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As some of you know, I have been working on a self-clearing

I expect this to have a major effect on the Scientology

Most of the membership knows that there is something wrong
with the organization.  They rarely see the whole picture
or believe all the things that the critics are saying, but
it is hard to remain completely blind.

But they struggle to keep their blinders on.  They work to
find excuses and justifications.

It is not that they are stupid.

It is not that they have been brainwashed.

It is not that they can't see any of the things that are wrong.

It is that they have seen the tech work and cannot bare to
abandon it.

There is a much higher rate of "blows" among the trained
auditors than with untrained staff.  These people eventually
come to realize that they can have the tech without the

The untrained Scientologists feel that they have no choice.
They think that they will loose the tech if they leave the

You would think that they could simply go into the freezone.
But most of them have been convinced that the "squirrel"
groups only have a shallow altered sham rather than the
real tech.

And they don't dare poke their noses into a freezone organization
and find out for themselves because that could get them
doing long amends projects (if they only look in the door), or 
get them disbarred from upper levels, or even get them declared SP,
excommunicated, and attacked.

But books are a different matter entirely.

Even though they are not supposed to read things like Miller's
book, they read it anyway.  I know a lot who have.  They
see that it is critical and therefore conclude that anything
they don't like in it is a made up lie.  Since it invalidates
the tech, it gives them no alternative.

The new self clearing book will give them the tech.  They can
have it with no strings attached.  No crazy policies to obey.
No draining of bank accounts or worship of assholes in
authority.  No ethics officers breathing down their neck.

Just simple do it yourself processing.  Like all the auditors
used to do on themselves in the 1950s.  From 1952 until the
1960s, Ron always used to tell the auditors that they could
run any process on themselves.

Almost every Scientologist gives themselves contact assists
and locationals.  What they don't realize is that it all
runs that way, all the way to the top.

I personally believe in the tech.  I want everybody to have
access to it.  Not just loyalists or worshippers or people
with big bucks.  Everybody.  Even the critics if they feel
like trying it out.

And they shouldn't have to sell their souls for it either.

I'm pushing very hard to try and finish the book in the next
month.  It will be freely available on the internet as
is all my stuff.

It will be the way out for many who are now trapped within
the organization.

Watch for it.  Get it into the hands of Scientologists.
Get it into the hands of people who are interested in
joining Scientology.  They can have the tech without
giving away their judgement, their integrity, or their
life savings.

May the force be with you,

The Pilot

PS, I'm posting this to both ARS and ACT, but many of my tech
and freezone related posts go to ACT only.


subj : Super Scio - SEA ORG UNDER PRESSURE


Seems like the CofS is getting hurt in the courts again.

The real impact is not in terms of money.

It is the pressure that it puts on the staff.  Who'se head
will roll next?  Who will be the scapegoat?

What with lost battles and crashed stats, somebody's head
has got to be put on a pike.

So everybody is looking over their shoulder, wondering if
they will be the next sacrifice that Davey "cognites" on.

This is the trouble with rule by fear.  Eventually nothing
else works and you can't stop or the wolf pack will turn on
you.  And then you begin running out of sacrifices and the
ones who are left begin to realize that they will soon be the
only choices remaining.

Think of Hitler in the bunker, having his brilliant "cognition"
about buying more time by sacraficing the Hitler Youth.

But Davey is not Ron.  He knows that his inner circle will not
stand with him to the death.  At some point they will consider
putting Davey's own head on the pike and regrouping.

And don't think that they can't do it.  They would have no
considerations about inventing things under oath that would
prove that Davey forged Ron's signature (which he probably
did anyway).

He must know its comming.  He can't be that blind.

Heavy reversals will percipitate it.  His lieutenants have
to be thinking "act now before I get tossed in the RPF and
loose my chance".

Somebody has observed heavy mortaging going on and that
big money may be moving around out of sight.  This is only
rumor, but it is very likely.

Somebody has warned that Davey should be watched least he
flee with the funds.  This is a distinct possibility.

He has launched one too many tirades.  He has shot (figuratively)
one too many of his loyal supporters.  He has threatened too
many of the upper hierarchy.  In the end there will be nobody
for him to turn to who will cover his ass.  

He could still ease out with his ass intact.  Turn the
organizations over to revolutionaries and reformers.  Unbundle
the corporate structure and loosen the stranglehold on the
tech.  Push to get all the materials up on the internet
instead of trying to get them off the net.  Carefully back
off, letting the reins loose.  This alternative would be
the best although it does seem a bit out of character for him.

Or maybe he will try to emulate Ron and take to sea with
a private navy.  That alternative WILL be like Hitler's
bunker, with more and more paranoia and backstabbing.  And
it would drain the Sea Org's reserves in no time flat.  It
would really ruin the organization beyond repair and I
really don't think that the others at the top will tolerate
it because it is too obvious where they will all end up
(drinking bilgewater in the chain locker).  So I think
that they will dispose of him before they let any plans like
that come to fruition.

I do not know enough to read which way Davey's going to jump.
All I've got is that some old timer's say that he was a nice
kid once, long long ago, and that the current people who do
have contact with him tend to come to attention and say
"MISTER DAVID MISCAVIAGE" with a snap whenever they mention
his name.  Even in relaxed conversation, they tend to straighten
up in their chairs and say his name with that snap and then
relax again, almost unconciously.

But I think that something is going to happen soon.

Let's just say that I feel a disturbance in The Force.


The Pilot




Thanks to some foolish footbulleting by wgert, Grady Ward
lost his account at Tidepool and then had it restored when
ARS posters complained.  Donald Janke, president of Internet
Ventures which runs tidepool has asked for an open discussion
of the appropriateness of Grady's posts.

So I thought that I should throw in my own two cents worth.

On the assumption that somebody on ARS will pass this on to Donald 
Janke, let me first state who I am and who I represent.

The Church of Scientology forbids any and all efforts at
reform.  It is specifically listed as a "high crime" in the
Scientology Ethics and Justice Handbook.  

