SUPERSCIO #5C



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pen name of "The Pilot".  Individuals may freely copy these files
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Dec  3, 1990, Rev Feb 19, 1993, Rev aug 96


It probably wouldn't kill you to just read this document carelessly,
but it might make you feel uncomfortable or irritated for a few days.
You also might get very annoyed at me because casually skimming 
through this will probably stir up things and by pass some mental
charge without cleaning it up.

The ideal action would be for you to run platen 1 on each goal first
and come up with your own descriptions of what you think happened in
each penalty universe.  Then look at this list and see what I think
was there.  Then do some more runs with platen 1 and dig for section
2 ("This Means ...") type items and see if you can get a better view 
of the real story.

But some people will probably read this anyway.  So at a minimum, 
at least spot the native state item ("To (goal) Is Native State") on
each penalty universe and spot being pushed into it and pushing
others in.  Do this on each one right after you read the description.

Unfortunately, there is also another problem, which is that I'm sure
that there are errors in this list and those may give you trouble
or make you feel upset when you hit them.  You'll just have to make
due, either spotting that there was a mistake (which should cool
things down a bit) or even correcting the error (if you're up to it)
or just blowing off so much charge with platen 1 that you can sail
through on a persistent FN despite the occasional flaw.

I'm sorry to be issuing something that isn't perfect, but I've sat
on this too long and the only hope of getting it all correct and
complete is to have others working through it.


This contains some information on each penalty universe.

The goal is given, followed by the terminal in parenthesis.  Then
there is some information about the environment of the penalty

Following this are a few key restimulators that were used later
on the track including the location in incident 2 where they showed
you a false mockup of the penalty universe.  A similar mass implant
had faces of the terminals in pyramids (this was on a different
copy of the original earth, which seemed to include more continents -
an Atlantis and a Lemuria) and the locations for those are also
given.  There is also a price item and a survive item that were 
used in various later implants.

Then there are a few notes about some of the symbols (especially
Time etc.) that were shown to you in section 2 of the implant.  Note
that these are only a few out of about a hundred or so.

Then there is a brief sketch of what happens in the penalty universe.

Everything here is heavily abbreviated.  These are working notes
rather than formal writing.  I cannot guarantee that it is all

I do have more on these, but I had a terrible time putting even
this much together from the jumbled mass of worksheets, working
platens, lists, notes, and index cards that I recorded things on
at various times.  It did not all come apart in a simple and straight 
forward manner and lots of things kept shifting around as I was 
getting off charge and digging deeper.

In general they all followed the same pattern of 7 wonderful things
at the beginning and then things gradually going wrong and finally
being chased around, captured, divided against yourself, and then
set free only to discover that you can't survive anymore and ending up
dying, trapped in the grave, and then being dragged off to hell.


             Dynamic 16 (Creation)


1. TO CREATE  (Statue)

environment = suns & planets & peoples of all types, you 
create them & abuse them & get zapped by the Suns (gods).

Inc. 2 loc = St. John, Canada;   Pyramid = center of Atlantis
 (inc 2 scene - God statue on a dolly being pushed up slopes of 
 a volcano by a crowd).
The price of creation is to be blamed.
To survive is to depend on the worship of others

Time = a planet circling a sun.
Space = a vast plain full of cities & peoples
Energy = energy blast from space shatters a mountain.
Mass = worlds in collision.
God = Giant sun
Worship = people bowing before statue & putting on garlands etc.
pain = statue hit with energy beam that makes cracks.
degraded = beam from sun divides statue making black cracks.
Trouble = hooded priest (who can call on the sun gods).

Detail: You are god in the form of a statue that floats around 
and puts out energy beams etc.  At start the statue has a young, 
beautiful, radiant face, by the end it is the old man of R6.  
You are in a cluster of suns and planets.  The suns are senior 
gods (who zap you in the end).  There are other lesser god 
statues (such as a Venus-like 2D).  The planets have lots of 
meat body people of endless different types (from other 
penalty universes).  You do 7 great deeds and the people 
worship you & build temples & replicas of your statue etc.  
But you get into problems and troubles and dramatize the 
wrath of god on the people and fight with the other statues 
and teach the planet people to build traps and get caught 
sometimes yourself and go on rampages etc.  You even get 
somatics in your statue (& even from defilement of the statue 
copies) & become mean.  The people catch you in an energy 
cage and you're dragged into space where the stars judge you & 
zap you etc. (divided against yourself with permanent black 
cracks in your statue) & you become weak & everyone laughs 
etc.  Finally you crumble & fire devils haul you (the soul of 
the statue) off to hell which is a pyramid in the sky with a 
volcano at its peak that they toss you in & there you are 
tortured & hit by the souls of the millions of people you have 

At this point you should spot "To Create Is Native State" as the
first item of this implant universe.  And spot being pushed into it 
and spot pushing others into it.


2. TO CAUSE (Old Man God on Heavenly Throne)

This penalty universe was found very late in the research.  
Originally I had "To Mock Up" as the second goal (now 
number 3) and "To Intensify" as the third goal (now number 
3X - probably belongs in an upper or earlier series).

environment = heaven in the clouds with a golden throne etc. 
You look down at the world and play god etc.

Inc 2 location = Rome;   Pyramid location = Atlantis
(incident 2 scene - God on a golden thrown falling from the 
sky down into a volcano)
(god on throne says) The price of causation is to become effect 
(of your own cause).
To survive is to depend on the subservience of others (?).

