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Continued from #5C


           Dynamic 9: ETHICS


29. To Purify (Fire People)

you see the impurities in the flames of others, find criminals & toss 
  them into a volcano, etc.
Inc 2 loc = Lima Peru;     Pyramid = Pompey,Italy
The price of purity is the loss of self-determinism (individuality?)
To survive is to depend on the bigotry (sins?) of others

Time = sun swings over the fire city (clay slabs and billowing 
    fire and balls of fire).

Details:  At the start, you find 7 criminals by seeing the impurities
in their flames and capture them and toss them in the volcano.  The
people cheer you for saving them.  Gradually it becomes like the
inquisition, with you searching out people with impure thoughts etc. 
And the you start tossing in good people as well for personal gain
and you also make mistakes and toss in the wrong people etc.  Then 
the usual business of captured and divided etc.


30. To Arbitrate (Bull people / minotaur)

CORRECT GOAL MAY BE "TO JUDGE" - to be investigated.

you solve disputes in a Greek style city with other races as slaves
Inc 2 loc = Crete;      Pyramid = Buenos Aires
The price of compromise is universal misery
To survive is to depend on the obligations of others

Time = sundial in plaza.

Details: You solve 7 great disputes including one between the king
and the workers.  You do this by talking to them and shifting their
viewpoints until they come into agreement.  You are greatly praised
and rewarded.  But you see that bringing people into agreement and
getting them to compromise creates harm.  You get the workers to
compromise on a point of safety and then a building under
construction collapses on them.  You get the girls to compromise on
being ravished by the bulls etc.  Eventually everyone looses by
compromising too much and they blame you etc.


31. To Defend (little green men)

env = flying saucers and a planet with many types of people (from 
  other implant universes) ruled by religious zealots who want
  everyone to be good and follow the rules.  The saucer people are
  the chosen of god and defenders of the faith & civilization etc.
Inc 2 loc = Japan;       Pyramid = Tibet
The price of ethics is betrayal.
To survive is to depend on the integrity of others.

Time = saucer in orbit.
Space = ship over city.
Holy = cross on control panel.

Details:  You fight 7 great battles against forces of evil including
invaders, revolutionaries, heretics, etc.  You find out that not all
the rebels are bad and regret blasting them but continue doing it
because of pride and duty.  You become arrogant and lord it over the
ground population etc.  You blast entire cities of loyal people when
the lizard invaders occupy them.  Resources run short and you force
the cities to supply you while their citizens starve.  Civilization
crumbles but you keep on defending and wrecking things further. 
Rebel ships capture yours and haul you before the silver robot god
and he divides you against yourself.  You're allowed to return to
your ship but now the crew despises you and considers you a traitor
etc. and tosses you out into a volcano, etc.


32. TO STRENGTHEN (Strong man)

This goal, found late in the research, might belong here instead of 
To Protect which seems like it belongs in the upper series.  
This goal requires further investigation.

It is also possible that the gorilla goal "to bring order" belongs

Additional note:  The upper series might also include the goal To Nurture 
(guardian of the forest).

Details (?): You pour energy into the weak to help them. (?)


32X. To Protect (colored balls of energy)

you police a city of other body types, zapping wrongdoers.
Inc 2 loc= Tibet;       Pyramid=Washington DC.
The price of safety is inhibition.
To survive is to depend on the sins of others

Details: You are a colored sphere of energy which floats around.  You
handle 7 situations, protecting the innocents by zapping their
attackers.  You feel very proud and helpful etc. and are rewarded by
being fed electricity.  You have sex by exchanging energy with other
spheres etc. (there doesn't seem to be any male/female polarization).
Eventually you zap the wrong people, mishandle things, fight with
other spheres, develop perversions (such as drinking in sex flows
from bodies).  You become viscous and outlawed, no longer fed energy
but stealing it, sometimes draining it from bodies and killing them,


                Dynamic 8 (religion)


                               (zodiac mass = Pisces)

33. To Enlighten (or to preach) (rabbit preacher)

env = cartoon like rabbits walking around in frock coats.  You preach
    human sacrifice (to wolves in leather jackets) & sex orgies
    & end up dying on the cross.
Inc 2 loc = Libya (? or Jerusalem), Pyramid = Montgomery,Ala.
The price of preaching is sacrifice.
To survive is to depend on the faith of others.

Time =

Details: You are a preacher and carry a holy book with you as
you go into town.  You preach sacrifice to higher purposes.  You
work 7 miracles.  You sacrifice rabbit people to the wolves and less
die than before.  The usual decline and troubles.


34. To convert (reptile/fish person)

 - looks a bit like the creature from the black lagoon); 
you can evoke heavenly pictures & promote a false religion & even fool 
the lesser gods (statues) so they think you represent a higher god.

env = seashore & lagoons, very colorful.  Coral & multi-colored sand.
  Giant shells used as boats and temples built on the reefs etc.
Inc 2 loc = Jakarta, Indonesia;    Pyramid = S.E. Atlantis
The price of divine revelation is to be fooled
To survive is to depend on the gullibility of others

Time = sun over lagoon (floating houses & fish people)

Details:  The people worship god statues (the pilot, mermaid, etc.
- generally terminals of other penalty).  The statues have
cantankerous lesser gods who expect sacrifices and so small favors
for much worship.  You have the ability to evoke heavenly pictures in
the sky.  These pictures are scenes from other universes.  With this
you falsely convince others that you are the agent of a higher god.
Even the lesser gods get scared and become propitiative.  You perform
7 wondrous revelations, using the pictures to stop wars etc.  But
you can't really heal the sick or control the weather as the lesser
gods can, and they miss your withholds and you get into various
troubles and go through the usual decline etc.