This might not only lead to excommunication ("disconnection" 
by  all  Scientologists in good standing, including one's wife,
family, and friends) but also to "dead agenting" (the spreading 
of false and malicious rumors about one who has departed) and
"fair game" (encouragement of and no moral restraints against
anything bad that any Scientologist might feel like doing
to the person).
This makes it quite difficult to reform Scientology because
any overt reformer will immediately be kicked out of the
organization and cease to be a Scientologist officially.
This is particularly bad if Scientology really is his religion.

I am a reformer within the Church of Scientology.  The policies
on disconnection, dead agenting, and fair game (the name was
cancelled but not the practice) are among the things I want
to see changed.  Scientology's primary purpose is spiritual
enlightenment and the harsh policies, secrecy, and money grubbing
behavior are all totally contrary to this.

I post anonymously to the net because any hint of who I am
will see me immediately expelled and block my effectiveness
as an internal reformer.  It is a sacrafice that I expect to 
make eventually, but the longer I carry on this way, the more
effective I am.

The vast majority of Scientologists are already in covert
opposition to management but they do not dare raise their
voices and are sitting on the sidelines.

I am an old timer (over 30 years in Scientology), extremely
advanced in their ranking system, and, by good luck, my
professional expertise is in computer systems and data 

This puts me in a unique position to act as a spokesman
for the reformers within the organization.  Note that even 
anonymous remailers are suspect.  Scientology is the 
organization that successfully infiltrated the FBI for 
over a decade.

I have said all this to establish my credentials and 
dispell any annoyance or suspiscion that you might 
otherwise rightly have at receiving a statement from 
an anonymous poster.

- ----------

As to Grady Ward, many of his posts are certainly in
bad taste.  

Under other circumstances, I would probably complain 
to him (but not to you) and criticize him publicly 
(but it is for the newsgroup to argue and censure,
it is not a moderated group nor one devoted to 

However, I believe in free speach (in the sense that
people can take care of themselves and there should
be no official intervention).  If he was truely
undesirable, the newsgroup would have flammed him
off within a few weeks.  The Scientology war with
the internet has drawn a large number of webmasters
and power users into the group.  It is quite capable
of policing itself.

Grady has been supported rather than burnt because
his posts, although often disgusting, are indeed
on topic.

He is busily parodying and bullbaiting various high
ranking Scientology officials and managers.

Note that professional Scientologists, because they
must sometimes listen to shocking things in confessionals
without flinching, are extensively trained in confronting
extremely gross communications.

Most of them could give Grady cards in spades in a
battle of grossness.  Even the innocent looking little

David Miscaviage (the target of many of Grady's jabs),
is especially foul mouthed.  He and Helen Korbin (another
target of Grady's) probably fall over laughing at this
suff.  It wouldn't phase them at all.

So why don't they counter post or laugh it off?  Why
do they get so upset and react?  Why do you see these
offended "playing innocent" complaints from people
who could burn a sailor's ears off without half trying?

Because they are afraid of their image.  They are
extremely public relations oriented, almost to the
point of insanity.

That is the button that Grady is actually pushing.
Its not the gross depictions that bother them, its
that their public image is being held up to ridicule.
And they are very very sensative about that.

So I would suggest that you leave Grady be and don't
worry about it.

ARS is one of the roughest newsgroups on the net.


The Pilot


subj : Super Scio - ARSCC Undercover Op


On 5 Nov, David Gerard (fun@thingy.apana.org.au) posted on
subject "An ARSCC undercover op (fwd)"

> Posted for a lurker whose identity I am not revealing.


> Yesterday I visited my neighbourhood Scientology mission, located in a
> small town about an hour's drive south of the city.


> The Big Win of the afternoon was a severe enturbulation of an ARC
> Straightwire/Class III when I casually handed him a thick sheaf of the
> OT 1-8 and about half of the NOTs.  My hapless preclear's expression
> slowly shifted to fascination, alarm and amazement as it dawned on him
> that he was holding The Holy Grail of his religion.  You could almost
> hear his cognitions dissonate!  Hard to say, of course, whether my
> visit will be the cause of his leaving the cult.  I hope at the least
> my sheaf of Advanced Technology will set off alarms in Scientology's
> regional OSA offices.
> There were about eight people on the premises, which are tucked into
> the corner of a larger office building.  The owner is "into
> Dianetics", said my first handler, and gives them space for coursework
> once or twice a week and on weekends.  Ages of people I saw ranged from
> early thirties to late fifties.  They were friendly; the guy who answered
> the door showed me around, then asked if I would like to see a video,
> or something?  When I said "certainly", he ushered me into an unoccupied
> room, then fetched a video recorder with television, and put "How to
> Use Dianetics" in.
> I asked a few questions about him and the group, which he readily
> answered.  He said he was a cleaner who started Dianetics because his
> wife got interested and invited him to try.  Apparently the mission
> opened a few years ago, but I didn't want to raise early suspicions by
> probing the guy with questions.  I was introduced briefly to a woman
> in a back room who seemed to be in charge for the afternoon, but I
> never I never did learn who owned the franchise.  I tried to inject
> questions naturally, in the course of normal conversation.
> Before leaving me alone, my first handler handed me the remote control
> for the video and said, "Call me if you have any questions!"
> No hint of Hard Sell.
> I spent the next hour or so alone in the room watching the video,
> taking notes, occasionally pausing or rewinding.  Every once in a while
> someone peeked through the door behind me, but I was left free to play
> with the video as I wished.


