SUPER SCIO #10A: NOTES


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In this final document in the series, I will include some general 
write-ups and random notes from my files.

































                   1. ORDER AND CHAOS

Oct  5, 1990

Let us consider what might lie at the top of the scale.  Imagine, 
for a moment, what it would be like if everyone really achieved 
total freedom and the full ability to create, alter, and destroy 
Matter, Energy, Space, Time, Thought, and Life?  What if people 
agreed or disagreed at will depending on what they felt like 
doing?  What if it was not physically possible to impose any 
restraints on an individual or enforce any rule or order?

The result would be total chaos and anarchy.  But is this a really a 
bad thing?  There is a  terrible picture of devastation and 
destruction that goes along with the concept of chaos and anarchy.  
But that picture is an implant.

Given total freedom, the petty, viscous urges would soon fall 
away (if they hadn't already been run out as part of the route 
upwards).  These things are the manifestations of being at the 
bottom of a long and degraded game.  With really high randomity, 
high horsepower games, and the true ability to play them, there's 
no fun in crouching down in a dark little pool of nastiness.

So what we would really get would be a fantastic array of 
creations and a level of tone and ARC that is beyond human 

But the statement about chaos and anarchy still holds true.  The 
free being will play what games he feels like, and if things are not 
to his liking, he will turn around and mockup another universe 
and invite his friends to come on over.

This means no laws, no punishment, and no government.  Either 
you get someone's agreement, or their just gonna go their own 
way.  So you can't make anyone wrong or get even for anything.  
Once, way back when, we solved this problem by creating the 
penalty universes.  But that trick wouldn't work twice in a row.  If 
our boy's been down here and climbed back out, then he's too 
experienced to fall for it.

This ungovernable condition is known as anarchy.

The cor-requisite ultra high level of creation with an infinity of 
things popping into and out of existence with great rapidity, is 
known as chaos.  An individual might keep his creations in a 
beautiful state of order, but the sum total of all creations of all 
individuals is a condition of the highest possible randomity.  This 
is actually quite good.  As an immortal god, the only thing that would 
provide enough interest and variety would be utter chaos.

This then, is the chaos and anarchy at the top of the scale.

But the bottom of the scale mimics the top.  And there is a truly 
horrible chaos and anarchy at the low end.  This is the chaos of 
total destruction.  And there also is the anarchy engendered by 
being so far out of ARC with everything that there is nothing left 
but unreality.  This is the direction of the bomb throwing 
anarchists, and the destination of people who are madly trying to 
make nothing out of everything.

Between these two extremes lies a center point of total and 
absolute order.  This is the position of total safety that society 
craves.  Here, supposedly, is the place where nothing bad can 
happen because there is nothing unregulated, no randomity, and 
no unpredicted motion.  There is also no freedom, no space, and 
no theta.  This state is as impossible to attain as the absolute 
infinities at either end of the scale, but it is possible to come very 
close to it.

The thetan, actually, can't stomach this state of total order.  With 
every law passed, he has less freedom of motion.  His "space" 
collapses.  As it collapses, he seeks to protect what little remains 
and therefore supports the introduction of additional laws which 
then contract his space further.

Now add to this picture, the existence of many implants which 
convince him, with false data, that he should go along with this for 
the sake of other people.  He has been convinced that endless 
laws are needed to keep people from killing each other and 
furthermore has been shown that even wrong laws must be obeyed 
to keep society working properly.  His own integrity, which is 
considerable, has been turned inward against himself to keep him 
in obedience.

This reaches an extreme in the thought police states where even a 
bad opinion of the government is a gross overt heavily punished.  
These societies are not usually the outgrowth of the petty 
dictatorships like the ones we see around the world.  They can 
come from societies like this one.  The sales job is fairly simple.  
Crime comes from earlier evil intentions.  If these evil intentions 
were "cured" at the source, we could all live in safety.  So 
everybody should agree to be hypnotized against having evil 
intentions, and should be made to report in to the police if they do 
think a wrong thought.  They'd try it here if the psychs ever come 
up with a super duper brand of hypnosis.  Our name for this super 
duper version is implanting.

But these though police states never last very long.  Just when 
they think that the last dregs of freedom have disappeared, the 
people realize the same thing and civilization falls.

What we really have here is the cycle of the "treadmill".  At the 
top of the positive goal is an imitation of the infinity of native 
state.  It is all beautiful and wonderful near the top and then sinks 
down through greater and greater barriers.  At the end of the 
positive goal, the thetan can't stomach it anymore and abandons 
the goal.  He begins to hate and adopts the negative goal.  Then 
he's on a rampage where everything is destroyed.  At the bottom is 
the false native state of everything being gone because he's 
wrecked it all.  Then he swings around into the next goal.

The super orderly police state matches up with the total loss of 
space at the bottom of the positive goal.  To regain some space, 
the thetan swings around to a negative goal and starts tearing 
everything to pieces.  The more he destroys, the more space he 
regains until all is in ruin.

This is really a trap of considerable subtlety.  As the individual 
sinks down, his space contracts.   Once an individual passes threw 
the crossover into the negative goal, his space expands again.  In 
other words, he gets validated for going the rest of the way out 
the bottom and not-ising everything.  But it doesn't lead out of the 
trap, it simply carries you on to the next goal.

There the guy is with lots of space and freedom.  Then, bit by bit 
there are more rules and barriers and his life is more regulated.  
He tries hard to go along with this.  Then one day, there's too 
many stops and he can't move or do anything.  So he snaps.  He 
says "the hell with it all" and goes out of agreement.  Now he's 
going to get even and bring the whole mess crashing down.  And 
the more he wrecks and disagrees, the more free and less 
controlled he becomes.

But this is a deadly freedom because its anatomy is not-isness.  
He's getting over barriers by making nothing of them.  He's going 
to reduce it all by force you see, and that doesn't quite work.  It 
all goes up in flames, and he gets out of it in physical terms, but 
he's not confronting any of it and its all still there out of sight 
forever after.

Here we have the true suppressive person.  This is how you get a 
Hitler or Caesar.  Once they've gone over the edge, its all unreal, 
especially the overts, so they don't pull in motivators very 
quickly.  As far as they are concerned, they are serving the great 
purpose of getting rid of all these horrible barriers.

