#9  Beyond the Black Magicians, a series of drills
Life and energy are source points, not dispersions.

Phil. Scott   12/26/96

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Transcending the Aesthetic Band, focus is the key.

Appreciating aesthetics is one of my most joyous activities in life, few of
us however are up to creating powerfully on that level… a transcendence of
being effect.

These following drills are intended to encourage a transcendence of this
level to the higher plane of deliberate and powerful creation and Life.

Drill #17

One can do this drill with whatever one finds both moving, expansive, and
powerful.   A certain song… a certain painting, or a certain concerto.  Or
ones favorite figure skater in dance, or even a motorcycle race on the mile
oval, with the thundering engines, smells of nitro methane and caster oil,
and the ballet of finely artistic moves and sudden risk taken to the limit
and far far beyond.   I prefer for the purposes of this drill something
with discrete movements, and sudden changes in nuance and drama.

Today  as I was getting a haircut a song came on the radio,  I forget the
exact title, its by the 'Police'   'I'll be watching you?"  or "Every Step
You take"…..  none the less, pick one _you really like.  I just loved that

Beginning of drill:

I will use a song for this example, you may wish to begin by using one as

Listen to the song and while listening you will be doing two things.
First notice the gaps between the sounds… the dead silent nanoseconds
between the  notes, and vibrations and movements… when you have this down
well… then notice the energy you generate in response to the sounds, and
drama and the shifts and pattern of the music.

After you have gotten very good at noticing these energy field creation
responses, let them go as you notice them, instant by instant as you are
generating your response to the music…   let these energy fields go.  And
then instantly in the same nano second regenerate that same energy
causatively.  (do this anyway that you can make it work out, the exact
strategy you use is not important, if the way I've written this section
limits your ability to causatively create a responsive energy field.  Then
ignore these instructions and create the energy field any way you wish, the
more powerfully the better.)

Notice any tendency to grace or poise that develops.  End off when you feel
powerful, free,  causative and full of Life,and  power.

Drill #18

Grooving in Grace.  Spend the day walking and moving with consciously
controlled grace…with the flows you were able to create deliberately by
responding to the music.   Adopt a somewhat restrained response in all you
do that day.  These flows can be powerful, but for this drill must be
restrained somewhat.   Restrain your usual flows and output, your voice,
your walk, your movement, your thinking… just slow it all down… monitor
each activity for gracefulness.  

 I am not a devotee of the martial arts, but my guess is that this would be
called focusing ones own and the ambient life force and energy.     End
this drill for the day when you can feel a massive amount of energy in
reserve, and have a realization about life related to the use and misuse
and focus of energy.

When you get to a point that this is natural,  and you can maintain a
controlled and focused aesthetic outflow,  you may wish to attempt to stop
thinking entirely for a while.    

Recommended reading.   _The Prophet_  By Kahil Gibran.  Its not
particularly relevant to this section of drills, but might be appropriate
at this point in any event….. it is a true gift to mankind.

Phil Scott