SUPER SCIO #10B: NOTES - continued


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As soon as you allow for past lives, you open up the question of
what happens in between each lifetime.

This could be called the between lives area.  

In the Tibetan book of the dead, they call this "The Bardo".  A
literal translation of the Tibetan title would be something like
"A Roadmap of the Between Lives Area".

In 1952, during the first brief period where Dianetics was used 
to run whole track engrams, there were attempts made to run PCs
through this period.  The immediate and obvious discovery was
that some sort of an implant was being used on the PC in between
lifetimes.  This would explain the forgetfulness and loss of

But this area is impossibly difficult to research.  First of all,
there is generally heavy charge on the immediately preceding death.
And there is a tremendous loss of havingness, which all by itself
could make one feel unreal and disoriented (just look at people
wandering around in a daze after their house has burned down, for

Furthermore, in dying, the person often feels that he has lost the
game and wants to forget the whole thing, so that he can start fresh.

If you mix a heavy implant into this mess, then its not surprising
that its all a complete blank.

When an incident has too much charge on it, you get all sorts of
dub-in and unreliable information when you first try to run it.
If the incident can be flattened by repetitive passes through it,
then you can get past this and find out what happened.  But if the
incident is too late on a long chain, it wouldn't flatten, and
instead will start pulling in charge and pictures from earlier
similar occurrences.

The between lives is extremely heavily charged, is very late on
a long chain of earlier similar occurrences, has implanted commands 
which give one wrong dates and times, tell one to forget, and 
otherwise mess one up, and furthermore the implanting uses heavy
force on the spirit (whatever energies and masses that he's got
left after dropping the body).

I do not have an adequate roadmap for this area.  And I don't think
that anybody has the complete picture (although I will be happy if
somebody can prove me wrong).  What we do have are various pieces
of the incident, which might be right or at least half-right.

The area is so over-charged that it doesn't tend to show up in
lower level Dianetic auditing (you tend to skip over things 
that are out of reach and too deeply buried).  The only time
I got a PC into any of this stuff was one time when I was
running somebody through birth and asked for an earlier beginning
and they found themselves flying through a long tunnel and
coming down to earth and into the body.  And its hard to say if
the incident was real or dub-in even though it cooled down and
key-ed out once we got that part of it.

Deaths, on the other hand, show up quite easily in Dianetics and
it is quite common to run an incident of dying and then floating
up above the body.  But its rare to get any further.

I occasionally tried scanning through the incident of dying in
my previous lifetime, and moving into my current body.  Both of
these seem to be fairly real and easy to reach, and at first it
was hard to even be sure that anything happened in between.  It
just seemed to me that I might have drifted around a bit, etc.
But I could always get a long fall on the E-meter needle on
going through a between lives implant at that time, and the date
of it reacted very heavily.

This was not, by the way, the day I was born.  It was right after
I died in my previous lifetime, and my current body was already
4 years old.  I have always had a remembrance of a moment when
I was 4 when I suddenly "woke up" and became myself and wondered
what I was doing here and looked around with a sort of strange
remembrance of the things that had happened in the previous year
and yet knew that I was seeing everything for the first time.

As I kept digging out vague bits and pieces of my previous lifetime,
I eventually found that I ended up sick and senile in a nursing home.
While I was there, I would dream of having a new life and being
a little child again.  And in those dreams, I saw the first few
years of my current lifetime in this body.  The two lifetimes
overlapped by about 4 years and I was sort of drifting between
the two bodies during that time period, and everything was sort
of vague and unreal.

In retrospect, I think that at some level, I had the postulate
to avoid the between lives by already being connected to a new
body before I was willing to let go and die in the old one (it
was very sick, but I wouldn't let go because of fear).   But
this didn't work.  When the old body died, I was dragged into
the between lives sequence and bashed around before I snapped
into the new body.

Eventually I managed to run some sections out of the between
lives incident, but I'm sure that I don't have more than the
smallest part.  I also have a lot of vague ideas, and there are
various clues to be found in other materials.  But everything
here is highly speculative.

According to the Tibetan materials, you have a little time floating 
above the body with clear perceptions before stuff starts happening 
to you.  They see this as the moment when you can make it out of
the whole trap if you fully confront everything.  But failing
in that, they say that various beams will push and pull at you.
They advise you to resist these and go the opposite way, because
these beams will lead you to your fate and your karma.

I think if you do go along with one of these beams that pulls
at you, you will find yourself rushing through the tunnel that
is so often described in near death experiences here in the 
Western world.

After this, the Tibetans say that the 7 "helpful" spirits or
entities will show up.  But different versions of the book of 
the dead describe these differently, and some have completely
different mythologies.  In the western tradition, you are met
by old friends and family as you reach the light at the end
of the tunnel.  And in the old Christian tradition, you see
angels and pearly gates.

I suspect that these are all picking up vague recollections of
the same thing.  And I would point out that the most powerful
implants (such as the penalty universes) always begin with a
nice section to suck you in before they get rough.