The being goes through this over and over.  He starts on a 
positive course, pushes forward on it for a long time, and 
eventually slides downscale.  He hits total stop and abandons the 
positive course, decides to get even, and begins to destroy 
things.  Soon its all unreal and he's out the bottom.  Currently, 
we're probably only spending 2 1/2% of our lifetimes in this 
inverted state (hence the 2 1/2% ratio of SPs).  Each time you go 
through this, there is one more layer of not-is laid on and your 
that much less able to reach or handle the environment on either 
side of this cycle.

A better measure of the overall state of a being might be how fast 
does he slide down through this cycle.  Does he hang on for ages 
and only rarely sink, or does every feather in his path cause him 
to abandon everything and begin destroying?  If he drops out the 
bottom fast, he's building up layers of not-is much quicker than 
average.  The cycle accelerates.  The more he not-ises, the 
weaker he is and the faster he slides down to pick up even more 

Now lets look at using this data.

For the individual, the key thing would be to run out the penalty 
universes and especially run the treadmill crossover into the 
inverted goal.  In addition, just recognizing this cycle and 
knowing something of its anatomy can help you stay afloat.

Put aside, for the moment, the pleasure of tearing everything 
down.  The validation you get for it is part of the trap (and the 
space that you win is spoiled by the attendant unreality).

Even more important is to put aside any desire to get even.  This 
is an item in the crossover platen.  You abandon the positive goal, 
begin to hate "them" for making you do that, and then decide to 
get even with "them" by doing the negative goal.  It all seems 
very logical and inevitable.  

When this manifests in life, you will truly have good reasons for 
getting even.  Your own positive goals do get smashed down by 
real counter efforts.  You really are justified in wanting to get 
even.  But if you do, it all goes unreal and there's another nail in 
your coffin.  

Now you might be screaming that this isn't fair.  After all, your 
entitled to get even.  Well your right.  It's not fair.  It's just a trap 
that has worked very very well for a long long time.  All we're 
discussing here is mechanics.  The game isn't fair.  If it was, 
somebody would have won it and it would have ended quite some 
time ago.

An interesting and useful process to take some weight off of this is 
to push "I'm gonna get even with you" into the walls and furniture.  
Spot objects in the room (or exterior) and just hit them with that 
intention.  Vary it by putting reasons on it: "I'm gonna get even 
with you for .... ".  Makeup nonsense reasons such as "for making 
my hair turn green" and also use real reasons, if you feel like it, 
but be sure to direct them at some undeserving object.  In other 
words, if you bang your shins on the table, tell the car "I'm gonna 
get even with you for banging my shins".

Now let's consider this in terms of society.  The general cycle is 
as follows:

top:  Chaos and Anarchy  (total freedom)
middle: Maximum Order    (police state, zero freedom)
bottom: Chaos and Anarchy (total unreality)

We have a society that is already highly regulated.  Everytime we 
add another law, we push a few more people over the edge and 
crime increases.  To handle that, we put out some more laws and 
tougher handling and some more go over the edge, etc. until we 
reach the point of open rebellion.

The upscale direction is to get rid of laws.  But if we just pull all 
the laws off, the upper chaos and anarchy is out of reach and 
people will dive into the low scale one, again resulting in the fall 
of civilization.

The correct handling is to very slowly and gradually (so that 
people can have it and will come up tone) remove laws on a 
gradient.  What you want is something like a rule to age off laws 
unless they are renewed or a cap on the number of laws so that 
old ones have to be repealed to issue new ones, etc.  Get the 
government out of peoples lives and reduce the bureaucracy.  But 
don't try to pull it down all at once or it will simply be another 
swing down through the negative part of the cycle.

If you raise a child well, you can give him lots of freedom.  But if 
you suddenly find yourself caring for a child that has been 
heavily and poorly controlled, you can't pull all the stops out at 
once or he'll just go on a rampage of destruction.  So you put in 
good control and then very clearly start removing the stops one at 
a time.

Your keynote should be to introduce the minimum number of rules 
necessary for things to function, and put as much effort into 
identifying old rules that can be relaxed as you put into 
identifying new rules that need to be added.

In auditing, we have a situation where many rules are needed at 
first.  There are rules for the PC (which are essential for new PCs) 
and rules for the auditor's handling of the PC (which are essential 
on new PCs even if the auditor is an old hand) and rules for new 
auditors (which are essential while the auditor is coming up the 

New auditors and PCs represent the maximum case of necessary 
rules in auditing.  Unfortunately, this is the situation at the start of 
training and therefore we all begin with the most rigid and 
rigorous operating basis.

But the rules need to be gradually slackened as one moves up the 

At the top, you want to reach a state where anything can be run 
out purely on confront and ITSA without any formal session, meter, 
process, or procedure.  And just a hairsbreadth below that, you want 
to be able to mockup a drill or process instantly that will blow 
something and run it, shooting from the hip so to speak, without 
any tools or whatever.

You can't jump up to this level right away.  But it is an essential 
target and it is achievable on a gradient of lessening meter 
dependence and increasing knowingness and willingness to 

Someday you might be halfway to OT and floating around 
somewhere without a body and be just a bit short of the ability to 
mock one up out of thin air.  Under those circumstances, it would 
be pretty silly to have to pick up a body just so that you can hold 
the cans of an e-meter to do an assessment.

We have all been making the chronic mistake of continually 
introducing order as a means of improving things.  We always put 
in more rules and order and never remove any.  Sooner or later, 
it attains critical mass and blows up in our faces.

The only times we've tried to remove order was when we were on 
the other side having the order pushed down our throats.  An then 
we thought we were being unethical or irresponsible.  Thanks to 
implants, there is a mistaken identification of order with 
responsibility and disorder with irresponsibility.

The sane way to operate is to both add and remove rules.  Go 
ahead and put order into areas, (some places sure need it), but 
also add some freedoms and introduce a little chaos for variety.  
And when your talking to the unenlightened, remember that the 
polite word for chaos is randomity.


             2.  THE MOST BASIC GOALS

Our earliest difficulties seem to involve inter-personal relations
rather than creating or dealing with creations.

Although "to Create" has been popular in implants and penalty
universes, this is all later on the track and we didn't seem to
have a lot of trouble with it in the beginning.  Our earliest
troubles had to do with dealing with each other.  This would
stem from the jewel of knowledge which basically tricked us into

The earliest series of charged goals (actual GPMs ?) that I can
find on the track seems to deal with ARC and may stem from the
reality wars.