35. To connect (female angel) 
env= heavenly clouds (later hell on Earth), you get a sexual kick 
  from connecting with God, and later find that you can get 
  the same kick with body sex (forbidden) & get sent down to hell.
Inc 2 loc= Los Angeles (heaven in clouds); Pyramid = Hawaii
 (inc 2 scene - angel with burnt wings tumbling into a volcano
The price of sensation is defilement
To survive is to depend on others for fulfillment

Time = sun on clouds.
Space = pearly/golden gates & clouds
Energy = golden rays coming down from God on high.
Mass = golden alter in heavenly cathedral.
Ecstasy = angles in cathedral writhing in light of God.

Details:  You receive religious & sexual ecstasy by connection 
with God.  You go through 7 divine experiences in various places 
such as the cathedral & the courtyard etc. generally in a group & 
the light of God shines on you & you all have a vast 
religious/sexual experience.  Sliding downscale, you enter 
forbidden places & do forbidden things such as eating of the tree 
of knowledge & get M/W/Hs from God & you hide this when he 
sends out a ray of ecstasy making the ecstasy diminish.  Sex 
(forbidden) lets you connect with & have ecstasy with someone 
other than God & you do this & pervert other angles & have 
problems etc.  The sexual ecstasy gradually decays & leaves you 
with empty cravings.  You are found out, argue with God, blame 
him, become arrogant, & are cast out of heaven & into hell on the 
ground.  There you are tortured but also seek sexual ecstasy 
through pain, but it diminishes & you die etc.


36. To worship (knights) 
env= castle, you make sacrifices to the God in the cross (who 
  absorbs the soul of people put on the cross) & do holy quests & 
  persecute other religions.
Inc 2 loc = England;      Pyramid = China
The price of faith is blindness
To survive is to depend on the blindness of others

Time = sun over forest & castle by lake.
Space = ramparts of castle looking over the meadow.
Energy = knight swinging sword.
Mass = walls of castle.

Details: At the start you perform 7 holy quests (like holy grail
etc.), smash the god statues of rival religions, become arrogant,
etc.  It gets a bit like the inquisition, with you as an inquisitor,
and then you begin to feel sympathy for the victims and start
cheating and betraying your comrades and it goes down from there.


                 Dynamic 7 (spirits)

37. To predetermine (the soothsayer)

 - this is a symbol body which manifests in various forms such as 
 the blind prophet, the wise fool, & the water carrier.

env = flat earth; you see the symbol bodies behind
  peoples human forms & You insert meanings into things and
  setup theta machinery and predetermine what will occur.
  The symbol bodies are like stick figure drawings using lines 
  of fire.  The flat earth is old testament/Babylon like.
Inc 2 loc = Turkey;  Pyramid = Southern Alberta, Canada
The price of prediction is to be foredoomed.
To survive is to depend on the superstitions of others.

Time = sun shadow far above a pasture on a flat earth.
Space = Mountains in the distance.

Details: You can see the symbol body behind the physical forms
and therefor know their fate.  You make prophesies based on their
symbols and this keys them in and makes it come to pass (because
it is the doom that you see waiting for them).  You begin with 7 
prophecies of doom but help them overcome the calamities.  Eventually
you become greedy, vengeful, etc., makeup false dooms, preach
against the kings, etc.  Finally the god who is a mountain divides
you against yourself etc.


38. To collect (elves/fairies) 
env=fairyland, souls are captured & made into enchanted weapons etc.
Inc 2 loc = Bombay, India;   Pyramid = Baghdad
The price of power is corruption 
To survive is to depend on the enslavement of others

Time = Sun passes over an elf tree city.
Space = field where elves dance.
Energy = bolt from ring of power.
Mass = elves pushing a bolder.

Details: You are a great spellsmith who captures spirits and enchants
them into weapons and things.  You collect beings.  You begin by
making 7 great devices in this manner.  You raise your arms and let
your spirit flow out and surround the victim spirit and crush it down
an into an object you have made.  When someone dies you try to be on
hand to collect the spirit etc.  The people at first praise you and
then come to fear you and despise you.  You become vain and arrogant
and hate everyone.  The gods divide you against yourself.  When you
die, you're collected into an object and locked in a vault until
demons come to drag you off to hell, etc.


39. To Influence (cupid) 

env=greek mythology style space opera; 
  you inspire people to love, hate, etc.
Inc 2 loc = Jacksonville, Fla.;   Pyramid = Vermont
The price of excitement is to stay hidden
To survive is to depend on the discomfort of others.

Time = 

Details: The cupids live in the clouds as do the angels and
demons (who both object to the influence of the cupids, because
they have strong purposes whereas the cupids only want interesting
experiences).  The people in the cities are of various body types
including humanoid and wire people etc.  At the start you visit 7
cities and inspire people to 7 interesting emotions.  You are
admired by the other cupids etc.  Then you begin inspiring lower
emotions, terror and hate etc. and have various fights and problems.
Eventually you inspire the people to riot and destroy civilization.
The angles capture you and drag you before god (who is on a golden
throne in the clouds) and he divides you against yourself.  You 
die and are "buried" in a spirit coffin in the clouds.  Finally
the devils haul you off to hell in a volcano etc.


40. To Embody (Pan - goat god).  

You evoke nymphs etc. out of trees etc. & solidify their bodies 
  by playing panpipes.
Inc 2 loc = Catalina;      Pyramid = Greece.
The price of embodiment is suffering.
To survive is to depend on the harmony of others.

