SUPER SCIO #8C

            IMPLANT PLATENS - Continued


Copyright 1996

All commercial rights are reserved to the author, who currently
wishes to remain anonymous and therefore is writing under the
pen name of "The Pilot".  Individuals may freely copy these files
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A "discontinuity" is a sudden unpredicted change in the framework
of reality.  You are presented with something totally outside of
your frame of reference and you get terrified and try to clamp
down on reality.  As far as I know, true discontinuities do not
happen in the real world here on Earth, but sometimes you get
the discontinuity reaction when something that you didn't believe
existed catches you by surprise.  However, "real" discontinuities
do happen in dreams quite frequently and if you flinch at them
with this discontinuity reaction (instead of saying "how neat"
and enjoying the change), the dream can shift into a nightmare
as you start mocking up horrible things.  Horrible discontinuities
can also happen in the between lives area where everything is much
more mutable.  This whole business makes you hang onto mundane
reality for dear life, even if the reality is unpleasant and
interferes with your ability to change things.

I got into this one originally because I was trying to handle
irrational fear, especially the fear of reality changing or
objects moving etc.  If you start to move an objected
psychokenetically, you can sometimes get a knee jerk fear
reaction that causes you to clamp down and suppress your own
ability and leaves you with a feeling of terror.  Its not a
fear of the actual motion, but rather it is a fear of something
happening to reality, as if you might cause a "discontinuity" and
really get in trouble.

True basic on this is actually much earlier than the implant.
It consists of real incidents of powerful beings sneaking up
on each other and suddenly jamming in a major shift of reality.
If you can spot early track incidents of having this done to
you and doing this to others, you can probably undercut the
implant.  But I needed to run the implant first before I even
realized that we used to do this to each other for fun and
games.  So here is the platen I ran.  (Aug 1996).


Nov 25, 1990

This implant probably dates from the Motions universe.  It seems to be
given as a prize for winning a game.

The implant consists of a series of 64 sub-universes, one for each
of the Agreements universe terminals that were used in the subjective
terminals section of the agreement definitions.  Each of these begins
with a hollow object zooming in at you with a roar.  The hollow is
really an object with a different 3 dimensional orientation (i.e., it
has a direction at right angles to your normal 3 dimensions) and you
slightly sense the solid object as the edge (a 2 dimensional hollow)
passes around you.  As you pass through, you enter into a sub-universe.

In the sub-universe, you are the agreements universe terminal (i.e.,
the agreeing dog, the good bear, the winning seagull etc.).  The
"favorable" side of the agreement definition is always used.  There
is a short enjoyable sequence with high aesthetics and much interesting
motion and good feelings etc.  It is enough fun that you want it to
continue.  Then a discontinuity in reality occurs.  This might be
turning a corner into a different reality, or looking in a mirror,
or going through a door, or just suddenly meeting an inappropriate
terminal.  One way or another, you suddenly find yourself (as the
agreements universe terminal) in one of the penalty universe scenes.
Then the penalty universe terminal is cause and commits whatever
overts are appropriate (based on the penalty universe contents)
against you.

The penalty sequence is a bad reality.  It's as ruff on you as possible
without going out of context.  Since this incident is much later than
the penalty universes, you tended to be heavily affected and unable
to override the bad reality.  Then, when your desperate to get out, you're
offered the chance to collapse the whole reality into a black hole.
You accept the choice and all of it, both the nice agreements mockup
and the bad penalty mockup, are swept away.  Then you get hit by the next
object and go through this again with the next agreements universe terminal.
If you don't agree to collapse it all, the section of the implant
is repeated until you do.

This "black hole" is not quite like the physical universe black holes
that the scientists talk about, but it is a close analogy.  It is the
result of collapsing an entire reality or frame of reference in on itself.
These are the underlying basic on the "hollow spots" and "vacuums"
talked about in the 1950s tech.  These black holes act like vacuums,
but it's space that they suck in and collapse.  If you bring a Mest
vacuum into an air cover, it sucks in the air.  If you bring one of
these holes into a Mest vacuum, it sucks in the space and the vacuum
itself (and its dimension) is gone.

The implant has the effect of making you hold onto a frame of reference
(reality) and avoid shifting the frame or messing with reality out of a
fear of a "discontinuity" occurring.  It also turned the basic frames of
reference (viewpoints) of the agreements universe and the penalty universes
into black holes that tend to drain your energy / interest / ability
whenever you try to use viewpoints that are close to these frames.

The implant seems to follow the order of the agreements definitions.
Run it as follows:

a) spot the object rushing in.

b) spot the nice reality (as the agreements terminal)

c) spot the discontinuity (the sudden shocking thing you see that
   lets you know that everything has changed)

d) spot the bad reality (effect of the penalty terminal)

e) spot agreeing to feed it into a black hole

f) spot deciding that it is dangerous to assume the characteristics of
the agreements universe terminal (i.e. being good or winning etc.)
because the penalty universe terminal will appear and do you in.

g) spot the top of the penalty universe -
 TO (goal) IS NATIVE STATE.  (and spot being pushed in etc. if needed).

h) spot the first line of the agreements definition.
 TO AGREE IS TO KNOW THE MEANING OF ... AND .. (dichotomy terms)

i) spot the top of the agreements universe
 (rushing into agreement, triangle, native state)

j) spot building the agreements universe.

k) Mockup the discontinuity happening to you right now.  Copy this many
times and vary the mockup until you are cheerful or laughing at it.

You can skip steps i and j if you get a good FN sooner.

Objects used: Triangle (pyramid); square (cube);  trapezoid; cone;
  Rectangle (cylinder); diamond; circle (sphere); crescent.
  The CC objects section restimulates this incident.

Colors Used: 1. Gold, 2. red, 3. yellow, 4. green, 5. blue,
  6. brown, 7. violet, 8. orange


format: agreements definition (dichotomy), agreements terminal
in parenthesis, Then a % followed by the object.  Next the penalty goal
with its terminal in parenthesis.  Finally the discontinuity itself
is described.

As usually, I did not get a complete run through the whole thing
but only fooled around with it until I got a big gain, this time
the gain was that I was no longer afraid of or bothered by the
idea of reality shifting around on me.