Time = Heavenly Clock (golden, sitting in clouds)
Space = Celestial Palace (gold & crystal)
Energy = a wave of golden light
Mass = The gold throne
You = god, like an old man on a throne
Trouble =  Devils (red demons with horns & tails)

Details: At the start, you perform 7 wonderful acts of creation 
(like the biblical 7 days).  You bring people etc. into existence 
and send out cherubs to inspire them and angels to bring them 
into communion with you.  When the people turn out bad and 
troublesome, you create devils to put ethics in on them and 
force them to be good.  But the devils decide that you are the 
most lawless being around and try to make you follow your 
own rules and make you wrong etc.  You smite the devils for 
this but they rebel & you cast them out but now things get 
really bad.  You're unwilling to be the effect of your own 
cause and can't have being on the other side of what you do to 
the creations.  You wouldn't follow your own rules.  But you 
feel guilty about this and consider that its basically unfair but 
you do it anyway and sink down tone.  You go on rampages 
and destroy things and everything goes out of control and 
finally you can't bear to be god anymore and throw yourself 
into a volcano to die.  But the devils drag your soul down to 
hell and torture you.

Now spot "To Cause is Native State", etc.


3. TO MOCK UP  (Computer)

environment = a flat plane, you build a city & bodies for the 
spirit beings, then you do them in & get zapped by the vortex 

Inc 2 loc= Washington DC;       Pyramid=Lima,Peru.
 (inc 2 scene - people carrying broken pieces of a computer up 
slopes of a volcano to toss it in).
The price of creative thought is to be questioned.
To survive is to depend on the approval of others

Time = Digital display

Detail: You are a large computer (many boxy cabinets) on an 
empty plain.  There are vortex gods (whirling energies in the 
sky) who created spirits.  The spirits come to you and ask you 
to mock up things.  You perform 7 wonderful mockups (you 
postulate electron structures and laws and build solid things) 
including creating bodies of various types (human, doll, 
animal etc.) and a city for them to live in etc.  Sliding 
downscale, the mockups become more & more complex.  
Eventually you lose control of your own creations (can't keep 
track anymore).  People ask you questions, especially reasons 
why, and you don't know anything except by your own 
creation so you invent answers and introduce false data and 
have problems etc.  You begin to dislike the people and 
introduce wrong data to harm them etc. & eventually things 
get wrecked etc.  In the end the people curse you & pray to the 
vortex gods who then zap you etc.

Now spot "To Mock Up is Native State", etc.


3X. TO INTENSIFY  (Energy Cloud)

This probably belongs in an earlier or higher series of penalty 
universes.  It has a non-physical body type and strange multi-
dimensional spaces etc.

environment = flat squares are planets with people sideways 
from your dimensions.  You manipulate symbol shapes that 
affect the people in the squares.
Inc 2 loc = Bermuda triangle?;   pyramid loc= Canton,China(Ohio?)
The price of intervention is to be trapped in form.
To survive is to depend on the blindness (symbols?) of others

Time = electron decay.
Space =
Energy =
Mass =
You = an energy cloud.
Sensation = 2 clouds intertwined.
danger = a pole trap.
confusion = pictures exploding.
Entrapment = an energy cage hanging in space.
Interest = symbols hanging in space.
Trouble =

Details:  Symbols (figures, objects, etc.) hang in empty space 
and connect to (& are generated by) the inhabitants of the 
planes (which orbit around suns).  You and other energy 
clouds can affect the peoples on the planes by moving 
symbols closer or further away or adding & subtracting 
connections to the symbols or by making the symbols degrade.  
At the start you perform 7 wondrous enhancements for 7 of 
these planes by connecting them to marvelous symbols etc.  
But you slide downscale & commit overts on the people and 
play by messing them up etc. and have trouble with other 
clouds and teach plane people to develop theta traps etc.  You 
touch symbols and they explode; there are pole traps and 
boxes of exploding pictures and energy cages etc.  Also, pieces 
of yourself get drawn into & stuck in the planes etc.  In the 
end a vast statue (god) punishes you & divides you against 
yourself etc. & eventually you are dispersed into pieces & 
placed in the symbol of a coffin & devil statues drag you out 
& push you sideways into a volcano on a plane.

Now spot "To Intensify is Native State", etc.

Carry on like this, spotting the native state item, through the 
rest of the goals.


4. TO IMAGINE (Cartoon Mouse)

environment = cartoon bodies trying to out create each other.  
You invalidate others mockups & make degraded mockups, 
the giant mouse god (statue) zaps you, etc.

Inc 2 loc= Florida & Brazil (?);   Pyramid loc= West Lemuria
The price of imagination is to create your own fears
To survive is to depend on the illusions created by others.

Time = (some sort of cartoon watch)

Details: You are a sort of big plastic mickey mouse (a cartoon 
like doll body).  The characters include mouse people and 
duck people & others (Disney like).  Everyone can generate 
illusions which become real if they can get others to believe in 
them.  At start you do 7 wonderful illusions which others 
believe in and make real.  Sinking downscale, you create 
harmful things which go out of control, others get bored with 
your mockups, you imagine degraded things to get interest, 
etc.  Eventually your creations are too degraded but you can't 
stop.  Others are disgusted & shatter your illusions & haul you 
before the mouse god who divides you against yourself.  
Eventually your thrown into a spirit shredder & your pieces 
are put in a mausoleum.  Cartoon devils drag your soul out & 
carry you to the illusion of a volcano but you can't stop 
believing in it and so are trapped by your own illusions.