In the Tibetan book of the dead, after the nice entities are
done with you, the nasty ones get their turn, and this includes
being judged (and they advise you to reject the judgment).
Since this judgment idea also shows up in Christianity, I 
would imagine that the implant has some sort of a scene of
being judged and condemned (or maybe they really have somebody
"judge you").

After that, it gets rough.  The Tibetans advise ignoring it
all and refusing to be scared into a body or pushed into one
(pushed into the womb) because that will be the life where 
your karma is waiting for you, and you'd rather avoid it and
continue on with religious studies instead, hoping to achieve
enlightenment and becoming free before your fate catches up
with you.  They say that eventually all these attacks will
die down and then you can take your time and look around for
a good life to be born into, one where you will be born with some
money (so you can pay for lessons) and in a place where you can
continue your studies.

Ron's first attempt to research this in 1952 came up with the
person going to Mars, seeing the eye in the pyramid, and
getting a short (15 minutes) implant where a wheel full of
pictures are show to be flying away from him and he is told
to forget.

Nothing further was done on this until 1963 when he found a
different sequence, taking place in a valley on Venus, where
the person passed alongside of a telepathically sensitive
screen that showed him his own pictures, misdated and otherwise
messed up, and laid in various stuff.  See the tape called
"Between Lives Implants".  He describes the shift to Venus
as being a sort of sudden jump where the sun changes size
(suddenly being much larger).

In "The Path of the Masters" (written in the 1930s by a Jesuit 
who studied in India), when they do their astral walking, 
they see between lives administrative centers on all of 
the planets (and a city of a thousand lights above the 
entire affair).  They consider that these are all on the
astral rather than the physical plane.  They don't think that
these places are harmful.  But they do run into troublesome
entities while floating around there, but they say that if
you tell these entities that you are a traveler who is serving
a higher power, they will back off and leave you alone.  In 
modern times, Paul Twitchel took this path of the masters and
mixed in a bit of Scientology and a bit of his own stuff and came 
up with Eckankar.  His list of astral places to visit pretty much
matches Ron's list of old implant stations in this area.

There is also a rumor of a late remark by Ron that there are
implant stations on all of the planets.

Putting this all together, I would say that you are shifted
from planet to planet and receive a short implant sequence at
each one.  At this point, I can't say if these are physical
in a 4th dimension (sideways of the reality we know) or on
an "astral" plane (and maybe these both mean the same thing),
but they are certainly not in our physical framework.  But I
do think that you are jumped around from place to place and
some funny stuff happens to you.  Its even possible that you
are only being shown pictures of going to different planets
and that it all takes place in one location.

On this basis, the stuff that Ron came up with on between lives
implants on Mars and Venus might both be part of the full picture,
and there might be a lot more.

We might also find a partial basis for astrology in this mess, not
so much on one's current horoscope but on the exact character of
the implant one received, with some variation being introduced as
the planets shift through the 12 signs of the zodiac.  Letting
the stars determine the course of your life might well be part
of the implant.

It does seem like you rush through a tunnel at the beginning, and
again at the end when you're shoved down into a new body.

I did manage to map out a bit of this, as follows:

The relative order of the segments is Mars, then Jupiter, then
Venus, and then the Moon.  There are other segments besides these.



a) First you are above the planet falling into the great red spot
(the eye of Jupiter).

b) There is heavy pressure and velocity.  The sky is bright red.
Then a white oval appears (energy) and expands and you fall 
into it.  Then energy waves begin tearing and pushing at you
from various directions.  There is the impression of a grid
overhead with pylons and rods.

c) Then you become stuck between two poles which both pull at
you and a rotating disk slices through you repeatedly until
you stop pulling back together again.  it slices you into
either 8 or 16 (?) fragments.

d) Then your fragments are tossed into the soul storm in
the middle of the red spot.  You are within each fragment and
there is the feeling that you have lost yourself.

e) Then you (in each fragment) are buffeted around, and there
are thousands of souls whirling around with you.  You seem to
be in a murky sort of cloud, the colors of the cloud shift 
around sometimes being green or muddy looking or red or orange
etc.  but the colors always look dirty and faded.  There are
also endless pictures and symbols, generally from the penalty
universes, which fly around and explode at random.

f) Your 16 fragments have a vague correspondence to the 16
dynamics.  An implant is run on each of the 16 simultaneously.
The first item, in each of the 16, is "To Be Curious About ...",
but a different end word is filled in the blank for each one.

