#8   Beyond the Black Magicians, a series of drills Phil. Scott  12/25/96

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A well established, but poorly mapped, route.

This piece will address the issue of intellectual insanity as
differentiated from various sorts of psychosis etc.  This situation has a
serious negative effect on human survival,  mostly from those who are
supposed to know better, or are trying to sell us something, an item or an
idea or consideration.   Its most rampant in the areas of intellectual
pursuit, I notice it pervasively in the engineering business.   There are
other areas as well, any area where
thoughts and considerations are at issue.

Perhaps the senior cover mechanism is for the erronious one to behave with
suitable reserve and linguistic eloquence.   He is then mistaken for a
rational person.   A $500 suit helps a lot too.   Neat trick, and it works
very well, except in the hard disciplines.  

 If the rocket explodes on the launch pad,  because some politically
motivated criminal ignores sound engineering advice, or a carpenter saws a
notch in his leg, the error often becomes more obvious.   

There is a higher gradient of insanity,  where we rationalize the cause of
the rocket exploding,  or blame the notch in our leg on microwaves from
unseen space craft hovering just above cloud cover, at 96,120 feet, in
class D mother ships,  from the planet Huron in the nebula Octus 19.   
This is NOT progress. 

Intellectual pursuit often has no such testing ground.   we see the most
insane  unverifiable, even disproven concepts flourish.  Areas where the
proof of a theory may take half a century as in  the political arena, or
spiritual areas.   This is where the results are often the most subjective,
and where  we see the most damage.     

Over 50 million people died in world war II on the basis of such political
and spiritual error.  

The third Reich was founded on the same core set of satanic beliefs that
found much new age religion today,  that the individuated individual can be
supreme, and  can determine the greatest good, and therefore justify his
means to that end...   we have seen the same philosophy in other quarters
as well,  with the  same roots if one cares to look. 

Intellectual insanity only occurs when one asserts as the absolute truth,
an inactuallity.  

This does not preclude the functional use of postulated, relative or
assumed truth.  The operation on such basis is quite common in most areas
of life, we really have not much other choice. Its when we _assert_ our
current view on any subject as anything but the current level of functional
error, that we begin the long dignified walk off the gang plank in full

This dignity and pride of attainment is at the core of our often
regrettable cultural and personal condition. Humility works much better, it
doesn't do much for sales in all cases, but it is the core of sanity and a
few other highly desirable human traits.

The more subtle foundations of error.

The use of words to define a limitless reality tends to cast that reality
into the limited framework of words.   And that is fine.   One needs to
convey what he understands to others, and language is about all we have in
many cases.   Direct observation is not always possible.

The problem occurs when a person subsequently asserts that his description
is more than a faulty thumb nail sketch of the real issues, and only a tiny
fragment of these at best.  The person is now asserting an inactuality. 
There is little problem when the person asserts that there is gasoline in
his cars gas tank.   There is a much bigger problem when one asserts that
faulty steel is OK for use in a bridge,  or on a spiritual level asserts
that whatever turns one on is just fine spritually,  and that there are no
negative consequences.   The adoption of these inactualities as truth can
be fatal to say the least.

As one does this, he himself becomes inactualized.  You see that?   He has
identified with, and is maintaining,  a circumstance of which he is an
integral part, that is NOT the actual situation.  

 As one asserts this inactuality from his  assumed beingness,  one is then 
adrift from rational thought.
In many cases he cannot be proven in error.  He might say that the O rings
on the shuttle booster rockets  show an unacceptable increase in rigidity
below 40 degrees F, but we are not sure what happens below 20 degrees!   
(it actually happened folks)   ... and so he launchs the rocket and 7 good
people die, all because of his intellectual insanity. ( figures are an

As  damage to others results from such willfully enforced insanity,  we
have what has been called 'criminal insanity' to describe the situation.  
As those who tried to prevent the launch spoke up they were ostracized from
the aerospace industry and even their local community of Provo Utah.... we
have now a cultural insanity, the willful ignor-ance of actuallity.    This
is the liability of basing ones assertions on what others do. and not
observable facts... entire cultures decay on this basis of agreed on

Some, as we have seen,  will assert or believe that recall from 50 million
years ago is 100% complete and utterly accurate and describe it in most
elaborate and convincing detail, and then lead others to gradiently accept
this shift to inactuallity.

The victims of such can now can be led to believe almost anything, and have
been set adrift from a base of actuality.    The new actuallity becomes
whatever the person can dream up or hear that supports his halucination. 

On has then on hand, the very rational looking, conservative, well spoken
intellectually insane person.    Few of us ever begin to escape this end,
as we hang onto our thoughs, and considerations for dear life, almost
always asserting they are the 100% accurate steaming hot data.... they
seldom are.

The sure fire solution to insanity.

Humility, decent behavior despite provocation to the contrary, and
intelligent observation on an ever increasing scope.   Now who said that?  
Was it LaoTsu?  Jesus?   Buddha?  or has it been said by wise men  through
the ages. The aspect of humility limits the tendency to hang onto and
justify ones thought.

Its useful to notice the hallmarks of these behaviors.

The truly sane person is not under some stress of maintaining the inactual,
nor defending anything..   or trying to reach some arbitrarily defined
impossible goal on some impossible program, nor is he selling such a
program in his daily life or political or spiritual arena.    

The person is just being, and looking, and learning in this open framework
that he is not overly proud of, so he modifies it as he goes along.   We
all know and have met these sorts of people, and many of us are this way in
many areas of our lives.   I've noticed in the engineering business and in
the spiritual arena, often when a person writes his view down, he then has
to defend it, and engineer because the system is built on the basis of his
work and others becasuse their credibility is at stake.   One sees more
than the usual percentage of intellectual insanity in these areas.    I
recommend one take a more  flexible position.

Drill. #14.   

Begin by spotting something you are  assertive and adamant about, and are
sure of your correctness in.   Repeat the drill with different items or
issues until you have a major realization about Life, the value of truth, 
and the mechanical aspects of  your freedom as a being.

The person in defense of an untenable inactual position is not himself,
there is a tension, and one sees it in his almost constant defensive
posture and hard words, a lack of grace.   When  you see this in yourself,
ask :

"How sure am I that my position is 100% correct, true and just,  in this or
another circumstance?"

"How might something else be true"
"In what context is this true/"
"In what context is this less than true"

"On a scale of absolutes how important is this issue?"
"What happens if I let go of this entire range of concepts ...   

Decide to let go of that entire package of considerations… let it all go

If it doesn't go, spot the entire concept package, define its extent and
shape,  get a considerable distance from it, and obliterate it by any means
you like.

( Remember if  this thought package is something that you really value for
better or worse, you can always mock it back up later… but for now, just
lets try obliterating it.)

Repeat until you feel good about obliterating various packages of
considerations, especially considerations that  you feel are vital to your

Drill #15

List out whatever liabilities you see to holding onto and asserting any
thought or concept…. Even such material as how to drive your car, …  try
spotting, then obliterating these packages of considerations.

……… you will have eliminated at least one major source of insanity and

Drill #16
After a few days or weeks of doing  drill #15, notice if people treat you
any differently, and what if any changes have occurred in that area.  As
you go through life, look at the people you run into, eye to eye, and in
the first ˝ second of contact let all of your thought packages about them
go…let all of your other thought packages go. Don't suppress any tendency
to have a wide grin.

Observe what happens in your life, and the lives of those around you.

Phil Scott