       Dynamic 15  Knowledge / Understanding


5. TO KNOW  (2 headed dodo bird)

environment = Dr. Doolittle like tropical jungle & beach. Your double 
heads let you see the pictures hidden behind others backs.  
The other creatures are terminals of other penalty universes.

Inc 2 loc= S. tip of Argentina,   Pyramid=N. Lemuria
The price of Knowledge is Terror
To survive is to depend on the unknownness of others
  (or unknowingness of others)

Time = sun swinging through a tropical sky

Details: You see the ghosts that others carry behind them (i.e. cat 
woman (To Join) has ghosts of the kittens & robots & gods etc. from 
the symbols of To Join etc.).  At start, you perform 7 great deeds, 
aiding others through your perception (you heal & solve problems etc.), 
& you gain admiration & respect.  But your appearance is ridiculous & 
you don't want to be laughed at, so you maintain power over others 
by misusing your hidden knowledge.  & occasionally you make mistakes 
& misread pictures & harm others by accident.  You see the evil that 
each carries around behind them & become terrified of others.  You 
start actively suppressing others to reduce their ability to hurt you.  
The others discover this & chase & capture you & drag you before 
the totem gods etc.


6. To Understand (chipmunk)

environment = talking animals in forest
Inc 2 loc= Bellows Falls, Vermont;     Pyramid = Bermuda.
The price of understanding is grief.
To survive is to depend on the sympathy of others.

Time = sun over brook.
Danger = wolf.
Deceit = a 2 headed sheep.
Sly = Fox.
Drink = penguin drinks from stream.
Confuse = one chipmunk talking to another.
Sensation = a female chipmunk.

Details: The different animals all have different languages.  You're 
the only one who can understand everybody.  You perform 7 noble deeds 
involving translation including saving the chipmunks from predators etc.  
Then you translate things others don't want to hear & cause grief & get 
blamed.  You understand problems but can't solve them.  You misuse your 
abilities, alter messages for your own gain, start making mistakes, etc.  
Conflict breaks out.  No matter how hard you explain, the wolf still eats 
the sheep.  Understanding doesn't change the animals nature. You translate 
for the fox & help him trick people in exchange for his tricking a girl 
chipmunk for you that you want to seduce.  The wise owl (God) discovers 
your treachery & divides you against yourself; etc.


7. To Absorb (Greek hero, mythology)

You absorb knowledge & the form of anyone you can hold with your enormous 
strength including the mortal manifestations of the gods.
Inc 2 loc = Mt. Olympus;      Pyramid = N. Central Lemuria.
The price of wisdom is to be despised.
To survive is to depend on the gratitude of others.

time = a water clock.

Details: (like a B rate Greek mythology movie).  The Gods are large & real 
& very prominent.  They can appear as faces in the sky or can embody 
themselves in form on the ground.  There are also lots of human like 
people (sort of wax like doll bodies).  At start you walk into a series 
of 7 clearings & wrestle with 7 things (giant snake, seductive woman, etc.) 
& defeat them & absorb them.  You can then become these forms at will.  
The gods are oppressing & abusing the people & you become the peoples 
champion & wrestle gods & gain the knowledge & capabilities of their mortal 
(i.e. lesser) form (but you can't become the faces in the sky or wield their 
upper powers).  You help people gain the knowledge of the gods but this 
only creates strife & resentment.  They blame you for all their failings.  
& the gods are angry with you.  You begin impersonating the gods among 
men & trick people & gods & make trouble & everyone wants to do you in.  
In the end, you're captured & dragged before Zeus who divides you against 
yourself (the black bands prevent your taking on other forms) etc.


8. TO LEARN  (Gnome)

environment = library/university.  students include body types from 
other penalty universes (cat people etc.)

Inc 2 loc= Hidleberg;        Pyramid = Boston.
The price of learning is confusion.
To survive is to depend on the respect of others.

Time = a clock on a wall.
Space = a library complex (view of central lawn from window).
Energy = ? book falling off library shelf?
Mass = Huge library shelves full of books.
Confusion = walrus person puzzling over a book.
Tired = gnome asleep over a book.
Sensation = Cat girl.
Companionship = lady gnome.
Stubborn = bear person.

Details: Data is in books and scrolls and data cubes.  Only advanced 
students can handle data cubes because the data blasts in at you.  You 
are a gnome (a shriveled little creature who wears glasses) & are an 
advanced student who also teaches (everyone but the dean (god statue) 
& other god statues is also a student).  You are working to achieve 
total knowledge.  At start you solve 7 complex problems for others 
with great success. You are liked & well respected.  Later, you misdirect 
students to keep them from surpassing you; you sleep with students 
(female cat people etc.) in exchange for altering grades.  The contents 
of the books keep changing.  Exams are done with electric shocks when 
you answer wrong.  You steal forbidden data from the vaults.  You start 
getting knocked out by the heavy data flow from the cubes & made solid 
by too much data & hide this to keep from being expelled.  The students 
find out about you misleading them & chase you through the halls.  You are 
dragged before the dean & he divides you against yourself.  After this 
you try to use a data cube but the flow jams on the black ridges (divided 
against yourself) & causes your brain to explode.  They bury you in the 
basement.  Later monk devils drag your soul out & toss it into the 
furnace which leads down to hell in an underground volcano.