> Throughout the first half of the video debriefing I adopted a demeanour
> of earnest puzzlement, and I maintained that supplicative valence as I
> slyly uncorked my Enturbulence Pack.  "Oh, that reminds me.  When a
> friend of mine heard I was coming down here, he gave me *these*."  I
> handed him the stack of papers.  "Have you ever seen any of this?  My
> friend says you have to go on the Freewinds to learn about it!  It
> sure doesn't make any sense to me."
> At first he didn't deign to give them a glance.  Instead his first
> reaction was a question: "Did you get them from the Internet?"  (His
> thought-stopping mechanism was properly installed: Internet=entheta;
> don't even *think* about anything you hear from the Internet!)
> "I don't know where it came from.  It was somewhere on his computer,
> and he just printed it out for me", I replied.
I He took a peek.  OT I topped the pile.  His brow furrowed as he
> hunched over for a closer look.  "L. Ron Hubbard.  1. On an E-meter,
> find the last 3,000 years of lifetimes."  He looked up, startled.
> "What do *you* think this means?" he asked, indicating the top line.
> It was plain on his face that *he* knew, but it was a struggle to
> reconcile the oxymoron of clueful raw meat.
> "Oh, that first step just means to look at the Whole Track," I
> answered, matter-of-factly.  Then I said, "Remember those volcanoes?
> Well, look here, at OT III, there's a list of volcanoes.  Have you
> ever heard about Xenu?"
> As we progressed through the OT levels, his attention became ever more
> fixated on the papers in his lap.  He no longer bothered to ask about
> where I had heard about the esoteric details of LRH doctrine.  He
> didn't raise his head to look at me when he spoke.  He became visibly
> agitated, gripped by a clammy fear, I think, mingled with excitement.
> He asked me repeatedly where I had found the documents and if I had
> more of them.  He muttered once about having "Unlicenced Technology",
> and something about "squirrels", that you can get kicked out of
> Scientology for Unlicensed Tech.  I bit my tongue and restrained the
I urge to grab him by both shoulders and shout "The sooner the
> He flipped rapidly back and forth through the stack, and at one point
> spent about a minute silently reading the OT2 GPMs.  I called his
> attention to the OT7 "go to the zoo" steps, and said it seemed somewhat
> silly to me, to go talk to some plants and animals.  Although he
> riffled through the all the pages I handed him, he was so rattled
> after the OT7 discussion that he could not continue.  We never reached
> the NOTs goodies at the bottom of the stack,
> In the end, I think his curiosity overcame his inhibitions: he begged
> me that if I found any more "data" on the Internet, I should please
> call him.  Then he wrote down his name and the mission's phone
> number.
> In a week or so, I may follow-up with a phone call (to his home, not
> the mission) and offer to mail him the rest of the NOTs issues.  I
> will not, however, reveal my name or allow him to contact me.  If he
> seems eager, I might slip in some entheta among the downloaded Tech,
> such as suggestions on how to check if the Tech really "works".  For
> example, LRH in _Dianetics_ says that Clears have perfect memory.  He
I could test that claim by asking a certified Clear what color shirt
> was wearing last week!  (He would be committing the thought-crime of
> "invalidating a clear", so if he promises to perform the experiment
> there is hope for him.)  Later on, if he begins to ask questions, I
> could send him some of the criminally suppressive ARSCC URLs!
> One thing I expected, but didn't see, was a TR-0 blinkless stare.
> Nobody fixed me with an unnerving gaze; the few people I saw in the
> mission looked and acted normal.


Wow, an old style friendly little organization.  No hard sell.
No death stares.  No make wrongs or attacks.  No crazy Sea Org
members screaming at people.

The reason why should be obvious, the place is too small to be 
worth the Sea Org's attention.  They haven't gotten around
to them yet.

This could be a really nice little group.  People getting together
to study tech, co-audit, philosophise, and help each other.
They could be good neighbors and a nice group to have around
even if you think that the tech is silly.

Really only one big fly in the ointment which will ensure that
this group ends up just as psychotic as the others.

The dangling carrot of the OT levels will let the SO suck them
dry.  Their money, their integrity, their kindhearted attitude,
and their good sense will all be drained from them.  Remember
the vampire stories.  You have to invite Dracula in.  Why do
you invite him in?  He offers immortality and superhuman powers.

You don't attack these guys.  Don't put them on the defensive.
Don't get into argumets about whether or not the tech is valid.
Don't invalidate their religion or their hopes and dreams.


In a case like this, your goal should not be to get one guy to 
turn away from Scientology, it should be to set the entire
group free to persue the tech on its own.  A place like this
could be flipped right over into the freezone.  Not just one
guy but the entire organization.

Given a set of OT materials and the tech to use them, the entire
group could turn their backs on the money grubbing machine.

You only made a few mistakes here, and they should be easy to

First of all, make sure that there is a page burried in the
materials which lists various internet URLs to go to where they
can pick up more materials, both clambake and freezone stuff.

Second, you must put stuff that they CAN solo audit immediately
on the top of the pile so that they will realize that the
way is open.

and the "Mastery of GPMs" and "Pattern of the Bank" tape 

They have heard over and over again that the OT3 stuff is
dangerous and might kill them if they are not ready for it.
A lower level Scientologist will see it and say to himself,
I better not get into this until I am ready for it.

They should know that all the OT3 and Nots materials are
available when they are ready for them, but don't jam it
too hard down their throats.

Clearing course and OT2 materials are what they will be
hot to play with.  Especially if they are or think they
might be Dianetic Clear.  In that case, they believe that
they are already prepared to look at this stuff and they
are very curious about what people do on the clearing course.

Many Dianetic clears believe that the way for them to get
real certainty is to look over the CC materials and assure
themselves that they are free of it.  And they want to
know what all the mystery is about.

The last OT I (spotting bodies on the street and so forth)
and old OT 5 and 6 are also EASY to run and they will see
immediately that they could just go and do it themselves.
So call their attention to those.  That early version of
OT I with digging out your lifetimes for thousands of years
will sound too difficult (that one is now probably the new 
OT 8 that they are selling on the ship) so it will make them
feel that they are not ready to go it alone.

I also think that the short little "how to solo audit"
post that I'm putting out right now will also give them
a big hand and make them feel confident about pulling
out of the orthodox organization.

And I've already seen chapter and verse spouting loyalists
filp over instantly on reading the "Scientology Reformer's
Home Page" that I put up on the net.  You get this "Eureaka,
I could just toss out the damn policies and run with the
tech.  To hell with the crazy organization".  You could 
print the thing off and hand it to them.

