subj: Super Scio - THE PILOT RETURNS

     It has been seven years since my identity was revealed to OSA
(Scientolgy's Office of Special Affairs) by my ex-wife Ann.

     I never imagined that I could get messed up so badly after
learning and processing and mastering so much.  But the CofS has had
half a century to perfect black Dianetics and they are light years
ahead of anyone else in their ability to ruin people.

     But they probably never imagined that I'd ever come back from the
grave to haunt them.  And here I am.

     I don't believe in being a victim or casting blame but the story
of what happened does need to be told and I'm putting it in a posting
called "Black Scientology".  For the Freezone I'll also put out a
posting discussing my efforts to handle this casewise.

     I'm going to use my old style of posting everything at once and
then coming back and doing another bulk post in a few weeks.  Some
things will go to both ARS (alt.religion.scientology) and ACT
( and some will only go to ACT and the entire
set will also be posted as a single big file named post## for those
who are building an archive.

     I appologize for having been gone for so long, but I was in no
shape to talk after OSA got through with me.  I have almost literally
been dead and resurrected and even spent a month in a coma not to
mention spending a few years in hell here on earth.

     Now I think that it's time for me to share my experiences and
what I've learned and discovered with you.

     My true goal remains, as always, to see the research continued to
carry us from the human condition into a Godlike state.

     Best Wishes to all of you,

     The Pilot aka Ken Ogger

Wed May 30 14:47:53 EDT 2007