Unfortunately, this means that the platen is speculative and
incomplete, and I can't even say for sure how much of this is
correct and how much was simply drilling my confront on reality
shifting into a nightmare.



1. Agreeing / Disagreeing (dogs); %gold triangle%;
- To Manipulate (penguin banker).

Discontinuity: You are the agreeing dog running through the streets
with a pack.  Then you run into a building and go down a corridor.
You turn a corner and find yourself in a bank staffed by penguin people.
And you realize that reality has changed.  Then the penguins say you
owe for the flesh and haven't paid (you realize that you had forgotten
this) so they skin you alive to sell your coat.

2. Good / Bad   (Bears);
- To Understand (chipmunk).  % red triangle%.

You are the good bear playing in the forest.  Then you come to the
"Chipmunk" standing on a rock.  When you see him, you are shocked
and  you loose the ability to talk to other animals and he confuses
you and creates conflicts until everyone kills each other.
Spot deciding that if you become too good, the chipmunk will appear
and confuse you.

3. Causative / Effected (salesman in ice-cream suit);
- To Beautify "fairy godmother".  % yellow triangle%.

Discontinuity:  You are the causative salesman (wearing an ice-cream suit)
and you walk through a door into storybook land and the fairy godmother
gets you and forces you to be sickly sweet.  Now you are too nice to
sell anything, so you cannot pay for food and starve to death.  Spot
deciding that if you become too causative, the fairy godmother will
appear and make you behave.

4. Free/enslaved (horse); % green triangle %;
- To Engineer (lobster people).

Discontinuity: You are the horse who runs free and run over the edge of
a cliff and fall into the water where the lobster people get you and enslave
you to build things.

5. Beautiful / Ugly (cherub).
- To Control. %blue triangle%.

You fly down from the crowd of cherubs in the sky and look behind a rock
and see the "Frog" and fall under his power and are made to degrade and
debase yourself.
Spot deciding that if you become too beautiful, the frog will
appear and dominate you.

6. Logical / Illogical (alligator);
- To Heal; %brown triangle%.

you're lying on a river bank philosophizing when another alligator
flies up in the air and you see that the forest is different and
the "guardian spirit of the forest" begins tossing you around
Spot deciding that if you become too logical, a spirit will show up
and start throwing you around.

7. Winning / Losing  (seagull);
- To Collect.  %violet triangle %.

You fly out of a cloud into fairyland where the "elf" enslaves your soul
Spot deciding that if you win too much, the elf will show up and
you will loose your soul.

8. Healthy / Sick (flamingo);
% orange triangle%; - To Co-operate (robots).

Discontinuity:  You're the healthy flamingo (a sort of whooping
crane person) playing a sort of soccer like game kicking a ball
in a stadium with cheering crowds when a shadow falls across you
and you look up and these robots float down and force you to co-operate.
They set you to work digging and building things and fighting each other.



9. Enduring / Transient (dinosaurs); % gold square %;
- To Eat (tiger).

Discontinuity:  You are the enduring dinosaur and eating foliage.  You
push your head through the foliage and there are the tigers and the
forest has changed to a jungle and they take big bites out of your
flanks etc.  Spot deciding that if you live too long, the tigers will
show up and get you.

10. Skillful / Incompetent (bee);
thought circles - To Energize;  % red square %    ??

Discontinuity: You are the skillful beaver building a dam
You're cutting down a tree when an energy circle comes out of it and
begins sublimating your world into energy.  Eventually you're stuck
in painful flows of hot & cold & electrical energy.

11. Interested / Disinterested (fish);
- To Participate. %yellow square%.

Swimming in a fish city, you swim around a castle and there is
the "Mermaid" who dominates you and makes you degrade yourself
Spot deciding that if you become too interested, the mermaid will
appear and get you to debase yourself.

12. Moving / Rigid (Rock Person). %green square%;
- To Solidify (Pan).

Discontinuity: You are the moving rock person (#12 moving
/rigid - green square) walking in the forest when you suddenly
see ghosts/spirits popping out of the trees & hear strange music &
then pan steps out & begins to draw spirits out of you & you
become rigid.

13. Certain / confused (computer); %blue square %;
- To Exchange (spirit broker).

Discontinuity:  You are the computer that has certainty mocking up
spaces and creatures along with other computers.  You mockup a space
and spirit brokers appear in it and you can't get rid of them and they
say you owe a debt (out exchange) you haven't paid so their going to
repossess your soul.  You become confused and they get you.

14. Gives Pleasure / Gives Pain (ostrich);
- To Compete; %brown square%;

you're in a flock of ostriches in a field in a sexual frenzy
and then a whistle blows and you are in an arena and see the
"Coach" and the flock is made to fight in a game
Spot deciding that if you enjoy too much pleasure, the coach will
appear and make you get hurt.

15. Right / Wrong  (cube) %violet square%;
- To Defend (saucer people).

Discontinuity: You are the cube who is always right floating above the
countryside when suddenly there's a flying saucer in the sky above you
& there's a city below that wasn't there before & the saucer hauls you in
with a beam & the little green men zap you with energy and show you
how wrong you have been all your life.

16. Truth / Hallucination (giant - like Paul Bunyan);
- to share (dolphins) %orange square%.

You're the giant who perceives truly and walking in the forest
and slip on a rock and then you're falling through the air into
an ocean filled with dolphins who catch you in the air and dominate



17. Visible / Hidden (Statue).
- To Expand. %golden trapezoid%.
You are a statue ruling over a plane, then the mouse engineers
appear and restrict and entrap you and you try to hide & fail.

18. Present / Absent (Jellyfish)  %red trapezoid%;
- To Purify (fire people).

Discontinuity:  You are the jellyfish who is present swimming in the
sea enjoying the sensations when suddenly you realize you are swimming in
thick hot air welling upwards from a volcano & the fire people
standing around the rim begin forcing you down into the lava with
their tridents & you desperately want to be elsewhere.