So help your local Scientology or Dianetics organization
today.  Set them free from bondage and slavery.  Its easy.

So don't go as an enemy, go as a friend.  Go bearing gifts.
The gift of freedom.  The gift of free tech.

Good Luck,

The Pilot


subj : Super Scio Humor - The Ethics Hotline


Don't blame this one on me.  The loyalist officers in 4th
dimensional hiding started feeling sorry for the poor old
org with its crashing stats and came up with the following
way to raise income.

      - The Pilot


Call the Ethics Hotline NOW!

Trained ethics officers are here right now to help you
get your ethics in.

No condition is too low! No penalty is too gruesome!
No matter how degraded you are, we have your condition
right here ready and waiting for you.

Is it just too hard for you to talk about your secret sins?
Not to worry.  We will publish them for you.

Listen to these glowing testimonials -

"My name is Karen and I was a degraded piece of shit and
didn't know it.  Then I called the Ethics hotline and
found out the truth about myself.  Boy do I feel better."

"My name is Bob and I used to be in a continual condition
of doubt.  The hotline taught me how to put my own ethics
in.  Now, whenever I have a doubt, I bang my head against
the wall and mail a contribution to OSA to make amends.  
Thanks to this, I have no more doubts and my life is clear 
and simple again."

"My name is Christine and I was a really bad person, 
kissing and hugging men that I was not even married to.
They had me clean my toilet bowl with my tooth brush.
Not only was this revitalizing, but I also get more
gains every time I brush my teeth".

JUST DIAL 6-666-666-6666 (the phone number of the beast) 
and all these gains could be yours. 

Only 50 dollars a minute.

What are you waiting for?

Call Now!

Better than a skilled dominitrix!

Better than a hard nosed prision warden!

Punishments beyond your wildest dreams!

Almost as good as being chewed out by Davy Missingsavage in person!

It just takes one simple phone call and total freedom can
be yours.

(end of proposed newspaper ad)

Yours in Hubbard,

The Loyal Officers


subj : Super Scio - S-Nots Course Stats


You might be interested in the numbers.  This is from Solo
Nots newsletter volume 1 issue 5.

They are trying to get all the people who are at or above
solo Nots to do the new Solo Nots certainty course.  This
course is the new Golden Era revision of the Solo Nots
tech.  Everybody who has trained on solo nots is supposed
to do the new course (lots of bucks and completions for

The newsletter is about 2 months old and it states "To have 
every person in every country started by Nov 1, 1997" (meaning 
everybody who is on or above OT 7).

Most of the people who are still auditing on the level
have done it (otherwise they wouldn't be allowed to keep

Of course they are having trouble getting S/Nots completions
to go back and do yet another unnecessary action.

Unfortunately, the following numbers are not broken down
by those who are still in the middle of OT 7 and can be
forced to do the new course and those who completed.  

The following list is by area, in order of the percentage
(lowest to highest) who have not yet started the certainty
course.  This gives an interesting breakdown of where 
Scientology is strongest around the globe.

The "total" column is the total number that are on or have
completed new OT 7, (possibly excluding any who have been
declared suppressive).  This sums up to 3280 people.

The "comps" are the ones who finished the certainty course.
These sum up to 768 or  less than a quarter of the
total.  Note that they also say that there were 19 completions
during the last two weeks, so I suspect that the flow is
dying down.

The "started" are the ones who have begun the course.
Note that the course is in two parts, so there may be
many who have only done part one.  This sums up to 1527, or
somewhat less than half of the total.  This includes
the people who have already finished (the 768 above),
so that there are 759 people who are incomplete on the

The remaining 1753 have not started.  This is 53% of the
total.  I suspect that many will not start even under
threat of heavy ethics.  If Flag pushes too hard, they
may force an open break with people who are currently
sitting quietly on the sidelines.

If you think about this for a moment, you will realize
that it represents half of their top OTs and the people
who have already paid the most bucks.

So here are the numbers -

Note that West US has San Francisco and Orange County (south
of LA proper) separated out from the general WUS total.



Israel             14    5     9     5     (36%)
United Kingdom    101   28    62    39     (39%)
Italy             214   90   126    88     (41%)
Austria            34    5    18    16     (46%)
Holland            13    2     7     6     (46%)
Denmark            33    9    17    16     (48%)
WUS-Orange         56   15    29    27     (48%)
WUS-San Francisco 155   42    81    74     (48%)

East US           300   77   152   148     (49%)
Belgium             4    2     2     2     (50%)
Spain              27    8    13    14     (52%)
Africa             48   15    22    26     (54%)

Latin Am          102   26    46    56     (55%)
West US          1046  230   458   588     (56%)
Germany           214   29    86   128     (60%)
ANZO              120   22    45    75     (62%)

Canada             56   12    20    36     (64%)
Sweden             22    6     8    14     (64%)
Portugal            3    0     1     2     (64%)

Switz-(ger/ital)  153   19    47   106     (69%)
Switz-(french)     37    9    11    26     (70%)
France             68    9    19    49     (72%)

unaccounted	  460  118   248   212  **
		----- ----  ----  ----
TOTAL            3280  768  1527  1753     (53%)

It is interesting to run some totals of where upper level
Scientologists are located.

The US and Canada   1613  (with 1257 on the west coast)
Europe and UK        923  (with 404 in germany/switzerland)
Other                284
            TOTAL   2820

** I calculated the 460 unaccounted when the totals
didn't add up.  I suspect that these are SO members.
In this case, the number who haven't started might represent
people who haven't been allowed to leave post to do the
course.  Since most of the top execs and people delivering
Nots would be included, the number seems reasonable, and
also indicates that most other staff haven't gotten near
the level.