Time = sun swings over forest glade.
Space = forest & brook
Energy = Geyser coming up out of a lake
Mass = Dryads melted into a rock.
Invoke = playing pan pipes & calling something forth from a tree
Solidify = dryad outside of tree becoming solid.
Terror = bull like demon rises out of lake by waterfall.
Trouble = Pinwheel of energy around a silver cap.

Details:  At first you are alone in a forest glade.  You use the 
panpipes to evoke the spirit of each natural form and then make it 
solidify into a person (i.e., summon the spirit from the tree and 
embody it into a tree nymph etc.).  You go around and evoke 7 
groups of spirits and solidify them.  All of them praise and worship 
you and want their friends embodied as well.  You carry on 
populating the woods etc., but you occasionally bring out a 
monster or demon (or the energy pinwheels, which are dangerous 
to you).  Also, the embodied spirits have problems etc. and begin 
to blame you.  Also, the nymphs etc. sometimes refuse to give you 
what you want and so you embody monsters to force them.  Also 
you solidify things for your own gain and demand payment from 
the solidified spirits etc. and you make mistakes and hide them.  
You can also embody concepts, etc.  And you embody evil as well 
as good.  The trees etc. all start dying because you've pulled out 
all of the spirits.  Everyone blames you for everything and they 
hunt you down and the guardian of the forest divides you against 
yourself (Tree God) and devils throw you in a volcano etc.

Note: This was previously To solidify / to Not-Is in 6th dynamic.  


               Dynamic 6 (physical)


41. To Locate (Leprechaun (wise fool, human like)

env = rooms interconnected at random.  You find various people
  (symbols) in rooms and try to find your way to the center.
Inc 2 loc = Inside a space wheel in orbit (rings of rooms
  sliding in relationship to each other);  Pyramid = Quito,Equ.
The price of being located is to be a target
To survive is to depend on the mis-orientation of others

Time = Grandfather's clock
Space = a room + shadows of rooms in 4th dimension.
Energy = a ray from the center passes into a room & hits someone
Mass = someone pounding on a wall.
Boisterous = a drinking hall.

Details:  The "Sun" in the center (in a circular room surrounded
by a railed balcony and maybe a control panel) puts out higher 
dimensional rays which pass through the walls and illuminate the
rooms and unlike most people, you can sense the direction of the
rays and know where you are even though the rooms keep shifting
(as if they are mounted in a series of concentric rings which 
rotate in relationship to each other).  There are also some large
halls such as the kings hall, the drinking hall, etc.  You are
a locator working for the king.  The people are reminiscent of
medieval tarot card drawings.  At the start, you go on 7 missions
of locating people and things and are showered with riches etc.
Sliding downscale, you hide things and keep the locations to
yourself (treasure etc.) and get others lost.  Finally you start
making mistakes and get lost yourself etc.  The kingdom begins
to fall and the king blames you and soldiers chase you etc.
In the end you wind up in hell in a volcano that is located on
the floor of the central room beneath the center sun.


42. To permeate (theta body); 

you permeate meat body people & implant orders, at first helpful 
  & then harmful.
Inc 2 loc = Rio de Jenero;  Pyramid = Saudi Arabia
The price of pervasion is dissolution
To survive is to depend on the suggestability of others

Time = a shadow moves underwater (?).
 (or world turning in sunlight seen from low orbit?)

Details:  You help the tiger people, fox people, etc. by blanketing 
crowds and implanting orders to stop riots etc.  Then you decay and
do sexual blanketing and implant things as jokes (like a bad
hypnotist) and inspire people to fight etc.  Finally the god,
who is a statue of a Centaur, divides you against yourself and 
you give conflicting orders when you try to implant others, etc.

Note: was previously in 7th dynamic, and had To Solidify in 6D 
(which is now To Embody in 7D, but solidify might still be another 
goal and permeate might be in error and actually be part of to 
energize, note similarity in the body type etc. - needs to be 


43. To energize (thought circles; color flows)
Inc 2 loc = In the Aurora Australis (southern aurora)
  Pyramid = Kashmir.
The price of motion is pain
To survive is to depend on the unawareness of others.

Time = moving swirl of color.
Space = lines of energy stretching out towards infinity.
Energy= star exploding.
Mass = black hole pulling in asteroids etc.
God = a planet (like the man in the moon).

Details: You permeate mest & sublimate it & it turns into flows of 
colorful energy which you feed on & play in.  at start there are 7 
wonderful sublimations where you release the energies of planets 
etc.  Colors reflect energy levels, blue is warm, red is painful, 
black is death/unconscious.  You have problems with stars blowing 
up and unsettling your stomach, overts of stealing energy from 
others, overts of destroying pretty places, etc.  Eventually a 
planet god divides you against yourself (black lines in your 
energy swirly), finally you're drained of all energy & go black & 
are pulled down to a planet & fall into a volcano.

Note: This one might belong to a higher series


44. To gather (Spacesuit bodies - like radiation suits, but
   the suit is the body, no face inside), 

env = like 3rd Invader force.  You go around using a fac 1 like device
   to implant & take over.
Inc 2 loc = Nepal;   Pyramid = Atlantis
The price of wealth is to be controlled.
To survive is to depend on the conditionability of others

Time =

Details:  At the start, you conquer 7 societies (unicorns etc.) and
are hailed as a great leader.  Then you make mistakes, get
overwhelmed by robots, revolutionaries, etc.  Note that you never
consider it an overt to conquer the meat body people, your idea of
overts has to do with betraying other invaders and your own loss
of courage etc.  Then comes the usual decline.