These goals are (approximately):

a) To Make Them Listen To Me
b) To Make Them Like Me
c) To Make Them Agree With Me

Note that the communication is an outflow whereas the affinity and
reality are inflows, which would guarantee an imbalance and lead
to trouble.
I suspect that at basic these goals are consistent from person to
person.  If so, that would imply some sort of implant.

There may also be a goal "To Make Them Admire Me" in this series.

Later come degraded or inverted versions such as "To Make Them
Leave Me Alone" or "To Be Unobserved" etc.

There may be some kind of early aesthetic implant used in the reality
wars to invert these.  For example, a story sequence in which you
succeed in making everyone like you and then they all cling to 
you and it becomes suffocating so that you start fighting to make
them leave you alone.

I don't have this pinned down yet.  The current handling would be to
run more grade 3 (ARCXs) in the basic area.  I think that this
is coming up in my own auditing because I'm nearing erasure of
grade 3 in the basic area.

I can already see that the earliest basics have to do with simple
communication (grade 0), probably simple decisions to ignore certain
individuals, and that these predate the reality wars and come from
the earliest universe building period right after the jewel of
knowledge.  Notice that it is communication specifically and not
the ARC triangle.

It is possible that the ARC triangle itself is an interlocking
condition that stems from the reality wars rather than being a
basic mechanic.  Why should you go into agreement or get sucked
into somebody else's reality just from talking to them?  That would
seem to be an aberration.

They might, for example, have shown you that it was basically 
unfair to agree with a creation that you liked if you were unwilling
to talk to its creator, and so you had to raise your communication if
affinity and reality were increased.  

This strange idea of interlocked A, R, and C then leads to the 
implication that you could have your reality contaminated by
talking to someone else (because reality and agreement will increase 
with communication).  That's deadly because you then start cutting
communications to protect yourself, and once you've blocked
communications, then you really can get in trouble.

If Hitler had painted a beautiful painting, wouldn't true sanity
include the ability to admire the painting while continuing to
hate the man?  

This is all slightly speculative because I still have a great deal
of charge in this area and may be twisting things around or 
getting the details wrong.  But the implications are immense and
it would be unfair of me to keep this to myself.



Space opera type incidents seem to be common in this universe prior
to our being on earth.  The speed of light does not seem to interfere
with ultra high speed travel between star systems.

Since it seemed to be an interesting challenge, I spent a good bit
of time working over Einstein's theory of special relativity and
the equations governing the space-time distortions that occur with
near lightspeed travel.

I'm satisfied that the equations are correct and that there are
distortions when observing something near light speed.  These 
effects have been proven to some degree, but only in terms of
observations from one frame of reference seeing a distortion when
viewing something in another frame which has a great speed 

Einstein was very careful to say that he was only defining the
observations and measurements made at near light speed, he does
not state what is actually occurring in reality.

The standard view is that if you accelerate long and hard enough
to reach 4 times the speed of light in a Newtonian system, what
will really happen is that you will appear to be moving at very
close to the speed of light.  It would be something like .99 of 
light speed - the easy way to describe this is by saying that it has 
a tau factor or distortion of 4 to 1 (written as 1/4) and don't worry 
about the exact decimal number, but realize that it never reaches the 
speed of light but just keeps gaining on it by smaller and smaller 

With this tau of 1/4, a spaceship would travel the 4 lightyears to
alpha centuri in only 1 year by their own clocks.  But instead of
seeing anything moving faster than light, it will appear (from the
ship) that the distance to alpha centuri has shrunk to only 
1 lightyear.

According to the standard interpretation, which I believe to be
incorrect, this space time contraction is an apparancy and the 
ship will take 4 years of our time to get there even though the 
crew will only age 1 year while traveling.  The idea is that the 
time has actually distorted rather than considering it to be a 
measurement distortion.  The textbook example is that if one of two
twins travels on a fast moving spaceship he will end up younger
than the one who remained on Earth.

This leads the astrophysicists into endless argument and
overcomplexity.  The first cop-out was to say that time here and
on alpha centuri could not be synchronized.  This holds true between
Earth and the fast moving spaceship (and that is all that Einstein
addressed), but it is false between Earth and Alpha Centuri (you can
send clocks faster and slower and plot the time distortion and 
thereby synchronize at least within a few seconds - no room for
4 years of distortion).  

The next cop-out was to blame it all on the acceleration period,
because that is not modeled in the theory and thereby leaves room
for things to happen.  But if you accelerate many ships identically,
and then let them all coast at the same speed, and have them 
decelerate in identical manners but at different times, they
will have traveled different distances and have different
cumulative distortions (1 year, 2 years, or whatever) and it
does not seem logical to suppose that identical accelerations and
decelerations could yield different adjustments, so we should
discount whatever happens during the acceleration as being irrevalent
to the problem even though it might well have its own strange

Then comes the problem of two ships both moving (and because there
is no privileged frame, we can also recognize that a ship flying
past the Earth can also be viewed as the Earth flying by a stationary
ship).  The true nature of the equations is that there is simply
a speed differential and it doesn't matter which one is "moving"
and which one is "stationary" because all is relative.  According
to the equations, both parties would see the other as slowing down.
It is not a bi-directional distortion where one sees the other as
slower and the other looks back and sees the first one as faster.
Each is "slowed down" relative to the other.

Now the theorists really get carried away and start arguing about
how one slowdown is real and the other is an apparancy.  And it
gets worse from there.

The simple view would be to consider it a simple measurement
distortion, in which case the spaceship reaches Alpha Centuri in
one year in our time system as well as in its own.  Its just
that they see us slow down (by 4 to 1) and distort, and we see
them slow down and distort, but when they decelerate and land,
everything gets back to normal.  There has been no experiment which
proves this either way.

Obviously my view is much simpler.  And they know it is too, but
they abandon it because of one little fly in the ointment.

Let's have a ship moving with a tau factor of 4 passing the Earth
and headed for Alpha Centuri.  We see the distance as 4 light years
and get light and radio broadcasts that are 4 years old.
The ship passing overhead sees the distance as 1 light year and
gets light and radio that's only 1 year old.  Note that there is
no time travel here, they are getting it sooner than us, but they
are not receiving it before it was sent.

This requires that the speed of light be a constant relative to
the observer and not to the source.  The common view is that this
is obviously impossible because how would a photon, taking off
from Alpha Centuri, know whether to go faster or slower depending
on whether it was to be received by us or by the fast moving ship.
It would imply an interaction between the observer and what he was

Unfortunately, Einstein did not like quantum mechanics.  But the 
quantum theorists are quite sold on the idea that the observer is 
part of the equation.