The Pilot


subj : Super Scio - Disagreement checks


On 23 Oct, Antony Phillips  post on
subject "security checks, disagreement checks" 

> The thread on End of endless security checks reminds me of 
> something I experienced as staff at Saint Hill. About 65/66.
> It was called a disagreement check.  
> I have never seen a bulletin on it.
> The way it worked for me was that if I felt a bit "keyed in", sort of
> heavy/owerwhelmed, I went to the staff training officer, or some title
> like that, and he would put me in session.  The question asked was
> something like "Do you have any disagreements?" And as far as I can
> remember, one just itsaed.
> Worked well so far as I was concerend and I availed myself of it a few
> times. There was rarely any marked waiting time to get a disagreement
> check.
> The philosophy behind it seemed to be, help the staff member, and you
> will help the org.
> The philosphy behind the use of sec checks ("I am not auditing you"
> variety) seems to be that the staff member was potentially evil, and had
> to be sharply curbed.
> The curious thing was that I never saw a bulletin on it.  I'm curious to
> know whether it ever reached what we called "outer orgs".
> All best wishes,
> Ant
> -- 
>        Ant                                Antony A Phillips
>        ivy@post8.tele.dk
>                                          tlf: (+45) 45 88 88 69
>                                           Box 78
>                                           DK - 2800 Lyngby
> Editor, International Viewpoints (= IVy) see Home Page:
> http://home.sn.no/home/trone/IVy.html

The reference is HCOB 19 Jan 66 "Danger Conditions, Technical
Data for Review Auditors" in old tech volume 6 or new tech volume 8.

(begin fair use quote)

To cure a disagreement one can:

1. Locate disagreements on certain subjects by listing a question
such as "On ..... what do you disagree with? and locating the item
with assessment and blowing it by inspection (itsa).

2. Locate former similar subject the person disagreed with.

3. Locate things on the subject the person has not understood and
get them clarified.

4. Locate earlier similar subjects the person has not understood
and get them clarified.

IMPORTANT - if a person't attitude does not change after doing
one of the above, do another or find another item using the same
process (listed above) as before.

A whole case will fall apart this way. 

(end fair use quote)

He then talks a bit about compulsive bypass, danger conditions,
and so forth.

This was replaced by a BTB of 22 Mar 72 called "Disagreement
Remedy" and that one has gone through a series of revisions and
eventually evolved (Ha!) into an HCOB of that date as reissued
in 1985 (see the new tech volumes).

The revised disagreement rememdy went after outpoints, false
data, and so forth and wouldn't let go of the person until
he was back in agreement and unlikely to make trouble for the

The original one, however, was really something (step 1 above,
listing to find the precise disagreement and blowing it by
inspection using Itsa).  It did get to the outer orgs.  I ran
some of these while I was auditing in review.

What would happen is that the PC would get really happy and
blow the charge on the disagreement.  But he wouldn't get
stupid.  If it was something that he was disagreeing with for
good reason, he would get all evangalsitic about fixing up
the org and correcting what was wrong.

This tended to result in the person getting declared suppressive
within a few months.  I think that that was the real EP of
these disagreement checks, certainty that one could fix the
org and getting declared as a result.

When the Class 8s hit in late 68, they stopped running
disagreement checks this way.  There was much too much that
everybody disagreed with.  Instead, they always CSed 
method 2 above and looked for some earlier subject that the
person had confused with Scientology so that there was something
else to blame the charge on.

And finally they came up with the 1972 bulletin to really
close the door on this area.

Hope this helps,

The Pilot


subj : Super Scio - The World Conspiracy


No, I'm not going to present details of some super world
conspiracy that is manipulating us all like puppets.

I don't actually think that there is a singular world conspiracy.

It is a much too simple minded picture.  I personally think that 
there are lots of little conspiracys, alliances of power hungry 
people, who try to manipulate things to their own benifit.  
But that is not the point of this posting.

What I really want to address is the average Scientologist's
fears concerning a world conspiracy.

This is one of the reasons for supporting a strong central
organization with a big war chest collected by draining funds
from the membership.  

This fear was heavily played upon in the forming of the Sea

At least some Scientologists will oppose unbundling the
corporate structure simply out of the mistaken belief
that there might be a world conspiracy out there waiting
to pounce.

And although I don't believe that there really is one, I do
like the idea of protecting against such a thing just in 
case.  Better safe than sorry.  And that would help against
the petty manipulators as well, so the effort wouldn't be
totally wasted.

But is a strong central organization the correct solution
to such a thing?  Isn't it the exact opposite?

By tieing everything together into a single control point,
you make it possible for it to be infiltrated or smashed
and there is no backup.

Your best defensive position is a scattered one with each
team in their own foxhole rather than to have everybody
milling together in one big mass that can be shelled
from a distance.

And if you want to ensure that the tech isn't lost, you
publish it as broadly as possible.

If I were an evil world conspirator, I'd want the tech
as tightly controlled as possible.  I wouldn't want
unauthorized copies floating around because that would
mean that it will be around even if the central organization
is smashed or perverted.

As a world conspiritor, I'd want the tech priced out of
the market.  I'd want people to stop thinking about it.
I'd want people afraid to use it.  I'd want to stop 
people from talking about it (no verbal tech).  I'd want 
it nice and safely out of the way, sealed in impregnable 
vaults and never reproduced for the broad population.

Starting to sound like the current CofS, isn't it.

If they are not actually in the hands of a secret world
conspiracy, then they are certainly playing into the
hands of one if it does exist.

And if there isn't any big conspiracy, they are still
aiding any lesser manipulators who would like to lock
the tech away and throw away the key.

So if you are a loyal Scientologist who is afraid that
there might be a world conspiracy or conspiracies that
want to suppress and destroy the tech, then maybe you
had better send some contributions to operation 
Clambake and help them ensure that the tech remains

And if you want to ensure that there will always be
some Scientology organizations around, then maybe you
should be encouraging the independent ones in the

And if you want to ensure that the orthodox CofS
survives, maybe you better push for unbundling all
of the outer orgs and missions, give them full sets
of OT levels and remove any central authority (like
the RTC) which has the power to strangle them and
which itself is a major target for being subverted.

It is actually funny.  The anti's spread the tech and
the Scientologists suppress it.  It's like some big
cosmic joke.