                Dynamic 14:  Games


9. To Exchange  (Spirit Broker - Wizard)

environment = a kingdom of  munchkins & spirits, you trick people or 
do something for them in exchange for their souls & sell them to demons.

Inc 2 loc = Hong Kong;       Pyramid = Catskills
The price of wealth is enslavement.
To survive is to depend on the commitment of others

Time = an hourglass with sand running down.

Details:  You are a spirit broker (looks like a sort of card shark / 
pawnbroker) in a land of rolling hills and cottages etc., a fairytale 
like mid-evil kingdom including a castle with a king etc.  The people 
are munchkin-like.  You can see the spirits of dead munchkins toiling away but 
nobody else seems very aware of this.  There are also demons who others 
can't see.   You are fantastically crafty and trick people into signing 
away their souls in blood in exchange for things and then you sell the 
contract to demons (the people will work for them after they die) who 
give you services in exchange.  At the start you collect 7 souls and 
sell them to demons in exchange for 7 wondrous miracles (performed 
by the demons) which astound the people and make the king shower you 
with riches etc.  Sliding downscale, you try to do less for the people 
in exchange for their souls so as to keep more of the power for yourself 
and you have missed withholds about the true nature of the deal.  The 
people get hints from spirits who have died etc.  You get bored with the 
village girls and start in on sex with succubi & other spirit forms.  
You get withholdy & arrogant.  The spirits get tired of working & start 
protesting & trying to break their contracts and the demons get upset.  
You get in trouble with the king and start blasting people with energy 
weapons (wands) purchased from the demons etc.  People trick you with 
false contracts signed with chicken blood etc.  The demons drag you 
before the demon god (big devil statue) & he divides you against yourself.  
Eventually you die & imps drag you from the grave & toss you in a 
volcano under the castle & the spirits of munchkins & demons you 
cheated torture you forever.


10. To Play  (Chinese Children)

environment = houses on stilts over tidal flats.  Only a very old 
few are adults. The games become deadly.  Bodies nearly indestructible.

Inc 2 loc = Shanghai, China;   Pyramid = Santiago, Chili.
The price of joyful exuberance is perversion.
To survive is to depend on the games of others

Time = shadows of sun moving over a village of houses on stilts.

Details:  You are a child in a mud village with houses on stilts.  There 
are adults (old looking Chinese) but they are no bigger than the 
children.  There is the impression that you will be a child forever & 
there are only a few old people.  The village floods whenever the 
tide comes in.  You alternate playing in the mud with sailing around 
in little boats depending on the tide.  The bodies are nearly 
indestructible and might be some rubbery form of doll body rather than 
real meat bodies.  At start it is all glorious fun, nothing bothers 
you, you're not cold or hungry or hurt by drowning etc.  The games 
are very rough but you can't get hurt.  You get trapped in an underwater 
cage during high tide & your only protest is that its dark & boring & 
you want to be out playing.  Sliding downscale you hurt others emotionally 
& by inhibiting their playing.  The games are often mean & viscous.  
Parents are rarely seen but their orders are to be obeyed but this 
interferes with playing so you deceive them & become missed withholdy.  
Also, monsters come in with the ties and sometimes they hurt someone 
or carry them off.  Adults sometimes use you for sex, this is pleasurable 
but also strange & fearsome & a bit frustrating (no climax). The games 
become more harmful & eventually a child dies.  You hadn't known this 
could occur & are horrified & fascinated by it.  Eventually you organize 
a terrible game with the monsters & perverted sex & entrapment & many 
die.  So the others take you into the temple where the serpent god divides 
you against yourself as a punishment.  Then you age but the adults find 
you loathsome & you can't play with the children anymore.  You die & are 
buried in the mud & later carried off to hell in an undersea volcano
by snakes & tortured there by the children you killed etc.


11. To Compete (Coach / team leader)

environment = sports arena, human style doll bodies.  A vicious cross 
between soccer, football, & hockey with a steel ball.  About 40 
players per team (many teams in shifting alliances on each side)
& attacks launched against repair dugout & coach's fort as part of 
game.  Referee delivers implants.

Inc 2 loc = Toronto, Canada;      Pyramid = Frankfort
The price of competition is loosing.
To survive is to depend on the encouragement of others.

Time = digital clock on scoreboard.
Energy = steel ball smashing into grandstands.
Cheat = tripping an opponent.
Detestation = fan throws food at a player.
Admiration = cheering crowd.

Details:  You are a coach / team leader.  you instruct & plan the plays 
& are generally in a fenced off enclosure guarded by some of your players 
(but opponents can storm the enclosure & attack you & you can venture 
out & play as needed).  Vast grandstands around you are filled with 
plastic spectators.  In the game, you generally can't touch the last 
person to touch the ball or touch a goalie but you can beat up everyone 
else according to a fantastically complex set of rules.  The bodies are 
very tough but can get smashed, especially by the steel ball.  Players 
go off to the dugout for repairs, but everything is fair game.  
Players attack the dugout & the coach enclosures & try to attack the 
referees (who are well protected) to distract them while rules are 
being broken etc.  Players can die by being smashed to small pieces 
and broken beyond repair.  At start the game is tremendously exhilarating 
- the sensations of play & motion are fantastic.  You plan & execute 
7 brilliant plays & are cheered etc.  Sliding downscale, you carelessly 
let players get broken, find ways to cheat, have trouble with your own 
men, & grow weaker.  There are other coaches on your side of the game & 
you start working against them.  They try to demote you but you lead 
your players against one of the other coaches on your side & destroy 
his enclosure.  The opponents gain strength & score goals as you fight 
your own side.  Your own side grabs you & takes you to the referee 
who hits you with a beam that divides you against yourself (your 
shirt then shows black stripes which are ridges of black energy).  
Now everyone ignores you during the plays and eventually you are 
trampled & your body is broken into tiny pieces.  They call time 
out & bury the pieces in the sand of the arena with a flag planted 
over the grave.  The flag has a Maltese cross on it to keep you in.  Later, 
enraged fans drag your soul out & throw it into a volcano under the 
grandstands where the spirits of the fans & players you betrayed 
throw things at you forever.