19. Smart / Dumb (birds).
- To Arbitrate; % yellow trapezoid %.
You're flying in the woods when you come upon the "Minotaur" and the
forest becomes a palace and he judges you and finds you guilty and
puts you in a cage

20. Just / Unjust (flames)
- To Compute; %green trapezoid%.
you're the just flame bathing in light when a door appears and you go
through into a giant toyshop where "dolls" trap you in a magnetic field
and experiment on you

21. brings Order / brings Chaos (Stork); %blue trapezoid%;
- To Organize (clerk)
Discontinuity: You are the stork who brings order flying high above
the countryside when suddenly you are flying in a large administrative
hall and the clerks catch you and make you fill out forms & constantly
punish you for filling them out wrong no matter what you do.

22. Wakeful / sleeping (Whale); % brown trapezoid %;
- To Protect (energy ball);  (? maybe aware/unconscious).
Discontinuity:  You are the wakeful whale swimming in the
ocean & you surface & find yourself in a lake (reseviour) in a
city & the protectors (energy balls) come & start zapping you &
you go unconscious to avoid it.

23. Humorous / Sullen (seal).
- To Imagine; %violet trapezoid%.
You're the humorous seal swimming by the shore when you poke your
head out of water and see that now your in a pool in a cartoon zoo,
you see the "Cartoon Mouse" and he distorts you threw his power of
imagination (note, same as playful / serious).

24. Planned / random (or plans /leaves things to chance); (squirrel);
%orange trapezoid%; - To Change (magician).

Discontinuity:  You are the squirrel who plans & you carry nuts into
a hole in a tree trunk.  But as you go in, it becomes the magician's
lair & he changes you randomly into different things & all your planning
has been for nothing.


25. Whole / Divided (erector man - rods & wheels);
% gold cone%;- To Join (cat people).
Discontinuity:  You are the erector set man (rods & wheels) walking
in an erectorset like land, you pass through an archway and the cat
people get you and pull you apart and give you to their kittens.

26. Strong / Weak (robot);
- To Combine; %red cone %.
you're walking in the city and enter a door and suddenly your in the
giant lab of the "Siamese Twins" who experiment upon you
Spot deciding that if you get too strong, the two headed twin will
appear and operate on you.

27. Real / Unreal (Peacock); %yellow cone%;
- To replenish (Arab).
Discontinuity:  You are the real peacock walking in a storybook
style village & you turn a corner around the side of a cottage &
there is the desert & Arab tents & the Arabs grab you & pluck your
feathers & eat you & you can't take it and try to make it all go unreal.

28. Owned / Independent (monkey); %green cone%;
- To Grow (GE). ?

Discontinuity: You are the independent monkey playing in the
rocks by a jungle.  You slip & fall & you are on the cliffs by the
sea & the GE comes & blankets you & takes you over & makes
strange things brow out of your body.  Spot deciding that if you
become too independent, a spirit will come by & take you over.

29. Infinite / Located (spirit); %blue cone%;
 - To locate (leprechaun).
Discontinuity: You are the infinite spirit looking
at a planet when suddenly you realize it is just a spinning crystal
ball held by a leprechaun & you realize that you've really been
located in a room & asleep all this time & had forgotten & he leads
you around & you get more & more confused & dislocated &
claustrophobic & trapped.

30. Courageous / Cowardly  (lion).
- To Discover; %brown cone %.
You crest a hill and see the "centaurs" and they catch and enslave you

31. Knowing / Unknowing (Owl); %violet cone%;
- To Reproduce (insect person).
Discontinuity:  You are the knowing owl on a branch of a tree.  You hear
a rustling and fly down and the insect invaders shoot you with a bright
light (hypnotic gun) and lay eggs in your body.

32. Sharing / Greedy (Raccoon), %orange cone%;
 - To Predetermine (Prophet).
Discontinuity: You are he raccoon who shares (#32 sharing /
greedy - orange cone) sitting in the trees when a staff pokes at
you & you look down it & see the prophet who predicts that you
will suffer terrible fates because of your greed & then brings
them about.


33. Calm / Nervous (deer); %gold rectangle%;
- To Gather (spaceman).
Discontinuity:  You are the serene deer in a forest glade.  You
hear something behind your back and look around and there are the
spacemen and a space city is behind them and they put you in a cage
& carry you off.

34. Different / Same (sea urchin), %red rectangle%;
 - To connect (to commune) (angel).
Discontinuity:  You are the sea urchin who is different living underwater
when the angel appears and you realize that you're in a cloud & she lifts
you out & there you are part of a crowd of others who are all the same as
you & you're all judged together & condemned & you only thought
you were different.

35. Outgoing / Withdrawn (Turtle); %yellow rectangle%;
- To Shape (clay man).
Discontinuity:  You are the outgoing turtle on the bank of a stream,
feeling connected to all life, when the dirt turns to clay & the clay
people appear & begin to reshape & distort you.  Spot deciding that if
you become too outgoing, the clay man will appear & start molding you.

36. Oriented / Disoriented (wooden man (head spins) );
%green rectangle%; - To Mock up (computer).

Discontinuity: You are the wooden man who is oriented in a toyland
and then you spin your head around and see a computer machine room
& you realize the computer is mocking everything up & you
never were oriented in the first place.

37. Silent / Noisy (cat); %blue rectangle%;
 - To Structure (crystals).
Discontinuity:  You are the silent cat stalking & you jump through a
cottage window & land in the crystal city & the floor cuts your feet & the
crystals come & shock you with electricity & you howl etc.

38. Started / Stopped (Snail); %brown rectangle%;
- To Absorb (Greek hero).

Discontinuity: You're the snail who starts in a garden, then you notice
that the plant stems have changed to Greek columns & a giant hero
walks out & stops you & stamps on you etc.

39. Ethical / Criminal (Octopus); %violet rectangle%;
- To Inspire (muse).
Discontinuity: You are the ethical octopus presiding in a circle of
judgment on the seabottom.  Then you realize that you're just a
creature in a painting hanging on a wall & being created by a muse.
They she begins to change the painting, making horrible things appear
& torture you, & she is amused & laughs at you for thinking ethics
mattered because its only a picture she mocked up anyway.

40. Reasonable / Arbitrary (knight) %orange rectangle%
 - To Orient (wire man).
Discontinuity: You are the reasonable knight walking in a castle & you
fall through a trapdoor & then you're in deep space & the wire
people get you & begin taking you apart.