One of the Quantum interpretations is that the photon takes off in
all directions simultaneously and moves in a probability wave 
until it interacts with an observer, at which point the wave
breaks down and becomes a real particle motion which will be 
found to have occurred between points A and B (but which was not
real until the point of observation, because we can see the
interference generated between the different probable paths that
were all being traveled simultaneously - this has been proven

If we take the conventional probability wave equation and add
another factor representing the speed, which is also indeterminate
until the moment of observation, it becomes possible to visualize
a photon moving not only in all directions but also at all possible
speeds until the moment of observation.  And we constrain the
interaction to only occur at the speed of light relative to the

This gives us space travel without a speed of light barrier.
And Einstein's equations become the tools needed to navigate at
super high velocities.

Of course this still leaves us with the classical problems of
acceleration and fuel etc.  It takes a long time to build up
speed.  And even with continuous acceleration and some super tech
to handle the problems of fuel and reaction mass, the trips will
be slow.  But then we have the interesting fact that traveling
further does not take as long proportionately because we reach
higher speeds at the same rate of acceleration.  In this case,
days of travel (at continuous acceleration) would be of much greater
significance than the actual distances involved.  Although Ron
dismissed the whole light speed business as unimportant, he did
come across this odd use of travel time (at some standardized
acceleration rate) as a measure of distance in running space opera

Getting back to the subject of Scientology, all of the perception
oriented OT drills of the early 50s tended to work on some
interaction on the part of the observer.  It didn't work to handle
perception as a passive reception of something sent out by an
uncontrolled source.  What worked was things that involved the
observer, such as pulling in the light waves, mocking up the
object to be seen, or bouncing some sort of radar or flitter off
of the objects.

But our results with perception drills always seemed to be
marginal rather than spectacular (the rare spectacular exterior
perceptions usually came from exteriorization drills etc. rather
than working on perception directly).  This implies that we were
close but not quite on the mark.  Perhaps further consideration
of things like probability waves coming off of the source and
being pulled into view might open up a new realm of drills that
might produce more powerful results.


                   4. LOSS AND EMOTION

We still haven't really solved the area of emotion and loss.

In Dianetics, Ron identified incidents of loss and misemotion
as secondary engrams.  These secondaries were shown to draw
charge from earlier engrams.  But when we knock out the weight
of the engram bank (by going clear, etc.), the secondaries remain
and we can easily see that clears are still strongly affected by
loss and subject to strong emotions on a stimulus-response

As I have mentioned earlier, incidents of loss can exist earlier
than painful incidents because a being who cannot be hit by force
or made to feel physical pain can still lose anything that he
is not capable of re-creating.  The true solution to this is to be
able to create things at will, but that can fail if you cling to
it as a solution and non-confront the fact of loss.  The 
non-confront itself causes you to obsessively try to create
situations of loss and you will work hard at it even in the
face of having tremendous powers of creation.

So you need to achieve a willingness to confront loss as well
as an ability to re-create things.  This doesn't mean that you
abandon everything or that you have a need to loose things.  It
just means that you are not afraid of losing them.

Early aesthetic implants (as used in the reality wars etc.) were
especially hot on showing loss and emotion to be interesting
things to get you to mock them up.  They promoted things like the
beautiful sadness of losing something.  If you can convince somebody
that its desirable to lose, then they can be beaten easily.

From modern Dianetics, we know that you can accustom somebody to
confronting force by a gradient scale of running incidents that
contain impacts and eventually get a "clear" who can confront the
force in mental pictures.  This undercuts the entire engram bank
to some degree.  If we consider that there is a "secondary bank"
of loss and misemotion, then we might achieve a similar effect
by a gradient of running secondaries of loss and get a sort of
"emotional clear".

From the clearing course, we also know that you can take a key
basic implant and free the person from his stimulus response
creation of mental pictures and again get a sort of "clear"
who no longer mocks up pictures of force reactivity.  Again this
tends to undercut the entire engram bank.  From this one might
hypothesis that there are "emotional implants" or an "emotional
basic" that could be run to undercut the stimulus response
creation of emotion.

I haven't achieved either of these states of "emotional clear" at
this time so I can't guarantee that they exist or tell you for
sure how to get there.

The penalty universes are not the basic on emotions.  They are
the basic source of the tone scale which puts the emotions into
a fixed pattern.  There is a great benefit to running this out
because you stop shifting willy nilly from one emotion to the
next.  But you must have already had emotions before the tone
scale was laid in or else there would not have been anything to
force into the pattern.

The emotional pools set up in the symbols universe (discussed
in the "Cosmic History") are part of the emotional
machinery but again this cannot be basic.  You had to have had
emotions and aberrations about emotions before you could be
made to set up these things.

I have searched for an "emotional basic" incident or implant 
without success.  At one point I did seem to have some sort of
incident where there are clouds of emotions circling you.  But
I couldn't get it to run properly.  My suspicion is that there
is something a bit out of reach that I am not yet up to conceiving
of which is part of this emotional basic.

I did however find that there is an incident which sets up
emotional machinery built out of entities and split pieces of
yourself.  I don't have all the details on this incident either,
but I managed to put together a list of emotions and what the
machinery was supposed to do.  This is probably not complete,
but I will list what I do have about these machines here.



ANGER: The machine feeds you false data on other people's
motives and inspires you to rage.  It says that its all their
fault and that they should suffer.  It says that you have a
right to get even.

ANTAGONISM: The machine convinces you that other people don't
like you and are laughing at you behind your back and are
lying to you and tricking you.  It tells you that they are
unworthy of your friendship.

FEAR: The machine convinces you that danger is coming, that
something is going to get you, that they're after you, etc.
It tries to build paranoia.

BOREDOM: The machine says that its all worthless and that there
is nothing worth doing and you wouldn't like it anyway, etc.

CONSERVATISM: the machine says that things have to be protected,
that they can be lost or destroyed, and makes you worry about 
losing things, etc.

JEALOUSY: The machine says that you deserve it and they don't.

APATHY: The machine says that its all hopeless anyway so why
bother, etc.

GRIEF: The machine says that things will never be the same, what
is lost is gone forever, etc.



This might be emotional basic or it might be the incident used
to lay in the emotional machinery listed above, or it might just
be yet another implant.

The whole thing begins with:


2. You are walking down a long hall and there are statues in the
nitches along the wall.  Each leads to an emotional implant.