12. TO MANIPULATE  (Penguin Banker)

environment = a wall street like business district with fancy 
dressed two legged animal bodies.  You are a Penguin in a fancy 
coat who owns a bank.

Inc 2 loc = Zurich,Switzerland;   Pyramid = NE Greenland coast
The price of wealth (profit?) is oppression
To Survive is to depend on the trust (confidence) of others

Time = clock on the wall of a bank

Details:  At start you make 7 fantastic business deals, taking over 
companies etc. and outsmarting the other tycoons.  Sliding downscale, 
you are irresponsible about the side effects of your deals and others 
get hurt.  Homeless people (bears etc.) get angry, picket, tear 
down businesses.  You retaliate, call out police, etc.  Also you incite 
riots against competitors.  Eventually you are dragged into court & a 
god in the form of a computer sentences you & divides you against yourself.  
Your business connections dry up, your bank goes bankrupt, & you kill 
yourself by jumping out of a window.  The body is taken to a mausoleum.  
Eventually, devil bears rip your soul out & throw you into a volcano.


               Dynamic 13:  CHANGE


13. TO COMBINE  (Siamese Twins)

environment = separating & combining of male & female to make 3 legged twin.
Inc 2 loc= Rangoon;     Pyramid = SE. Atlantis
The price of harmony is self sacrifice.
To survive is to depend on the weakness of others.

time = Siamese clock.
space = city with twin buildings (like the world trade center)
energy = explosion in a laboratory.

Details:  The body type is a pair of Siamese twins which are born 
separately but must combine to form a complete body.  The male has 
only one leg and needs a crutch to walk as a singleton.  Normally a 
male and  a female combine.  The male has the inner shoulder which 
plugs into a gap in the female and he provides the large heart etc.  
The female singleton has 2 legs but only a lesser secondary heart etc. 
and can't exert herself.  After merging, the skin grows together but 
can be separated by an operation and the partners changed.  You change 
partners a few times in the incident and end up as a singleton.  Sex 
occurs between 2 sets of twins.  In  the incident you are a sort of 
surgeon/chemist.  At the start you make wonderful chemical combinations 
that produce marvelous results and you perform 7 brilliant operations 
that separate and recombine twins.  Sliding downscale you make strange 
freakish combinations of people and animals etc.   Also, you make 
combinations of more than 2 individuals etc.  You take other, non-twin, 
races and combine them into twins.  The lobster people object to this 
and try to make everyone into singletons.  You get worse & worse partners, 
get blamed by people for riots & blamed for invasion of lobster people etc. 
and are finally hunted down as a singleton and combined with a dead 
body.  The incident ends with the usual after death sequences etc.


14. TO METAMORPHOSE [ or TO SHAPE or TO BE SHAPED] (clay people)

Body type: Clay people.  You are a body shaper, sort of an artistic 
masseuse / plastic surgeon equivalent who can reshape someone else's 
clay body and get it to hold the new form (using a faint electric current?).
environment = a sort of clay city, like hard earthware built in a 
monumental form of slabs & blocks etc.

Inc 2 loc = Crete.      Pyramid =island off Venezuala/Brazil
The price of admiration is to conform (to others opinions)
To survive is to depend on the malleability of others.

time = clock on big clay building (which looks like an upside-down pot).
space = clay city (pot buildings & cracks in earth giving off fumes etc.).
energy = volcano exploding
Mass = landslide
trouble = fire people
Home = big slab building.

Details: At start you perform 7 wonderful shapings of people giving 
them strength, beauty, etc.  You are highly admired & respected.  Sliding 
downscale, you reshape someone you don't like, making them seem beautiful 
but really concealing an ugliness in the form and hardening it while leaving 
the surface beauty unfixed so that it fades.  Then you convince them that 
it is their true self showing though despite your best efforts.  There are 
many overts & also mistakes.  Your forms begin to unstabilize, bulges 
popping out etc.  This is blamed on a disease plague & people loose control 
of their forms but its really your fault.  Eventually you can't control 
your own form either.  They chase & capture you & you're divided against 
yourself etc.


