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     Let's look at the big picture.

     We are trying to bridge the gap between the godlike state and the
human condition.

     On the one hand we have infinite creation and on the other we
have being trapped in a human existance.

     We create our own reality and yet other people can affect us and
we have lost control over what happens to us.  So what is going on?

     Reality consists of a vast quantum mechanical flux of probability
waves that respond to observation and can be biased by strong
visualizations which observe them in advance of The Now.  In fact, The
Now itself is very fuzzy and things can remain inderterminate for a
long time after other "concurrent" things have become fixed in the

     The "What the Bleep: Down The Rabbit Hole" movie provides an
excellent description of this and I highly recommend seeing it if you
haven't already.

     In theory we should be able to significantly affect this quantum
reality with strong positive visualization.  My favorite techniques
for this are those used by Earnest Holmes' Science of Mind (The Church
of Religious Science) which is extremely advanced in this area.  But
results are sporatic and occasionally cause reverse manifestations.

     Recently "The Secret" has become quite popular.  This is a good
introduction to positive techniques and I recommend it for beginners
in this area.  However, it is based on Hannel's "Master Key" from 1913
and I would recommend that the more advanced students read that since
it goes much further.  I think that both Hubbard and Holmes read
"Master Key" and used it since parts of it appear in both Scientology
and Science of Mind (and not always the same parts, so they both must
have read the earlier source).  Note that Master Key is the oldest
reference I have on what later becomes Scientology Axiom One.  The
Master Key book can be downloaded for free from the internet.

     Then we have the reactive mind and the Scientology picture of
human abberation.  That is a good description of the surface layer
that is right in our face.  But it doesn't go nearly far enough to
describe the whole situation.

     Scientology always had an enourmous cavern inbetween their basic
ideas such as life is basically a static and the practicalities of
errasing engrams or confronting problems.  LRH took a few shots at
this (see "Phoenix Lectures" for example) in the 1952 to 1954
timeframe but the research was pretty much abandoned by the mid 1960s.

     I have taken a couple shots at coming forward from the original
life static in a logical progression.  My latest is included here in
the posting "Principles of Existance".  But the current incomplete
version does not come all the way forward into existance as we know it
here on Earth.

     So I would like to present my current theory on what is going on
and how it all fits together here on Earth.

     I believe that each of us here is mostly operating below
consciousness.  In other words, we might be conscious of ten percent
of what we are doing and might have partial accessibility into another
ten percent and are running about 80 percent in the subconscious.

     The reactive mind is way too simple a view.  Certainly there is
some reactive thought in the subconscious, but there is a lot more
going on there as well.

     And I agree with Ron's view that "unconscious" is a bad term,
because what's running down there is aware of the envioronment.  But
it is not aware of being aware.  It is that part of us which is
running on automatic without a governor.  So let's use the term
subconscious for this whole mess of stuff churning away out of sight
including but not limited to what Ron called the Reactive Mind.

     You are creating your own reality.  But if you stand there
looking at the wall in the hopes of making it vanish so that you can
walk through it, you don't have much luck because the bigger portion
of you which is down there in the subconsious is busy affirming that
the wall is solid to the point where you can bang your head on it with
considerable pain against your will.

     Reality is not under your conscious control.  It is under the
control of your subconscious.

     Sometimes your subconsious listens to you.  Often it doesn't.

     There are some interesting Sci-Fi movies like "Solaris" and
"Sphere" where reality comes under subconscious control and the
characters start creating their fears.  There is certainly something
like that in our decay from the Godlike state and we have pushed
manipulating reality as far out of our reach as possible.

     My own experience seven years ago was of some nasty enemies
hypnotising me and convincing my subconscious that it was a good idea
to be rejected.  Since then I have been creating a reality of
continuous rejection for myself and it has taken until now to see it

     Right now I see our subconsciouses as being very busy
figure-figureing and negotiating the collective reality that condenses
out of the quantum flux.  We all do interconnect and some hidden level
and there is a lot of picking and choosing and give and take.

     Imagine a plane flight with 20 people attracting a plane crash and
40 people who are attracting a safe voyage and another 60 who are out of
it either way and just going with the flow.  Lots of trade-offs are
possible.  Maybe the flight gets bumpy but makes it.

     In this reality, some things are held in place by many people and
some just blow around with the wind.

     Positive affirmations may be helpful and communicate to your
subconscious what you want it to do and may bring about improvements.
Or they may trigger conflicts between your conscious and subconscious
mind and bring troubles.  You may be fighting your own forgotten
decisions and desires.

     Bringing more of the subconcious into view is a hot research
topic.  This is what processing is aimed at.

The Pilot

Wed May 30 14:53:32 EDT 2007