             Dynamic 5 (life)


45. To grow (Genetic entity), 

env=a southsea volcanic island.
    you are a GE & evolve a genetic line trying to have your
    forms overwhelm the forms evolved by other GEs in the 
    chain of islands.
Inc 2 loc = Tahiti;   Pyramid = Australia.
The price of growth is death
To survive is to depend on the sacrifices of others.

Time = cells/micro-organisms in the sea as day turns to night
Space = An island in the sea, bay, reefs, the sky above.
Energy = lightning bolt striking a forest and starting a fire
Matter = a vast rock cliff above the beach
Affinity = GE feeling tender for a mouse like creature
Reality = a volcano sheathed in clouds and its slopes teaming with life
Communication = one monkey points a snake out to another
Understanding = 2 sloths hang together looking at each other in the trees
Fate = Glacier
Help = Aneoba reaching towards another that is sinking
Decay = fungus on tree
Creation = strange glow from a cave in the slopes of a volcano
you = GE (golden cloud)
Fall = bird dropping a clamshell
Warmth = Green Sun in sky
Turbulence = surf
Competition = another GE, blue colored
Abandonment = shellfish on beach
Doom = volcano erupting

Details:  You are a genetic entity growing lifeforms.  You begin with
simple ones on a lifeless volcanic island, and gradually get more
complex.  Then a rival GE starts up on the opposite side of the
island.  He sends birds against the clams, vines against the trees,
so you grow monkeys to tear at the vines, so he grows tigers to eat
the monkeys etc.

This one probably belong in a higher series.  The GE is a cloud
form and the scale is creation first followed by decay instead
of a straight decay down to death.


46. To discover (centaurs), 

env=ship sailing from bay to bay on a new continent, explorers 
 who first try to find treasure, learn wisdom, and teach, but end up 
 like conquistadors.
Inc 2 loc = New Zealand;   Pyramid = Durban, South Africa
The price of discovery is blame (ruin?)
To survive is to depend on the gullibility of others

Time = sun swings over ship at sea with centaurs.
Space = Looking over the rail of a ship at the shores of a vast bay.
Energy=Rhinocerous charging.
Mass=Cliffs at shore, waves drive a ship towards them.

Details: At start you are on an explorers ship landing in natural 
harbors etc. along the shores of a new continent (large island).  It 
is very exciting and you are filled with the thrill of finding and 
learning new things.  The places have strange flora & fauna.  You 
visit 7 bays (rabbit people + robots; cat people + bears; Elves + 
goat people; Magicians +arabs; Gnomes + giants; Frog people + 
insects; Greek gods + dog people).  You visit each bay and are 
exhilarated by what you find, but you try to dominate the people.  
At first you help them and they welcome you.  Eventually you 
exploit and enslave them.  Also, you get drawn into their wars etc.  
You try to teach them about things and fail, you discover new 
ideas but they don't want to listen, so you begin to trap them for 
their own good and force them into schools & they rebel etc.  The 
people pray for help against you and angels with fiery swords 
come and oppose you.  Eventually they destroy your ship and 
capture you and god divides you against yourself etc.


47. To heal (Tree Man), 
env = forest,  You heal the animals taking all the hurt away but 
when they disobey you, you push it all back in & they get sick.
Inc 2 loc = Prague;  Pyramid = Uruguay.
The price of healing is pain.
To survive is to depend on the weakness of others.

Time = shifting slant of sunlight threw forest canopy.
Space = a path going off through the trees into the distance
Trouble= A Bore Person (pig man with tusks).

Details: You are in a forest with cat people, bull people, etc.  At 
start you visit 7 races and perform great healing for each.  They 
all build alters to you and worship and praise you.  But you don't 
like them fighting each other etc. so you try to control them.  You 
push injuries back in on the and they sicken and die.  Another 
forest guardian sets up on the far side of the forest and your 
people and his people fight.  Too many are killed and hurt for you 
o heal them all and so your people turn against you.  Eventually 
your captured and taken before the mountain god (earth god) and 
divided against yourself etc.


48. To Adapt (Thread Man).
You are a bundle of threads that can unravel and reweave into a 
  new shape.
Inc 2 = N. Siberia;   Pyramid = Syria

Time = A clock on a tower (silver ball with streamers)
Space = Gossamer city
Energy = wave shakes the city (Underwater?)
Mass = great rock crushes things.
You = A thread man (like many pieces of string
Trouble = Cyclops

Details: At start you adapt and teach others to adapt to 7 threats.  
There are crab people who chop you with pincers and cyclopses 
who burn you with beams from their eye and bull people who 
enforce rules.  There are snowflakes, etc.  You have a horror of 
solidifying and of burning.


         Dynamic 4 (race & society)


49. To Establish (giant), 
env = three eyed giants dominating flatlands linked by a hyperspace grid
Inc 2 loc = Philadelphia;   Pyramid = Dublin, Ire.
The price of order is invalidation
To survive is to depend on the obedience of others

(note, originally had this as one eyed giants - i.e. Cyclops, 
but some confusion between this & To Judge; also was missing the 
next goal upwards, so items got crossed up)

Time =

Details: There is an electronic grid (looks like graphics) ultra 
dimensional grid linking 7 firmaments / planes / flatlands.  You 
establish the 7 flatlands & setup a race of beings on each one 
(Chinese peasant children, fox people, etc.) in a rigid cast 
system.  Each race has a trade / task / skill & you establish a 
civilization co-ordinating all these & expanding the space grid.  
You hypnotize (implant) any dissenters for the greater good.  At 
start you have wonderful goals of a glorious civilization etc.  
Sliding down, people revolt, get implanted, you do many overts, & 
finally give up & let civilization fall & are captured by mobs etc.


