Bonus drill:

	Please tell me which is material and which is of the static void.
                  Yes or no answers only.... answer retorically, no need
                   a typed response.

	The keyboard in front of you.
	The chair you are sitting on.
	the light in the room.
	The stove in your kitchen
	The flame from a gas burner.
	The exhaust from your car.
	Your breath.
	The consideration that the keyboard exists.
	The mental image  you have of a loved one.
	The thoughts you have about yourself,
	The thoughs you have about a friend.
	The idea that your keyboard is plugged in
	A _feeling_ of love.
	A sensation of anger, or any sensation.
	A desire to have a new_____.
	A desire to assert yourself.
	A desire to be listened to.
	A plan.
	A postulate
	A decision
	An idea.
	A concept

                  Phil Scott