The only way to ensure that Ron's work will never be
suppressed is to dump all of it into the public
domain.  That way the copyright laws can never be
used against it and every amateur with a laser printer
can work to keep it in print.

Yours in Freedom,

The Pilot


subj : Super Scio - Glow Worms and Revolution


Recently there has been some good stuff being posted anonymously 
by The Worm.  Definitely a glow worm because he's shining with
the light of truth.

I thought that I should call the attention of the fence sitters
(those who are hovering between staying and leaving or who are
waiting for things to get better) to a few things and offer 
some commentary.

Note that these are only excerpts from a number of long and
intelligent posts by The Worm.

On Nov 8, The Worm  posted on the subject
"Friendly Letter to Mike and All Scientologists"

> Hey Mike,
> I know from experience, as you do also, what these other people here
> cannot understand, without having experienced it themselves: The power of
> Scientology tech.
> Despite what you may think, I actually understand where you are coming 
> from, and wish you could have things your way. At least the part 
> about getting LRH tech out into the world.
> But that's the problem you see. The current Church of Scientology is NOT 
> doing that. As indisputable proof I offer up this question, Mike. 
> Ponder it well.
> Where have all the auditors gone?
> If you truly believe LRH management principles you MUST see that the most
> important stat is TA off the case of planet earth. Number of Well Done 
> Auditing Hours.
> That can only be accomplished by Auditors Mike.
> Where have all the MILLIONS of auditors that have been trained by the 
> CofS gone Mike?
> That is the CofS's stat Mike, and it's abysmal. Even by it's own 
> standards. I don't care what management policies are in force, or 
> how closely they follow LRH policy. It doesn't mean shit when you 
> look at the stats. The policies are there to make it happen Mike, 
> and it's NOT happening.

An excellent point.  Of course Millions of auditors is an
exaggeration.  But it is at least in the tens of thousands.
Maybe even hundreds of thousands.  Especially if you count the
solo auditors and the tons of Standard Dianetic auditors that 
used to be trained by franchises before training in the field
was suppressed.

Look around at the outer orgs.  Only a handful of auditors each.  
The same goes for the missions.  Of course Flag and AO and so on
do have dozens of auditors, many dozens.

The entire CofS has less than a thousand active auditors.  I don't
have the numbers, but I expect that it is far far less than
a thousand.  Here I mean people who actually audit.

Of course many have bailed out and joined the freezone, or are
quietly self auditing on their own.

But a lot haven't.  They are afraid or in a Q&A (continually 
questioning the answer and unable to make up thier mind).
They are reluctant to betray Ron and the orgs and are afraid
of "squirrel tech", so they don't quite leave.

But they don't dare audit either.  That could get them in trouble.
There are incredible numbers of class 4s, 6s, and 8s sitting
out in the field who know the tech well and could be helping
people but who would be in ethics instantly if they used what
they have learned.  Their tech is "stale" or they have freeloader
debts, or they don't have access to an approved CS or they
don't have their new golden era certs or they can't bear to
have the org on their backs anymore.

Some fanatics would say, "ah ha, their tech is bad, that is
why they don't audit".  I would say bullshit.  I know people
who have thousands of hours in the chair, who worked personally
with Ron, who have skill levels that put the current crowd to

They work as accountants or cab drivers or they sell jewlery.

They still know the tech.  They still believe in the tech.
They still want the subject to survive.  But they can't quite
bear to get on lines.  They can't quite bear to work for an 
organization again.  They do poke their heads into an org
occasionally, but only if they are well armed with excuses
to fend off the regs and ethics officers.  Mostly they just
hang around on the fringes sitting in a terrible must have/
can't have on the entire subject.

They think that it is them.  They make crazy postulates like
"someday I'll win the lottery and pay for retraining all my
levels and things will be better".  They say things like,
AO has terrible tech, but someday I'll go to Flag, it must
be better there, they are closer to source.

I was talking to a Flag class 4 intern one day about ten
years ago.  I had audited his grade zero (communications)
back in the old days.  He asked me "How did you get me to
talk so much, I remember talking non stop when you did my
grade zero.  I can't seem to manage that".  My answer was
very simple.  I was interested and I listened.  Its right
there in the level zero materials.  He had trouble understanding
this simple thing.

That is the level of the super duper standard Flag auditing.
Rote procedures and an inability to actually think in the
subject or really understand the principles.

The truth of the matter is that the CofS and the RTC are
suppressive to the tech.  They stop people from thinking
about it and understanding it, they stop people from using
and applying it, and if it ever is used, they ensure that
it is priced out of the market.

Then they wonder why their stats are down and say "It must
be all the evil SPs".  So they launch yet another purge
against their members and drive off even more of the few
remaining auditors.

I have a lot of respect for those few highly skilled auditors
who have managed to continue auditing or CSing within the 
organization.  They suffer terribly and see little return
save for the satisfaction of helping others.  And then
they watch as the org drives off the people that they had
helped and turns the auditor's good works to dust.  Or
they don't get to actually watch this happening and simply
sit and wonder why all the happy PCs that they really did
help never seem to come back into the org.

It is a sorry state of affairs.

- ---------------

- From later in the same post -

> Then you get your materials off the Internet, or talk to 
> some free zone people, and the joy returns. You once again 
> are in control of your own destiny and you put in those auditing 
> hours like nothing you've ever seen. Solo Mike.
> It all runs Solo. I've run everything upside down, backwards, 
> right, wrong and indifferent. I never had any bad effects that 
> lasted more than a few hours.  Don't be afraid. It's your mind. 
> Take control.
> Life becomes ONE LONG COG Mike. ALL DAY LONG, endless floating T/A. 
> Can you have that Mike? Or are you going to grovel in the mud for 
> the RTC missionaire?
> Where's your pride Mike?


This is where its at.  Unrestrained solo auditing.

The tech is for use.  So use it.

Trained auditors have pretty much got it already.  I'm putting
out a short "how to solo audit" post to give them a hand.