15. TO CHANGE (Magician)

Body type = wizard (semi-human looking with wrinkled face etc. -  purple 
skin on 1st pass, then red skin (?), others have green skin etc., cartoon 
like colors).  You can metamorphose into many forms.  

env = Arabian nights style (city of minarets etc.).
Inc 2 loc = Tunisia.        Pyramid= Hati (Dom. Republic)
The price of power is insanity.
To survive is to depend on the perversions of others

time = Shadow swings across the dome of a palace.
space = Arabian knight's style city.
energy = a bolt from a wand.
mass = city walls falling
trouble = genies

Details: At start, you work 7 miracles by changing to various forms (by 
way of spells) including a winged horse, snake, mouse, gnome, etc.  You 
gain great power and admiration.  You battle other wizards and win.  
Sliding downscale, you abuse & misuse power & are arrogant & begin 
regretting things.  You make mistakes, loose battles against other wizards, 
trick people, etc.  The people come to hate you.  You object to the tax 
collectors and smash them & then smash the police & then have to smash 
the army & finally you destroy the palace.  Because there is no money, 
the city services fail and there is a shortage of water & food.  You abuse 
& sacrifice young girls etc.  The citizens storm your estate.  Eventually 
everyone is against you and you are hunted and captured and divided and 
killed and tossed in a volcano by snake demons etc.


16. TO BRING ORDER (Gorilla People)

This may be out of sequence.  It would make more sense for it to
fit under the 9th dynamic (Ethics).

env= village in the snow;  getting others to change and align in 
group efforts.
Inc 2 loc = St Petersburg, Russia.   Pyramid= Bismarck, ND.
The price of order is obligation
To survive is to depend on the xenophobia of others.

time = sun/shadows on village in the snow.
Space = View of a snow covered mountain slope with gorilla people, 
moose's, etc. in the distance.
Energy = gorilla person fights with moose (wrestles with antlers).
Mass = vast wall of snow about to fall.
Gods = a totem pole (the faces are alive).
Crush = gorilla person under an avalanche.
Injustice = individual sacrificed by group.

Details: You solve 7 major problems by getting people to change & align 
with each other.  The village is in a flood area (spring floods) so you 
get everyone to move etc.  People are happy with the changes in general 
but there is the occasional objector who you overwhelm.  Then your changes 
become more arbitrary or for personal gain & also you make mistakes.  
There are more protesters who you label as SPs & overwhelm but your 
justifications begin breaking down & you regret things but carry on anyway 
to make yourself right etc.  You overwhelm by getting others to gang up 
on the dissenters & argue at them & push at them & beat them up.  You see 
to it that people who try to stop you are murdered by your followers, 
but your followers also die due to your mistakes & greed.  Eventually 
the people rebel & tear down the villages & hunt you through the forest etc.

I may have two goals collapsed together here.  When I ran it, I got a
mixture of snow and jungle pictures.  Possibly the jungle stuff is
gorillas with the goal to bring order and the snow scenes are with
gorilla like abominable snowmen and some other goal (maybe To Align).  
I also had some trouble with this one getting mixed up with the bear 
people (see first dynamic goal to feel or to experience).


                 Dynamic 12:  Reason


17. To Reason (clown)

env = big city, human like energy bodies which give off sparks 
(keystone cops etc.).  You point out the irrationality of everyone's games.
Inc 2 loc= Manhattan.;    Pyramid = capetown S. Africa.
The price of logic is to entrap yourself
To survive is to depend on the stupidity of  others

time = building (like empire state bldg.) with big wristwatch 
  style clock on it.
Space = the city at dusk.
Turmoil = keystone cops chasing around.
Sensation = woman in lingerie (this is street dress)
Companionship = woman in checkered apron.
Sex = exchanging energy sparks.
(note that these are doll bodies with the clothes built into the body).

You are absurdly logical and a comic character so that the people
will love you despite your being far more intelligent than they are.
You handle 7 difficult problems, solving them with brilliant logic.
You use logic to talk people into giving you money, sex, etc.
Eventually this catches up with you and the people turn your own
logic against you so that you become a tragic figure who must
trap and destroy himself according to his own rules.  But you 
rebel and deny your own logic and they hunt you down etc.  You are
hauled before the energy god who is a crackling cloud in a power
plant and he divides you against yourself, etc.


18. To Orient (Wire Man)

The body is made of thick wires which you can bend around etc.  There
  is a shoulder plate and a genital box (with a sort of electric plug).
env= building a complex cagelike structure in space.  
  In the end you get it wrong & it  collapses.
Inc 2 loc = polar orbit;    Pyramid = Antarctica
The price of orientation is to be stuck
To survive is to depend on the confidence of others.

Time = sun/light/shadow moving across a structure in orbit.

At start you are a brilliant genius who can see how to align the
wires in the structure for maximum efficiency.  The space structure
tunes to basic energy in the universe and adding more with better
alignment increases the flow and brings great wealth.  The crowds
cheer you, the priests honor you etc.  But your constructions become
overly complex.  You make mistakes and the wire bodies are shaken
by painful bad vibrations etc.  Eventually your hauled before god
who is a statue of a man and divided.  Eventually your broken
parts are placed in a metal box with a cross on it to keep you in


19. TO GUIDE  (Pilot)

env=1930s barnstorming plus continents in the sky (a la 
Charles Fort) & guiding Zeppelins to them.  In the end you 
betray everyone & get zapped by a god statue
Inc 2 loc = Indianapolis;     Pyramid = Lemuria
The price of success is to be despised
To survive is to depend on the good will of others

Time = dusk on prairie.
Space = flying in clouds.
Impact = plane crash.
Guide = plane (WW1 style) leading a zeppelin through the clouds.

