subj: Super Scio - BLACK SCIENTOLOGY

     By the Pilot May 2007

     I was talking to a hypnotherapist.  It was late in the year 2000,
about a year after OSA's attacks on me.

     "What if post hypnotic commands keep affecting you?" I asked.

     "That doesn't happen", she said.  "They wear off and fade away
fairly rapidly".

     "But what if they do?" I insisted.

     "Then there is a rape involved.  It makes a pleasure pain syndrom
that locks the commands in place in the subconscious", she replied.

     "Then what do you do?" I asked.

     "Try to reconstruct the hypnotic script that was used.  Unless
they are total amateurs, there will be a written procedure."

     She had worked with date rape victims and was familiar with the
effects of Rohypnol and similar date rape drugs.

     My worst fears were justified.  I had been in horrible shape
since November of 1999.  There were terrible visions of being raped up
the ass which I was keeping suppressed and could not bare to think
about.  I chronically had the shakes.  I was full of intense sexual
need to have normal sex with a woman combined with total feelings of
rejection.  And I constantly kept hearing orders to kill myself on New
Years Eve of the Millenium, which luckily I had managed to resist.
But I kept feeling the orders even though the Millenium was long past.

     I was living in hell under the effect of an OSA implant tailored
to destroy their enemies.

     And if this wasn't enough, the rape left an abscess devoloping in
my colon which ruptured in Novemeber of 2001 and threw me into a coma
for a month and left me with a colostomy which wasn't reversed until
the summer of 1993.

     But first, let's go back to the early days of Dianetics and
Scientology and fill in some background.

     From the beginning it was obvious that the concepts of Dianetics
could be used in a reverse manner to implant engramic commands into
the person instead of releasing them.  This was described in a series
of articles in the "THE JOURNAL OF SCIENTOLOGY" Issues 3-G, 4-G & 5-G
published in late 1952 called "Danger: Black Dianetics!".  They can be
found in Scientology Tech Volume 1.

     Here is an excerpt.

     ...  A person on whom Black Dianetics has been employed seldom
retains the sanity or will to make a complaint, or does not know he
has been victimized.  In addition, persons claiming such offenses
against their persons are commonly catalogued by doctors as suffering
from delusion.  Thus the employer of Black Dianetics can escape
unpunished under existing legal procedures.  ...

     The original Black Dianetic technique was called
Pain-Drug-Hypnosis and is discussed extensively in chapter 17
"Hypnotic Level" of Hubbard's book "Science of Survival".

     Here are a few excerpts.

     ...Drug hypnotism does not have to be done with the individual's
consent.  An individual who is drugged can receive and will obey
hypnotic commands given to him by the doctor or operator and will
continue to obey these commands after waking from the drugged sleep.
By using the method of dropping a heavy sedative such as chloral
hydrate into an individual's drink ...

     ...It has been discovered that a drugged individual when beaten
and given orders would almost invariably obey those orders regardless
of the degree to which they flouted his moral tone or his position or
his best interests in life.  ...

     ...The Foundation undertook some tests with regard to the
effectiveness of pain-drug-hypnosis and found it so appallingly
destructive to the personality and so unfailing in its action ...

     ...A knowledge of engrams and the fact that people can be
aberrated into becoming insane or criminal by the existence of engrams
should be validation enough for the fact that pain-drug-hypnosis can
be done without the knowledge of the individual and can command him to
do things which are not only counter to his own survival but highly
immoral or destructive.  ...

     And here is another excerpt from a Tape lecture in new R&D volume
lecture and auditing demonstration given on 8 March 1952.

     ...Now, there's one thing that should be noticed in detecting PDH
- as you call pain-drug-hypnosis - one thing should be noticed in
detecting it, that the actual command "This will not display itself on
a lie detector or with electronic devices," can shut off all parts of
the incident except "This will not display itself on a lie detector."
You ask that question and the machine reacts immediately.  ...