Untrained public don't have the tech.  So I'm writing a
whole book on self clearing.  It should be out soon, freely
available on the internet.

If the org could ever reform, they could help people with this.
Their stats actually would go up, what with delivering professional
training and giving repairs and booster rundowns.  They could
drop prices and toss out the ridgid rules and they would boom,
literally boom, because it would all be so cheep and easy that
everybody would be doing it.

Coaudit clubs, doit yourself self-auditing books, group auditing
on TV, no stops, no secrecy, lots of field auditors, missions
delivering every level ever dreamed of, tons of independent groups,
and people would still be going to Flag in droves just like they 
fight to get into Harvard or MIT.

Opps, they wouldn't "still" be going to Flag in droves because
they aren't going there in droves now.  It might seem like quite a 
few people are still going there, but the numbers are trivial 
compared to what a successful subject would generate.

Or they could continue the current suppressive policies.  Attack
anybody who uses the tech.  Stamp it out of existance.  Invalidate
any gains that a person might make on their own.  Destroy any
group that does try to deliver the tech to people.  Sue the
shit out of anybody who dares to make the tech freely available.

Think about the mamouths wallowing in the tar pits, unable to
adapt, unable to change, trapped by their own stuck pictures.

Inability to change, and stuck pictures, and attacking everybody
in sight because he is stuck in some old incident are
symptoms of a suppressive person.

The group is currently unable to change.  It has stuck pictures
in the form of policies which must be defended to the death
and never varied.  And it thinks that the current society IS
the society of the OT 3 incident and therefore attacks everything
in sight.  

It is time for the organization to come up to present time.

The old stuck picture (OT 3) needs to be brought into view.
The current secrecy actually makes it act like a sort of
reactive mind for the CofS because it is out of view but
colors their basis of operation.

And one of the best ways to crack this kind of case condition
is to have the pc spot sources until the PC realizes that he
is source.  The cognition is NOT that Ron is source, but
that the person himself is source.  Ask anybody who did
grade 5.

The organization, and each individual within it, have to start
operating as sources, not simply as relay points for an old
source who is already gone.  It doesn't matter how good that
old source was, a parrot cannot engage in an intelligent
live communication.

It is long past the time for change.

- ---------------

On 8 Nov, The Worm posting via nobody@REPLAY.COM (Anonymous) 
on subject "How to tell how Scientology is doing" said

> I think it's going to go out with a big bang. There is no provision 
> for bending. They can only break. I wonder what form that end will 
> take?

He's right, if something can't bend, it does indeed break.
Even a steel I beam has some give in it.  If there is no give,
then we call it brittle and there is a terrible tendency to snap.

A true break would be frightful.  There are too many fanatics
involved.  There is a lot of money lying around.  There is a 
lot of horsepower generated by the tech.  There is tremendous
tension from holding everything in a ridgid mold for so long.
There is huge ARC which gives the potential for huge ARC Breaks.

And most important, there has been a terrible history of
continuous present time overts which have been heavily not-ised 
and justified for far too long.  And that means that there are
dreadful motivators waiting in the wings, things that can
only be defused by honest confront and responsibility and
making ammends.

They are afraid that the wogs and the antis and the psychs
and squirrels will smash and destroy the orgs.  That is
not likely in a truely physical sense.  Although the opposition 
is indeed applying pressure, they are only forcing confrontation 
and responsibility.  I do not expect to see any actual violence 
or destruction.  At most, there would be bad PR and leagle defeats 
which might force a reorganizaiton and make the orgs behave better.

If there is any potential for true violence, it is within
the current membership themselves against the organization.
People who have been starved and abused in the RPF, people
who have mortaged their lives for tech that was never 
devlivered and promises that were never kept, people who 
disconnected from and attacked their family or children and 
realize that they have been made to betray the ones they loved.

If it snaps at the breaking point, the potential for internal
violence is high.  It would not surprise me to hear that
disgruntled RPFers set fire to an org or that somebody wacked
David Miscaviage.  It would sadden me.  It would be senseless
destruction and a terrible wast.  But I wouldn't be surprised.
At least not if they let it go all the way to the wall, 
keeping everything clamped down more and more tightly until
it explodes.

So the only choice, the only possible sane choice, is for
the organization to bend.  

I know that it is hard to imagine.  I know that it sounds
impossible.  But it is the only option left.

Do not for one moment think that everybody on staff is a 
stupid fanatic.  There are still people in there of trememdous 
ability and intelligence and there are others who would come 
back and help if a true reform were to be launched.  Currently 
they are holding themselves back, not quite ready to abandon
policy and waiting to see if the org can pull out of its

The only question is will they jump for the controls or
will they bail out in the eleventh hour.  The time is
drawing close.

- ---------------

On Nov 8, The Worm  posted the subject
"Picket Suggestions".

The suggestions are excellent.  I will repeat a few that I 
especially liked.

> "If it weren't for RTC, you'd be OT by now".

> "Where have all the millions of trained auditors gone?. Ask RTC."

> "The work was free, keep it so ..."

> "The entire bridge is on the Internet."

I also suggested a few in the Super Scio book.

Here are a few more.

"Auditors Arise"

"Put Miscaviage in the RPF"

"Management Has Missed Withholds"

- ------------

And from another of his posts -

> The millions of EX-SCIENTOLOGISTS are an almost infinte pool of 
> suppressed rage at the organization. Some day, that pool is going 
> to be tapped.

It's not just the ex-Scientologists.  Many staff are holding 
rage deeply suppressed.  My experience is that the ones that
are most pedantic about the party line are often the ones closest
to the edge and ready to snap.  They are making one last try to
hold onto the goals and dreams.

Sometimes a little push will send them over the edge.  Just the
last straw.  And then they really feel they've been betrayed
and they feel stupid and they regret lots of things that they
have done.  That's how come you see people doing a complete
180 degree reversal.  They just explode.  

>    So, I hope you enjoy all the legal wins, I don't. It isn't what I
> thought Scientology was all about when I got in.

