SUPER SCIO #8B - IMPLANT PLATENS, Continued


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              5.  THE AMUSEMENT PARK GOALS

The implant research began in 1963 and the earliest ones found are
only partially correct.  This is especially true of the ones that
were investigated before they started checking for implanted dates

The Gorilla Goals and the Bear Goals are both from the same
implant.  It might be better labeled the amusement park implant.

The entire penalty universe series of 64 goals and terminals from 
create (the god statue) down to endure (pyramid with the all seeing
eye) was used.  The goals are slightly twisted from the original
penalty universe versions, with the Tiger's goal being "To Crave"
(rather than to eat) and the Gorilla's goal being "To Enforce"
rather than to bring order.

A two part goal was used, with a root and an end word.  The root
word is the penalty goal, and there are a number of endwords,
including death, sleep, pain, sex, solidity, and emotion.  Probably
there are more, but the implant pretty much fell apart for me on
the first goal which is "TO CREATE DEATH".

The implant is given in an amusement park, with the items being
delivered to you while you're on a rollercoaster.  The penalty universe
terminal sits facing you in the rollercoaster saying the items.  There
is also a big mockup of the penalty terminal in the center of the
amusement park.

In between each goal, you're taken off of the rollercoaser and placed
on a carousel (penalty terminal in the center).  Each time the carousel 
turns, you become dizzy, go unconscious, and a false lifetime is
implanted and your told that trillions of years have gone by.  So
it seems like each piece of the implant was done trillions of years
apart and that the entire timespan is enormous, but actually the
whole series only took about two weeks.

The correct date for the implant does seem to be in the hundreds
of trillions of years ago.  It would have been in an earlier universe,
probably the conflicts universe.

The items Ron found (HCOB of 17 Apr 63 - one of the ones in the
scamiz package on the internet) are pretty much correct except 
that he only has the root and not the endword.

Here I will give the items for the goal "TO CREATE DEATH".  These
are said by the god statue as you go down in the rollercoaster
(you blackout at the bottom on each item).  Then you get the
carousel etc.  Then you seem to be waking up and going to the
amusement park and now its setup with the 2nd penalty terminal
which is the old man god and the goal is "TO CAUSE DEATH".

It carries on in this fashion, with the penalty goals adjusted
so as to apply to the endword.  The Gnome would implant the
goal "TO LEARN ABOUT DEATH", the clown would do "TO RATIONALIZE
DEATH", the Gorilla would do "TO ENFORCE DEATH" etc.  Eventually 
we get the Bear with "TO FEEL DEATH", the Tiger with "TO CRAVE DEATH", 
and the pyramid with "TO ENDURE DEATH".

Then the whole mess repeats with another endword such as SLEEP
(TO CREATE SLEEP etc.) or SEX, etc.  I'm not too clear on the entire 
set of endwords.  If you've taken some charge off of the penalty 
universes, this whole thing should probably fall apart on running 
a few items.

The items for the first goal, "TO CREATE DEATH" would be as 

The item comes from the terminal facing you in the rollercoaster.
The opterm seems to be whispered to you from the side as you blackout
at the bottom.  Then its all gray.  Next you begin to see again as
the rollercoaster nears the top and the terminal looks at you intently
and you have a moment of dread anticipation before you crest the
summit and begin to fall again and get the next item.









     DEATH.               (per Ron, a being who didn't want to create death)



        CREATING DEATH       (per Ron, a being that creating death exhausted)



                                   (or the boredom of creating death)







       DEATH.                            DEATH.

(Ron has another pair here, 
      no creatishness of death    somebody or something with the goal to ..)



                                  (maybe to create death to have a game).

I suspect that there may be a few missing or misworded items.  Also,
there is always the problem of translation into English, where different
people might phrase the same concept different ways.

                  end of amusement part implant


                       6. THE TRAIN IMPLANT 

22 June 91

See the train implant in new tech vol 7 (HCOB 24 Aug 63, page 281).  
There is little or no charge on the implant for an OT.  But there 
will be loads of BTs who are dramatizing these goals.

I don't think that Ron was correct in identifying this as the implant
used to sentence people to earth, but it is a recent (this universe)
implant.  Maybe its used on entities shipped here to plague us (e.g.
dregs cleaned up from the most recent mass implant that happen 
maybe ten thousand years ago out in the direction of the
constellation "Draco the Dragon").  That would explain why there were
so many BTs on this one even though I could find little charge of my
own on it.  The train sequence can be confused with the train 
sequence in Hellatrobus (which is the before earth implant), and
that may have encouraged Ron's error in identifying this one.

Check "is there a BT with the goal ...".  If so, have him spot the goal 
being implanted, then spot the first time the goal was implanted.  If 
necessary, ask "who are you" to get a blow.  Note that many or all of 
these goals go back to much earlier implants including the amusement 
park implants (bear and gorilla goals) and the crashes implant 
(conflicts universe), so spotting the earlier time the goal was implanted 
is quite important.

The face in the train car is a penalty universe terminal.  There will 
be BTs who are being the face (and getting others to dramatize the 
implanted goal).  Have them spot native state at the top of the 
penalty universe being restimulated (in parenthesis below).  Note 
that the penalty universe goals were not used in the train implant, 
just the faces of the terminals.  It mystified and restimulated the 
beings getting the train implant.

Occasionally check for a) The goal is a wrong item for others, 
b) copying, c) BT overrun on a goal (have them spot going release on 
it).  Note that these blow very fast and its easy to slide over 
onto a different BT (who has a different goal) when one blows and its
easy to overrun someone on a goal.

Take multiple passes through the list, running lightly rather than 
trying to get every last one on one pass.  This reduces the problem 
of others copying the goal or it acting as a wrong item for others 
with different goals.

As you get these off, its like you have been living in a sea of 
molasses and its finally falling away.