     Now let's add in something from HCO BULLETIN OF 26 AUGUST 1982

     ...There are two items in this universe that cause more trouble
than many others combined.  One is PAIN.  The other is SEX.  One
should know more about these things.  They may have applications but
they are used by destructive beings in great volume to cave others in.

     The result is Pain-Sex-Drug-Hypnosis which OSA would feel free to
use on its enemies because of the Fair Game Law.

     And of course OSA is the reincarnation of the old Guardian's
Office (the GO) which successfully infiltrated the US Government for a
decade before they were caught.

     Note that the GO's Intelligence bureau was established in 1968.
That is a decade before they got caught.  Some of the "GO 11" who went
to jail in the late 1970s were NY staff members that I knew who
tranfered to the GO and became secret agents in 1968.  The critics
really don't realize how big and powerful the GO was and how
successful it was in spying on the government.  It was only at the end
when they decided to alter government files in project "Snow White"
that they got caught.

     Also note that the GO's primary target was the CIA.  This was
told to us at confidential staff breifings in 1969.  Specifically, at
a breifing to NY staff by a Sea Org mission in 1969, they told us that
the GO had discovered that the CIA was the real source behind all the
attacks on Scientology.

     So the GO would have put its best agents into the CIA.  And the
CIA probably put a bunch of agents into Scientology and the GO.  But
when the FBI raid finally hit in the late 70s, there was no mention of
the CIA in any of the files they captured.  Considering what a hot
topic the CIA was to the GO, this can only mean that the CIA knew of
the impending raid and purged the GO's files before the FBI got to

     And so we have an organization full of religious fanatics highly
trained in mind altering techniques and believing that the ends
justify the means.

     OSA's first line of attack would generally be to use lawsuits to
legally harass and sue their enemies.  The critics on ARS have seen
this happen a lot.  It is standard policy.

     But they are very afraid of having the "Freezone Mission
Statement" read into the court records.  It could force them to choose
between being a religion and a business.  It could cost them their
status as a religion.  It could cost them their copyrights.  And it
could invalidate their tax-exempt status with the IRS.  Around that
same time (1999), when Zenon put the mission statement on one of his
postings of materials, the CofS immediately backed down on their legal
attacks on him and offered compromises.  And so they would never risk
using the courts to harass me because it would blow up in their faces.

     And so they went to their second line of defense.  Which is this
pain-sex-drug-hypnosis procedure.  I think that they have used it
occasionally although not very often because it could rebound badly on
them if they were to be caught.  From some of the obscene ranting that
occasionally has appeared on ARS, it would not surprise me if we
discovered that a few of Miscaviage's boys had screwed one or two of
the critics up the ass and doped them up and stirred their brains
around a bit with an emeter can.  And a few of the Freezoner's have
told me privately that they think that this sort of thing was done to
them as well.  But with no proof or witnesses, what can you do?

     I would speculate that they could have pulled this crap on Lisa.
Imagine that dedicated young girl finally seeing the top secret OT3
story and getting upset.  Maybe she felt like she had devoted her life
to a ridiculous scam and began to rant about it.  And so they became
afraid that she would make a big flap in the press and maybe even
reveal the Xemu story.  So that night an OSA implanting team gives her
a roofie (slang for date rape drug), screws her butt, and implants
ideas of keeping her mouth shut (notice that she never tells anybody
anything once she is in the hospital) and maybe ideas of suicide as
well.  The next day she goes out on the street and takes her clothes
off without quite knowing why.  Of course the implanters would have
told her to take her clothes off while they had her drugged and
hypnotised so that they could screw her and were careless enough in
their procedure that the command triggered again the next day.

     The critics have noticed the huge number of suicides connected
with Scientology.  There is a long list of them that somebody has up
on the internet.  And yet they don't even have half of them.  I knew a
bunch personally that aren't on the list and that is just from being
around the NY organization.

     I suspect that they have been using this black Scientology
procedure for a long time to push people into suicide who were turning
against the organization and threatening to sue or whatever.