50. To Share (dolphins), the dolphins have no hands, but 
   can levitate things by group postulation.  They launch wooden
   spaceships and build a very low orbit space station.  You
   create too much dissension and the station falls.
Inc 2 loc = near Hawaii.   Pyramid = Azors
(inc 2 scene: dolphin in a glider spiraling into volcano)
The price of sharing is enforced agreement
To survive is to depend on the agreement of others.

Time = sun over ocean with dolphins
space = dolphin in glider high above world
energy = beam from sky boiling ocean.
mass = dolphins in ocean levitating vast glob of water.
god = giant statue of Poseidon with trident.
Trouble=aliens (like giraffe people?, or insect people?)

Details: You do 7 great cooperative efforts including uprooting 
trees from the islands and launching the space platform and 
shaking the aliens' (insect people with energy weapons) ship 
until they will trade peacefully.  Gliders and platforms are wood 
frames with plastic film holding water.  Sex is group orgies at sea; 
You have no hands and can only operate in a group.  Agreements 
are forced by projecting thought bubbles at each other;  You 
commit overts as ordered by the group including casting out a 
friend (thrown off platform) & then rebel & obsessively 
individuate.  Poseidon divides you against yourself etc.


51. To Unite (dog soldiers), 
env=a Nazi Germany like war for racial purity.  In the end you 
  turn traitor & both sides do you in.
Inc 2 loc = Frankfort,Germany;   Pyramid = Perth, Australia.
The price of loyalty is dishonor
To survive is to depend on the honor of others.

Time = sun swings over a battlefield.
Space = a harbor with ships & planes & troops massed on shore.
Energy = a large bomb blows up a city (mushroom cloud).
Mass = giant steel doors of a bunker like fortress. (huge).
God = Statue of a giant bird on a pedestal.
Trouble = cat people

Details:  You are an officer engaged in 7 glorious campaigns, 
defeating the enemy & uniting countries & purifying the race.  
At first you agree heavily with this & see the sense of it & are 
happy to have an opponent, but gradually you begin to question.  
The army installs control devices in your teeth.  You have sex 
with an enemy spy & sympathize with the enemy & begin helping 
them.  Your discovered & flee to the enemy who implant more 
control devices & send you back as a counter spy & you're 
caught again & implanted further etc.  Your divided against 
yourself & sent again as a spy with hidden portions of yourself 
taking over when you are asleep & reporting in etc.  Eventually 
you blow everyone up by disabling the shields during an attack.  
Your comrades from both sides drag your soul out of the grave & 
toss you in a volcano for betraying them.  This is high tech with 
laser cannons, laser rifles with bayonets, etc., the women have 4 


52. To Control (frog people),

env= pond with houses on stilts, much politics
Inc 2 loc= Caspian Sea;   Pyramid = Lake Nayassa, Africa.
(inc 2 scene: Frog person dumped into a volcano by a crowd)
The price of civilization is oppression
To survive is to depend on the meekness of others.

?? maybe some error on this one, 
possibly slime monsters should be saucer people?
maybe something else wrong, (turned on headache).

Time = a water clock (a series of trays of water)
Space = a village of floating cushions w/ sunshades + houseboats
Energy = a tidal wave.
Mass = a vast cliff overhanging the lake.
Trouble = slime monsters.

Details: You are a frog person (manlike, has hands, wears clothes, 
etc.).  The frog people mostly live in & on the water although they 
have buildings on the shore too (need to breed underwater, etc.).  
You control the pond by leading & manipulating the people & try 
to control other ponds as well.  You perform 7 great deeds of 
control to get the people to work together to fight slime monsters, 
stop crime, build a dam, etc.  The people wouldn't obey rules so 
you put thought control helmets on them (supposedly on criminals 
but really on anyone who protests). The helmets give headaches 
when they disobey orders or break laws or thing bad thoughts 
about the state etc. Eventually you covertly aid the slime monsters 
to give you more excuses for more control etc.  You misdeeds are 
eventually found out & the people rebel & your chased & caught & 
divided against yourself etc.

------ Following, to judge, probably belongs with the 9th dynamic
  (same as arbitrate), kept here temporarily as a safety measure., 
see 9th dynamic.

??. To Judge (giants - a Judge), 
  env = courtroom, you make
   others divide against themselves for their crimes.
   You travel to villages of underpeople such as elves & fairies
   & hold court.  Twist cases for your own gain.
Inc 2 loc = Philadelphia;     Pyramid= Dublin, Ire.
The price of law is injustice
To survive is to depend on the law abidence of others

Time = courtroom clock.


               Dynamic 3 (groups)


53. To Organize (clerk; human), 

env = a bureaucracy (everything happens inside); planets are being 
   taken over & you do the paperwork; eventually angry mobs storm 
   the building & burn forms etc.
Inc 2 loc = London;       Pyramid = Portugal
The price of order is frustration
To survive is to depend on the uniformity of others.

Time = beeping computer signal (red flashing light on console).
Space = looking down at a cafeteria from a mezzanine.
Energy = someone throws a basket of forms at the clerks head.
Mass = endless ceiling high piles of forms.
Trouble = bull people.