1. TO BE ENDED         - god (to create)
2. TO BE CONTROLLED    - computer (to mockup)
3. TO BE UNAWARE       - cloud (to intensify)
4. TO BE UNCONSCIOUS    - cartoon mouse (to imagine)
5. TO BE UNKNOWING     - dodo (to know)
6. TO MISUNDERSTAND    - chipmunk (to understand)
7. TO BE AFRAID        - hero (to absorb)
8. TO NEVER FIND OUT   - gnome (to learn)

9.  TO BE OBEDIENT     - Chinese child (to play)
10. TO BE CAUGHT       - coach (to compete)
11. TO BE TRAPPED      - spirit broker (to exchange)
12. TO BE OBLIGATED    - penguin banker (to manipulate)
13. TO NEVER CHANGE    - magician (to change)
14. TO DIVIDE          - clay man (to shape)
15. TO MERGE           - twins (to combine)
16. TO BE CONFUSED     - gorilla (to bring order)

17. TO BE DEAD         - clown (to reason)
18. TO BE DISORIENTED  - wire man (to orient)
19. TO RETURN          - pilot (to guide)
20. TO NEVER ESCAPE    - toy (to compute)
21. TO NEVER FINISH    - lobster engineer (to engineer)
22. TO NEVER GET ANYWHERE - beaver (to construct)
23. TO NEVER ACCOMPLISH - crystals (to structure)
24. TO NEVER START     - snake people (to build)

25. TO NEVER CORRECT   - munchkin (to invent)
26. TO BE DEGRADED     - muse (to inspire)
27. TO NEVER IMPROVE   - ghost (to enhance)
28. TO NEVER BELIEVE   - godmother (to beautify)
29. TO BE CORRUPTED    - fire people (to purify)
30. TO BE GUILTY       - bull people (to judge)
31. TO BE BEATEN (defeated) - green men (to defend)
32. TO BE IN JAIL      - sphere (to police)

33. TO ???             - rabbit preacher (to enlighten) ??
34. TO AGREE           - fish man (to convert)
35. TO BE MYSTIFIED    - angel (to commune)
36. TO BE DOOMED       - knight (to worship)
37. TO BE INVISIBLE    - soothsayer (to predict)
38. TO BE ASLEEP       - cupid (to influence)
39. TO BE OWNED        - elves (to collect)
40. TO HAVE A BODY     - goat god (to embody)

41. TO NEVER DISCOVER  - centaurs (to discover)
42. TO BE LOCATED      - leprechaun (to locate)
43. TO BE SOLID        - space invaders (to gather)
44. TO BE UNREAL       - fox people (to own)
45. TO STAY HIDDEN     - scarecrow (to grow)
46. TO BE SICK         - treeman (to heal)
47. TO BE STOPPED      - dinosaur (to be alive)
48. TO BE WEAK         - thread man (to adapt)

49. TO BE IMPLANTED AGAIN - 3 eyed giant (to establish)
50. TO BE TIRED        - dolphin (to share)
51. TO BE WRONG        - frog king (to control)
52. TO BE OVERWHELMED  - dog soldier (to unite)
53. TO NEVER SUCCEED   - clerk (to organize)
54. TO BE BLACKNESS    - robot (to co-operate)
55. TO NEVER SOLVE     - mermaid (to participate)
56. TO NEVER HAVE ENERGY - mouse engineer (to expand)

57. TO NEVER POSTULATE - cat people (to join)
58. TO NEVER COMMUNICATE - insect people (to reproduce)
59. TO NEVER QUESTION  - caveman (to satisfy)
60. TO NEVER PERCEIVE  - bird girl (to carefor)
61. TO FORGET          - bear (to feel)
62. TO AGE             - arab (to replenish)
63. TO BE A BODY       - tiger (to eat)
64. TO BE ALL ONE      - pyramid (to endure)

Note: the platen given in the HCOB is not quite right.  The goal and 
its opposition goal are used in opposing RIs rather than the goal 
being used on both sides.  The opposition goal is a not or never form 
of the goal unless the goal itself is in the "never" form (i.e., to 
never perceive etc.) in which case the opposition goal is in normal 
form (i.e.., to perceive opposes to never perceive).  This inverts on 
the item DOUBTFUL (see below).  Note that the final RI is single 
(it is the goal itself) and it is opposed by a (vacuum) that is 
formed by the implant omitting the other RI in the final pair.

Example: (for the 1st goal - to be ended)

1. an ended being                   2. a not ended being
3. ALL TO BE ended                  4. NOTHING TO NEVER BE ended
5. BEST TO BE ended                 6. NOT BEST TO NEVER BE ended
9. DOUBTFUL TO NEVER BE ended      10. CERTAIN TO BE ended
15. HOPELESS TO NEVER BE ended     16. HOPEFUL TO BE ended
17. TO BE ended, THIS IS YOUR GOAL 18. (vacuum)

In addition to the various misdirectors listed in the HCOB, the implant 
also uses: 

This is happening to you before 
This is happening to you after
This never happened to you 
This never stopped happening to you 
You can't believe that this is happening
Its taking longer 
Its taking shorter
Its a thousand times longer than you think 
Its a thousand times shorter than you think 
Stay here 
Go away 
You were never here in the first place

They also say "we gave you every chance to leave but you didn't, 
so now you have to stay here forever".

Note that there are translation problems since these goals etc. are 
laid in telepathically.  To forget could also be stated as To Never 
Remember, etc.  You might need to work the wording around.

There are some other goals I found while researching this that 
don't seem to be from this implant but do seem to run the same 
way (i.e.., have BTs spot the goal being implanted).  They are:

To keep everyone together.
To hold everyone in.
To continuously create reality
To need energy

Also, there is a series of "body part" goals (done in a cave) 
that will also run on BTs this way.  The goals are in the form 
TO BE EYES, ears, skull, brain, etc. for a large variety of body parts.

                      end of the train implant


                   7. THE AIRCRAFT DOOR IMPLANT

This is an early implant, probably stemming from the theta-mest wars.
It uses single firing rather than double firing items.  The double
firing patterns are pairs in opposition whereas single firing ones
are decay scales.

Ron thought that this used the same pattern as the Bear and 
Gorilla goals (see above) and that it generally was only done on
a single goal, the goal "To Create" (see new tech vol VII page 255).  
This is incorrect.  The entire penalty series from create down to 
endure was used and the item pattern is a decaying one beginning 
with "TO Create" and running through "The terrors of creating" down 
to "To NEVER Create".  