The 16 different implant endwords (one in each of your fragments)
are as follows:

1.  Sleep
2.  Sex
3.  Orders
4.  Rules (laws)
5.  Bodies (or "having a body")
6.  Energy
7.  Entities
8.  Death
9.  Pain
10. Pictures
11. Sensation
12. Mass
13. Emotion
14. The Past
15. Unconsciousness
16. Time

The same platen of items is used for each of these.  The items
seem to be whispered in your ear by a soft female voice as you
are buffeted around.  Each of your 16 fragments receives this
at the same time, each one getting the same item but with a
different endword from the list above.  (its possible that 
somebody who had been a woman would hear a soft male voice

The item platen is as follows:

2.  TO DESIRE ....
3.  TO NEED   ....
4.  TO CRAVE  ....
5.  TO BE HIT BY ....
6.  TO BE HURT BY ....
7.  TO BE AFRAID OF ....
8.  TO RESIST ....
9.  TO REJECT ....
10. TO HIDE FROM ....
12. TO BECOME ....

g) After this, your fragments (and those of other people) are all
drawn together at the emitter which is a radiating globe mounted
at the top of a great green pylon which extends up into the center
of the storm.  It is the only calm area (sort of like the eye of a
hurricane) and you fall into it.  You feel tearing radiation which
makes you unconscious.

I think that at this point you are beamed off to Saturn.



I don't have too much on this one.  I had trouble running it
originally because I didn't have the "point to the being you
divided from" process, which might make this easy to handle.

This is a very slow and quiet one.

There are, I believe, 8 gates or archways in a circle around an
empty plane of lunar dust.  You and 7 other people, in your old
(previous lifetime) bodies (but its just a mockup, no spacesuits
or trouble breathing or anything) walk out from the gates and
approach the center (there may be a series of poles there?).

Each of you is divided 8 ways and the pieces are recombined to
make 8 new individuals (a piece of you and 7 others in each of
the 8 new people).

There are 8 positions, a central one and 7 entity locations.  The
8 pieces that you are fragmented into each go into a different position,
so that on one of the new people, you are the center, on another
you are the right side entity, etc.

In theory this causes you to become somebody else because you are
now a different mixture of entities than in the previous life.
But its only partially true.  Your main theta line is the center
line through these recombinations.

You can, to some degree, remember the last lifetime for each of
these 7 major entities that you were combined with, but it is a 
shadow compared to your true last lifetime (where you were also
the center).

This continual shuffling is peculiar to the prison planet mechanics
and is how they implement the idea of "dead forever" because you
are in theory continually ending as a being and becoming somebody
new.  There is also the idea that this is prison rehabilitation,
because you are made to get along with a varying mixture of other
beings by being packaged up with them.

But the whole thing doesn't work very well.  Only secondary 
characteristics shift around, and you get a bit of help or hindrance
depending on whether these lesser pieces align or conflict with your
own goals and abilities.  But your core personality carries forward
on the center line and the current actual GPM pattern remains
intact etc.  One of the foolish reasons that you hold onto various
aberrations (and especially your own GPM goals and items) from
lifetime to lifetime is a mistaken idea that you need to do this to 
ensure that you will remain yourself despite this attempt to 
reshuffle thetans between lives.

I will offer an odd speculation that might illustrate this.  A bit 
more than a decade after Mozart's death (he might have hung around
disembodied for awhile), four famous composers were all born within
a year of each other (Chopin, List, Mendellsohn, and Schumann).  
Perhaps they all received fragments of Mozart.  As for the core
personality, Mendellsohn is the most likely candidate.  He was
born rich (almost unheard-of among great composers and probably
an attempt to solve his previous financial problems), he starts
off (age 11) picking up where Mozart left off, reaches his peak at
age 17 and then decays, and he dies (without warning or reason, 
of nothing more than a cold) at the same age as Mozart did.
Of course I am just guessing at this.



I don't know much about this one, but it seems to include setting
up a lesson or lessons that you are going to learn in your next life.

Needless to say, these lessons pretend to be helpful and try to
get you to pull in bad stuff by twisting around your own good ethical

For example, you might be talked into postulating that you will 
become disabled in your next life so that you can learn compassion.
Or you might postulate being tortured by the enemy in a war so
that you can learn courage and fortitude.

In truth you learn nothing from these things and it just messes
you up further.

The end result is that either you degrade yourself further, or that
you say "the hell with ethics" because it has been turned against
you, and that is an even worse degradation.

In the long run, these lessons will totally destroy a being's ethical

For now, the only solution is to hold onto your own ethical sense and
ignore everything reality does to teach you differently.

Real ethics is doing something because YOU believe its the right
thing to do.  It has nothing to do with obeying rules or moral
codes (and often results in breaking them).  It has nothing to do
with doing things that others think are good.  And most important,
it has absolutely nothing to do with learning lessons.

Where real ethics fails (and it often does), it is not because of
the person's lack of goodness or because he didn't learn some lesson.
It fails because the higher dynamics are screwed up.  Ethics is
the lowest of the "theta" dynamics (things you do to survive as
a being rather than to survive as a body).  If you are totally
blocked and misguided on higher dynamics such as aesthetics,
constructive effort, and reason, then your ethical actions may
be aimed at wrong targets.  This doesn't mean that you should
abandon ethics (that is just sinking further into the morass),
it means that you should expand out into a wider zone of creation.

Never cut back your abilities or decide to learn your lesson because
you have failed or made mistakes.  Instead, vow to do better next
time, raise your abilities and awareness so that you can do better,
and expand into a broader sphere.



There are other sections which I have not mapped out thoroughly
but I've spotted bits and pieces.