Details: The body type is a hermaphrodite (bi-sexual).  Sex is 
used as an office hierarchy privilege, done to you by seniors & 
by you to juniors.  There is a sort of 2D as well & the sex in the 
office is a source of upset.  God is an administrative computer.  
The entire incident happens indoors.  The exhilaration at the start 
is on putting order into everything & categorizing & airing it.  
Planets are being taken over & you handle all the paperwork.  At 
start you organize 7 departments, creating new forms & 
procedures to introduce more order into the every growing piles 
of data.  There are forms about forms.  When you make a mistake, 
the penalty is to pay tax & the form for this are endless & 
horrible.  You inflict forms & lines & procedures on others & 
sometimes they starve & die on line.  There are bull people who 
wouldn't tolerate this and wreck things etc.  Sinking downscale, 
you become horrified & guilty but can't stop.  Eventually angry 
mobs storm through the building & burn forms etc.  Eventually 
you are caught and divided for your sins by the god computer.  In 
the end you fall down an elevator shaft which opens into a big 
cavern in the basement that contains a volcano which leads down 
to hell.


54. To Co-operate (robots), 

env = warring space stations in orbit (blue Vs red robots) (squarish 
  robot bodies, cube heads)
Inc 2 loc = orbit;    Pyramid = Detroit
(inc 2 scene - robot falling from sky into a volcano).
The price of agreement is obedience
To survive is to depend on the obedience of others.

Time = sunlight moving across a space station.
Space = 2 large space stations (wheels), a planet is high above.
  (about 8 big platforms + ships & robots moving around)
Energy = ship smashing into station & debris flying around.
Mass = large bundle of girders drifting into a bulkhead & 
   crumpling it in a large loading dock (gravityless).
God = computer
Creator = octopus in tank of gas.
Dissolve = robots tossing others into a vat of boiling acid.
Details: you do 7 great projects working together with the other 
robots to build things & expand the station & fight the enemy 
robots etc.  You're a sort of team leader who gets others to work 
together but they get in each others way & you sacrifice & harm 
them for the sake of the project without regard to fairness or 
impact on the individuals (i.e. purely practical).  The individuals 
become upset so you have them reprogrammed (implanted) & also 
you pretend to be helping them but really (at first) are only 
working for the sake of the group.  Later you become dis-
illusioned & only work for yourself & your own gain.  Finally you 
want to overthrow society but can't because the other robots will 
destroy everyone.  Your evilness is found out & your dragged 
before the computer God etc.


55. To Participate (mermaid) 

env = in ocean.  Sex splits open the tail & causes you to develop 
  legs which is considered degraded & confines you to land.  You do 
  it anyway for the sake of participation & become debased & cast out.
Inc 2 loc = Capetown, S.Africa;  Pyramid = bay in N.E. Lemuria
The price of approval is self degradation
To survive is to depend on the sympathy of others 

Time = moon swings (nighttime) above a mermaid on a rock at sea
Space = undersea castle with glow fish swimming around etc.
Energy=ship crashing on the rocks.
Mass=heavy chest sinking in water with mermaids struggling & 
  failing to pull it up.
Trouble = Centaurs on the deck of a ship.
God = giant statue of Poseidon half out of the water w/ a trident

Details: You participate in 7 great group activities.  These include 
singing which compels human sailors to come & crash on the rocks 
where their stuff can be looted.  Your voice has magical powers & 
they are amplified by singing together with others.  Sometimes a 
ship has centaurs instead of human sailors & they can resist your 
voice & have magic of their own & hunt you. Finally you have sex 
with a human & your legs split open & your cast out & you 
participate with the other cast out mermaids on shore to sink ships 
but the centaurs come & catch you & drag you before Poseidon 
(god statue) who divides you against yourself etc.  (? maybe some 
errors in this).  The mermaid's big button is showing others how 
they've ruined her.


56. To Expand (mouse people - railroad engineers),
 you engineer a vast railroad at the expense of everything else.
 You are in competition with others doing the same & you
 work your mice to death & are sentenced by the gods.
Inc 2 loc = Edinburgh;   Pyramid = Philadelphia.
The price of expansion is confusion
To survive is to depend on the toil of others

Time = RR clock tower over station.
Space = Trainshed
Energy = Locomotive in motion
Mass = coaling tower dumping tons of coal
God = looks like USA's Uncle Sam.
Trouble=a hausefrau like dollbody, hypnotic beams shoot from eyes

Details: At start you organize 7 great projects.  You get them 
building railroads (British looking, red engines & competition has 
green engines).  Working to beat another company & be larger.  
Eventually you do too many overts and overexpand and it's all too 
complicated and everyone works too hard.  Doll people object to 
your expansion etc.  You work the mice to death.  They revolt 


             Dynamic 2 (sex/family)


57. To Reproduce (insect people) 

You are one of the bug eyed winged people that
   reproduce by injecting eggs into paralyzed hosts.  Walks on
   2 legs and has 4 hands.  Space traveling.  Swoop down on
   planets (a bit like 5th invader).
Inc 2 loc = Calcutta?;      Pyramid = Buenos Aires (?ural mts).
The price of expansion is detestation (starvation?)
To survive is to need the bodies of others

Time = Wristwatch on wrist of an insect body.
Space=insect invaders swooping down on a valley.
Energy=Gorrillas with laser cannon blast down a cliff (insect 
  invaders are at top of cliff).
Mass=spaceship sinking into mud.
God = a stone spider
Trouble = Gorilla People.