Again I didn't bother getting the item series in detail because 
it blows on spotting the native state item for the penalty universe.
The only real charge that needs to be confronted in this incident
is the falling and your decision not to create etc.  This lets you
run it very quickly if you've already keyed out the penalty
universes.  But it should be run because the implant, which now
seems trivial, was of great significance to you at the time and
got you to make very strong postulates not to create, not to reason, 
not to endure, etc. and it restores horsepower to blow those bad 

This used some sort of implant universe type technology that lets
you die multiple times in the incident.

The implant begins with waiting on line.  You go into a building
(much like a city hall type bureaucracy).  There is a big machine
with a light that flashes as each person goes in.  As you enter,
there is a realistic looking picture of an aircraft in the air
with an open door (sort of like a DC 3 or DC 7).  The machine flashes
and you're pushed sideways into the picture and it becomes reality.

Then the following is repeated for each of the 64 penalty goals:

a) You wake up on a couch in the airplane, as if from a dream.

b) They begin implanting items, beginning with the goal (i.e.. to
create in the first pass).  These items continue until you go
splat on the ground.  There are aircraft gun explosions with each
item to drive it in.

c) The couch tilts and you're facing the open side door of the
aircraft (while still strapped to the couch).  It begins moving,
on a sort of railed track, at first slowly and then quickly and
then you're tossed out the door and falling.

d) As you reach high speed and see the ground rushing up at you
and feel the sensations of free fall, they're giving you items
like "the terrors of creating" (or of reasoning or enduring or
whatever the goal is).

e) at the bottom, you get the item "to never create" and go splat
with terrific impact and die.

Then you wake up on the couch in the airplane, as if from a dream,
and they do the next goal in the series.

After all the goals have been done, the final sequence is as

You're on line (inside the building, just past the airplane
picture) waiting for the implant and you wake up from a
daydream of what the implant might be like.  You decide that
you don't really need or want the implant.  So, as you're about
to walk down the hall into the implanting chamber, you change
your mind, sneak down a side corridor, and find a way to the

Then the implant ends and you really are walking out the exit,
thinking that you skillfully avoided getting the implant.

Run each goal (from create down to endure) as follows:

a) spot the goal

b) spot falling (and the sensation or terror of falling if needed).

c) spot "to (goal) is native state" up at the top of the penalty

If the charge doesn't blow immediately, then alternate b) and c)
until it does.

d) spot the item "to never (goal)" and spot the impact of going
splat on the ground.  Again spot the native state item.  If the
charge doesn't blow immediately, use alternate spotting back and

e) spot your own postulate made at the time of the incident.
This will either be to never do the goal or to do the goal
compulsively (because you're protesting the implant).  Both
postulates are undesirable.  And you have probably made both at
different times because the implant was used more than once.  So
spot it both ways.  Alternate with the native state item until
you feel good about doing the goal but have no compulsive urge
to do it. 

             end of aircraft door implant



Aug  15, 1990

The Agreements Universe Implant is similar to an implant universe 
except that we went through it by choice rather than having it enforced 
on us.  It is the incident which carries us down into the Agreements
Universe  (which begins as a simple agreed upon space in which we
begin to create things and play games).

After separation from static, we were given the Jewel of 
Knowledge.  Among other things, this taught us the need to 
enforce a common set of agreements so that we would all operate 
within the same frame of reference.

In the time period between experiencing the Jewel of Knowledge 
and entering the agreements universe, we were in what I will 
refer to as a set of unaligned spaces.  There was a great deal of 
flailing about and a lack of agreement or even a common meeting 
ground.  There was some degree of interchange and 
communication but we lacked common definitions.

Following the suggestions of the Jewel of Knowledge, we solved 
this by building an implant containing a common set of definitions 
and agreements and threw ourselves into it.  When we came out, it 
was into an agreed upon space.

To define these various things, we divided up into teams and each 
team developed one definition.  Each definition was built into a 
small sub-universe.  These were all then combined into the 
agreements universe.  Each being was only aware of the 
definition they'd worked on.  The entire set was not known to 
anyone until we all experienced it enmass.

Since each definition was done without reference to the other 
definitions, the various definitions do not line up or fit well 
together.  This leads to conflicts, problems, games, etc. and is 
probably the basic why on all the trouble we have gotten into.  
We might consider this a sort of basic, but note that it was not 
enforced on the individual.  It was accepted by choice.  And the 
individual is not likely to drop these agreements even if he has 
run this out because he would be unwilling to drop contact with 
everyone else in this trap.  So the best that we can hope for right 
now is to bring about an awareness and loosen this incident up a 
bit so that the individual can selectively disagree occasionally and 
knows what kind of game is going on.  Eventually, we might all 
reach the point where we can all get together and go back and 
change these agreements around a bit and have a better game.  
Meanwhile, we have the penalty universes to run and these do act 
as a real basic (they were enforced) and should knock out most of 
the undesirable effects that we are suffering from.

The definitions are extremely childish.  Apparently we were very 
inexperienced, simpleminded, and innocent when we mocked this 
up.  It is interesting to compare this effort to the Jewel of 
Knowledge which is a super sophisticated construction with all 
sorts of hidden implications.  The agreements universe doesn't 
have hidden implications or subtle meanings.  It just puts up 
simpleminded definitions, such as a three year old might compose, 
without any concern about the implications or consequences.

The definitions are not of words but rather consist of the 
delineation of concepts.  Each definition is a dividing line that 
forms a separation of things into two classes.  I.E.., from a unified 
whole, we get a quality and its opposite.  These are things such as 
Good & Bad, Beautiful & Ugly, etc.  You might think of each 
definition as a line drawn down the middle of a sheet of paper.  
But the definitions don't line up.  If you stack these papers ontop 
of one another, you would have to turn them at various angles.  
For example, the definition of Good-Bad does not line up with the 
definition of Good-Evil.  Combining the 2 definitions gives 4 
classes of things.  These are a) things which are Holy Good and 
Nice Good, b) things which are Holy Good and Nasty Bad, c) 
things which are Evil and Nice Good, and d) things which are Evil 
and Nasty Bad.  If you extend this to include numerous 
definitions, you will see that it is quite a problem.