In one section, you go through various trick scenes like the

You see a stream and rocks in a garden with a fountain at the
center.  You are drawn to the fountain and you're told that it
is the fountain of youth and you will live forever if you drink
of it.  So you drink, and as you do so, you realize that it
brings about youth by making you forget everything so that you
can forget aging.  It is really the waters of "Leath" /
forgetfulness.  And you agree to forget everything so that you
can be young again.



As mentioned above, lessons imposed on you by others are never
actually helpful and are often harmful.  But there is another
possibility which is that you are trying to teach a lesson to

You will find that you have left a bit of yourself up at a higher
level, exterior to this and all of the later universes.  I don't
want to call this an oversoul or a higher self because the terms
are often misused to represent some higher guiding spirit.  Here 
I am talking about you yourself operating from a higher level 
viewpoint that is exterior to the local game conditions.

I have not been able to get much on this higher level viewpoint.
For me, it is still generally outside of the band of self awareness,
and therefore is not truly conscious or thinking in the fullest sense
although it is aware and thinking in the mechanical sense (like a
computer program that can think and manifest awareness but which is
not self-aware or capable of arbitrary decisions).

I have had a few experiences where I seemed to wake up briefly and
very foggily in this higher viewpoint, and I could remember a 
continual process of figuring and handling things without any
conscious awareness.  The perceptions and awareness were very
strange and it seemed to me that I was busy thinking many things
in parallel, but none of them were conscious trains of thought.

This higher viewpoint may be a bit of yourself that you left behind
to lead you back out of the trap.

If you get the idea of looking at things from a viewpoint where
you really don't care either way about any kind of survival on
any of the dynamics, and your only interest is in guiding yourself
out of the trap (which includes guiding yourself to full maturity
as a being and to cause over creation), then you will have the 
viewpoint of this higher level.  And it will be your viewpoint,
not mine or anybody else's.  Because we are not identical at that
level.  This is your optimum viewpoint, and it reflects you as
a basic individual.

This higher viewpoint teaches you lessons, but it is lessons that
you yourself want to learn.  But you might not want these lessons
in your current physical viewpoint.   You have to shift to the
view of a being who is aware of living a succession of lifetimes
and who doesn't consider pain or death to be a big deal.

If the lesson seems reasonable from this multi-lifetime viewpoint,
then it probably is your lesson for yourself.  If, however, it
seems like a push to get you to agree to some moral code or
agreed upon standard of behavior, then you are probably dealing
with an implanted lesson.  The very fact that there are implanted
lessons tends to indicate that there is a natural lesson mechanism
that they are trying to abberate and use against you.

For implanted lessons, you run out the implant, or do mockups of
the lesson until you can throw it away.

For your own lessons to yourself, you first need to spot exactly
what the lesson is and acknowledge it.   Then try to have the
cognition that the lesson is pushing for.  Once you have the
cognition, the lesson has no further purpose and you will stop 
mocking it up for yourself.

From the higher viewpoint, you don't care if you have to die a
few times to learn an important concept that you will need to
get out of this trap.


              10. THE GAMES TONE SCALE

There may be an earlier series of implant universes that are
similar to the penalty universes.  This earlier set uses a body
type that seem to be "cloud forms" rather than physical bodies.
The goals are something like "To Eternalize" and "To Individuate".
There are a number of possibilities mentioned in the penalty universe
master list (especially the goal "To Grow" which has a cloud style
GE body and a non-standard pattern of items).

The penalty universes follow the tone scale in their pattern of
decaying items, and I believe that they are the source of the
tone scale as we know it.  This tone scale is a pattern of decay,
beginning from a high point and sliding downwards.  By its very nature
it assumes the prior existence of things which can decay.

The earlier series has a different scale.  I have put it together
as best I can, based primarily on a) running the goal "To Grow",
b) meter assessment, and c) deductive logic based on observation.
I cannot guarantee that it is correct.  The main characteristic of
this scale is that it builds up before it sinks.  This type of
pattern, rather than a pure decay, would be necessary in truly
early implants that could not assume the prior existence of a
complex environment.  

If there are earlier and more basic versions of the penalty
universes, then this also might not be the earliest.  It does not
quite start from total nothingness.  It seems to assume that there
are other beings and there is already the possibility of a game,
and it seems that one's desire for games was used as the hook that
suckered you into the implant.  Therefore, I will call this the
games tone scale.  Note that the penalty universes and the ordinary
tone scale use aesthetics and action as the hook which keeps you
attached to the incident.  That is far lower than a desire for games,
but it hints that there might be more basic things that drive 
directly off of a desire for creation (which is senior to games).

The scale is as follows:

Gone on too long (over-run/tired)
Must continue
Solidity (Mass)
Can't Stop
Failed Protect
Failed to Leave
Unknowing Fixidity

In other words, the implant universe "To Grow" had the item
"To Grow is To Anticipate" up near the top and the item "To Grow
is To Be Fixated" down near the bottom.  And goals like "To
Energize", "To Eternalize", and "To Individuate" all react strongly
on these items.

