In September 2002 I made up a printed version of The Pilot's Cosmic 
History (part of his book Super Scio). I got a bit ambitious and 
included his material on researching past lives, and "an impossible 
incident". And more. A postscript and a second postscript which is 
mainly material of the Pilot at that time (2002) I am reposting those 
last two, and Archiving it in Homer's Archives.    Ant Phillips.


Further postscript

When the Pilot wrote his Supers Scio, Self Clearing, and a lot of his 
postings to the Internet lists on Scientology, he was anonymous, 
because he wanted to maintain his comm lines to the Church. At a 
certain point his wife revealed him to the Church, and he then 
revealed himself to all as Ken Ogger. Later he had a couple of what 
one might call collapses, the first being of a mental come spiritual 
nature, the second physical. Here are two things he wrote about the 
second experience, which I think are relevant to the study and 
contemplation on Cosmic History. The first was written publicly to 
the newsgroups.



June 2002

Yes, I was near the edge of death, comatose and on life support in an 
intensive care unit (ICU) for over a month. My colon had ruptured, I 
had peritonitis, and I had a rare bacterial fungus infection that did 
not respond to antibiotics or other treatment. And what with being 
unconscious and having a 105 degree [40.555 C] fever raging out of 
control, the estimates were that even if the infection could be 
cured, I'd be a vegetable when I woke up.

Then one morning, the infection and fever simply disappeared and I 
woke up and opened my eyes and smiled at my mother who was sitting at 
my bedside. After that I began recovering and healing, which was 
quite a task since I was completely on life support and most of my 
bodily functions had shut down (I couldn't even breath by myself at 
first, I was on a respirator) and my muscles had all atrophied.

Happily, I am healing at an exceptionally fast rate and expect to be 
back to normal or perhaps even better than normal in the next few months.

As for the instantaneous cure, which the hospital is still referring 
to as a miracle, there are so many possible sources that all I can do 
is say thank you to whomever or whatever may have helped. The number 
of people who had postulated, prayed, visualized, or whatever on my 
behalf while I was in the ICU was incredible including not only 
freezoners and Science of Mind practitioners but also members of 
other faiths even including the Knights of Columbus who were praying 
to St. Jude on my behalf.

As for myself, I was off in a lucid dream almost six weeks long. That 
was quite interesting and entertaining and its worth a book all by itself.

There were times in the dream when everything stopped. Steven King 
had a name for it in one of his fiction books. He called it the dead 
zone. He does not even try to explain it. I think that he must have 
gotten the term from somebody who had been in a coma. In his story 
its just cute, this dead spot that the guy has after being in a coma. 
Sometimes the guy can look into it and see the future.

But in my experience it was terrifying. The dream would be moving 
along nicely and then all of a sudden everything would stop and go 
silent and fade away and there would only be nothingness.

The nothingness was unconfrontable. But I don't think that there was 
any reason for terror except that the nothingness would reflect back 
any emotion and amplify it a thousand fold.
I have been working to get my confront up on it and to understand it. 
It is true nothingness. It is the Tao, the void, the life static that 
is everything and nothing all at once. It is what Earnest Holmes in 
Science of Mind called God.

Being in the coma rubbed my nose in it. Because the body was still 
alive, I didn't go wandering off into between lives or whatever. And 
because the body was drugged, I didn't get the clear light and 
exterior perception that I had the previous time I was near death and 
looking down at the ambulance back in the late 1970s. Instead I only 
had the dream, and occasionally the dream would stop and I'd be 
facing nothingness.

That is the real dead zone. I'm still working on it, getting my 
confront up. Now I can find it. I think that you can do a lot more 
than just see futures in it. This may be the ultimate OT level.

I also know what process brought me out of the coma. In the dream I 
started consciously creating people to talk to. I was bringing people 
I'd know back into existence so that I could communicate with them. A 
sort of OT version of grade 0.

Another interesting point is that when I caved in at the end of 1999, 
the cause point for my own universe shifted from internal to 
external. Even when things began getting better in 2001, I remained 
at effect instead of being at cause. But at the very end of the coma 
when I began creating other people, the cause point shifted back 
under my control.

So there I was in the hospital during that first week after being in 
the coma, and I could barely move. I was totally dependent on nurses 
etc. and could not even get up by myself. And yet I was at cause over 
getting the nurses to move me around and so forth instead of being at 
effect. It's actually funny. I'd been at total effect for about two 
years even though I could move around by myself and then I couldn't 
even do that but had started being at cause again anyway.

And so basically I think that I'm finally cured of the deathlike 
mental state that I was in during the year 2000. That, by the way, is 
what I think brought about the physical illness. I went around for an 
entire year feeling like dying and making postulates that were below 
zero on the tone scale. It totally surprised me that I didn't get 
sick and die right then, but apparently the universe has a 
significant comm lag. I hit absolute rock bottom in the middle of 
2000 and wanted to die and then about 14 or 16 months later, my body 
collapsed and headed for death even though my life had started to get 
better and my tone level was already significantly higher than zero.

Now everything seems to have turned around and I'm really getting 
better. I'm only starting to catch up on the events on ACT and ARS 
[the Internet public newsgroup to which Ken publishes his work].

Best wishes to all of you,

Ken Ogger aka The Pilot


See the Pilot's homepage and the Scientology Reformer's homepage at


The above was issued to the newsgroups. A little later he wrote the 
following to a smaller group of intimates.

Dated August 05 2002


Max [Sandor] gave a workshop this weekend (Friday through Sunday) and 
I attended the short Friday evening session. It was quite enjoyable. 
Also it was good for me to start getting out and meeting people etc.

Some of the things at the seminar tied right in with the stuff I've 
been thinking about the Tao and the dead zone and the richness of creation.

I've realized that the only stability is a cycling motion. You can't 
just hold things stable, it will blow up in your face because it 
violates adding to the richness of creation and comes too close to 
being a static. Even the cycling stability is dicy but works because 
there is endless variation. By cycling motion, I mean something like 
treading water, or a dance.

Near the beginning I see us all in a sort of dance at the big spirit 
level. That goes on for almost forever. Then we try to stop moving or 
hold onto the same partner or something and that causes the start of 
a collapse.

I've been trying to relate this to what I put in Cosmic History. The 
dancers seem early, before the reality wars, and they seem to be 
large super beings with many facets, where each facet is an 
Individual. In other words, dancer A might be a hundred different 
people and dancer B might be a different hundred etc. Maybe there are 
a hundred or so dancers, and then we stop or something and each 
dancer shatters into a hundred separate individuals, giving a total 
of maybe ten thousand individuals. Then the ten thousand fight the 
reality wars.

And then of course we fragment further. All of this is just a guesswork.

Then I tried to get the sequence of this relative to the jewel of 
knowledge incident and I got something really weird which was that 
the "dancers" are the ones who went through the jewel, but going 
through the jewel is what cause them to have "facets" and predisposed 
them to shattering into individuals.

But I'm over my head with this sort of stuff right now, so this is 
just to get down in writing what I seem to have picked up so that I 
don't forget it.

Best, Ken


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