Details:  At start you swoop down as part of an invader force 
against 7 planets where you inject eggs into the natives (various 
body types).  You come down from orbit riding prone on a small 
torpedo shaped device with handlebars.  Your wings can support 
you in the air briefly but tire rapidly.  There is a tremendous 
'high' about populating all of the universe with your own species.  
As a male, your sexual organs draw eggs out of the female & 
fertilize & hold them (where they build up pressure) until you can 
inject them into a host.  Some of the peoples you attack are high 
tech.  There are laser armed gorilla people who object to being 
egg victims.  They give you much trouble & get you in the end.  
You begin to realize that your whole life is an overt but you can't 
stop.  Eventually the gorillas burn off your wings & drop you in a 
volcano, etc.


58. To Satisfy (cavemen), 
env= stone age (see Hits of Man), much sex, rape, breaking women's 
    legs to keep them from running away, infidelity, etc.
Inc 2 loc = Peking             Pyramid = France
 (inc 2 scene: caveman jumping into a volcano)
The price of pleasure is to sin
To survive is to depend on others for pleasure (fulfillment ?)

Time = caveman by cave overlooking a valley with shadows creeping.
Space = looking down at valley from rocks.
Energy = caveman bashing head of mammoth with club.
Mass = a great rock.
Crush = arm sticking out from under body of a mammoth.
Trouble = elves.

Details: At start you are master of the land, hunt mammoths, kill 
bears, etc.  There is much sex, all the women want you but each 
wants to keep you for themselves.  At start there are 7 women who 
you mate with successfully and then things begin deteriorating.  
One woman drives off all the others.  You want one from a 
different tribe who isn't interested in you & you break her leg to 
keep her & then regret it etc.  There are also elves.  You steal elf 
women & rape them, chase them through their caves.  But elves 
strike you with magic bolts etc.  Finally they catch you & take you 
before the statue of the mammoth god who divides you against 
yourself.  Eventually no female wants you, you can't kill game, & 
the elf women throw stones at you.  Finally they roll a bolder on 
you & you die & are buried in a cave where fire demons drag 
your soul deeper into the caves which leads into a volcano & 
down to hell.


59. To Join (cat people) 

env = a neo-modern (cubist) city of flying (levitating) cat people crazy 
   for sex.  Have endless kids & throw them out or kill them until robots
   come & force you to feed them (kids eat your breasts which grow back, 
   but its painful).  You betray lovers turning them in to the robots etc.
Inc 2 loc = Orleans, France;    Pyramid = Baghdad
The price of love is betrayal
To survive is to depend on the lusts of others

Time = sun swings over a cubist city with flying cat people.
Space = cat person floating in air over ocean.
Energy = cat person levitating.
Mass =a great iron chest which falls & crashes through the floor
Trouble = Robots
God = Earth Mother statue.

Details:  You are a cat woman who is exhilarated about sex.  You 
have 7 wonderful 2Ds.  When you have kids you bash their heads 
in or throw them out to starve.  Then robots come & explain that 
your supposed to let the kids feed on you & they enforce it as a 
law.  Each litter bites you & scars you all over (the breasts are nubs 
to be eaten).  You violate laws, kill kids, engage in sexual abuse, 
fight robots, etc.  Also, you betray your lovers turning them over 
to the robots when they give you problems etc.  The robots catch 
you & haul you before the earth mother god (giant human like 
statue with dozens of arms & breasts & endless kids of many types 
in its arms).  It hits you with a beam that divides you against 
yourself.  They release you and you grow old and ugly, no males 
will join with you etc.  You jump off a building & find you can't 
levitate anymore & smash to the ground & die.  The robots scrape 
up the body & put it in a drawer in a mausoleum & lock it 
electronically so that your soul can't get out.  Then devils drag 
your soul out (you try to stay in) & haul you out to sea & throw 
you into a volcano sticking above the surface.  Inside, the souls 
of all the children you killed torture you with painful degraded 
sexual sensations.


60. To care for (birdgirl) 

you protect the forest & strangle trappers etc. 
env = a forest of giant trees.
Inc 2 loc =Alcopoco, Mexico;  Pyramid = Niger/Chad Africa.  The 
price of caring is grief.
To survive is to depend on the suffering (?) of others

Time = Birdgirl on the porch of a tree house watching the sunset.
Space=birdgirl on giant tree branch looking at forested valley.
Energy=birdgirl flying hard up to the top of a cliff.
Mass=Rock promontory jutting out over valley (& starting to crack off).
Trouble=snake people (engineers).

Details: You are in a forest of ferns & trees with dinosaurs etc. & 
snake people who build things.  You have 7 families of children 
including your own & other types of creatures who you care for 
with great pleasure & success.  They spread through the forest.  
You also care for other children such as dinosaurs etc. but they all 
fight & hurt each other although they love you.  You try to make 
everyone stop fighting but they resent this.  The snakes enslave 
others & build vast structures & cut down trees & you interfere & 
they hunt you.  You try to stop everyone from doing anything & 
begin killing anyone who moves (all for good reasons) & you 
wouldn't let anyone live their own lives & begin implanting 
people not to fight etc.  Your like a god to the various children at 
first but then you become an oppressor.  At one point, the snake 
people promise to stop the fighting (by enslavement) and so you 
help them, but they betray you.  Eventually the children catch you 
& turn you over to the snakes who haul you before the snake god 
(a creature in a bottle) who divides you against yourself.