This whole area is very much in need of further research.



June 1996

These work like rock/paper/scissors, each beats the next in a
circular pattern.

There are probably missing pairs.

The one you are now is the one you crushed.  The one before it
is the one you played in the game.

Which item you're sitting on affects how fast you move through
specific goals in the GPM pattern of the current universe (example,
the scientist will rush through goals like "to be beautiful" and
linger on goals like "to be intelligent").

Usually the game was played with the actual valences covertly hidden
and only revealed at the moment of impact.

The game was played on the original earth.



-----> (full circle back to THE KING)


This is all highly speculative


                   12. THEORY OF RESET TIME

17 Dec. 1992

The theory given here is so incredible that even I have to look 
at it with some doubt and reservation.  If true, the 
implications are immense.  But it reads like the wildest 
science fiction, far beyond the easily accepted space opera 
style material that we are used to encountering.  As a PC, I 
have no doubts about the incidents described here.  They ran 
with great reality and good meter behavior, showing large 
reads on dating, blowdowns on running, and going to proper 
EPs.  As an auditor, I run whatever is there to run without 
any Q & As about the PCs data.  But as a researcher, I have to 
allow for the possibility that the incidents contained a high 
degree of dub-in and that the conclusions are incorrect.  
Eventually I may find that these are simply twisted up and 
misdated incidents which occurred long ago.  But it would be 
wrong to withhold potentially vital information even though 
it might be wrong data.  So here it is.  Just take it with a grain 
of salt and don't jam it down anybody's throat.

Before going into the theory, I would like to provide a bit 
more clarification on how one can be mislead by session data.  
Many years ago, I was running a PC on Dianetics and he 
started running an incident of being grabbed by invaders and 
implanted.  The incident had a heavy somatic of suffocating.  
The date was "last night".  My first thought was that we either 
had a wrong date or serious dub-in.  But I did not jump down 
the PC's throat and correct the date.  That would have been 
quite a mistake because the date was correct.  The PC's data 
turned out to be correct too and the incident ran well, 
everything going by the book.  If we hadn't taken one last pass 
through, I might have been left either doubting the PC's data 
or having wild ideas about saucer people sneaking into 
peoples homes and implanting them late at night.  As it turned 
out, the PC was having a very real dream about being 
implanted while his cat was sitting on his face delivering a 
very real suffocating somatic along with a purring rumble that 
seemed like some sort of implant vibration.  The moral is to 
always take the PC's data no matter how wild and illogical it 
seems, but don't jump to wild conclusions based on 
insufficient information.


We have been assuming all along that we are in the main 
framework of the current physical universe.  We see a galaxy 
full of stars around us and assume that it is there and we are a 
part of it.  And that galaxy is definitely one of the group of 
galaxies that makeup the current physical universe.  It has a 
pretty distinctive look, quite different from the magic 
universe.  Space opera incidents of running around in this 
galaxy are quite easy to find on PCs.

But there are other things besides the large scale, full fledged, 
agreed upon universes.  Besides the independent little 
universes used for implanting or story telling or whatever, it is 
also possible for the big universes to have little side pockets.  
These pocket universes are not quite independent.  They 
connect to the main universe and mostly share its laws.  But 
the laws can be different and the space-time is a bit sideways 
of the main universe.  It is possible to manipulate the space 
and time in these little side universes without having to 
manipulate the huge agreed upon universe.

The Home universe matrix was nothing more than a simple 
agreed upon space that provided a reference point from which 
endless little pocket universes could be set up.  These pocket 
universes were the individual home universes of the thetans 

Pocket universes were still quite common even as late as the 
symbols universe.  It was not unusual to walk sideways into a 
painting on the wall and find yourself in another three 
dimensional space which could be considered to be a pocket 
universe of the large agreed upon symbols universe.

Pocket universes have become very rare.  But is it still 
possible for a group of OTs to get together and push a space-
time framework sideways of the normal space-time and create 
a pocket universe.  Although pockets are often small, they can 
also be so big that one could easily contain this solar system.  
It would also be possible to surround one with a pre-recorded 
image of the galaxy, or even to relay a real view of the current 
galaxy into it.  You could toss all sorts of undesirables and 
convicts into such a construction.

Would it make any difference if we're in a pocket universe 
instead of the main framework of the physical universe?  
Unfortunately, it does.  If we are in a space-time pocket, it 
becomes possible for the people controlling the prison 
machinery to manipulate space-time in a manner that would 
be inconceivable if applied to the full sized physical universe.  
The very structure of space-time in this local might be designed 
expressly for the purpose of using earth as a prison.  And 
everybody is sitting on a single planet so that it becomes 
possible to deliver implants to the entire population of the 
"pocket universe" if necessary.


I didn't used to believe in the existence of heaven and hell.  I 
figured that these were simply pictures used to lure or chase 
people into the between lives implants.  Running track, these 
things never showed up in space opera or anywhere else in the 
physical universe before earth.  These kinds of mockups did 
show up in places like the magic universe, but that is quite a 
different mockup from this one.

