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It seems that a being   has a tendency to BE WHERE IT PLACES ITS
THOUGHTS..... thats perhaps the KEY premise here.....     That can be
proven or observed in various ways, we may or may not get into that
later...   Do not skip over this premise..... understand this before you go
on.    You are being in the room just now,  when you think of the last time
you ate out.... to one  extent or another, you return to that space...    

A person has a choice..... he or she can aglomerrate with their possessions,
and prideful thoughts.... into a seething mass of hard core and assertive
and possessive personality... that's one choice.   And will find himself or
herself being attached.... and actually located in the space with these
ojects...   fun hu?

Or...... a person can not be to proud of what he thinks, or has, and lets
things go freely.... and guess what, that person is not as tighly bound to
the turmoils of life.  We all know these sorts of people.  We are ourselves
these sorts of people... both at the same time, some more grasping than
others,  some more willing let go than others.

This article concerns the end game of travel to each end of  those two
tendencies,  letting go, or  grasping. These at the limits, form the nature
of the Universe we live in.... there is the condensed end, to the limit of
the black hole, and the   open end,  space, to use a favorite and sometimes
terrifying term,  the Void.

VOID, space, freedom >>> solidity, alloyed with ones posessions etc

We have these two poles then.    Now you get to guess which pole is
conducive to Life and Freedom and Grace, and Love, and Power,  and which is
conducive to our miserable human condition.

This article is about the many aspects of that decision, the most vital
TENDING TO ON THIS SCALE.    As humans we operate mid range,  but our
PREDILECTION in this matter
of DIRECTION is what determines our freedom or our entrapment.... the
direction alone. is what either liberates us,  or sets us free.   This is
the subject of the world's spiritual traditions, we will be looking at the
raw physics of it here in this article and in the attached  drills.

Part one.
The key to our wanting to have and hold to our prison.

Why did Hubbard  use the term 'terminal'  to indicate individuals?

The term,  'terminal'  implies a connection to a larger whole or network.
He used the term  because we have the option of being part of one of two
basic larger  'intention universes',  at the ultimate limits.   ( there are
many intermim universes possible).    An attachment to the spiritual 
universe, and/or,  the material  universe. 

A person's viewpoint, goals and targets however,  are an entirely 
different matter. One is either viewing life from the Void  as senior
viewpoint -and location- or material universe as senior  viewpoint and
location.    I suggest we use one of my favorite engineering systems
analysiss tactics here,  that of exageration to make the issues more

Accordingly then, one could  choose to view life from a POSITION assumed in
the VOID, or with ones Spiritual
Origins, or could choose to to view life from a
postion of over valuing a vault full of cash, holding that these material
goods were senior to Life.

In this latter position, one finds himself sacrificing Life for material
goods, a very common situation, you will have to be the judge of the long
term viability and liabilities of that predilection.

The choice of  which viewpoint you hold as a priority is Yours.

In my experience this differentiation of 'priority viewpoint and  location',
is what I have come to earth to learn, in all of its  nuances. I came to
understand the traps and liabilitiess of holding a  'mest universe as
senior' viewpoint, and to discover the mechanics of  that trap made eternal
by ones own priority and habit system.

The Void:
One is a 'terminal' on the  dynamics system of Life, one can  reach a point
of 'seeing' or at least visualizing these relative  positions,  God,
supreme Being, Infinity,  etc.   pervasive static, the Void....with the
Life intention and looking from  there, quite knowingly, and able to move
at will in, around and  through any material, thought or whatever without
liability and at cause.

The Material:
Or one is focused on, inside of, contained, by and effect of the  creations
of others, the material  universe, reactively. The latter is the  prevalent

The priorities founded in either universe are the difference between  night
and day, freedom and enslavement, creativity and destruction .

Hubbard had defined them very well in his charts and descriptions and  in
"Science of Survival". 

Jesus described them brilliantly as well.  Hubbard stopped his address at
the shallower levels of the spiritual dynamic however,  leaving in place
the darkly rooted concept that the individuated individual could be
supreme.  An being can be sovereign, but supremacy above all else is an
halucination.  In retrospect it seems that Hubbards view was somewhat
occluded by his heavy involvement with one Aliester Crowley, satanist and
black magician.