                Dynamic 1 (body)


61. To Feel (To experience the feeling of being alive, 
    also could be translated as To Live) (bears) 

env = snow covered forest & mountains,  these are pretty much real 
 bears, not bear people, you offend the spirit guardian of the forest 
 by making mess, also hunters chase you (fox people with rifles)
Inc 2 loc = Canton, China        Pyramid = Green Bay, Wisc.
The price of sensation is pain
To survive is to depend on others for sensation

Time = sun swings over snow covered forest.
Space = snowy mountain slope.
God = statue of forest god (treelike man).
Difficult = Bear trying to catch fish.
Pain = tree falls on bear.
Trouble = Hunters (fox people)

At start you are the master of all you survey, experiencing 7 
incidents of wonderful feelings including climbing trees, scaring 
other animals, sex, catching fish, eating honey, etc.  But you mess 
up things etc. & think its a lot of fun.  It gets cold & you hibernate, 
bees sting you, etc.  You offend the guardian of the forest by 
making so much mess, and hunters (fox people with rifles) chase 
you.  There are tree people (trees with faces) & you torture them 
with fire, you also burn down part of the forest.  The tree god 
catches you (in his spirit form) and takes you to his alter & divides 
you against yourself.  Now everything is terrible & you age etc.  
Then the hunters kill & skin & eat you & bury the bones.  You 
can't get out of the grave because they build a magic cairn over it 
to keep you in.  Plant devils come & drag your soul off to hell.

The goal here might be to experience instead of to feel.


62. To replenish (looks sort of like an old Arab), 

env = desert & mts.  Lots of stealing from Arab camp & from robots, 
  much need to rest.
Inc 2 loc = Jerusalem;       Pyramid = Shanghai, China
The price of motion is tiredness (strength is exhaustion?)
To survive is to depend on the creations of others

Time = sunset in the desert.
Space = sitting on rocks looking at sand.
Energy = hurling a spear.
Mass = the mountains.
Trouble = spider people

Details:  You are sly and crafty and ride around with great 
exhilaration and take what you want.  There is treasure in the 
mountains and you find it and steal it.  You do 7 great thefts to 
replenish the tribe's coffers.  Then, sinking downscale, you 
develop considerations on taking others things and using others 
energy and get tired etc.  You stumble on a robot base in the 
mountains and steal from them and get in trouble.  Eventually the 
spider people (invader's who own the robots) catch you and take 
you before their computer god who divides you against yourself.  
Then you age rapidly and totter about as the old man of the 
mountains & die etc.

There might be some errors in this.  Its possible that the goal
is To Survive, and that it comes between to eat and to endure.


63. To Eat (tiger), 

env = jungle, eating monkeys, chased by
    natives, sacrificed to the monkey gods (stone statues)
Inc 2 loc = Kenya;           Pyramid = S. India
The price of energy is guilt
To survive is to depend on the energy of others

Time = sun swings over tiger eating monkey on hill above jungle
Space = Tiger looking over plane.
Energy = tiger leaping between rocks.
Mass = tiger watching natives struggling to lift a waterbuck.
God = giant statue of a monkey.
Trouble = natives.
(see Tiger symbols platen for full list).

Details: You're the tiger in the jungle.  You eat 7 monkeys with 
great gain in strength and aliveness.  Gradually you deteriorate, 
having trouble with natives, elephants, rhinos, etc.  Finally the 
natives capture and cage you and haul you before the monkey 
gods who divide you against yourself and then you age and 
starve, struggling in the jungle.  You die and the natives dance on 
your grave so that you can't get out.  Then devil birds come and 
carry your soul off to hell in a volcano.


64. To Endure (pyramid) 

env = desert.  You are a stationary pyramid (3 sides with 1 eye in each, 
   one eye for sex & sensation, 1 for blasting things with energy, & 
   1 for hypnosis/control), you're a god similar to the statue in
   to create but immobile & need people to care for the pyramid,
   There is a space opera city in the distance & you hypnotize
   the people in it to serve you until they destroy you.

Inc 2 loc = Egypt;            Pyramid = New York
(inc 2 scene - the ground cracks open beneath the pyramid and it 
  falls into the fires of the Earth).
The price of endurance (or persistence or havingness?)
   is to be weighted down.
To survive is to depend on the care of others

Time = sun swings over pyramid (with eye).
Space = desert (city in distance)
Energy = beam coming out from pyramid.
Matter = bricks of pyramid.
Danger (fear) = spaceship approaching pyramid.
Trouble = an old man with a staff.
Hurt = sandstorm abrading the pyramid.
Pain = beam from ship knocks off bricks from pyramid.
Control = eye of pyramid shoots beam into a one eyed man.
Excitement = a space opera type city.
Influence = a beam from the pyramid embraces the city.

Details: You are a sort of God (like the statue in To Create), but 
you are immobile.  You permeate the nearby city and the people 
(Egyptian like but the headdresses are part of their heads) come 
to worship you.  You hypnotize rulers etc. and play games with 
the people, using them like toys.  At first you help the city (do 7 
wondrous things, resolving conflicts etc.), but eventually you're 
just an evil influence.  There are other pyramids.  You can 
intertwine your sensation beam with them for sex but its very 
shallow.  All feeling is slightly numb & heavy except for pain 
which is very worrisome.  As parts of the pyramid crumble, you 
hypnotize people to rebuild & fix it.  You come into competition 
with another pyramid on the far side of the city & the 2 of you 
start a civil war hypnotizing the people against each other.  
Eventually you get the people to destroy the other pyramid and 
you know it is possible to die.  A prophet comes who is immune to 
your hypnosis (blind) and he calls down the sky gods (giant man 
shaped spirits) who come down & divide you against yourself.  
The people cease to worship you and you decay & die & are 
buried by sand & eventually you're thrown into hell in a volcano.

         -------  End of Penalty Universe List -------