The agreements universe begins with a variation of Platen 1.  The 
first item is TO AGREE IS NATIVE STATE.  Before that, you are 
part of a crowd rushing to get into agreement.  Then you pass 
through an inverted triangle (the symbol of the agreements 
universe - it represents everything focusing down to one point of 
agreement) and get the first item.

Spotting the top of the agreements universe is sometimes useful in 
addition to spotting the tops of the penalty universes.  Note that 
this will not run on a BT, etc. unless some other handling has 
already gotten him pretty well straightened out.  But it is a great 
help to a being who is almost free but is hanging around because 
he's still troubled by some unresolved conflict.

The top of the agreements universe can be run as follows:

a. Spot rushing to get into agreement.
b. Spot going through the inverted triangle.
d. Look prior to this and spot deciding that you needed to agree.
e. If needed, spot getting others to decide to agree.
f. If needed, spot working on building the agreements universe.

The general anatomy of the agreements universe is as follows:

1. An introductory sequence (like platen 1).
2. A series of definition sub-universes.
3. A sequence where you make various agreements (you are 
shown the need for each agreement and then agree to it).

It is possible that there are other sections to the agreements 
universe in addition to the above.

I believe that the introductory sequence follows platen 1 exactly 
up to the Decision to Agree.  

Then the items are TO AGREE IS TO ACHIEVE  
2. POWER, 
Then all 64 penalty universe goals are done in the form TO AGREE 
IS TO (goal).  This may be the original mockup of the goals and 
the dynamics.  

Then come the definitions.  For each one, you seem to enter a 
cathedral like archway (or maybe its another inverted 
triangle?).  The first item is TO AGREE IS TO KNOW THE 
MEANING OF ....(goodness and badness, etc. - whatever is being 
defined).  Then you will see a pair of scenes for each of the 16 
dynamics.  There will be one scene for the positive side of the 
definition and one scene for the negative.  Some sort of terminal 
(such as the good bear and the bad bear) will be used throughout 
the definition.

Most of the definitions and agreements still need to be 
researched.  These are hard to get at because of later incidents 
that lay in false definitions and get you to agree to abberrated 
things.  The material in this incident was not malicious.  The 
malicious ones are from later incidents (and are much more real to 
us since they are the later alter-is that we are living in).  Here the 
definitions are simply dumb and short sighted rather than being 
intentionally suppressive.

I did manage to research the first definition (Good/Bad) and tried 
to come up with a list of the definitions.  These are included here.  
They might not be completely accurate but it is the best that I 
have at this point.

The definition for Good/Bad is so childlike that I keep wondering 
if I've simply assessed out some old children's educational 
program, but the amount of grief that turned on while running this 
was incredible and the meter reads were huge.  Also, while I was 
typing the Good/Bad definition up from my handwritten notes, I 
made a mistake and typed the 13D badnesss item in place of the 
14D badness item.  When I went past this, I got dizzy and 
everything started going unreal.  Spotting the error turned the 
sensations off.  So this platen isn't a joke even if it seems too 
ridiculous to believe.  It is possible that I have the wrong 
incident, but if so, it's some sort of very heavy implant.


Tentatively (based on assessment rather than actually running 
each one), the list of definitions is as follows:

1.  Agreeing / Disagreeing
2.  Good / Bad   (Bears)
3.  Causative / Effected
4.  Winning / Losing  (seagull)
5.  Logical / Illogical (alligator)
6.  Beautiful / Ugly
7.  Strong / Weak
8.  Interested / Disinterested
9.  Certain / confused
10. Healthy / Sick
11. Sane / Crazy  ( e.g. Truth / Hallucination)
12. Free/enslaved
13. Enduring / Transient
14. Fast / Slow
15. Right / Wrong
16. Present / Absent (Always / Never)
17. Moving / Stopped  (motion/no motion) (changing/fixed)
18. Seen/Invisible
19. Gives Pleasure / Gives Pain
20. Humorous / Sullen
21. Smart / Dumb   (birds)
22. brings Order / brings Chaos
23. Awake / Unconscious (asleep)  (dogs)
24. Just / Unjust
25. Divided / Combined
26. Real / Unreal
27. Courageous / Cowardly  (lion)
28. Located / Infinite
29. Knowing / Ignorant
30. Owned / Available
31. Volitional / Controlled
32. Older / Younger
33. Wise / Foolish
34. Same / Different
35. Rigid / Fluid
36. Oriented / Disoriented
37. Connected / Withdrawn
37. Truthful / Deceitful
38. Ethical / Criminal
39. Skillful / Incompetent
40. Started / Stopped
41. Responsible/Irresponsible
42. Happy / Sad
43. Singularly owned / shared
44. Helpful / Harmful
45. Playful / Serious
46. Trusting / Distrusting
47. Alive / Dead   (Raggedyann Doll)
48. Loving / Hating   (flowers)
49. Perceptive / Blind   (mice - poets)
50. Flexible / Fixed
51. Social / Anti-social
52. Aware / Unaware
53. Big / small
54. Reasonable / Arbitrary
55. Industrious / Lazy
56. Quiet / Noisy
57. Numb / Feeling
58. Harmony / discord
59. Participating / Separated Out
60. Greedy / Sharing
61. Faith / Disbelief
62. Good / Evil
63. Remembering / forgetful
64. Created / Destroyed

Maybe also includes Serene / Upset ?

(the last time I checked this over, it seemed like agree/disagree
belongs first before good/bad, so I have listed that as the first
one.  But all my earlier auditing assumed good/bad was first, and
it was possible to run it that way.)

                      AGREEMENTS UNIVERSE
                   DEFINITION 1 : GOOD / BAD

As you go through the archway into the first (or second?) sub-universe, 
you receive the following intention:


Then you see the Good Bear and the Bad Bear.  You pass 
between them and come to a set of 16 pairs of pictures (one pair 
for each dynamic).  You enter each picture and experience it 
(floating in an exterior position watching the action).  Note that 
each picture has a time component with a short duration.  The 
pictures are as follows:

16D (creation):
The good bear waves a hand and a cottage appears, warm and homey.
The bad bear waves a hand and the cottage becomes dark and 
decayed (broken down).