Few however have managed to do the 180 degree about face turn, brought  on
by a ruthless pursuit of truth that plants one squarely in and,face to face
with void.   This is a stunning personal experience, that will leave you
breathless with wonder, and not at all what one expects from his experience
alloyed with the material world.

My work has led me to search out not just the substructures involved,  but
the stucture,  the basics of the mechanics of  entrapment.  

The abstract cores.

These are similar to what we call basic algorithms in systems logic, but in
fact are vastly more delicate and poweful than one can hope to realize
until one actually ' sees'  them. ... it's taken me 20 years to grasp just
some of the key nuances of Don Juans teaching.... tied to the use of very
specific terms.... that prove in the end, after one has discovered them
himself to be immaculately conceived.

One can discover these structures,  and the mechanics humans use that keep 
us duplicating these structures tightly around us, and lock us into  the  
' material  is senior'  viewpoint and LOCATION.

Knowing that  the material universe is not senior,  is not the solution,
its like an alcoholic knowing alchohol is  bad for him, that alone will not
help, he needs a realignment of his priority system to break the bond.  
For that he needs to 'see' the structure.... and in seeing it realizes then
the full impact of the liability of his choices.........THAT changes a
persons predilections.

Addiction to the material:

The  average human is in a similar position regarding an  addiction to
focusing on,  and sensing,  his material surroundings Including most
importantly the thoughts he has and holds so dear.   .

 The solution lies in a  realignment of our priority system and in breaking
the habits that  stick us there, -not- in perpetual involvement in tweaking
the details  of of our day to day problems and turmoil.    It's not the
attempt at coping with ones problems, its the obsession we get with them
via all sorts of religions and practices,  its  sticking there that poses
the  fatal liability ... I'd say after 15 million hours of trying processes
practices and dogma one might be well advised to look for these more basic
structures and spring the trap by direct observation of it.

Thats the focus of these drills.

The issue is not incidents,  just ones decisions, and they are  quite
mundane decisions, made perhaps 10 million times a day for  possibly
billions of years ... one is -not- going to -run- them out.  One can spot
the error however and learn of the 2 pole universe,  investigate its
various manifestations.


The Primary error  I've seen on these lines is the almost totally 
pervasive view in some quarters that  one -is- God himself in some way or
component.    And its true, one is pervaded by the original entity, part of
it.... but surely not the totality of the original entity oneself.

What is not generally realized, or achieved in my view, is that one  can
adopt the Original entity's space and  viewpoint, and one can pervade the
universe in that  viewpoint.  If one looks then for the predilection of
that view point, and looks from there.... then and only then does the Error
of Man become fully evident in the context we have been discussing.

There is a wider influence; one does not personally define the orignal
entities intention for the entire universe and its 800 quintillion
inhabitants  and zillions and zillions of insects and molecules. One
therefore must  be in alignment with a wider power than oneself.    
Subservience  is required....not an egotistical mans greatest strength.

The way one achieves this alignment is all important. The individual,  from
his viewpoint and bad habits of 'being in the material'  will not see one 
trillionth of the Original Entities broad spectrum  life force intention 
He might be able to see some of his own, early on, but thats it.

If one attempts to define, confine, describe or behave as -he- sees  fit,
without communion with the pervasive life intention in the  universe, God,
or the Original Entity,  he will be acting -in his own self interest-  and
about 99.99% opposed to the balance of Life in the universe (on- going
overt acts) ... followed by denial and ridicule of a supreme being or 
pervasive, external to oneself, Life force..... the denial you see is an
insanity, unless one thinks we do not live of course,  and are but some
sort of automaton.

In this case one  will be in connection with,  and influenced by the -
created-, not the  Origin Entity and ones own creation,  and (same) -
creator within-. This untoward material  influence,  and this lust for
things, thoughts and other solid objects,  sensations, etc. assures his
containment and unhappiness with his  effect position. The more a person is
stuck in the material  universe focus  and priority, the crazier a free
spiritual universe priority seems, if it is  real at all. These people can
be seen in ridicule of any spiritual source or Origin, and  focused on the
human aberrations  to support their invalidative views.