The implant for each emotion begins with:

3. TO BE ..(emotion).. IS NATIVE STATE.

The implant for each emotion shows you that its the solution
to a problem (troubles with other people etc.).


There is more to be learned in this area, but at least we have
a start.


                   5. THE CHAKRAS

Many of the more advanced metaphysical practices work with a
system of energy sources in the body (usually located in 
specific positions in the physical body but considered to be
part of the astral body) known as the Chakras.  This system
goes back to ancient India and possibly earlier and can be
found in many different practices.  The origin of the
Christian halo (which was originally a golden disk rather than
a thin ring) is the eighth or highest chakra which rides above
the head and was supposedly mastered by Jesus and used by him to 
perform his miracles.

LRH ignored this system and worked with a system of golden balls
(or GE [Genetic Entity] anchor points) instead.

I've drilled and experimented with both of these systems and both
seem to be real.  There seem to be layers of spiritual or astral
bodies and they follow the pattern of our physical evolution on
the track.  The pattern of the chakras seems to go back to the
magic universe and is an almost material fairly low level theta
mockup whereas Ron's system of anchor points seems to go back 
earlier to the conflicts universe and the first compulsive body
mockups.  More basic than both of these is the "thetan" as
a sphere of energy which can project tractor and pressor beams,
which is another system that Ron worked on in the technique 88
lectures of 1952.

There are earlier and more basic systems which manifest as even
higher (less material and more theta) spiritual body types that
we still mockup and drag around with us.  The next one is a
sort of "symbol" body that dates back to the symbols universe,
and there are "templates" and "pools" associated with it (discussed
elsewhere in these writings) but I am nowhere near having a good
anatomy of it, so I will put it aside for now.

As to the chakras, the GE anchor points, and the energy theta body,
many drills work on all three, but nothing works spectacularly and
you can't work any of these things too long or hard because it is
putting you back into agreement with energy and mechanics.  Ron
recognized this early on and decided to abandon the whole matter
because cases would start deteriorating after long drilling.  But
he also got some exceptional results on PCs before abandoning these
things (anchor point adjustments, energy beam handling, etc.) so I
would consider it to be a mistake to ignore these areas.  Just
don't specialize in them or start grinding away, use a light touch
instead and go onto something else whenever you have a bit of a
win with these things.

The GE anchor points (golden balls) are discussed extensively in
the tapes of 1953 and 54, so I will primarily address the chakras

There are many different eastern and American metaphysical systems
that try to work with these.  There are varying numbers,
descriptions, colors, and significance assigned to them.  Most
systems have either 6 or 7 chakras, but a few of the advanced
systems consider that an 8th chakra develops above the head in
a sort of halo in very advanced souls.

From our viewpoint, seeing how the thetan has decayed, the 
obvious is that there are naturally 8 chakras, including one above
the head, and that the 8th has been impacted and collapsed down
into the head and our first task would be to unstick it and get
it back up where it belongs.  Furthermore, we would conclude
from the fact that some systems only allow for 6 chakras that
maybe some people have both the 7th and 8th collapsed down onto
the 6th chakra.  Perhaps the collapse goes even further, because
we only have the observations of very advanced mystics who would
be expected to have these things in better shape than average.
Probably most people have the whole series collapsed down into
the 3rd or 2nd or even the first chakra.  Since the 2nd chakra
has to do with sex, and considering the behavior of most people
in this society, it would not be surprising to find that most 
were collapsed into the 2nd.

There is also a lot of importance placed on the color of these
things, but the various systems do not quite agree on the colors 
assigned or the meanings although there is some similarity.
For myself, I found it best to work towards white and then
golden on all of them and blow off any black or dark spots or
splotches.  The other colors probably have to do with direction
of flow, wavelength, and how you're trying to use the chakra,
and might be appropriate in some cases, but golden energies
tend to be basic on the higher spiritual and energy bodies and
so it works well with the chakras and might actually be an
upgrade above their natural state.  As you get up to a good
level of golden energy, you will spot a faint rainbow of colors
within the gold.  This then can be worked further so that you have
a basic golden color that is carrying a rainbow.  Since these
things spin, the view is a bit like having a golden CD disk
(but a bit thicker and larger) spinning with a bit of a rainbow
of colors reflecting off of its surface.

Another point of halfway agreement with a bit of contention
in the different systems is the definition of each chakra.
I examined various systems, and played around with what I
could reach on this stuff, and tried working it all around 
to line up with the 8 dynamics (which has some correspondence)
and finally realized that they represent the energy of each
dynamic as the dynamics were interpreted in the magic universe
(which is very hedonistic, passionate, and emotional) and so
you have the 4th chakra (the heart chakra) handling the energy
flows of courage, compassion, leadership, etc. which can all 
be viewed as part of your relations to society and mankind.
There is also a bit of the corresponding upper dynamic (numbers
9 to 16) included in each one.

The simplest drills follow the same methods used for GE anchor
point adjustment (see Creation of Human Ability and the 5th to 9th
ACCs) or for energy field handling (see Tech 88, SOP for Theta
Clearing and the November lectures of 1952).  You can mock up
copies of these chakras outside the body and have the body draw
them in, you can run gentle flows of energy across them until
they become visible, you can lightly add energy (never force or
push at body related energy structures, a delicate touch is
always called for) and gently coax them into position when they
are out of place.  And you can blow black masses out of them by
turning them white or golden.  You can also blow entities out
of these things (and that also works for GE anchor points etc.)
and blow entities that are holding them out of place or keeping
them mocked up (you don't need their help) or keeping them hidden.
With these techniques, you should be able to unstick collapsed
chakras and get all 8 into their natural positions, including
the one over the head.

Note that the chakras are spinning in alternate directions.

The 8 chakras are as follows (in my own interpretation):

Note that many of the metaphysical systems work exclusively with
a particular manifestation or subset of the full energy field
available and often insist that the other systems are incorrect.

1st Chakra:  
This is the 1st dynamic (body self) energy source.  It is located a bit 
below the base of the spine, just below and behind the genital area, 
right where you sit.  This, rather than the stomach chakra, is tied
to the energy of eating etc.  Its oriented to the end product 
rather than the start of digestion.  This grounds the entire 
energy system in reality and location and is the basic negative 
pole of the entire affair.  It provides energy oriented towards 
strength and physical healing.  The stance used in martial arts 
systems like karate is oriented around this chakra and to some 
degree energizes it.  The advanced yogis get carried away on doing 
sitting drills (lotus position) because they are trying to master 
this chakra and use it as a firm base.  The flows of this chakra
generally remain within the body.  It can also sublimate into 
ethics or decay into gluttony.