15D (play/games):
The good bear plays with others, helping teammates, and being 
nice to the opponents.  They are playing some sort of leapfrog game.
The bad bear cheats, hits the opponents, and yells at his teammates.

14D (knowledge/learning):
The good bear studies (books?), talks politely to teachers, and 
behaves in (school?).
The bad bear tears up books, stomps on teachers, and gives out 
false data.

13D. (change/alignment):
The good bear helps others arrange a dance (like a square dance).
The bad bear throws the dance into turmoil and breaks up the pattern.

12D. (reason/orientation):
The good bear points out things to others and follows logical rules.
The bad bear confuses others and refuses to explain his reasons 
for doing things.

11D. (construction):
The good bear builds a shed.
The bad bear kicks it down.

10D. (Ethics/protect):
The good bear fights a lion to save someone.
The bad bear throws someone to the lion to save himself.

9D. (Aesthetics)
The good bear beautifies the house, painting it etc.
The bad bear spreads black ugly designs on the walls.

8D. (Worship/religion)
The good bear places offerings on the alter of the forest god.
The bad bear takes the offering off of the alter and replaces it 
with crap.

7D. (Spirits)
The good bear's spirit soars around bringing good feelings.
The bad bear's spirit soars around scaring people.

6D. (Mest)
The good bear fixes a chair.
The bad bear brakes it.

5D. (Lifeforms).
The good bear helps a bird with a broken wing.
The bad bear kicks the bird.

4D. (society)
As the head of a village, the good bear settles disputes wisely.
The bad bear takes over the village by force and declares himself 

3D. (groups)
The good bear works together with others to put up another house.
The bad bear forces others to work while he rests in the shade.

2D (sex/children)
The good bear takes care of a sick little girl bear.
The bad bear brakes the girl's leg.

1D (body, food)
The good bear brings food for the whole family and eats together 
with them.
The bad bear takes food away from others and eats it himself.

Closing Scene:
The good bear becomes frustrated, attacks the bad bear with an 
ax, and kills him.  The citizens cheer.  The good bear floats up 
to heaven and the bad bear sinks into the ground.

You follow the good bear up towards heaven and find yourself 
passing back out of the archway.

   -----  End of definition 1 ----

The things that are omitted from this definition are as interesting 
as what was included.  For example, the 2D definition only covers 
being nice to children.  There is no definition for Sex in here.  So 
on the question of sex being good or bad, the answer is that it is 
undefined.  Also notice that it is considered good to eat (never 
mind where the food comes from) as long as you share your food 
with others.  All of the items are like this.  There is no 
consideration of long range consequences or secondary effects 
or whatever.  It's just a simpleminded view of things that evaluates 
everything on a simplistic present time immediate basis.

          end of agreements universe implant



Nov 26,91

I think this one was used in the symbols universe, but it might
possibly be much earlier, perhaps even from the reality wars.  
The first sequence, which is "I want to" / "I don't want to", 
is designed to seem like your own thoughts.  The items are projected 
from gold (positive) and silver (negative) balls and there is a black 
explosion which sends out dividing sheets of black energy.
The first run has these coming from the left and right.  Later
runs use front/back, above/below (head/stomach?) etc.


1.  I want to escape
2.  I don't want to be captured

3.  I want to start
4.  I don't want to stop

5.  I want to go forward
6.  I don't want to go back

7.  I want to be awake
8.  I don't want to be asleep

9.  I want to be competent
10. I don't want to be incompetent

11. I want to remember
12. I don't want to forget

13. I want to be light
14. I don't want to be heavy

15. I want to be treated honestly
16. I don't want to be fooled

17. I want to be allowed to remain
18. I don't want to be driven away

19. I want to be aware
20. I don't want to go unconscious

21. I want to be able to stop
22. I don't want to be made to continue

23. I want to be finished with this implant
24. I don't want to begin this implant

25. I want to be unspinning
26. I don't want to be dizzy

27. I want to be able to find out
28. I don't want to be unable to find out

29. I want to be perceptive
30. I don't want to be blind

31. I want to be replenished
32. I don't want to be drained

33. I want to be energetic
34. I don't want to be tired

35. I want to be lively
36. I don't want to be in a stupor

37. I want to wake up
38. I don't want to be knocked out

39. I want to be blessed
40. I don't want to be cursed

41. I want to keep track of things
42. I don't want to loose track of things

43. I want to focus attention
44. I don't want to be distracted

45. I want to get moving
46. I don't want to get stuck

47. I want to be forgiven
48. I don't want to be blamed

49. I want to do what I'm doing
50. I don't want to do something else

51. I want to do well
52. I don't want to do poorly

53. I want to feel pleasure
54. I don't want to feel pain

55. I want to be comforted
56. I don't want to be tortured

57. I want to be healthy
58. I don't want to be sick

59. I want to be created
60. I don't want to be destroyed

61. I want to be untouched
62. I don't want to be impacted

63. I want to be oriented
64. I don't want to be disoriented

65. I want to be capable of thinking
66. I don't want to be incapable of thinking

67. I want to do enough
68. I don't want to do too little

69. I want to find things
70. I don't want to loose things

71. I want to be hard to fool
72. I don't want to be easy to fool

73. I want to be rewarded
74. I don't want to be punished

75. I want to be pleased
76. I don't want to be disappointed

77. I want to be free
78. I don't want to be trapped

79. I want to be refreshed (replenished)
80. I don't want to be worn down

81. I want to be patient
82. I don't want to be impatient

83. I want to accept things
84. I don't want to be anxious about things

85. I want to have confidence
86. I don't want to have doubts

87. I want to be trouble-free
88. I don't want to have trouble

89. I want to be mocked up
90. I don't want to be unmocked

91. I want to have identity
92. I don't want to be nobody

93. I want to be an individual
94. I don't want to be part of a composite

95. I want to have free will
96. I don't want to be controlled

97. I want to be justified
98. I don't want to be unjustified

99. I want to be proper
100. I don't want to be scandalous

101. I want to have pride
102. I don't want to be ashamed

103. I want to be early   ?
104. I don't want to be late

105. I want to be relaxed
106. I don't want to be nervous

107. I want to pay attention
108. I don't want to ignore things

109. I want to be certain
110. I don't want to be confused

111. I want to have a future
112. I don't want to be doomed

113. I want to have pleasant sensations
114. I don't want to have disturbing sensations

115. I want to be agreed with
116. I don't want to have arguments

117. I want to have feeling
118. I don't want to feel numb

119. I want to hold together
120. I don't want to fall apart

121. I want to be ethical
122. I don't want to be immoral

   (immortal / age ?)
   (be old/young ?