However, running the items of the PT Actual GPM opened up 
some recall on just about every lifetime I spent here on earth 
and also pulled up a few time periods spent in one of the 
heavens or hells or in the purgatory-like between lives admin 
area.  So there does seem to be something to this, and it seems 
to be a local phenomena that only applies to recent earth track.

The heavens and hells seem to be used according to the 
Buddhist theories rather than in the absolute manner preached 
by Christianity.

If one leads an exceedingly good life, such as sacrificing 
oneself for others, one might be given a sort of vacation in one 
of the heavens.  My one experience with this was that it was 
very nice but mostly a scam.  I only actually experienced a 
few weeks at the beginning and at the end of my stay plus an 
implant in between that told me I had a good time for a couple 
hundred years.  The mockups just take too much work to 
make it cost effective for them to deliver more than a taste of 

As to hell, they count on you punishing yourself through the 
overt motivator sequence.  But where that fails because the 
overts aren't real to you, they adjust your reality with a stay in 

Unfortunately, their judgment of good and evil are based on 
arbitraries.  Things such as violating physical universe laws 
are considered evil.  If there is anything behind the current 
religious superstitions, then the between lives boys probably 
sentenced Christ to hell for his working of miracles.  And he 
probably tore the place up and lead a whole bunch of people 
out of there as described in Dante.

After a stay in hell (which is generally very brief), you are usually
set to work in between lives admin to make amends.  There you spends 
decades of tedium pushing papers around or whatever to keep the 
between lives machinery working.

If you're viciously harmful in a good cause, you generally 
get sent to hell as a demon to torture others instead of as a 
victim.  You're supposed to get disgusted with yourself and 
flatten any harmful desires while not actually being punished 
because you did something good.

The god of this pocket universe is basically a prison warden.  
He and his staff are also convicts, but they are evil people who 
did great service to the empire and are being reward (by 
getting to play god) while being kept in exile because the 
empire doesn't want them around.  Note that the existence of a 
sour local god neither proves nor invalidates the existence of a 
supreme being.  The theta flow that some holy men connect 
with is certainly not a manifestation of this petty local tyrant. 

According to the Tibetan Book of the Dead, there are many 
heavens and hells of varying appearance and qualities, some 
being higher or lower than others.  They consider that most of 
the heavens are mere pleasure places where one cannot gain 
any true spiritual advancement.  Buddha considered the entire 
cycle, including going to heaven and hell etc., to be a trap.

The between lives area including the heavens and hells seems 
to be sideways of our physical plane.  See the various other 
materials where I have discussed 4 dimensional mockups.  In 
the local area, if you exteriorize and go sideways in a 4th 
direction without moving in the normal 3 dimensions, you 
will find various mockups of heaven & hell etc.  The various 
"invader" installations, implant machinery, etc. is all there in 
this odd direction.  This is why you can exteriorize and find 
bases on Mars or orbital stations around Venus that are not 
visible in our telescopes.  You have shifted sideways slightly 
in a 4th dimension.

A 4 dimensional structure is only to be expected since this is a 
prison area.  Perception and most mockups were narrowed 
down to 3 dimensions sometime before home universe.  But 4 
dimensional spaces can still be handled (with great difficulty) 
and are used for things such as building prisons and 
implanting precisely because they are difficult to perceive and 
figure out.

The pocket universe seems to extend out to a distance of 1.3
light years.  At this distance, there are 12 "zodiac masses"
which are the generating stations that manipulate the 4D space
time.  I call them zodiac masses because they correspond to the
12 signs of the zodiac and may be used as part of the between
lives implant to lay in a bit of an astrological pattern.
Out beyond this distance is normal space/time.  Out there the
universe has a 4D thickness, but all the layers are identical.
Here, in the prison, they have pried apart the edges and used
them for the fake heavens and hells and also to provide storage
areas which are capable of holding copies of the Earth reality
so that they can store the mockup for re-use as needed.


I'd had a bunch of odd ball ideas lying around for quite 
awhile, feelings that I'd died in a nuclear war in the 1960s, 
feelings that I'd been in Scientology before, etc.  All 
seemingly absurd and were shrugged off as some sort of dubin.

One day I decided to set aside logic and see if I could find and 
run a 1960s nuclear war incident.  I figured that I'd get 
something which would eventually turn out to be a much 
older incident after I'd run through it a few times and taken 
some charge off.  Instead I got the following:

In 1963, Richard M. Nixon was president, having beaten 
Kennedy by a narrow margin in 1960.  He had badly 
mishandled the Cuban missile crisis and things had grown 
worse to the point where a nuclear war was eminent.  I was 
in school when they herded us down to the basement, this was 
around 9:15 AM.  They told us that we had launched a 
nuclear first strike at 8:32 AM.  The public had not been 
warned until the Soviet counter-strike was launched for fear 
of giving early warning to the enemy.  The sonic and visio on 
this were quite real (the assistant headmaster saying to us 
"Gentlemen, we are at war" etc.).  At 9:26AM, the ceiling 
smashed down on us as a nuclear blast destroyed the city. 

