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pen name of "The Pilot".  Individuals may freely copy these files
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I have been involved in Scientology since 1965.  I came in with
great hopes and high goals, and since they were not entirely
betrayed, I kept my mouth shut and hung on despite all of the
obvious failings.

By late 1968, I had passed beyond the fanatic stage and could see
that the organization and the tech had serious flaws.  But I
would not abandon the truths I had learned just because of Ron's
imperfections or the Sea Org's insanities.  Instead, I followed
Ron's own advice, which was to ignore all authorities, including
Ron, and evaluate each datum on its own merits and discover what
was true for myself rather than simply believing in the subject.

When I finally finished my staff contract in the early 1970s,
I was too disillusioned to continue working for the organization.
But I still believed and continue to believe deeply in the expressed 
goals and purposes of the subject.  I had made tremendous gains in
auditing and helped others by auditing them (often for free on my
own time).  Any deficiencies I perceived in the tech and the
organization were attributed to the incomplete research and the
failings of the all too human members of the group.  So I 
continued to study and do upper levels, and especially, 
I began to track down and study the thousands of hours of taped 
lectures from the 1950s, searching first for the origins of 
the almost magical materials we were using and eventually 
discovering that three quarters of the subject had been lost 
and that the bulk of later policy and flag orders were almost 
180 degrees in conflict with the basics that were outlined in 
the early days.

And I decided to follow Ron's original ideas and inspirations
in preference to the later dramatizations.  And the further I
went with this, the more I found myself at odds with the 
organization and its current policies and practices.  I now
firmly believe that the subject is still on a research line and
that we do not have all the answers.  I believe that Ron was
right originally when he said (upon discovering implants and 
other advanced materials in 1952) that it would be deadly 
to make any of the tech confidential.  And I think that he was 
spot on when he said that someday we will have to cry "Auditors 
of the world arise, you have nothing to lose but your certs" 
(auditors certificates).

For the last decade, I have been researching on my own, trying
to carry the subject on to its next stage.  No subject has ever
been researched completely by a single individual, nor has two
ever been enough.  Its an ongoing process and the number of
great names connected with even a single practical area such as
electricity is enormous.

For all this time, I have kept quiet and supported the existing
organization because I could offer nothing better.  Now, however,
its time to blow the lid off and give you everything I've got.

The first document in this series will shoot heavily at the
existing organization.  This is unfortunately necessary because
there is so much wrong and the lies and overts block the road to
truth.  Certainly the anti-cultists will have a field day.  But
my goal is to bring about a reform rather than the destruction
of the subject.

I am remaining anonymous at this time because I expect a severe
knee jerk reaction from the organization.  It's bitter medicine for
them to swallow and they may lash out.  But I expect that time
will temper this, so my only purpose in remaining anonymous is to 
stay out of sight until things cool down a little.  This will 
interfere with people sending me mail on the internet, but I will 
try to watch for general postings on the net which mention the
"Pilot" in their message headers and will try to answer any
reasonable questions that are posted.  This is not an attempt
to duck any responsibility.  I will let you know who I am 
eventually, just give it some time.

I am making these materials freely available on the internet despite 
the tremendous amount of work that has gone into researching them 
and writing them up because the existing examples of what can 
happen to a spiritual subject when it is used to generate income
is enough to make my flesh crawl.  I ask only that you try to make 
the entire set of documents available rather than simply copying 
around document #1 which is a bit of an expose.  I think it would 
be unfair to put out that much criticism without offering the 
positive materials that are in the remaining documents.

Also, the full set of documents, or at least #2 through #4, are
necessary to convince the tech trained loyalists that reform is
indeed possible and necessary.  The auditors and case supervisors
are the high priests of the subject and if they can be turned around,
then the rest of the membership will follow.  International management
will have no choice but to go along.

For those who wish to destroy the subject, I would point out that
it never works to persecute a religion.  The faith and fanaticism
always grow stronger.  The only workable course is to change it
into something better.  In this I ask your help in keeping these
materials available and helping to spread them to the loyalists.
Let Scientology become what it pretends to be, a learning center for
spiritual growth instead of a cult of greed and power.