123. I want to be nice
124. I don't want to be nasty

125. I want to be given things
126. I don't want to be deprived of things

127. I want to feel comfortable
128. I don't want to feel strained

129. I want to be wholesome
130. I don't want to be infected

131. I want to be allowed to continue
132. I don't want to be interfered with

133. I want to be special
134. I don't want to be mundane

135. I want to be able to concentrate
136. I don't want to be dispersed

137. I want to be willing
138. I don't want to be unwilling

139. I want to be superior
140. I don't want to be inferior

141. I want to be clean
142. I don't want to be infested

143. I want to be spacious
144. I don't want to be solid

145. I want to be cool
146. I don't want to burn

147. I want to be warm
148. I don't want to freeze

149. I want to feel safe
150. I don't want to be afraid

151. I want to protect myself
152. I don't want to ruin myself

153. I want to be noble
154. I don't want to be degraded

155. I want to feel complacent
156. I don't want to feel worried

157. I want to avoid grief
158. I don't want to be grief-stricken

159. I want to feel relief
160. I don't want to feel pressure

161. I want to be settled
162. I don't want to be hyper-active

163. I want to be rested
164. I don't want to be unable to rest

165. I want to be accurate
166. I don't want to make mistakes

167. I want to be knowing
168. I don't want to be unknowing

169. I want to see things clearly
170. I don't want to have distorted perceptions

171. I want to be lucky
172. I don't want to be unlucky

173. I want to avoid accidents
174. I don't want to have accidents

175. I want to be favored
176. I don't want to be picked on

177. I want to be smart
178. I don't want to be dumb

179. I want to have purpose
180. I don't want to be purposeless

181. I want to be a part of things
182. I don't want to be detached

183. I want to have interests
184. I don't want to be uninterested

185. I want to do the right amount
186. I don't want to do too much

187. I want to be guided
188. I don't want to be misled

189. I want to be blocked
190. I don't want to be unblocked

191. I want to have open perceptions
192. I don't want to be covered in blackness

193. I want to be rational
194. I don't want to be irrational

195. I want to have correct recollections
196. I don't want to misremember

197. I want to be unbothered
198. I don't want to be restimulated

199. I want to do what is needed
200. I don't want to omit things

201. I want to be careful
202. I don't want to be careless

203. I want to be able
204. I don't want to be incapable

205. I want to reach     ?
206. I don't want to withdraw

207. I want to know who I am
208. I don't want to become confused about identity

209. I want to take care of myself
210. I don't want to be helpless

211. I want to be industrious
212. I don't want to be lazy

213. I want to be included in things
214. I don't want to miss out on things

215. I want to be validated (praised)
216. I don't want to be invalidated

217. I want to be admired
218. I don't want to be abhorred

219. I want to be beautiful
220. I don't want to be ugly

221. I want to be big
222. I don't want to be small

223. I want to communicate
224. I don't want to be unable to communicate

225. I want to be communicated with
226. I don't want to be ignored

227. I want to conserve things
228. I don't want to waste things

229. I want to perceive truly
230. I don't want to be deluded

231. I want to be located
232  I don't want to be lost

233. I want to think clearly
234. I don't want to have muddled thinking

235. I want for everything to be obvious
236. I don't want for everything to be obscure

237. I want to be encouraged
238. I don't want to be discouraged

239. I want to be accepted
240. I don't want to be shunned

241. I want to be supported
242. I don't want to be persecuted

243. I want to estimate correctly
244. I don't want to mis-estimate

245. I want to be complete
246. I don't want to be incomplete

247. I want to be enthusiastic
248. I don't want to be despondent

249. I want to get things right
250. I don't want to get things mixed up

251. I want to get things correct
252. I don't want to miss things

253. I want to have things in sequence
254. I don't want to have things out of sequence

255. I want to identify things correctly
256. I don't want to confuse one thing with another

257. I want to differentiate things
258. I don't want to think that everything is the same

259. I want to be able to keep things together
260. I don't want to have everything fall apart

261. I want to be treated rightly
262. I don't want to be treated wrongly

263. I want to be logical
264. I don't want to be illogical

  (? reach/withdraw here?)