2nd Chakra:
This is the 2nd dynamic (sex/children) energy source. It is located 
at the level of the sexual organs, but a bit behind because the entire 
series of chakras are located one above the other.  It includes sexual,
reproductive, and nurturing energies.  It is also involved in
healing and aging (like the first chakra) because of cellular
reproduction.  Whereas the first chakra provides strength to
fight disease and maintain circulation in injured areas, this
one is involved in rebuilding damaged tissue etc.  This one
flows out of the body only on very close personal relationships
(including deep friendships, close apprenticeships, etc. as well
as true family, children, and sexual relationships).  The energies
run on a basis of high affinity, love, and admiration.  It can
be degraded into sexual cravings, lust, etc.  Or it can be
sublimated into aesthetics.

3rd Chakra:
This is the third dynamic (groups) energy source.  It is located at the 
level of the stomach and solar plexus.   Many of the eastern
systems consider this to be the "emotional" chakra because they
see that it is connected with anger, fear, etc.  Other systems
call it the "control" chakra (and some say that the efforts
to control are debased and will always fail).  The correct
definition includes co-operation, control, group effort, 
constructive activities, and the general emotions (not only
anger and fear but also enthusiasm etc.) because these all
have to do with dealing with groups of people that you are
connected with.	 This chakra flows outward into your immediate
sphere of operation, but it can easily be jammed and backlash
into the body, giving one terror stomachs etc.  In its degraded
form, it is the drive to enslave others, and in its highest form,
it is the center of constructive effort.

4th Chakra:
This is the fourth dynamic (society) energy source.  It is at the level
of the heart.  It includes compassion, courage, loyalty, 
leadership, ethical systems in the social sense, judgment and
reason in the low sense of legal systems (rather than high
abstract thought), and various other things related to getting
along with mankind.  It produces a light broad wave that goes
way out but is usually fairly tenuous.  In its degraded form,
it is the energies of hatred, prejudice, and self righteousness.

5th Chakra:
This is the fifth dynamic (lifeforms) energy source.  It is at the 
level of the throat or mouth.  This is often called the communication
chakra.  One system limits its use to talking to god.  If we
consider the 5th dynamic (lifeforms) and subtract out what has
already been covered in the lower dynamics (eating, sex, etc.),
and then think about what life has in common that is not
present in inanimate (6th dynamic) objects, we come around to
communication and willful change as the distinguishing characteristics
of the fifth dynamic.  This would also include life-force and
"oneness" with nature.

6th Chakra:
This is the 6th dynamic (MEST) energy source.  It is at the level of
the eyes.  A few of the Easter systems have turned their backs
so far on the physical universe that they miss this chakra and
label the 7th as the 6th (and if they have the 8th one, they
call it the 7th).  This is sometimes called the perception
chakra, and some practices associate the third eye with it.
At least one practice tries to exteriorize from the body by
moving into this chakra and then flowing out of the body via
the third eye.  But that area has been so heavily implanted
that I would suggest using other techniques.  Here is the
perception and projection of physical reality, and also the
playing of games.

7th Chakra:
This is the 7th dynamic (theta) energy source.  It is near the top
of the head.  This is often called the thought chakra.  Here is
the energy of understanding and knowingness, and the spiritual
and metatative energies and power of concentration, etc.  Here
also is the high level permeation of MEST for the sake of 
understanding, and the telepathic energies.

8th Chakra:
This is the 8th dynamic (god/infinity) energy source.  It belongs
above the head although it is often collapsed.  This is the
center of creative energy including the continuous creation of
reality and is the positive pole of the entire system, connecting
to infinity and the underlying allness of the basic life static.
You can find an underlying "god wave" permeating everything and
the interesting thing about it is that it is accepting of everything
and all embracive without any restriction (and from this one might
get Jesus' statement that God is Love, but note that the "god" in
this sense is not thinking or judgmental).  In its degraded form
you will find humbleness and propitiative worship and destructive
energies and engaging in these things is probably what collapses

The entire system probably generates energy on the dichotomy of
a solid physical location in reality on the one side and being
part of a location-less infinity on the other.

Once you have cleaned these up in the body, you can find a more
basic set that you have hidden in some mocked up space sideways
of reality.  Those will be your basic energy sources and the bodily 
ones are only a mundane projection.  You can clean up this basic set
in much the same way as you clean up the ones in the body, handling
black masses etc.  You will find that each chakra in the basic set
has a connection to the corresponding bodily one.  This
connection can be cleaned up and unblocked and the energy flow increased,
which will improve the energy level of the ones in the body.

If you then trace back from the basic set, you will find a line
leading to a "universal" set that is held in common by all of us.
I will refer to these as the "universe machines", and we have
each put a piece of ourselves into them.  These are huge spinning
disks and that is where the cross copy of the reality of this
universe takes place.  You wouldn't be able to mess with these
until you blow lots of guardian entities out of the way, so leave
them be until you're fairly far along the road.

Everything I have mentioned up to this point is fairly safe and
easy.  You can work on cleaning up individual chakras without
stirring up too much.  But the next drill can turn on heavy 
somatics and should be left until you are quite advanced.  Up until
I ran into trouble on the following one, I considered the entire
chakra system to be highly speculative and was mainly playing
with it to get a datum of comparable magnitude to Ron's anchor
point system.  The following, however, sold me on these things
being real.

In yoga, there is an advanced practice called Kundalini where
you get the energies of each chakra flowing upwards to the ones
above it, starting with the first and continuing on to the top
of the series.  They warn beginners not to try this, because
people have turned on pains that lasted for years before they
got these things under control.  I, of course, figured that the
odds were that I was probably just mocking these chakras up
anyway, and that even if something was really there I'd be able
to handle the energies involved because I had done so many other
energy drills.

So I began gently coaxing an energy flow upwards from the first
chakra to the second, and having the second contribute to the
flow to make an even bigger flow going up to the third, etc.

The first three were easy and pleasant and gave me no problem.
When I hit the 4th, there was a bit of resistance but I was
able to push through it (a mistake as it turns out).  When I
hit the 5th, I turned on an array of Heavy somatics.  This
included toothaches, headaches, chest pains, etc.  These all
started simultaneously and were quite intense.  I was
amazed.  So I slowly and carefully dampened the flow (not
reacting in panic or suppressing the area, because that can
make something stick or react compulsively) and this reduced
the intensity of the somatics from heavy to mild.