41. Responsible/Irresponsible (opossum), %gold diamond%;
 - To endure (pyramid).
Discontinuity: You are the responsible possum in the trees eating.  Then
you feel a strangeness & look around & all the other trees are gone & there
is a desert around you & a pyramid with its eye staring at you & it
hypnotizes you & forces you to work & you become unwilling &
irresponsible but you are made to slave anyway.

42. Independent / Combined (Corn People), %red Diamond%;
 - To Construct (beavers).
Discontinuity:  You are the independent corn person walking with others in
the fields & then you stumble & are rolling down a slope to a river where
the beavers get you & combine you with others & with mud & twigs to
make a dam.

43. Helpful / Harmful (caterpillar); %yellow diamond%;
- To Enlighten (rabbit preacher).
Discontinuity:  You are the helpful caterpillar digging around in the dirt
when suddenly you're in church & the rabbit preacher begins explaining
to you how you have been harming everything & must be sacrificed for the
good of others.

44. Alive / Dead (raggedyann doll); %green diamond%;
- To Satisfy (caveman).
Discontinuity:  You are the raggedy ann doll who is alive (alive /
dead) in toyland when you hear a sound & turn around & there is
a cave & the cavemen who  grab you & beat & rape you & you
decide you'd rather be dead.

45. Timeless / timed (mountain);
- To Feel; % blue diamond%.

you're the timeless mountain and the "Bear" appears and makes you
feel horrible things and tortures you

46. Social / Anti-social (Potato Person), %brown diamond%;
 - To Enhance (ghost people).
Discontinuity: You are the social potato person milling around in a crowd
of potato people in a city when you walk through an arched portal & find
yourself in a dim room surrounded by ghost people who make you see the true
degraded reality of things & your repelled & revolted & want to
disconnect from everybody.

47. Trusting / Distrusting (Rabbit); %violet diamond%;
- To Reason (clown);
Discontinuity: You are the trusting rabbit eating a carrot in a field.
You look around & realize that now you're in a little grassy square in
a big city & the clown comes over & explains how this is all reasonable &
safe & convinces you to cross the street & as you do so you're
hit by a car etc.  He keeps convincing you to put yourself in
danger ' You're continually bashed around.

48. Remembering / Forgetful (elephant); % orange diamond %;
- To Know (dodo).

Discontinuity: You are the elephant who remembers ( - orange
diamond) walking down a jungle trail.  You turn past some rocks and find
yourself on the beach with the dodos who show you that you have
misremembered everything and make you confused & forgetful & terrify you
& make you loose your identity and enslave you.


49. Young / Old (Gorilla); %golden circle%
- To Invent (munchkin).
Discontinuity:  You are the young gorilla jumping around & climbing
the rocks & then you see all this apparatus & you're in the munchkins
workshop & he straps you into one of his inventions & begins spinning
you around & experimenting on you and you age from the impact.

50. Perceptive / Blind   (mice - poets), %red circle%;
 - To Convert (reptile man).
Discontinuity:  You are the perceptive mouse person who is a
poet in a house.  You walk into the hall & its all wrong & you're
on a houseboat & the fish people come out & torture you to make you
believe in their truths instead of what you see.  They put your eyes out.

51. Loving / Hating (flowers).
- To Satisfy; % yellow circle%
You are the loving flower creature and then you see the
"caveman" who drags you off to his cave (?)

52. serene / upset (swan); %green circle%;
- To Play (Chinese children).

Discontinuity: You are the serene swan  swimming in a lake.  You bob
your head under the surface & then the water becomes muddy & you look
up & around & see you are in a tidal village of houses on stilts &
the children come out & begin playing & hurting you, pulling feathers,
trying a knot in your neck, etc.

53. Big / small (Ant) %blue circle%;
 - To Permeate (theta body).
Discontinuity: You are the giant ant walking down a tunnel when you come
to a branch of the tunnel that you have never seen before & step in &
then you are in a giant hall & a theta body comes over & blankets
you & shows you that you are tiny & insignificant in comparison with

54. Fast / Slow (horse girl (2 legged) ); %brown circle%;
- To Judge (giant);
Discontinuity:  You are the fast horse girl running a race when you
break the finish line infront of the cheering crowds in the
grandstand, you are suddenly in a courtroom facing the giant judge
up on his bench and he finds you guilty.

55. Industrious / Lazy (Donkey); %violet circle (?) %;
- To Intensify.
You are the industrious donkey climbing a hill and a "cloud"
comes down and envelopes you and drives you crazy.

56. Truthful / Deceitful (Walrus); %orange circle%;
- To Guide (pilot).
Discontinuity:  You are the truthful walrus on the ice when suddenly
you see the pilot & he shows you that you have been deceiving
yourself & you are really standing on the clouds & they can't
support you & you fall through.


57. pleasant / horrible (Eagle), %gold crescent%;
 - To Influence (cupid).
Discontinuity:  You are the pleasant eagle flying above the countryside
when you feel a jab and realize that you've been shot by an arrow &
you look around & there's a crowd of cupids flying around & shooting
you & you become filled with vile emotions & look down & see that now
there is a village below you & you shriek & dramatize & rend and
tear people until you collapse of emotional exhaustion & they kill

58. Harmony / discord (angel); %red crescent%;
- To Build (snake people).

Discontinuity:  You are the harmonious angel and are flying in the
clouds when you come to a road in the sky and the snake people enslave you
and make you work.

59. Participating / Alone (Kangaroo). %Yellow Crescent%.;
 - To Worship (Knights).
Discontinuity:  You are the kangaroo who participates hopping across
a plane & around a hill with a crowd of others and there you see the
knights who capture & sacrifice you while the other kangaroos  run away
and leave you alone.

60. Wise / Foolish (alligator person).
- To Unite; %green crescent%.
You're in an office and open the closet door and there is a
room full of dog soldiers who capture you and recruit you and
order you around

61. Faith / Disbelief (unicorn), %blue crescent%;
 - To Care for (bird girl).
Discontinuity:  You are the unicorn who has faith prancing in a
meadow when suddenly sinister trees appear around You & out leaps
the bird girl who says you are sick & is going to treat you & this
makes you weak & ill & she drains the life from you & finally you
see that it was wrong to have faith in others because they'll kill you.