Details: You fly a small barnstorming type plane with 
fantastic skill & daring guiding zeppelins through the endless 
clouds to carry goods between different cities & continents in 
the sky.  The worlds are flatlands tumbling around in a space 
filled with atmosphere.  The plane is actually very powerful 
& long range & only looks primitive because of the double 
wings & open cockpit.  The continents shift around & 
visibility is poor so the freight & passenger carrying zeppelins 
need guides.  Early on the pilot can levitate somewhat (jumps 
out of plane without a shoot etc.) but later he has trouble with 
this.  He wears goggles which give him a partial ability to see 
through the clouds.  At start you guide 7 great convoys 
between flatworlds.  Everyone admires you, businessmen pay 
you large sums, crowds roar at airshows, & you take your pick 
of girls etc.  Then you demand too much money, get married 
& cheat on wife, act arrogant & put others down, get drunk & 
loose a zeppelin in the sky, crash a few planes, gets lost & 
disoriented, starts falling & getting hurt, develops dizziness 
etc.  The townspeople get angry, wife leaves him, businessmen 
sue him, etc.  Eventually he takes a young girl up in a plane, 
looses control, she dies, he falls badly.  So townspeople 
capture him, & take him into a cathedral where god divides 
him against himself.  Then he tries to fly but crashes etc. 
everyone avoids him.  Finally dies in a plane crash & they 
bury him in a cemetery with a cross over the grave to keep 
him inside.  Then winged devils tear his soul out of the 
ground & carry him to a flat earth volcano & throw him in 
where he is tortured forever by all the people (businessmen, 
women, etc.) that he betrayed.


20. To Compute  (toy bodies)

env=a logic maze constructed of toys, you take a new toy body 
off the rack every time you judge wrong & get smashed.  God 
is a giant toy Santa who zaps you for cheating & hurting other 
Inc 2 loc= North Pole.    Pyramid = Perth,Australia
The price of intelligence is self destruction
To survive is to depend on the answers of others

Time = a toy clock
Trouble = a rolly polly clown

At start you solve 7 difficult problems.  You are super bright
and pleased with yourself.  You help others.  You work your way
deeply into the maze.  Occasionally you loose a body, but not often.
You have sex with girl toys etc.  You zap troublesome toys with
energy.  Sliding downscale, you lose more bodies, get worried
that you'll never solve the maze, trick others into trying things
before you do so that you wouldn't lose a body (and have to resume
from the starting point).  You get worried about others beating you,
so you give out wrong answers, fix puzzles so that the answer is
different and the people behind you get broken, etc.  You also
find that the answers are changing around and you can't get into
the maze as deeply as you used to.  You feel its unfair, and are
worried about running out of bodies etc. so you organize riots.
Eventually you're divided against yourself by a toy Santa who
is god.  Your last few bodies now have black lines in them.
You keep trying to start the maze again and getting broken until
the last body is lost.  Others collect the piece and store them
under a machine with rotating crosses that keeps you in there
until devils drag you off to hell in a volcano that is under
the aerial roadways that connect the machines in the central part of
the maze.


             Dynamic 11 (Construction)


21. To Construct (beavers)

you build dams and traps for capturing and enslaving fish & skunk 
& squirrel people etc. eventually you trap your friends because they're 
scornful and you let the dam break etc.

Inc 2 loc = Bangor,Maine.      Pyramid = Perth, Australia
The price of industriousness is entrapment
To survive is to depend on the labor of others.

Details:  You are a beaver person with big teeth, fur, unusual 
hip joints (you can sit crouched for hours), arms, hands, tail, 
and wearing clothes (a vest).  You have orgies in the mud.
Squirrel people act as slave laborer, skunk people work as maids etc.
You undertake 7 large construction projects, managing the building of 
dams and traps and extending the village out on planks (like a dock)
over the water.  Your traps catch other people who you enslave and
put to work.  Then you begin building traps for beaver people too.
The people rebel, etc.  Eventually the god of the lake rises up
and divides you against yourself, etc.


22.  TO ARRANGE (Blockhead)

The goal To Engineer (below) may belong in a higher goals series.  
Or possibly To Build (#23) may be the incorrect one.  Or maybe this 
goal (to arrange) which was located late in the research is the 
incorrect one.  None of these three were run thoroughly and one of them 
is probably some sort of guiding spirit behind a constructive 
civilization rather than an embodied individual in that civilization.  
The guiding spirit type of body would go with a higher goals series.


22X. To Engineer (Lobster People)

env=underwater city
Inc 2 loc = S. Africa (lake)        Pyramid = Ghana,Africa
The price of calculation is to be detested
To survive is to depend on the strength of others

Time = mechanical clock with exposed gears.
Space = an undersea domed city and seabed.
Energy = giant machines (pumps with big swing booms, churning water & turmoil on 
Mass = underwater avalanche.

Details: You are a lobster person (walks upright, big claw arms and 
small manipulative arms -  2 pairs - at sides).  You are a brilliant 
engineering genius who designs 7 marvelous projects including pyramids, 
a core tap, etc.  But you alter designs for your own profit, things 
collapse, and people die.  Power sources fail due to your misengineering. 
and riots start etc.  They find out it is your fault and hunt you down.


23. To Build (snake people)

env = a space city similar to Arslycus which gets too big.  
  Enslaves other races.
Inc 2 loc= in orbit & Alaska.     Pyramid = Bangkok.
The price of havingness is enslavement.
To Survive is to depend on the compulsions of others.

Time = sun in orbit.
Space = space city (sun orbits the city).
Crash = aircar smashes into building.
Crush = snake person under collapsing roadway.