Normally when you die, you come out in an "astral body".
But the heavy radiation tore this energy body as well as
the physical one and I had the feeling of dying as a spirit
as well as dying as a body.  I remember trying to rise up
through the firestorm as my fields and substance shredded
and I died the double death.

And then there was nothing.  Just blackness.

And then I seemed to be waking up in some higher space.
It was dark and I had no perceptions.  But I felt a pressure
trying to push me back and put me back to sleep.  But I

And then there seemed to be lights circling around me in the
distance.  And they seemed to be singing, but there was no
sound, only intention.  This impression of singing was probably a
subjective impression of being hit with a strong energy wave
that was implanting an intention.  And the intention was for me to 
go back to earth.

Then I found myself above the Earth looking down, and I could
see the explosions down on the surface.  And gradually I came
to be aware of millions of other beings up in orbit along with
me, all of them watching the destruction of the world.  And
more and more joined us as the dying continued.  And there
was a sadness, not at mere death, but at the end of everything.
We were all of us ripe for any implant or orders which would
do something about the situation.

And then the circling lights were there again, orbiting around
all of us and around the Earth as well.  And this time they
were singing "Go Back to 1957".

And it was February and it had just snowed.  My child's body
was standing ontop of a snow mound and I felt irresistibly
drawn to it.  And I forgot everything of the future and picked
up my experience and memories as they had been in 1957, and
lived on from there.

And this time Kennedy beat Nixon by a narrow margin and
everything was different.

I've been back over this incident quite a few times and I can't
find anything wrong with it except for the sheer impossibility
of it ever having happened.

So I tried to look for other things like this, and began to
try to meter asses years ago and Earth calendar dates as separate
things that did not have to add up properly.  And I found many
occurrences of 1957 at varying numbers of years ago.  And I found
many occurrences of the 20th century here on Earth and even some
times when we carried a bit into the 21st century before it all
fell apart for one reason or another.

The earliest 20th century incident that I could find seemed
to be in 1961 on Easter Sunday when Tesla's power grid went live
and the atmosphere burned.

And strangely enough, one's case and incidents and aberrations and
even GPM items all seem to shift back when time is reset.  You
lose aberrations that you picked up later and you regain aberrations
that you mastered through will power or education.  The only
exception being that if something were really thoroughly run out,
you only get back a shadow of it that seems to have little power
but you still try to put it there and don't remember getting rid
of it.  But these shadows of aberrations that had been run in
earlier cycles seem to fall away extremely easily.

We went through many cycles of the 20th century before Scientology
was ever dreamed of.  They can't let us get much later because
our technology gets too far advanced, and they can't push us too
far back because they have added too many new prisoners and 
earlier centuries can't support a high enough population level.
So they have repeated this time period too many times.  And that
may be causing us to wake up.

When Scientology was researched the first time, it was a slow
orderly progression building up from Dianetics.  Techniques that
showed up in 1952 this time around were the final processes discovered 
in the 1980s and 1990s during the first pass through the subject.
These were the things that had most recently been studied when
we found ourselves suddenly back in 1952 and so they sort of
showed up immediately even though no one remembered the years
of research that had gone into them.

And in a later major pass through the subject, the advanced
org was out on Long Island and things went fairly smoothly
because nobody considered us a threat.  The endless troubles
that we have seen this time around did not occur then, and many
of us worked on the research.

In the year 1987 of that earlier cycle, with Ron and many others 
all alive and well who are now dead or declared suppressive, we 
attempted a prison break.

I'm not sure if we used some drug or trance or simply had gone
very very far with OT drills, but I remember lying down and
having a coach whispering in my ear and a thousand of us all
left our bodies simultaneously and stormed the heavenly plane.
And we fought a strange battle of mockups against angels and
demons and won because our confront was better.  And as we
held victory in our grasp, the sun went nova and time was
reset and we were back in 1952 again.

And ever since that time, they've made sure that we were 
always at each others throats and busy declaring each other
suppressive and making the subject into a mess and a scam and we 
never again had a clean sweep forward like we did that one time 
when we were unopposed.

Now that I've dumped all this in your laps, I'd better advise
you that I'm quite willing to find out that this is all just
some strange dub-in.  Perhaps I just have an overly active
imagination.  I certainly would not bet that the above is correct.
But lets keep it in mind, just in case.

If true, this would explain deja vu as being a real recollection
of the future (meaning an earlier pass through the same time period).

It also would mean that you'd better date incidents on Earth in
terms of years ago and not make any fuss if the answers are a bit
strange.  Also be prepared for earlier similar occurrences of the
same incident at the same date.

There is also the possibility that so called "Natural Clears" actually
did the clearing course in earlier occurrences of these years on

There is something you can do which would be quite harmless if
this is just a stupid theory but which could be extremely helpful
if it turns out that time is being reset and repeated on us.
Pick a few key points earlier in your life when you first saw something
that had some great significance for you, and postulate very
firmly that when you see it again or relive the experience again,
you will remember this earlier time around.
Interestingly enough, this idea of reliving your current lifetime
has been around for quite some time.  Usually the idea is stated
as reliving it to the point of perfection rather than the prison
theory which I have presented here.  A recent popularization was
the movie "Groundhog day".  The earlier source on this comes from
Bennet the mathematician who was a disciple of Gurdief in the early
part of this century.