Me neither.
>     I thought is was about exploring the mysteries of existence. About
> awakening vast resources of power within myself. About freedom and helping.
>About truly changing the human condition. About a true breakthrough in
> human evolution. About the dawning of a new day for humanity.

Right on.
>     No. That's all gone now. Scientology is now a money factory.

Gross betrayal.

>     It is sad that many of the people here don't understand what 
> Scientology is supposed to be about. And there is zero chance they 
> ever will. 

Even most of the org staff don't know anymore.  They have vague
ideas of clearing the planet without any real understanding.

- ------------

I found The Worm's posts to be quite accurate and pertinant.

I pray daily for a sane, gentle, and safe transformation and
reformation of the subject.  That's prayer as it is defined
in Science of Mind, which is the same as what Scientologists 
call making a postulate.  In other words, visualizing and
intending it.  I think that that is also what the Dali Lama
means when he says that he is preying for world peace.  He
is visualizing and intending it (and perhaps trying to
shift the subconcious group agreements) rather than begging 
some god for favors.


The Pilot


subj : Super Scio - To Heidrun Beer


ON 10/10/97 concern@atnet.at (Heidrun Beer) wrote
on subject "Super Scio - About Posting Tech (to Ralph Hilton)"

> On 10 Oct 1997  14:00:31, in alt.spiritual.enhancement Pilot wrote:
> > PS, I'm cross posting this one to alt.spiritual.enhancement
> > in support of Hilderun Beer, but I haven't seen been able
> > to find that newsgroup anywhere yet.  If it becomes viable,
> > I'll include it along with ARS and ACT in my posts.
> Hi Pilot,
> that newsgroup is a new newsgroup :-)
> It seems to come alive gradually on various servers.
> I wouldn't post things there which use a lot of SCN vocabulary.
> The newsgroup doesn't have a SCN or LRH root, so while a command
> of SCN vocabulary can be expected on a.r.s. and a.c.t., on 
> alt.spiritual.enhancement the same words would probably create
> a rather huge fogginess in people :-)
> But thanks a lot for thinking of me! I will begin to directly
> read a.c.t. additionally to the clear-l list service. I really
> don't want to miss any of your postings. So far, somebody always
> forwarded them to me (Robert to clear-l, or Ralph to me personally).
> Much love,
> Heidrun Beer 

OK, I'll take care when posting to alt.spiritual.enhancement.

I will xpost to it when I post the self clearing book because
the book should be self defining (not assuming knowlege of

You might find it easiest to pickup my stuff from the pilot's
home page (URL below).  Nowardays, whenever I post, I collect
the complete set togeter into an archive post so that people
can pick the whole thing up in one download and to make it 
easier on the folks who are putting my stuff up on the web.

I noticed that the last time I posted (and issued an archive
with all the messages packed into it), the nice folks who
are running the pilot's homepage got it and had it up on
the net within hours of the original post.  

You might just check there occasionally and pickup the whole
thing in one access.

The last time I looked, everything (in total) that I have
ever posted was up on their website.

- --------------

- From another post of her's from the same date

(much nice stuff snipped)

Again referencing an earlier post of mine -

> > Among other things, we need to build up a body of liturature that
> > overshadows Ron's.  Until we match the entirity of his contribution
> > to the field (and I mean really match it, not invalidate what he did)
> > we will have a subject that has a single primary source.  
> Spiritual enhancement DOES have a single primary source, but it 
> is not Ron. This single primary source has spoken again and 
> again throughout history. It has spoken through Buddha, through
> Jesus Christ and so many others.
> It is speaking again now through the original you, who has 
> learned from Ron but is not a "Ron's follower", and through 
> the many others who have started to originate on the subject
> of spiritual enhancement.
> So while I would very much appreciate the body of literature
> you are talking about, I also claim that it doesn't have to
> be seen in context with Ron. There is an evolution going on.
> Nature (and the spiritual universe IS a kind of nature although
> different than the physical nature) will always separate out
> the unworkable and concentrate more and more on the workable,
> upgrading it until it has reached perfection.
> So let's learn from Ron which traps to avoid, and let's install
> an improved vigilance which makes sure that aggression and abuse
> are being recognized in the first moment where they occur. 
> This is what a healthy body does. A misled cell is being recycled 
> into its chemicals long before it can divide and grow into a 
> cancer tumor, IF the body's systems are working.
> The cold contemptuous arrogance of separation has to be replaced 
> by the warm inviting attitude of integration. That's what happens 
> in a body where a baby grows. I can see it happen all around.

You are right, it doesn't have to be seen in Ron's context.

But he is in the unique position (at least for me), of having
rocked the boat with sufficient force.

Early in this century, we have seen Gurdieff, Ouspensky, Bennet, 
Pelman, Korsibsky, Casey, Donnely, Scriabin, Bates, Johnson, and 
Anderson to name but a few (all before Ron), who tried to rock
the boat.  But it is a heavy boat, lying low in the water.  It
doesn't rock all that easily.

I grew up on this stuff.  

As a teenager, I bounced back and forth between reading, 
for example, the Tao and Special Relativity, Astrology
and Freud, Science Fiction and Dostoyevsky, just anything
I could lay my hands on.  

I was like a cat on a hot tin roof, jumping from square to
square, just plain crazy, feeling that there was no way

Hubbard shook the walls sufficiently for me to gain room
to breath, to think, to step back and see things from a
broader context.

I don't actually think that he was always right.  I don't
even always trust his intentions.  But he was the only one
in the field of metaphysics with adequate vision and intelligence
to expand the framework to a point where we might have a real
chance at arriving at a solution.

This century has seen people with greater minds, Eienstein,
Dirac, and Tesla to name a few.  But they did not address
themselves to the field of the mind and spirit.

So I rate myself and others against the context established
by Hubbard.

And I do indeed try to learn from his mistakes and failings
as well.  I have a lot of red flags.

The basic source that you describe (and I do have a feeling
of this sort), does not manifest as a singular source on
the physical plane.  A singular channel is too narrow.
Many voices are needed.


The Pilot


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