265. I want to be imaginative
266. I don't want to be dull

267. I want to feel pleasant
268. I don't want to feel horrible

269. I want to be accepting of things
270. I don't want to be revolted by things

271. I want to be responsible
272. I don't want to be irresponsible

273. I want to see reality
274. I don't want to see delusions

275. I want to be complacent
276. I don't want to be desperate

277. I want to be fast
278. I don't want to be slow

279. I want to be reasonable
280. I don't want to be fanatical

281. I want to be right
282. I don't want to be wrong

283. I want to be rich
284. I don't want to be poor

285. I want to be decisive
286. I don't want to be unable to make up my mind

287. I want to be whole
288. I don't want to be divided against myself

289. I want to be contented
290. I don't want to be bothered

291. I want to be strong
292. I don't want to be weak

293. I want to be enduring
294. I don't want to be transient

295. I want to be calm
296. I don't want to be upset

297. I want to be carefree
298. I don't want to be weighed down

299. I want to be effective
300. I don't want to be ineffective

301. I want to put things in the right place
302. I don't want to put things in the wrong place

303. I want to know where things belong
304. I don't want to not know where things belong

305. I want to know where things are
306. I don't want to not know where things are

307. I want to put things the right way around
308. I don't want to put things backwards

309. I want to be happy
310. I don't want to be sad

311. I want to have the will to live
312. I don't want to be unwilling to live

313. I want to have variety
314. I don't want to be bored

315. I want to know truth
316. I don't want to believe lies

317. I want to be told the truth
318. I don't want to be given false data

319. I want to know what is real
320. I don't want to be unsure of what is real

321. I want to know what is there
322. I don't want to imagine things that aren't there

323. I want to be complemented
324. I don't want to be criticized

325. I want to be loved
326. I don't want to be hated

327. I want to have friends
328. I don't want to have enemies

329. I want to have allies
330. I don't want to have opponents

331. I want to be loose
332. I don't want to be restrained.

333. I want to have choices
334. I don't want to have no choice

335. I want to be allowed to proceed
336. I don't want to be hemmed in

337. I want to be causative
338. I don't want to be at effect

339. I want to reach things
340. I don't want to be unable to reach things

341. I want to control things
342. I don't want to be unable to control things

343. I want to have games
344. I don't want to have no game

345. I want to be satisfied
346. I don't want to be unsatisfied

347. I want to have what you need
348. I don't want to suffer from cravings.

349. I want to have no regrets
350. I don't want to be regretful

351. I want to be open
352. I don't want to be closed in

353. I want to arrange things correctly
354. I don't want to mess things up

355. I want to see acceptable things
356. I don't want to be dazzled.

357. I want to receive sympathy
358. I don't want to get no sympathy

359. I want to get away with things
360. I don't want to be accused

361. I want to be acquitted
362. I don't want to be condemned

363. I want to be let go
364. I don't want to be hunted

365. I want to escape the consequences
366. I don't want to suffer the consequences

367. I want to avoid being implanted
368. I don't want to be implanted

369. I want to please people
370. I don't want to upset people

371. I want to obey the rules
372. I don't want to break the rules

373. I want to be good
374. I don't want to be evil

375. I want to help others
376. I don't want to harm others

377. I want to reassure people
378. I don't want to shock people

379. I want to make others feel safe
380. I don't want to terrorize others

381. I want to have normal desires
382. I don't want to be obsessed

383. I want to be sane
384. I don't want to be insane

385. I want to take enough time
386. I don't want to take too long

387. I want to be independent
388. I don't want to be dependent

389. I want to be satiated
390. I don't want to have longings

391. I want to know what's going on
392. I don't want to be puzzled by events

393. I want to know what's going to happen
394. I don't want to be taken by surprise

395. I want to know the consequences
396. I don't want to be caught unaware

397. I want to be able to adapt
398. I don't want to be unable to change

399. I want to be flexible
400. I don't want to be rigid

401. I want to be on time
402. I don't want to be too late

403. I want to be participating
404. I don't want to be alone

405. I want to like what is going on
406. I don't want to dislike everything

407. I want to be able to protest
408. I don't want to have to put up with everything

409. I want to be able to change conditions
410. I don't want to be stuck with things as they are

411. I want to be stable
412. I don't want to be pushed around

413. I want to be able to decide not to do something
414. I don't want to be forced to do things

415. I want to be at the right distance
416. I don't want to be too close

417. I want to have hope
418. I don't want to be hopeless

419. I want to understand things
420. I don't want to misunderstand things

421. I want to receive help
422. I don't want to get no help

423. I want to be fair
424. I don't want to be unfair

425. I want to be sharing
426. I don't want to be selfish

427. I want to have the right amount
428. I don't want to have too much

429. I want to feel full
430. I don't want to feel empty

431. I want to be at the right time
432. I don't want to be early

433. I want to be in the right space
434. I don't want to be in the wrong space
  (place ?)

435. I want to be kind
436. I don't want to be cruel

437. I want to be human
438. I don't want to be a monster

439. I want to be where you should be
440. I don't want to be too far away

441. I want to be successful
442. I don't want to be a failure

443. I want to win
444. I don't want to lose

445. I want to feel relieved
446. I don't want to feel crushed

447. I want to be defended
448. I don't want to be attacked.

449. I want to be tough
450. I don't want to be overwhelmed

451. I want to be determined
452. I don't want to give up

453. I want to be a good citizen.
454. I don't want to be a criminal

455. I want to be a member of society
456. I don't want to be an outcast

457. I want to support society
458. I don't want to overthrow society

459. I want to advance
460. I don't want to be held back

461. I want to have nice things
462. I don't want to have nothing

463. I want to have enough space
464. I don't want to have too little space

465. I want to be allowed to remain
466. I don't want to be kicked out of spaces

467. I want to be wise
468. I don't want to be foolish

469. I want to do things at the right time
470. I don't want to do things at the wrong time

471. I want to have enough time
472. I don't want to run out of time

473. I want to rise
474. I don't want to fall

475. I want to grow
476. I don't want to shrink

477. I want to get better
478. I don't want to get worse

479. I want to become more substantial
480. I don't want to get thinner

481. I want to know what time it is
482. I don't want to not know what time it is

483. I want to know what space I'm in
484. I don't want to not know what space I'm in
  (know where I am?)

485. I want to estimate time correctly
486. I don't want to mis-estimate time

487. I want to estimate distance correctly
488. I don't want to mis-estimate distance

489. I want to have faith
490. I don't want to have disbelief

491. I want to be enlightened
492. I don't want to be mystified

493. I want to spot the source of things
494. I don't want to spot the wrong source

495. I want to please god
496. I don't want to displease god

497. I want to obey god
498. I don't want to defy god

499. I want to be saved
500. I don't want to be dammed

501. I want to be in heaven
502. I don't want to be in hell

503. I want to be alive
504. I don't want to be dead

505. I want to dwell in paradise forever
506. I don't want to burn in hell forever

507. I want to create
508. I don't want to destroy

509. I want to have reality
510. I don't want to feel unreal

511. I want to have the right time
512. I don't want to have the wrong time

513. I want to have the right space
514. I don't want to have the wrong space

515. I want to have the right energy
516. I don't want to have the wrong energy

517. I want to have the right mass
518. I don't want to have the wrong mass

519. I want to be real
520. I don't want to be unreal

521. I want to be right about time
522. I don't want to be wrong about time

523. I want to be right about space
524. I don't want to be wrong about space

525. I want to be right about energy
526. I don't want to be wrong about energy

527. I want to be right about mass
528. I don't want to be wrong about mass

529. I want to be right about existence
530. I don't want to be wrong about existence

531. I want to have mass
532. I don't want to have no mass

533. I want to have energy
534. I don't want to have no energy

535. I want to have space
536. I don't want to have no space

537. I want to have time
538. I don't want to have no time

539. I want to have a universe
540. I don't want to have no universe

541. I want to have existence
542. I don't want to have no existence

(have existed/ never have existed?