Now, with only a faint trickle of energy still flowing upwards,
I reexamined the 4th chakra (which had appeared golden with a
rainbow effect previously) and found it full of black smudges.
So I turned those areas golden with a gentle flow of my own 
energy and the lingering somatics faded.  Then I increased the
upward flow a bit and the chakra started going black again and
the somatics began to return.  So I shut the flow down completely,
blew the new black masses, and started contemplating what had
just happened.

And I thought about the 4th chakra and the 4th dynamic, and I
realized that that is where I have heavy charge.  I'm actually
in fairly good shape on the 3rd dynamic.  I might want to see
things change and improve, but I'm not really interested in
vengeance or make-wrongs or burning someplace down.  But the
4th dynamic is a different matter.  I do have a bone to pick
with society and government, and although I have it well justified,
its still a manifestation of charge and dramatization.

I realized that as the energy flowed past the chakra (the black
spots and somatics did not turn on until I passed the 4th chakra
and went on to the 5th), the chakra began energizing my flows
with society and some of those flows were stuck or inverted and
this resulted in the blackness.  And the more energy I flowed
through the chakra, the more these flows backed up and the
more blackness was generated.

So I spotted and recognized the presence of charge on society and
the 4th dynamic, and I confronted and blew a few things, and I
exteriorized from the game I was playing on the 4th dynamic
(pretty much by postulate and by a willingness to let go that
was brought about by the realization that my charge and the
game condition were detrimental).

Once I had put aside all my game conditions and considerations on
society, I tried the drill again.  This time I was able to run
through the 4th chakra and up to the 5th without somatics or
blackness and it was all quite comfortable, pleasant feeling,
and revitalizing.

So of course I pushed through some resistance on the 5th and
got the flow up to the 6th and turned on a new set of heavy
somatics and found blackness in the 5th chakra.

This happened on each of the remaining ones as I worked my way
up to the top, and on each one, I searched around and confronted
things and changed my mind about them (as I had done on the 4th
chakra) until it was cleaned up.

In retrospect, each of the chakras that gave me trouble had some
kind of protest connected with it, and when I stopped protesting,
the flow cleaned up.  On the 4th, it was my protest at society
jamming narrow minded rules and moralities and taxes etc. in on
people.  On the 5th, it was my protest at the way insects etc.
swarm and reproduce endlessly.  On the 6th, it was my protest
at being trapped in a fixed reality.  On the 7th, it was my
protest at the ignorance and stupidity of others.  On the 8th,
it was my protest at having to compulsively participate in the
continuous creation of this universe.

I don't know if protest will always be the button to look for
or whether that was peculiar to my current case state.  It
certainly hinted to me that we probably need a grade of release
to handle the subject of protest in general.  

Before you should even consider trying this, your first action
should be to handle the rudiments (problems, overts, upsets) on
each of the 8 dynamics and also handle any protest connected with
the dynamic (things that you are protesting).  Then causatively 
exteriorize from the game conditions that you are in on each dynamic.  
And of course have each chakra well cleaned up on an individual basis

The interesting thing about this is that It was a practical
test of my relationship to each dynamic and it brought home
to me the fact that I was not-ising (making nothing of) various
areas of heavy charge.

By making postulates to put aside all my game conditions on 
various dynamics, I was able to get a light flow all the way
up to the top, and then reflected it back down from the 8th to
the first, and then reflected it back upwards again.  This would
be the full drill, bouncing a wave up and down, and also holding
the system (especially the 1st and 8th) apart by means of 
strong intention and postulates (because they will pull together
as the flow increases).  As of now, I have only done this
lightly.  I need to clean up the dynamics some more before I
would try any heavy flows on these channels.  The light pass
on this was meant merely to get an idea of where this is going.
It did seem to improve my energy level a bit, but the more
dramatic effect even with only a trickle of energy, was to
cause changes in my perception and orientation.


                6. THE UNIVERSE MACHINES

(This was written long before I found the "point to the being
you divided from" process.  Without that, I was not able to 
take this to a big EP.  I did make some gains fooling around
with this, but after awhile it started getting harder instead
of easier to handle, so I assumed I was missing some key element
and bailed out at the next rest point.  With the "point to" process,
it might be possible to take this all the way.  

Another interesting point is that I found these before I started
playing around with the chakras and I was surprised later when
I saw the similarity and connection between them -  Aug 1996).

7 July 90

The universe machines are a set of 10 disks (with a bulge in the 
center - similar to the galaxy or a flying saucer etc.) that act as a 
sort of giant cross-copy pool to keep the universe mocked up. 
Although these have some of the characteristics of machinery, 
normal machine handling techniques or mass clearing procedures 
do not work (and can turn on somatics).

Each of the 10 machines is surrounded by a circle of 128 
guardians.  These are mockups of the positive and negative 
penalty universe terminals.  Each of these guardians contains a 
large number of beings implanted according to the following 
platen.  These need to be run before you can handle these 
machines safely (because they will defend the machine etc.).  You 
will find that you have a large number of your own Split Viewpoints 
in the guardians and in the machines themselves.

Each of the 10 machines has a goal.  We will call these the 
universe goals.  They are To Eternalize (i.e., postulate the as-isness
of something - making it encompass all time and space without 
locating it in any time or space), To Conceive, To Design, To 
Perceive, To Communicate, To Emotionate (i.e., to create effects 
on others through an outflow of emotions (or high scale aesthetic 
waves)), To Experience, To Enjoy, To Survive, and To Persist.

The items are in the pattern: TO (universe goal) IS TO BE THE 
(terminal) AND (action).  There are 16 actions.  Running the 16 
action items for a particular guardian (i.e., penalty universe 
terminal) will free up the beings stuck in that guardian.  Since 
there is some degree of cross-copy between the same guardian on 
each of the 10 machines, you should run the same guardian on 
each of the 10 machines (i.e., for each universe goal) before going 
on to the next guardian.

In other words, the sequence is as follows:

a. Select a penalty universe terminal (best to run from the god 
statue of TO CREATE down to the pyramid from TO ENDURE 
alternating positive and negative goal terminals).

b. Repeat for each of the 10 universe goals beginning with 
Eternalize and ending with Persist.

c. Run the 16 action items for the terminal and universe goal.

