edges of that field,
its boundary..

If you can do this, immediately move several hundred thousand miles away
from it.  And now look at it again from that distance.  Quickly notice the
space between your distant point of view and the energy field…. Now move
even farther away…. Keep moving away quickly until you can barely see the
energy field.

Are you outside the energy field….?

Now think of the incident again, the hassle you had at the time….now notice
where you are in relationship to the energy field.
Are you back inside it.... obsessed with those issues and questions again?

If you are not inside the energy field, choose an incident traumatic enough
that you find yourself inside it, notice that it was thinking one of the
thoughts in the energy field that drew you into it.

Use drill 3 to extricate yourself.

I consider the above drills done without coaching to be quite a feat….very
difficult, and prone to
many pitfalls and error.   I have decided to release these drills however,
and compensate for my inability to
coach the reader by writing what I have observed about the structure of the
situation….. one is better off discovering this for himself…. But not all
have that opportunity….    I must apologize or feeding you my observations.
Please do not take them as truth.   What you discover personally, and 'see'
is what counts.

Drill 5

This drill consists of 2 leading questions and an essay     "As you go
through life and think thoughts, what might be some of the liabilities of
that?"     How severe could this get?

Write an essay on what  you noticed and what the the solutions to any
problems might be..

Drill 6

This drill consists of 4 leading questions and an essay.     "Do you think
thoughts when you glance at objects or mental recordings?"     Do you have
a memory of what you glance at?   Are these permanently stored by you?  
Are any of these thoughts related in any conceivable way to fixed

Write an essay that addresses at least 5 areas of possible liability to a

Drill 7

"Can you go to a location,  say a hospital or a skid row bar,  and pick up
any feelings there?"   Are any energy fields connected to those?     Can
you spot any thoughts or considerations?

Write an essay that addresses any possible accumulating negative effects of
these involvement's, that are NOT related to the
specific nature of the thoughts, but just to the fact of them.... the
energy field itself.

Drill 8

Repeat drills one through 7, very quickly, several times through… until you
are  fluent at it and have a nice stack of essays.   Then tell me
rhetorically,  are there any liabilities connected with the habit of
valuing data, and recordings and hanging onto it, and using or valuing or
looking at these recorded data?  

Drill 9

Spot your data base on how to drive a car.    Notice its value.   Now get
it all defined and located… now obliterate it…..  Let any fragments go….
Just figure you will drive your car by ad lib in the future…..

Now. let go of your data base and considerations of the opposite sex…. Just
let it all go.    Waste it…. Become an idiot again on these subjects…..
just let it all go, decide not to use it again.    Let your data base on
how to make money go... oblitrate it, waste it.... declare it ,merely cluge
in the universe.... 

Now go out to a restaurant in your car, and notice if anything in your life
and relationships with others has changed.

Footnote #1

This remark is a total speculation on my part.   If you cannot make or see
a mental image picture of a beach ball, do the drill using
a substitute object in the room…… do the drill using that object as the
mock up.   Then repeat the drill after removing the object from the room
and putting it away in a closet… but do the drill as though the object were
still in the room.    When it comes to -being- at a distance, just get the
idea that you are at some distant place, and notice the distance as best
you can between the place and the object in the room...... do not labor
this activity.... halucinate it if you like, or just make up that you are
doing the drill... going  thru the motions alone may be sufficient

If this goes instantly easily and well for you, fine.      If not,  cease
the drill immediately.  Its my view that workable approaches work right
away.... slightly wrong approaches work after some effort sometimes.... and
wrong approaches simply cause problems.

If you do persist.  with no discomfort, continue until you can do the drill
fluently…. Then remove the object from the room and
then recall it having been in the spot it was in..     Do this until you
can have such a recall.

Repeat the drill using a  mocked up beach ball.

Let me know if any of these drills are of interest…. If so I will write up 
the stage two drills, dealing with the fatal predilection that drives 
mankind  to ruin, alcohol, fast women.... easy money, sin, drugs, sex and

(  you have several clues already, also the sharks and dolphins don't have
the problem…. What is it with mankind?)…

Phil Scott

This article and the rest in the series copyrighted 1993,1994,1995,1996…
permission granted to copy and distribute in full, with headers and credits,
for non commercial use only.

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