Dec 04, 91

For the second series, "want" changes to "need" in the above list
of items and in the third series it become "have to".  From then
on, the root changes to a goal, beginning with "To Agree".  The items
would then be "To Agree is To Escape" / "To Disagree is To Be
Captured", etc.

This pretty much fell apart for me around the 31st series.  I carried
on, mostly by assessment, running a few items off of the top of each one
to try and map the rest of it out.  Its quite possible that some of
these are incorrect or that I missed a few.

1.  I want to / I don't want to
2.  I need to / I can't bear to
3.  I have to / I must not
4.  to agree  / to disagree
5.  to obey   / to disobey
6.  to do nothing with the mind / to do anything with the mind
7.  to be unaware of this / to be aware of this
8.  to not figure this out / to figure this out

9.  to resist change / to try to change
10. to be in a body / to be outside of a body
11. to interiorize / to exteriorize
12. to keep this implant / to undo this implant
13. to generalize / to identify
14. to associate / to disassociate
15. to not look / to look
16. to not scan / to scan

17. to synchronize with reality / to desynchronize from reality
18. to fixate on physical reality / to shift in reality
19. to limit myself to 3 dimensions / to extend beyond 3 dimensions
20. to be aware of only 3 dimensions / to be aware of more than 3 dimensions
21. to not heal / to heal
22. to not cure / to cure
23. to entrap others / to release others
24. to enturbulate / to unenturbulate

25. to abberate / to deabberate
26. to block others / to unblock others
27. to inhibit others / to uninhibit others
28. to not run out / to run out
29. to not clear / to clear
30. to not restore / to restore
31. to mockup physical reality / to not mockup physical reality
32. to not duplicate / to duplicate

33. to not replicate / to replicate
34. to cross-copy / to not cross-copy
35. to not program thoughts / to program thoughts
36. to respond to programmed thoughts / to ignore programmed thoughts
37. to be unaware of machinery / to be aware of machinery
38. to not create machinery / to create machinery
39. to ignore mental machinery / to control mental machinery
40. to be the effect of mental machinery / to be unaffected by 
         mental machinery

41. to obey universe machinery / to disobey universe machinery
42. to hide universe machinery / to notice universe machinery
43. to be in one place / to be in many places
44. to not see the structure of things / to see the structure of things
45. to not see through things / to see through things 
46. to not look within things / to look within things 
47. to not know / to know
48. to not see remotely / to see remotely

49. to not locate / to locate
50. to not pervade / to pervade
51. to not permeate / to permeate
52. to not dimensionalize / to dimensionalize
53. to not-is / to as-is
54. to agree with the time stream / to leave the time stream
55. to be wrong about time / to spot the correct time
56. to have a time track / to have no time track

57. to take time / to bypass time
58. to be the effect of time / to ignore time
59. to maintain the present / to change the past
60. to be the effect of entities / to not be the effect of entities
61. to hold on to entities / to let go of entities
62. to obey entities / to disobey entities
63. to block entities from view / to see entities
64. to be infested / to be clean

65. to infest others / to clean others
66. to be divided against myself / to be whole
67. to fragment / to integrate
68. to not orient anchor points / to orient anchor points
69. to not determinate objects / to determinate objects
70. to leave the structure of things alone / to manipulate the 
         structure of things (?)
71. to not make things materialize / to make things materialize
72. to not dematerialize / to dematerialize

73. to make solids impenetrable / to make solids penetrable
74. to not infinitize / to infinitize
75. to not actualize / to actualize
76. to perpetuate reality / to violate reality
77. to leave random / to unrandomize
78. to not read minds / to read minds
79. to not take over others minds / to take over others minds
80. to not alter others minds / to alter others minds

81. to not implode others pictures / to implode others pictures
82. to not swamp thoughts / to swap thoughts
83. to not project thoughts / to project thoughts
84. to not endow life / to endow life
85. to not manipulate life-force / to manipulate life-force
86. to not drain life-force / to drain life-force
87. to not intend / to intend
88. to not postulate / to postulate

89. to not levitate / to levitate
90. to not teleport / to teleport
91. to not manipulate energy / to manipulate energy
92. to not create energy / to create energy
93. to propagate flows / to dampen flows
94. to not glare / to glare
95. to not beam / to beam
96. to not blanket / to blanket

97.  to not zap / to zap
98.  to not nip / to nip
99.  to not mockup / to mockup
100. to not spaceate / to spaceate
101. to not energize / to energize
102. to not historicize / to historicize
103. to maintain a single viewpoint / to maintain multiple viewpoints
104. to need mass / to do without mass

105. to need energy / to do without energy
106. to need time / to do without time
107. to need space / to do without space (?)
108. to fill space / to have space (?)
109. to be located / to not be located
110. to gain mass / to loose mass
111. to be effected by energy / to ignore energy
112. to deteriorate / to improve

113. to follow the laws of energy / to violate the laws of energy
114. to follow the laws of space / to violate the laws of space
115. to follow the laws of time / to violate the laws of time
116. to follow the laws of matter / to violate the laws of matter
117. to not predict / to predict
118. to not predetermine / to predetermine
119. to not find out / to find out
120. to perceive as a body / to perceive as a spirit

121. to operate as a body / to operate as a spirit
122. to be a body / to be a spirit
123. to be human / to be godlike
124. to be in this universe / to leave this universe
125. to create unconsciously / to create consciously
126. to create matter unconsciously / to create matter consciously
127. to create space unconsciously / to create space consciously
128. to create energy unconsciously / to create energy consciously

129. to create time unconsciously / to create time consciously
130. to obey this implant / to defy this implant
131. to mock this up compulsively / to try not to mock this up

                 end of disability implant