Details:  There is tremendous exhilaration at the fantastically
complex and beautiful construction.  You undertake 7 projects
to expand the city.  You hurt slaves in the process, but its for
the greater good.  Then you have problems with construction errors,
riots, etc.  Eventually the part your building gets too big and 
falls apart and the enraged citizens chase you through the sky.


24. To Structure (Crystals)

levitating gems getting salts from water & energy from sunlight. 
  They can put out energy beams etc.
env: a crystal city hanging in the air over a lake, mostly
  aerial rods with an occasional structure etc.
Inc 2 loc = Great Salt Lake.   Pyramid = Versallis,France
The price of alignment is to be held in place (located)
To survive is to depend on the form of others

Time = pulsing crystal.
Energy = flow blasts out from a crystal.
Shattered = crystal breaking apart.
Sex = sides in contact between crystals, rubbing with crackling energy.

Details:  You undertake 7 vast projects extending the city further
into the sky etc.  You are highly admired.  Sliding downscale, you
make mistakes, begin stealing light from others etc.  The poor must
float up above the city to get their daily energy because they live
deep in shadows but often lack the energy to do so (because it takes
energy to climb high) and fall (breaking apart and dying).  You help
the rich build bigger and higher levels and that makes it worse for
the poor.  Eventually society fails and the city falls.  Mobs chase
you etc.


            DYNAMIC 10:  AESTHETICS


25. To Invent (munchkins)

You are an inventor, sort of like a little old toymaker or shoemaker.
env= like an old bavarian city. You invent wondrous devices & then 
suppressive things
Inc 2 loc = Bavaria;    Pyramid = Poconos in Pennsylvania
The price of ingenuity is entrapment
To survive is to depend on the aesthetic appreciation of others

Time = Mechanical Clock.
Space = large cluttered workshop.

Details: At the start, you invent 7 wondrous things including a
fancy town clock.  These are very aesthetic.  They work not so much by
logic but because they are so wondrous to behold that they gain
instant agreement.  Then your greed & lust & pride cause you to
maintain your position by building terrible but aesthetic devices to
gain things.  Also building weapons of war & enslavement (for use
against the insect people) & control which are then turned against
the population.  You invent things like devices which inspire lust in
women etc.  Eventually the mobs chase you etc.


26. To Enhance (Ghost People)

You are a female ghost in a sort of spirit body
env=spirit world and an 1890s style city of human and cat people
 where you enhance their view of things.  There is also a ghostly 
 city where you live that partially intersects the real city.
Inc 2 loc = Copenhagen,     Pyramid = Buenos Aries
The price of improvement is condemnation
To survive is to depend on the illusions of others

companionship = a male ghost
sensation = a living male cat person

Details:  You go around enhancing living peoples view of things.
You do 7 good deeds by enhancing.  You make the guys see girls as
more beautiful etc.  Without enhancement, the city looks drab, like
ashes, but you make it appear beautiful to the living.  You receive
praise and offerings.  You visit living men in the night for sex and
take a drop of blood as an offering.  This makes you more real and
stronger than other ghosts who look up to you etc.  But you can never
forget that its all ugly under the surface and you are fooling
people.  They get in trouble because you make things seem better than
they are and lead them into mistakes.  You become mischievous and
trick people and haunt them and demand sacrifices.  You do heavy
sexual blanketing which harms people.  The priests try to exorcise
you etc.  Eventually you're captured and hauled into a church where
god on a cross divides you against yourself etc.


27. To Inspire (muses)

you bring inspiration in dreams but eventually you steal others ideas.
Inc 2 loc= Florence, Italy;     Pyramid = Ethiopia
The price of new ideas is to be scorned
To survive is to depend on the dullness of others

Time = sundial.
Disaster = Earthquake.
You = girl in robe.
Sensation = another girl.

Details:  You are in a sort of astral body (female), but the knights
have flaming swords which radiate heavenly energy that can cut on the
astral plane as well as the physical.  At the start you bring 7
wonderful inspirations & the people and the dream master praise you.
But then you start inspiring people into crimes, degradation, etc.
Also, you run out of inspiring ideas so you start stealing ideas from
other muses.  Eventually you start bringing nightmares etc.  When
you're thrown into the volcano at the end, you can't escape because
you have no inspiration (no ideas).


28. To Beautify (faire godmother / faire queen )

env= storybook land, you make everything beautiful & then kill 
all the people to keep it that way.
Inc 2 loc= Babylon;   Pyramid = Orlando, Fla.
The price of beauty is suffering (sadness)
To survive is to depend on the good taste of others

Time = sun swings over storybook land.

Details: You float around and can wave your wand and make things
beautiful.  You perform 7 wondrous deeds such as making a poor girl
beautiful so she can meet the price (like Cinderella) etc.  You make
the countryside and cottages and castles beautiful etc.  But you see
everyone messing up the environment and doing ugly things such as
eating each other etc.  The Cinderella like girl gets the dress and
coach messed up having sex, so you give her a poisoned apple (like
sleeping beauty, but no happy ending) etc.  The children are starving
so they eat the gingerbread houses so you throw them into a furnace
(like Hansel & Gretel) etc.  Eventually you get items like "To
Beautify is to ignore suffering" etc.  You depopulate the countryside
and become a horror to everyone, so they summon witches and devils to
use against you and there's the usual business of being captured and
divided etc.  Eventually you're dead and buried under a magic circle
which keeps you in the ground until witches on broomsticks drag you 
off to hell in a volcano.


Continued in #5D