subj : super scio - POOR STACY IN BUCKWUPISTAN

     Now here is the sad story of another crazy thing that OSA tried
against me.

     The critics will be fast to point out that this psychic attack
probably wouldn't work and that the whole idea is stupid.  And maybe
it is.  But that is beside the point because the important thing is
that OSA would believe it because RON said that it works.  And so they
would hypnotise a poor young girl and accidentally drive her to

     The attack is called a Buckwupistan attack because Ron sometimes
described this as a way to get rid of the primier of Buckwupistan (a
made up country).

     The basic idea is to hypnotize somebody, preferably an
emotionally high strung teenage girl, and order them, under hypnosis,
to exteriorize from their body and go over to the target (the primier
of Buckwupistan or his wife or whatever) and blanket their body and
fill them with intense sexual desires or suicidal impulses or

     Thetans blanketing bodies for sexual kicks is discussed
extensively in early Scientology materials and can even be found in
Hubbard's book "History of Man".

     As for the Buckwupistan attacks, they have been cutting these out
of the clearsound tapes and you will have to reference older
reel-to-reel tape versions.  Here is an excerpt from tape 5210C30A
SOP8A (SOP lectures number 8A), "THE ROLE OF EARTH".

> A thetan can go over and take possession of the body of - let's say
> we want to influence the priemier of Buckwupistan.  So we boot this
> thetan out and make this thetan go over and knock out the thetan
> in the wife of the priemier of Buckwupistan.
> And then we are holding the body of the person that we send over
> there and they are still connected and in communication with this
> body.  At which moment ... (sound of somebody entering the room)
> Pretty wild stuff to walk into suddenly ... (laughter).
> So we simply monitor, now all of a sudden we find we are able to
> monitor the wife of the priemier of Buckwupistan with great ease.
> And we get her into a tremendous affair with a court chamberlain
> you see.  And we just get things swirled up like a fire drill.
> And the next thing you know, he's dispossessed.  They say his rents
> up on Buckwupistan or something of this sort because of scandal,
> because of this, because of that.  Its a very neat political manuver.
> And it is so neat that there is probably not a member of the class
> present who is along the category of (case level) IV or V  who hasn't
> done it.  And that is the reason why a lot of Vs and VIs are
> completely unwilling to get out of their heads.  Because its an
> overt act to send somebody out of his head.  And you've sent
> people out of their heads over to some vast distance.  And having
> sent these people over, they run into a body or something which
> is then injured.  Or something happens to their body right where
> you are.  And you caused a complete foul up and extinction of
> a being.

     I don't have OSA's modern writeup on this.  It would be highly

     In January of 2000, after their sex-drug-hypnosis failed and I
didn't kill myself at midnight of the Millenium New Years Eve, they
decided to try this crazy Buchwupistan thing.  They do, after all,
believe in Ron's genius and think that they have a superior mental and
psychic technology that gives them great power.

     So they assigned some girls (18 to 21 years old) at the secret
base to "squirrel hunting".  There were regular sessions using
different girls in rotation.  A pair of OSA agents would give the girl
somthing to drink containing Rohypnol and then put her into a hypnotic
trance.  They would show her a picture of me and of my house and tell
her to exteriorize from her body and float across town and find me,
The Pilot.  They would tell her to blanket my body.  Then they would
sexually stimulate her and tell her to lock onto me with sexual
energy.  Then they would tell her that I was an enemy of Scientology
and must be made to die.  While masturbating her, they would tell her
"Permeate him and make him think 'Kill Yourself', 'Kill Yourself'".

     Of course the girls were then told to forget and so forth and
they wouldn't remember what had been going on.  But all this stuff
about sex and suicide was stirring around in their subconscious.

     Needless to say, this attack did them no good and they soon
abandoned it as a bad idea.  But this sick hypnosis had already deeply
damaged one of the girls.

     In June of 2000, 20 year old Stacy Grove Meyer (aka Stacy Moxon)
comitted suicide by climbing up a ladder and grabbing a 7,200 volt
power line with her bare hand at Golden Era.

     It's not nice to repeat "kill yourself" over and over again to a
young girl under hypnosis.

     They say that Helen Korbin, who knew Stacy, cried for days after
it happened, but she never knew the real cause of her death.

     Sadly, The Pilot

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