62. Good / Evil (Snake), %brown crescent%;
 - To learn (gnome).

Discontinuity: You are the good snake in a garden (protecting it from
rodents) & slide between some rocks & then you're in a classroom full of
gnomes who catch you & begin dissecting you.

63. Creative / Destructive (Fool); %violet crescent%;
- To Create (statue).

Discontinuity:  You are the creative fool roaming around through
thought planes having fun creating and altering and extending new
planes off at weird angles etc. when the true god statue appears and you
realize that he created it all (you had forgotten this) and
you've been messing up his stuff.  He sends you to hell where
you are tortured by terrible realities.

64. Feeling / Numb (Porcupine), %orange crescent%;
 - To bring order (bear people).

Discontinuity:  You are the porcupine with feeling walking in the woods &
the bear people get you & pull out your quills (because they bring chaos)
& toss you in a campfire to char your skin so the quills wouldn't
grow back & you go numb etc.


The above platen has some errors.  When I ran it originally, I kept
a working list of loose ends, possible items, and anything I ran
which I later pulled off as being either incorrect or out of
sequence.  Note that I was correcting the agreements universe items
at the same time so I was a bit in doubt as to the sequence, and
there also were (and still are) a few sections of the penalty
universes which aren't quite right and shift around a bit.  As I
continued, most of the things got back onto the platen in the
correct sequence.  But when the whole thing finally keyed out,
I still had the following unresolved in my working notes.  I'm
including it here as an aid to anyone who is trying to put together
a correct and complete version.

??. long time /short time

??. Spacious / Solid.

  --- other possible terminals :


The following one was found to be out of sequence, but might still
be a valid item.

Discontinuity: You are the happy snowman (#46 happy / sad -
Brown Diamond) in the snow fields, when you realize that what
you thought was snow is really threads and the thread people rear
up and you lose everything and its all very sad.


Note (Oct 1996): I did turn on some somatics (like gas or muscle
pains around my torso) while I was putting this together for
publication.  There probably are a few wrong sections.  But what
really indicated as the source of the somatics was that I had the
incident mis-dated and out of context.  It seemed like this
implant was used in some kind of war which was taking place at the
time of the fall of home universe.  The somatic was from putting
some kind of constricting beam around people and tossing them
into this implant (sort of like using a lasso, no at all like the
blanketing used to push people into penalty universes).  Since I
still don't have a good handle on the exact events which collapsed
home universe, it seems quite possible that we might have had
some sort of war at the end which triggered the collapse.


                   11. THE HALVER

See History of Man.

I tried to get a bit more on this implant.  It was used during
the theta-MEST wars by the body people against the thought people.

It uses the goals "To Be Good" and "To Be Evil".  Also "To Love
Everything" and "To Hate Everything".

To Be Good is To Agree
To Be Good is To Obey
To Be Good is To Believe

It is done with a black and a white wave, which look almost like
radiating screens on either side of you (but encompassing your
body).  It makes a pressure on the right and left sides of the
head and shoulders.  It may cause headaches and affect vision.

The same endword is used on both sides.  You get "to be good is
to agree" on one side while you get "to be evil is to agree" on
the other (in other words, they wanted you to agree whether or
not you choose to be either good or evil).

This probably uses many of the agreements universes dichotomies
(aware/unconscious, strong/weak, etc.) as the root word pairs.

The endwords probably cycle down to "To ... is to crave sex" and
"To ... is to crave bodies".

I didn't do a lot with this one.  It seems to be very late on
the chain and keyed out with a little bit of ITSA.  This probably
means that its of little importance (but there's always the chance
that its the tip of the iceberg too).


               12. THE ANTI-ENERGY IMPLANT

Here's another that I only did a little bit with.

It seems to date from 726 trillion years ago and occurs in the
conflicts universe after capture during the theta-MEST wars.  Its
designed to get the thought people to stop putting out energy beams.

This could also be called the Pin Ball Machine implant because its
like being caught in a giant pin ball machine.

You are in some vast and confusing structure.  It may be 4
dimensional in nature.  It is very aesthetic, but sort of like being
caught in some kind of super complex abstract piece of art.
There are kaleidoscope-like effects and mirrors and shifting
energy fields etc.

The whole thing is sensitive to your putting out any kind of energy.
When you do, it reacts by hitting you with rays and banging you
around and then pushing you sideways into some kind of picture.

The pictures act like dead spots or rest points and they are very
mundane and pleasant and you stay in them for a movement and then
they explode or whatever and you are bouncing around in the energy
machine again.  The idea is probably to give you stuck pictures
of the still points which you will hang onto to keep from being
bounced around.

There are, for example, sphere's which put out beams that pull
you into them and then you get a still picture and then the sphere
explodes.  For example, a golden beam pulls you into a golden
sphere and then you are in a beautiful meadow in sunlight.  Its
wonderfully pleasant and relaxing and then everything explodes and
you're flying around in the machine again.

There are black cylinders.  If you get pulled into one of these,
energy spears slash at you and torture you.  The sequence inside
the cylinder is the incident that Ron called "The Iron Maiden"
in the HCL lectures of 1952 but he didn't realize that it was
part of a much bigger incident.  The cylinder starts to spin and
if you stop it, then you remain inside being tortured, so you
agree with the spin and eventually it gets fast enough to hurl
you back out into the machine.

There are cubes which hold you trapped and pull you into pieces.

There are pyramids which gradually close in around you and make
you solid.

There is some significance to the colors used.  Gold is pleasant
(stuck point) type incidents.  Black is pain/torture.  White is
contentment (suck point) type incidents.  Red is sensation.
Some of the objects give you heavy sex flows and then explode
painfully just as you're beginning to enjoy it.

You bounce around for awhile and get into objects and get flung
out etc. but eventually you will drift into a dead spot in between
the structures and just hang there.  If you put out the slightest
bit of energy (attempting to cautiously find your way out of the machine)
it starts you banging around again.  The harder you try to
control your motion and use energy to handle this, the wilder
you bang around.

Eventually you just hang there unmoving and feeling terrified of
putting out even the tiniest amount of energy for fear of
starting the whole thing up again.

Once you have been quiet for a long time and they know that you
wouldn't dare put out any more energy, they pull you out.


                   13. FAC 1

This is the incident that Ron called Fac 1 (Facsimile One, the
first whole track implant that Ron found in 1952).  There is some
description of it in History of Man and more on the HCL lectures
as well as a demo session of running somebody through it.