Ways out

There are several  easy to implement doors out of this situation.  They
open direcly onto the 'void' (as I experience it). From this  pervasiveness,
one is free and uninfluenceable at will, and  understands then, at that
point the countless nuances of the trap he  was in, and the futility of
handling the symptoms, not the cause, of  the situation. It becomes
absolutely crystal clear.

Prior to that, one is tending to rationalize his predicament, many  times
in my experience, at the expense of anyone attempting to lend  him a hand,
and with tremendous and turbulent energy.

The techniques available for pervading the void at will are covered 
fragmentally in these references, as one discovers them, culls  and align
them, one then is able to appreciate -his own discovery-,  and that can be
my gift to you, keeping silent past this point.

This discovery is, in my way of thinking, is  the most breathlessly 
exciting, harrowing, wonderful, terrifying, and powerful experience in the 
universe. ... I can't degrade it by saying I can give it to you. I  most
assuredly cannot. It is the courageous seekers reward, and he alone will
travel the  road, and suffer the travail and attain the goal, and know the
peace,  and 'see' for himself or herself.  This is the reward of the
warrior and  its fully on the warriors path and winds high and narrow.

There is a requisite beingness and mental set.

The issue for you might be, do you want a trick to key out on, or 
permanent, and personally at cause, liberation, grace and 'power'.  The
power one gains in alignment with Life  is not the ego priority power we
have all been sold by  the culture.   Such power is not the bluster and
noise that sometimes come to mind this power is silent..

One generally is stuck to the ego oriented power trip, we are so weak  when
we are not operating from the void, that we think we must hang  onto, and
defend, our individual individuated power, even if lying and distortions
are  involved. These last, are the long stainless steel screws we put in 
our coffins, the path to our freedom is on a base of  truth,  and the
absolute courage required to implement it. Lacking that, there  is no path
and not the faintest glimmer of our ultimate freedom.

A few drills:

Very briefly the group is drilled on isolating objects by various  means,
then noticing the nothingness between the objects.

The group is drilled exhaustively on viewing these spaces, then being  in
the spaces, then moving away, then vastly away, then viewing from  all
sides at once ... etc. etc., to knowingness and ability in the  area.

This is escalated gradually to include mocked up or visualized  objects,
then  thoughts, then differentiating these in innocuous situations.

With these skills developed, progressively more troublesome situations  are
addressed. The gradient is increased gradually to severe past  trauma, and
after the individuals in the group cognite on structure,  present time
trauma and real time situations are handled.

This is a byproduct.   However, the real valuable final products are: 1.  A
way to  become cause in an area and 2. Breaking the habit  that is at the
base of ones chronically 'at effect' condition.

Successful coaching requires ones personal cabability and  experience in
the area and the ability to sense rightness and bring  the person you are
working with to a win.

The -habit- of focusing on objects, thought, etc., is broken. The error  is
realized. The mechanics of contraction are  realized. The requirement of a
causitive situation are realized. 

Additions to Book list in part 2

"People of the Lie" by M Scott Peck, PhD. Any book store. Terrifying 
insight into the face of the dark side.

An understsanding of material universe physics, particularly those 
relating to gravitic attraction and as related to harmonic interaction  is
a vital key to understanding spiritual universe physics. I hesitate to 
mention authors in this area because of the strictly material universe 
viewpoints presented, it can be a liablity

Drill #10

Go out in public, and spot someone who seems to have the predilection to
let go of things, a non grasping personality.   Spot 20 more such
people.....  Note the ages, and physical condition.

Go out in the public, and spot someone who seems to have a grasping, proud,
or arrogant personality. Spot 10 more such people...  Note the ages, and
physical condition

Drill #11

Write an essay about the future and expectations you have for those with
the non grasping, or free sort of personality, address the issues listed

Drill #12  

Write an essay about the future and expectations you have for those with
the grasping, or proud personaliities. address the issues listed below.

      *   How will their family life be.... especially as they age?.
      *   How will their health be... especially as they age?.
      *   How will they do in thier career?
      *   What will be thier sexual predilections in general terms?
      *   How will they relate to the Original Being, the creator?
      *   How will they relate to others, their children, parents or
      *   What will happen to after they die do you suppose?

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