I am not trying to promote a new subject or start a freezone 
organization.  I have no personal vested interest in this.  I'm
just giving this stuff away.

If I receive any exchange for doing this, it will be in inspiring
others to do research which will aid me in my own efforts.  I don't
think that I (or anyone else, including LRH) can go the entire
route alone.

I don't think that there is any serious leagal liability in posting
this or putting it up on the web.  I need to remain hidden because
it is a suppressive act (per policy) to attempt to reform the
subject.  Its hard to reform from within if you're officially
kicked out.  Also there is a slight chance that I might be
placed in physical danger if my identity were exposed before
any storm that I might be raising has a chance to settle out.
Those outside of the subject might not think so, but some in
management might consider this to be the most dangerous threat
that they have ever faced because their own supporters might
turn on them.

For any of my friends who might be in the middle of some Scientology 
level when they get ahold of these documents, I wish to warn them that
they might want to finish what they are doing first before they
plow into these materials.  First of all, I believe that some of the 
things that I have found are considerably more advanced that anything being
used currently in Scientology.  And secondly, I believe that it is 
necessary to be totally unconstrained in discussing material that has 
been labeled confidential.  Also, for anyone reading the internet it
is a bit silly to worry about the confidentiality because almost
all of the OT platens, clearing course materials, and full Nots
auditors packs have been flying around on-line for quite some time now
and a free and sensible discussion is liable to cool things down 
rather than stir them up.

I think that one of the major factors that dragged Ron down in the
end was that he cut his own communication lines when he made the
materials confidential.  Until then, he was continually talking to
his students (on the Briefing Course in the 1960s and in the
Advanced Clinical Courses (ACCs) in the 1950s) and this probably
acted to some degree like an auditing session, allowing the 
mental charge of what he was researching to flow away from him.  When
he cut that line, it backed up on him.  This was a sad fate for
someone who truly loved to talk and lecture.

I apologize for the fact that these files are very big.  There is
a lot of material.  The contents are as follows:



   This is my own attempt to map out the time track and the series
   of universes that we have come through.

   One of the most famous abandoned lines of research.  This is what 
   I found and the tech for handling them.

   A more basic theory on how and why auditing works.  New advanced
   methods of processing.  How to dig yourself out if you get 
   overwhelmed by reading these materials.

   On the early track we built universes that were tailored to
   implant (condition) each other.  Especially the penalty universes
   of the home universe era.  Here is basic data, road maps,
   platens, etc.

   How to handle split pieces of yourself and various other 
   advanced topics.

   Lots of new ones that I researched, plus major corrections to
   the sketchy ones put out by Ron in 1963 before the development
   of R3M and decent listing techniques.

   How I have been doing research.  Also some more advanced materials
   and platens.

   A hodge-podge of other stuff, some of it highly speculative.

These have been divided into multiple files (listed below) to
keep the individual files under 100K each. 


Approximate file sizes:

SCIO00   TXT     10759 (this file)
SCIO01A  TXT     66289 
SCIO01B  TXT     53977 
SCIO02A  TXT     61809 
SCIO02B  TXT     61596 
SCIO03   TXT     79902 
SCIO04A  TXT     97629 
SCIO04B  TXT     82601 
SCIO05A  TXT     68872 
SCIO05B  TXT     47359 
SCIO05C  TXT     52471 
SCIO05D  TXT     52613 
SCIO05E  TXT     21315 
SCIO06A  TXT     77333 
SCIO06B  TXT     71018 
SCIO07A  TXT     35223 
SCIO07B  TXT     47263 
SCIO07C  TXT     76575 
SCIO08A  TXT     80277 
SCIO08B  TXT     60390 
SCIO08C  TXT     61578 
SCIO08D  TXT     67727 
SCIO08E  TXT     47343 
SCIO09A  TXT     94557 
SCIO09B  TXT     85219 
SCIO09C  TXT     50997 
SCIO10A  TXT     67649 
SCIO10B  TXT     72065 
SCIO10C  TXT     59299 
SCIO10D  TXT     59330

Total: a bit under 1.9MB

At the end I will add a supplement which describes the key changes
to policy which I believe would get the orgs to act better and clean
up their act.