In running the 16 action items, it is not enough to simply spot the 
item.  The items are pinned down both by the first item of the 
implant which established the universe goal (the first item is "TO 
(universe goal) IS NATIVE STATE") and by the earlier penalty 
universe which established the terminal.

Therefore, you need to spot both the top of the universe goal and 
the top of the penalty goal.  I.E., when you run TO ETERNALIZE 
IS TO BE THE GOD STATUE AND ..., you need to spot both TO 
STATE.  Furthermore, it helps to spot the agreement universe as 
well.  It is even useful to spot being made to split and being 
implanted with false data as given in the control entity rundown 
because some of the things that turn up are CEs.

However, you can't spot all these things on every action item 
because you'll get endless overruns on some of the beings.  But 
you have to do some spotting or you'll leave beings unhandled 
and upset (and create BPC and turn on mass).  The only way to 
run this is in the style of the old group processing.  You call an 
item, which wakes some guys up, and have them spot something, 
and some blow, and some don't, and you call another item, and 
have everyone spot something else and some of the ones who 
didn't blow before will now take off etc.  Part way through this, a 
vast cloud of beings (spots of energy etc.) will show up and lots of 
stuff will start blowing or flying around or whatever.  If you run 
too deep, some will get overrun (have them spot the point when 
they went release) and you'll start pulling guys out of the next 
machine (which might start appearing as a huge disk of energy off 
to the right).  If you run too shallow, you'll start feeling mass from 
too many who woke up half way but haven't separated out.  Either 
phenomenon can stick the needle.

You have to judge how many extra spotting steps you should do.  
Early on, you need more and later things come apart easier and 
fewer steps are needed.

The pattern of the universe machine items is as follows:

   CONCEIVE   :             /      : DEFEND THIS FOREVER
   DESIGN     :     (terminal)     : REPLACE THIS FOREVER
   PERCEIVE   :                    : KEEP THIS MOCKED UP FOREVER

   EMOTIONATE :                    : HIDE THIS FOREVER
   ENJOY      :                    : KEEP THIS UNCHANGING FOREVER

   PERSIST    :                    : ENERGIZE THIS FOREVER
                                   : PROTECT THIS FOREVER
                                   : OBSCURE THIS FOREVER

                                   : SOLIDIFY THIS FOREVER
                                   : STABILIZE THIS FOREVER
                                   : GUARD THIS FOREVER
                                   : FORGET THIS FOREVER

To handle a terminal, run the 16 items for each of the 10 universe 
goals given above.  This will run on the 128 positive and negative 
penalty universe terminals.  The penalty universe goal for the 
terminal being run is used in the spotting steps in addition to the 
universe goal listed above.

Have the beings in the terminal mockup spot the following as needed:

a) TO (universe goal) IS NATIVE STATE
b) TO (penalty goal) IS NATIVE STATE
c) spot rushing into agreement, 
   going through the inverted triangle
   spot seeing the need for agreement before that.
d) spot working on building the agreements universe
e) point to the being you divided from (this step added Aug 1996)
f) spot being made to split
   spot being implanted with false data
   spot the first time you were implanted with false data
g) who are you (me)

After running a few items for a particular terminal/universe goal 
and after spotting all of the above at least once, you can generally 
cut back to simply using lines b and occasionally e between the 

After you have run off a significant percentage of the terminals, 
you can try a broader handling.  This is both to speed up the 
process and to handle the problem of others starting to wake up 
on terminals that you haven't run (or who were missed on 
terminals that you did run).

For this bulk handling, you want to run anybody who has started 
to wake up in any of the terminals.  Take one universe machine 
(e.g. one of the 10 universe goals above) at a time and address the 
entire circle of terminals.  Call the lines using "the terminal" or 
"fill in the terminal you are being" instead of supplying a specific 
terminal.  Explain this to them with an R factor before you start.  
Do the spotting steps, but concentrate on the agreements universe 
because you don't have a specific penalty goal to run (use the top 
one, TO CREATE, once or twice).  This will give a tremendous 
amount of blows, but will not quite finish off the terminals that 
haven't been run yet because only those who are more awake can 
run this way (without their precise item being called).

After the bulk handling, go back to running specific terminals as 
above.  You will find that now most terminals will come apart on 
the first item.

Note that you can't start with the bulk handling initially because 
it's just too ruff unless you get some of it taken apart first.  But
eventually you need something to speed things up because the product
of 10 machines times 128 terminals times 16 actions is around
20,000 items.



The universe goals were derived based on researching the 
earlier universes on the back track.  But they also were found to 
correspond to the implant items used in forming the universe 
machinery which keeps this universe mocked up.  This in turn 
leads down to the chakras which power the body.  But the chakras 
also seemed to have a correspondence to the dynamics.  
Furthermore, there seemed to be a correspondence between the 
upper and lower sets of 8 dynamics.  Also, the various planes of 
this universe (astral etc.) seemed to correspond to the earlier 
universes in their nature and the layers of astral bodies 
corresponded to body mockups of these earlier universes.  
Putting this all together with minor rearrangements of data gives 
the following unified structure:

      Upper Base Plate: To Eternalize (pre-home universe)

Universe   :          :         :  lower  :  upper  :     
Goal       : Universe : Chakra  : dynamic : dynamic : Body
To Conceive: Home     : halo    : 8D      : 16D     :concept
           : Universe :over head: worship : creation: body
           :          :         :         :         :
To Design  : Games    :top of   : 7D      :15D Under: basic
           :          : head    : spirits :-standing: object
           :          :         :         :         :
To Perceive: Motion   :forehead : 6D Mest :14D Games: Mask
           :          :         :         :         :
Communicate: Symbols  : mouth   : 5D life :13DChange: symbol
           :          :         :         :         :
Emotionate : Thought  : heart   :4Dsociety:12DReason:energy
           :          :         :         :         :
Experience : Conflicts: stomach :3D groups:11D build:spirit/GE
           :          :         :         :         :
To Enjoy   : Magic    : genitals:2D sex   :10D      :astral
           :          :         :         :aesthetics:
           :          :         :         :         :
To Survive : current  : rectum  :1Dsurvive:9D Ethics: physical
           :          :         :         :         :

        Lower Base Plate - To Persist (Mud Universe)

This is highly speculative and not quite right, but close.

A correspondence like this implies the existence of a more basic
pattern that underlies everything and repeats within itself.
And that in turn makes one think of fractals and chaos theory
(which is an interesting new area in math/physics - a number of
good books have come out on this recently).