But this was being run before we had the idea of finding the
implant items or new very much about implants.  The demo session
consists of a PC trying to run through the first moment of impact
with Dianetics and mostly consists of her sitting there and moaning
miserably for about an hour until she comes up to feeling better
about being hit by the first "bap" (wave impact) coming from the
implant device (a coffee grinder - black box with a crank).

The implant was commonly used around 1-2 million years ago in this
universe.  The Disney movie "The Black Hole" has a lot of scenery
appropriate to Fac 1, uses an implant device that is almost correct,
and illustrates a starship crew that look like they have been
regularly implanted with Fac 1.  If you subtract out the cutsey-poo
Earth people, you wouldn't be too far off.

This is a third invader force mockup.  The ship's captains were the
only aware thetans.  They look a bit like people wearing space suits,
but that was actually their bodies.  The crews and troops were so heavily
implanted that nobody even remembers being part of the third invader.

When they took over a planet, they would set up temples and appoint
priests and give them portable (tripod mounted) Fac 1 implant
machines (coffee grinders).  Their avowed mission was to make people

This could be called the pleasure/pain implant.

The items alternate between things they don't want you to do which
have a heavy wave of pain and the opposite which has a heavy wave
of pleasure (almost sexual).

They aim the device at various spots and run the entire series of
items in each of the points.  The usual sequence is:

1. Forehead (third eye)
2. Left eye
3. Right eye
4. mouth
5. left shoulder
6. right shoulder
7. chest
8. stomach
9. genitals

The items are as follows.  You need to spot the intense pain or
pleasure wave hitting you along with the item.

1a. (pain) To Be Everything    1b. (pleasure) To Be Nothing

2a. (pain) To Know             2b. (pleasure) To Not Know

3a. (pain) To be Oriented      3b. (pleasure) To be Disoriented

4a. (pain) To Be Cause         4b. (pleasure) To Be Effect

5a. (pain) To Be Powerful      5b. (pleasure) To Be Weak

6a. (pain) To Be Independent   6b. (pleasure) To Be Obedient

7a. (pain) To Project Energy   7b. (pleasure) To Put Out No Energy

8a. (pain) To Operate At a distance
                               8b. (pleasure) To Not Operate at a Distance

9a. (pain) To Influence Remotely
                               9b. (pleasure) To Not Influence Remotely

10a. (pain) To Perceive At a Distance
                              10b. (pleasure) To not Perceive at a distance

11a. (pain) To do things with the mind
                              11b. (pleas.) To do nothing with the mind

12a. (pain) To Be Free        12b. (pleas) To Be Restrained

13a. (pain) To Find Out       13b. (pleas) To Never Find Out

14a. (pain) To Reveal This    14b. (pleas) To Never Reveal this

15a. (pain) To Disagree with this implant
                              15b. (pleas) To Agree with this implant

16a. (pain) To Remember this implant
                              16b. (pleas) To Forget this implant

17a. (pain) To never implant others
                              17b. (pleas) To give this implant to others

18a. (pain) To never be implanted again
                              18b. (pleas) To Want This Implant Again



See Tech 88 lecture 19.  This is the platen I came up with.

This may have been used against prisoners of war before exchanging them
or releasing them to return back home.  The idea was to destroy the
enemies organization by making their own people anti-social.


























This is recent.  It may be part of a between lives sequence on
Uranus (or maybe the implant just says it is taking place on Uranus).

A bright pressor beam hits you with the first item of each pair.
Then it changes to a tractor (pulling) beam which causes the color
to turn dull and pulls you in while giving you the second item of
the pair.

1a. (bright white pressor) PRIDE IS THE SOLUTION TO SHAME

1b. (dull white tractor) SHAME IS THE JUST REWARD FOR PRIDE

2a. (bright green pressor) JEALOUSY IS THE SOLUTION TO LOSS

2b. (dull green tractor) LOSS IS THE JUST REWARD FOR JEALOUSY

3a. (bright gold pressor) GREED IS THE SOLUTION TO POVERTY

3b. (dull gold tractor) POVERTY IS THE JUST REWARD FOR GREED

4a. (bright red pressor) VENGEANCE IS THE SOLUTION TO HARM (PAIN)


5a. (bright brown tractor) SLOTH IS THE SOLUTION TO ENSLAVEMENT


6a. (bright silver tractor) IMPATIENCE IS THE SOLUTION TO REGRET


7a. (bright blue tractor) STUPIDITY IS THE SOLUTION TO (BEING) BLAME(D)


8a. (bright black tractor) EVIL IS THE SOLUTION TO DEFEAT

8b. (dull black pressor) DEFEAT IS THE JUST REWARD FOR EVIL


              16. SERVICE FAC IMPLANTS

22 Nov 90

There seem to be a number of implants which lay in Service
Facsimiles (computations that you use to make yourself right and
others wrong - see the grade 4 materials).

The penalty universes include items such as "To (goal) is to be
right", "... be wrong", "... insist on being right", "... make others
wrong", etc.  But they don't seem to include true Service Fac
Computations as we know them now.

There is an early mockup which uses a maze and penalty universe
terminals to get you to postulate undesirable things so as to make
the penalty universe terminals wrong.  I stumbled upon this one
first, but it wouldn't run well and tended to turn on somatics until I
found and ran the "between lives service facs".  So I will describe
those first and then discuss the "Service Fac Maze".

A. The 64 Between Lives Service Facs.

These seem to occur in a between lives sequence.  By
assessment, it seems to be the between lives that occurs when you
drop and pick up a new "Theta Body" (i.e., thetan as an energy
unit - this is the one that corresponds to the old Thought universe
body structure).

The structure is very simple.  It uses each of the 64 agreements
universe definitions.  You see the positive agreements terminal
and it says a service fac that is based on the corresponding
negative agreements terminal being wrong.

This seems to begin with "To be right is native state (or the
ultimate infinity, etc.).".

These items generally blow by inspection.

The 64 basic service facs are as follows:

1. The agreeing dog says "They're wrong because they disagree
with everything".

2. The good bear says "They're wrong because they're nasty".

3. the causative salesman says "they're wrong because they chose
to be affected".

