subj : super scio - MORE OF OSA'S VILLAINY

     See my earlier posts "BLACK SCIENTOLOGY" and "POOR STACY IN
BUCKWUPISTAN" for a description of OSA's early attacks on me.

     My identity had come out in June of 1999 and they had tried some
horrible things on me and yet there I was posting yet again on Jan 4,

     And this was driving them crazy.

     Their next shot was to set me up with a DUI.  I was at a club and
they dropped something in my drink.  Probably their old favorite,
Rohpynol.  Then somebody led me to my car and put me behind the wheel
and turned the key.  They had a police car conviently standing by and
they arrested me in the parking lot.

     I think that the critics already know that Scientology has a number
of supporters in the LAPD.

     It was a setup because they had the actual police reports up on
the internet almost immediately.  But their anti-Pilot website had a
reverse effect and I got lots of support and OSA might also have
realized that it made it obvious that they had engineered the
incident, so they pulled it down after a few days.

     By the way, they just put it up on the net again.  They already
know that it makes them look bad and it could only create more misery
for them by waking me up.  So there must have been another reason
besides ARS / ACT that caused them to put it up again.  The reason is
that I recently started talking to publishers about getting the Self
Clearing book into the bookstores.  And if the average Scientologist
sees such a thing in the bookstore, they will buy it and the CofS
might lose what little remains of its orthodox membership.

     In all likelyhood, they have an agent working at Time-Warner to
keep an eye out for anti-Scientology books or a repeat of the
anti-Scientology Time Magazine article.  So the anti-Pilot web page
probably went up to discredit me in the eyes of a potential publisher.

     But that's a recent event.  Let's get back to year 2000.

     Next, around April, they planted a secret agent at the place
where I was working.

     At the time, I was working at Chase Credit Systems as their top
programmer and designer.  Our software combined data from the three big
credit bureaus to produce a merged credit report for home buyers.  So it
was a high security environment and the president of the company was
paranoid about being infiltrated by criminals who wanted to doctor
credit reports and during the years I was there, the police had come
twice to haul somebody away in handcuffs.

     OSA was foolish enough to put a spy into this company.  He was a
newly hired accounting clerk.  The guy stole my checkbook out of my
jacket.  He went through my files and tried to access my computer but
it was password protected.  And he even stole the department manager's
day planner.  I had a friend in the office next to mine keep an eye
out and he spotted the guy going in and out of my office so I knew who
it was for sure.

     I assumed it was OSA, but it could just have been some criminal
trying to get my passwords so that he could access the credit system
and do credit fraud.  So I decided to make a test.

     I did not accuse him.  I did not say anything to management.
Instead, I called up my ex-wife Ann, who had turned me in to OSA and
who sometimes did work for them.

     I said to her, "You know that Perry (the credit company's
president) will believe me if I say that there is a spy in the office
intending to alter credit reports.  He will have the police there
tomorrow with handcuffs.  If OSA's secret agent comes back to work at
my office tomorrow, they will end up in court trying to prove that
they only planted agents in Chase Credit to destroy one of their
critics rather than to doctor credit reports for Scientologists.  I'm
offering them this one warning as a compromise to get them off my
back.  The next time I wouldn't be so nice.  So call your friends at
OSA and get them the hell out of my life before they get burnt".

     She is the only person I told.

     The spy did not even come in to get his stuff or collect his last
paycheck.  He phoned in his resignation.  Another new employee phoned
in his resignation at the same time and also never came in for his
stuff.  I guess they had planted two agents rather than one.

     After this they seemed to disappear from my life and pay
attention to other Freezoners instead.  Maybe its because I let them
pull out of Chase Credit gracefully.  At the time I was terribly
stressed out and was sick of fighting.  Now I have to appologize for
dropping the ball.

     But maybe they got off my back because around that time my mother
came out to stay with me.  They wouldn't have realized the connection
earlier because we have different last names but she was Ron's Qual
Sec on the Flag Ship and she could be enourmously dangerous to them if
they annoyed her.

     As to my own story, life went on but that abscess, probably
caused by OSA's raping me, festered in my colun and it ruptured in
November of 2001.  I was in a coma for a month and woke up barely able
to move and with this horrible thing called a colostomy.  The
colostomy was finally reversed in the Summer of 2003 by about 8 hours
of surgury and now I'm whole and normal again.

     I'm glad to be writing again.  I've learned a lot of stuff and
I'll be discussing things on ACT.  They shouldn't have woken me up by
putting up that website, but I'm glad they did.  It's about time and I
did promise to tell the freezoners when I figured things out a little

     Best, The Pilot aka Ken Ogger

Wed May 30 14:52:30 EDT 2007