     One girl I knew, Susie Sajnenkoff, who had been on NY staff and
then gone out to Los Angeles for advanced courses, had come back to NY
in horrible shape.  She had been threatened with being declared an
enemy of Scientology and attempted Suicide.  When I talked to her, she
told me that she had confessed, during an auditing session, that she
wanted to write an expose.  After that, she had gotten this urge to
kill herself and still felt that she was a terrible person and should
kill herself.  It was all very irrational.  I did my best to help her
and snap her out of it, but I had no idea of a hidden rape implant
locking the suicide urge in place.  She seemed to get better and
didn't try to kill herself again for a few years, but eventually the
urge overpowered her and she ended up under psychiatric care after the
second failed suicide attempt.

     Another one was Jim McVann.  He was ethics officer at the NY
organization.  Eventually it got to him and he left.  Then there were
rumors around the org (organization) that he might be working with the
evil psychiatrists against us (this is how Scientologists talk).  The
next thing you know, he had comitted suicide by jumping out of a
window.  Did he simply feel guilty about betraying the salvation of
mankind?  Or did some Scientology implanters lay into him with drugs
and rape and pain and a heavy hypnotic script about how he should kill

     In 1966, when I first went to work for the NY Org, I was assigned
to run the mimeo machine, which was in a back room.  This was at the
Hotel Martinique in New York City on 32nd Street.  We had the
mezaninne including the grand ballroom and the mimeo room stuck out
beyond the main dimensions of the hotel.  I noticed that there was a
huge plywood rectangle covering most of the ceiling and asked my
senior, John Mustard (later head of Golden Era) what it was.  He said
that it had been a skylight and that in the previous month, a
disturbed ex-Scientologist who had been doing courses and staying in
the hotel had killed himself by jumping out of his hotel room window
and falling through the skylight into the NY Org.  He thought it
ironic that the guy could aim for the org while dropping his body
("dropping the body" is Scientology slang for dying).

     As for me, I had this heavy sucide impulse at the end of December
1999 and had no idea where it was coming from.  I had had some strange
blackouts and anal bleeding in November of 1999 but I didn't remember
the implanting.  Everything was wierd and terrible but the suicide
impulse really didn't feel right or make sense to me.  So on New
Year's Eve, where I was certain that I would kill myself when the
clock struck midnight, I made a point of drinking enough to make me
fall asleep earlier so that I was safely asleep and alive at midnight.
When I woke up the next morning, there was this wonderful sense of
relief.  I didn't really know what had happened, but I had out-smarted
a very nasty dirty trick that was designed to finish me.

     Of course OSA was very upset.  They saw me as Scientology's
anti-Crist and had spent years and untold resources trying to find me.

     In fact, my first year's anonymous postings had been done through
a back door I had found into Sprint (I am really good with computers).
All of OSA's attempts to trace my postings had really dead ended at
Sprint's backbone.  And so they had gotten Earthlink to merge with
Sprint.  Earthlink is owned by Scientologists (Sky Dayton who runs it
is the son of Wendel Dayton who was a friend of mine back at the NY
Org in the old days).  The day that Earthlink took over, my access
into Sprint disappeared.  Of course they still couldn't find me.  But
I had to find another totally anonymous way into the net.  Which I did
within a week.  They must have been very frustrated when my next
postings showed up as if nothing had happened.

     For them it was years of hopeless frustration until my ex-wife
gave them my head on a platter in June of 1999.

     The Art of War (which all GO and OSA agents must star rate)
suggests lulling the enemy into a false sense of security before you

     They bidded their time, planning carefully.  They investigated
first and then picked the millenium New Year as the ideal trigger time
and then began implanting me a month in advance.

     After New Year's failed to get me, they tried all sorts of other
stuff to ruin me.  I'll tell you about that in my next posts ("POOR

     For those who are interested and don't have a copy, I'm including
the SDH (Sex Drug Hypnosis) platen that was posted to the internet
years ago in the posting archive file (post72.txt) that I'm sending to


     Ken Ogger aka The Pilot

Wed May 30 14:48:47 EDT 2007