4. The free horse says "They're wrong because they let
themselves be enslaved".

5. The beautiful cherub says "they're wrong because they're

6. The logical alligator says "They're wrong because they're

7. The winning seagull says "They're wrong because they're

8. The healthy flamingo says "They're wrong because they're sick".

9. The enduring dinosaur says "They're wrong because they lack

10. The skillful bee says "They're wrong because they're

11. The interested fish says "They're wrong because they have no
interest in anything".

12. The moving rock says "They're wrong because they wouldn't

13. The certain computer says "They're wrong because they're
always confused".

14. The pleasurable ostrich says "They're wrong because they
hurt people".

15. The cube who is right says "They're wrong because they were
made to be wrong to begin with".

16. The giant who sees truly says "They're wrong because they
imagine everything.

17. The visible statue says "They're wrong because they keep
everything hidden.

18. The present jellyfish says "They're wrong because they're
never there when they should be.

19. The smart bird says "They're wrong because they're stupid.

20. The just flame says "They're wrong because they're unjust.

21. The stork who brings order says "They're wrong because they
make everything chaotic".

22. The wakeful whale says "They're wrong because they're
always asleep.

23. The humorous seal says "They're wrong because they're too

24. The squirrel who plans says "They're wrong because they leave
everything to chance.

25. The mechanical man who is whole says "They're wrong
because they keep falling apart and fragmenting.

26. The strong robot says "They're wrong because they're weak.

27. The real peacock says "They're wrong because they're unreal.

28. The independent monkey says "They're wrong because
they let themselves be owned.

29. The infinite spirit says "They're wrong because they're

30. The courageous lion says "They're wrong because they're

31. The knowing owl says "They're wrong because they don't
know anything.

32. The sharing raccoon says "They're wrong because they're

33. The calm deer says "They're wrong because they're nervous.

34. The sea urchin who is different says "They're wrong because
they're all the same.

35. The outgoing turtle says "They're wrong because they're

36. The oriented wooden man says "They're wrong because
they're disoriented.

37. The silent cat says "They're wrong because they're noisy.

38. The started snail says "They're wrong because they let
themselves be stopped.

39. The ethical octopus says "They're wrong because they're all

40. The reasonable knight says "They're wrong because they're
arbitrary and have no reason for what they do.

41. The responsible possum says "They're wrong because they're

42. The independent corn-man says "They're wrong because they
follow the crowd and wouldn't act independently.

43. The helpful caterpillar says "They're wrong because they harm

44. The alive raggedyann doll says "They're wrong because
they're dead".

45. The timeless mountain says "They're wrong because they
cannot endure.

46. The social potato man says "They're wrong because they're all

47. The trusting rabbit says "They're wrong because they distrust

48. The remembering elephant says "They're wrong because they
forget everything.

49. The young gorilla says "They're wrong because they're old.

50. The perceptive mouse says "They're wrong because they're

51. The loving flower says "They're wrong because they hate.

52. The serene swan says "They're wrong because they're always
getting upset.

53. the big ant says "They're wrong because they're small.

54. The fast horse girl says "they're wrong because they're slow.

55. The industrious donkey says "They're wrong because they're

56. The truthful walrus says "They're wrong because they lie.

57. The pleasant eagle says "They're wrong because they act

58. The harmonious angel says "They're wrong because they
create discord.

59. The participating kangaroo says "They're wrong because they
wouldn't participate.

60. The wise alligator person says "They're wrong because
they're all fools.

61. The unicorn who has faith says "They're wrong because
they're distrustful.

62. The good snake says "They're wrong because they're all evil.

63. The creative fool says "They're wrong because they're

64. The feeling porcupine says "They're wrong because they
have no feeling.  (? - don't care about anybody? - or maybe this is
a different item and one of the above is incorrect).  (also, maybe
this and #63 should be in the reverse order).

The above is a first cut and may have some errors in it.

There also seems to be a second series of these where the
negative agreements terminal gives an item based on the positive
side being wrong.  I.E., the disagreeing dog says "They're wrong
because they're in compulsive agreement", the bad bear says
"They're wrong because they're too goody goody", etc.


The Service Fac Maze.

This appears to be an actual construction, rather than a true
implant or implant universe.  It seems to have been built in the
"motion" universe as a sort of abberative game.  It seems to be
animated with programmed statues that talk to you as you float
around in your mask.  I believe that they always give the same
pre-recorded spiel, sort of like Disneyland.  But the spiel is meant
to get you to make an abberated postulate.

I'm still uncertain as to the details and context of this incident.  But
just spotting the abberative postulate that you're tricked into
making would seem to be a major case gain.

It seems like this takes place in a great maze or labyrinth cut into
rock.  Everything, including the statues, seems to be made of
granite.  It seems like you can exteriorize from this thing and float
above it and it looks like series of cracks in the earth with a
volcano towering on the right.  Smoke drifts up from the cracks.
In the incident, you're floating down the path in the cracks and
moving from grotto to grotto.  Each grotto contains a statue of a
penalty universe terminal and lays in an aberration.  If this
bothers you, you can mockup floating above the maze and the
copy the picture of it many times until you can throw it away
comfortably (this can bring considerable relief).

It is conceivable that we each have some part of ourselves that
has been stuck in this maze and that you are really moving it out
of there and getting free by the mockup of exteriorizing from the
maze.  Or maybe this step is just restoring causation over an old
stuck picture.  Either way, something releases when you do the

This one also seems to begin with "To be right is native state".

The 64 individual incidents are structured as follows: (the tiger
penalty terminal with the goal To Eat is used as an example).

a) You enter the grotto (You are a mask and float into it).

b) You see the granite statue of the positive penalty universe
terminal and float before it, facing it.  In this example it would be a
statue of the Tiger.  In the incident, the terminal seems to be
known as the "Insister" (or the one who insists).  The terminal will
insist that the penalty goal is necessary for achieving some other
penalty universe goal (in this case it is To Inspire).  For To Eat,
the Tiger insists that needing to eat is necessary to inspire artists
to work.

c) Now another statue slides up behind you.  This statue, called
the "Defender" will present a counter argument.  In this case, it is
that needing to eat just results in starving artists.  The defender
will be a statue of the inverted penalty terminal (a spider in this
case).  (? or maybe I have this slightly wrong and they use the
terminal of the secondary goal - in this case, to inspire, which
would be a Muse).

d) Next, the defender asks you if you have EVER had this
happen.  I.E., have you ever been a starving artist because your
work wasn't recognized.  This is a trick question because of the
"ever".  He is not asking if this can happen or happens sometimes,
or a majority of the time.  He just asks if you have ever had it
happen.  So you say yes, because it must have happened once.  If
you don't say yes, they show you a picture of it happening to you
and say that it did happen but you have forgotten.  Eventually you
say yes.  This gets you on the defenders side.

e) Now the terminals argue (Tiger says that they starve because
their art is poor, the spider says no, even with great art, they will
starve because the people are too ignorant to give it recognition,
etc.).  Then they call for a judge (this seems to be an agreements
universe terminal?).  You are called by the negative terminal as a
defense witness because you said yes to the question above.
Because of this, the judge rules that you are to be sent down into
the universe to do this thing.  In this case, you are sent down to
produce a fine work of art.  If the people ignore it and you starve,
then the tiger is proved wrong and shall suffer.  Otherwise, you
have spoken falsely and shall be tried and sentenced.

f) Now another terminal, "the ally" (which might be the negative
agreements terminal?) advises you that you must be sure and
compel other people to fail to recognize your fine work so that
you will become a starving artist.  Otherwise, you'll be in big
trouble.  So he gets you to postulate this.  This postulate is the key
thing to spot and blow from the incident.  In other words, your
going to be a starving artist who isn't recognized so as to make the
Tiger wrong.

Note that the feeling of this is that starving to death as an artist is a
minor thing that only causes you to die as a meat body, whereas
making the Tiger wrong is much more important at a higher level
because you, as a semi-immortal mask (which will have many meat
body lives) will be in big trouble if you fail.

g) Then the judge waves his hand and sends you down a green
chute into reality.

h) Something funny happens with time at this point in the incident.
Although you are on your way to reality, the trip down the chute
and the subsequent existence in the physical universe doesn't
occupy time in the maze universe.  So its sort of held in
abeyance and will supposedly occupy the entire history of this
universe to complete.  Meanwhile you are free to continue
moving through the maze and go on to the next grotto.

I only ran this partway.  Early on, I felt that I was undoing some
very basic viscous postulates.  Later it started getting more
solid, so I looked for a point of release while running it.  And
there had been a point where it seemed like it didn't matter anymore
and I saw no reason to do myself in just to make somebody else
wrong.  It was a nice gain and worth the effort.  But the lightness
of the result and the ease with which it overran indicates that
this implant is late on the chain and cannot be pushed to erasure.
Overrunning like this means that there is something earlier that
has not yet been found, and it would not be the penalty universes
because those are already known and hitting the native state button
lets you erase things that would otherwise pull in charge from them.
So there is probably something else earlier which is concerned
with doing yourself in to make others wrong or to win a game or
something like that.  For now, if you run this one, bail out if
you get a good release point and don't go for broke on trying to
erase the thing.

Platen For the Service Fac Maze:

I think that this runs up from Endure to Create, so I will list them
in that order.

64. (To Endure).  The Pyramid says that the need to endure will
INTENSIFY the strength of one's creations.  The defender says
that needing to endure just causes people to die and puts an
end to creating anything.  (judge - dinosaur - #9
enduring/transient). You postulate dying to make the pyramid

63. (To Eat).  The Tiger insists that needing to eat INSPIRES
artists to produce.  The defender says that people will not
recognize the art and the artists will starve. (judge - mouse, #50
perceptive / blind).  You postulate being a starving artist and
compelling others not to recognize your work to make the Tiger

62. (To Replenish).  The Arab insists that PLAYING games is
more interesting because of the need to replenish.  The defender
says that this just makes people tired and unable to play. (judge -
whale, #22 wakeful/sleeping).  You postulate that you will become
tired and need to sleep regularly to make the Arab wrong.

61. (To Feel).  The bear insists that you need to feel things so that
what you BUILD will not be cold and lifeless.  The defender says
that this just makes you hurt too much to build anything. (judge
ostrich, #14 pleasure/pain).  You postulate that you will be hurt
and injured too much to work.

60. (To Carefor).  The bird girl says that needing to carefor things
will STRENGTHEN your survival.  The defender says that it just
lets other people take advantage of you. (judge - raccoon #32
sharing/greedy).  You postulate that "the people you care for will
always take advantage of you" (and you compel them to do this) to
make the bird girl wrong.

59. (To Join).  The Catwoman insists that people must join together
so that they can properly COMBINE their creations.  The
defender says that this just makes fights. (judge - dog, #1 agree /
disagree).  You postulate that "you will always be hurt by the ones
you love" (and you compel them to do this) to make the catwoman

58. (To Satisfy).  The Caveman insists that sensual satisfaction is
necessary to ORIENT yourself to reality.  The defender says it
just overwhelms and confuses and disorients people. (judge -
computer, #13 certain / confused).  You postulate that you will
become lost and disoriented by sensuality and sensation (and
compel others to disorient and divert you from your true purposes
through sensation) to make the caveman wrong.

57. (To Reproduce). The insect invader insists that you need to
reproduce and spread yourself throughout the cosmos because
the universe is too vast To KNOW in any other manner.  The
defender says that you just replicate your own lack of
knowingness and produce children who lack knowledge and bring
chaos.  (judge - stork, #21 order /chaos).  You postulate having
children who lack knowingness and bring disorder to make the
insectman wrong.

56. (To Expand). The mouse engineer insists that you need to
expand to be able to INFLUENCE people.  The defender says that
you can only expand by being corrupt and people distrust this so
your influence is worthless. (Judge - unicorn, #61 faith/distrust).
You postulate that you can only expand by corruption and also to
compel others to distrust anything which expands.

55. (To Participate).  The mermaid insists that you need to
participate together with others to be able to GATHER things
effectively.  The defender says that this wouldn't work because
people can't get along with each other and will only fight and fail.
(Judge - angel, #58 harmony / discord).  So you postulate that any
group you join will take advantage of you (and you compel them to do
this) to make the mermaid wrong.


At this point the whole thing seemed to key out and I dropped