                  13. RESEARCHING PAST LIVES

After fooling around with this business of time being reset and
living the same lifetime multiple times, I began to doubt my vague
recollection of past lives.

I had run endless incidents, and some had been very productive of
case gain, but that did not guarantee the accuracy of the data.
Also, if you include Nots in the picture, you have to allow for
picking up and running other's incidents as well as your own.

By this point I had mapped out my current actual GPM and had dated
the last few dozen lifetimes here on Earth and had a vague idea of
who I was etc.  But this also had some oddball stuff and loose ends.

What I felt was that the past life recall should be like remembering
having breakfast last week, and it was far from that.  And I realized
that I was using the certainty of the impacts that occurred in heavy
incidents to dig up snatches of past life data.  If I did that
for my current lifetime, I would have a few recollections of things
like being in the hospital once and no real idea of who I was or
what I was doing.

So I began to work with light everyday incidents and pleasure
moments.  I tried to spot things like what kind of breakfast would
I have had or what would I have done for entertainment etc.  And
at the same time, I searched for things that would validate my
recall and convince me that I was not just imagining this stuff 
lock stock and barrel.

And finally I did come up with some things that convinced me that
I was remembering real data.  Of course this was only subjective
proof and there is no way to show that I didn't look things up in
the history books first and then make up some lifetimes that fit
in.  But the following stories should at least be a bit interesting
and maybe they will help you when you reach the point where you
need to undertake a similar search and validation for your own
past life recall (and please realize that you need to build up a
great deal of recall before you should even consider trying to
validate any of it, its just too vague and only half correct in
the early stages of processing).

Back around 1994 I was sitting in a coffee shop having breakfast
and considering how I might have sat around in similar circumstances
in earlier lives.  And I thought of Constantinople.

I was already pretty sure of being at the fall of Constantinople,
and I had run an incident of standing on the walls and feeling great
sadness as the enemy overwhelmed the defenses.  But now I found a
lighter and clearer recall of sitting in a tavern overlooking the
harbor and having some kind of sausage for breakfast.  And I
frequented that place regularly and it seemed that I would sit
there in the mornings sketching out things that had to do with
defending the city.

And I remember drawing a plan for reinforcing a sort of elevator,
which was a huge wooden platform lifted by chains and pulleys.
This was used to raise catapults up to the top of the walls.  But
in my sketch I was modifying it so that it could be used for
cannons.  With that I knew that I was dubbing stuff in because
Constantinople had fallen in 1453 and I was sure that gunpowder
had not yet been invented.

But I decided not to worry about it and to keep running through
that time period on the basis that the dub-in would gradually
lift as I took more charge off.  And it seemed that there was
a lot of charge there to be confronted.  It seemed to me that
I had been some sort of leader or strategist planning the defense
of the city, but somebody else had shown up and replaced me as
commander and they had betrayed the city and caused it to fall.
My certainty in the incident was that we could have held the
city if it hadn't been for that.  It seemed to me that the city
had been impregnable and that a traitor had opened the gates.

And then I tried to get the name I had then.  I'm almost hopeless
on last names, but first names are fairly easy to remember.  
But then it seemed to me that my first name was Paul, and that
didn't seem at all appropriate for somebody living in Constantinople.

The whole recollection was still pretty vague, but the Italian
sounding name and the cannons seemed to be unshakable on repeated
scanning through the time period.  Eventually I decided to let the
matter drop and look things up in the history books.

I was shocked when I read the Brittanica's account.  Giustiniani
(or Julian or Justin) had arrived just before the battle and taken over
the city's defenses.  Paul (or Paolo) Bocchiardo and his brothers
had therefore been demoted from managing the main defenses (and
the main gate) and were placed in charge of holding the next
weakest of the gates.  Julian then left a gate (actually a small
sally port) open and a few Turks stormed in before the Bocciardos
could get it closed again.  When this handful of Turks showed up
behind the walls, Julian announced that the city was lost and
that he was badly wounded, and lead his troops from the walls
and sailed off while the city fell.  And Constantinople did 
indeed have cannons but they weren't used in the battle because
Julian convinced the Emperor that they would shake down the
city walls (which were a hundred foot thick) if they were mounted
on the walls and fired.

As to the Italian names, both Julian and the Bocciardos were from
Genoa and each had raised troops and brought them to defend the
city.  My impression is that the Bocciardos had a rich shipping
business between the two cities and that the family maintained a 
residence in Constantinople as well as in Genoa.

And another impression I had on reading about this was that I
would have followed Julian after the battle and killed him.

Eventually I found much more detailed accounts.  When the Turks
stormed the position abandoned by Julian and swept into the city,
the Bocciardos maintained their position and held their section
of the wall until nightfall.  They successfully evacuated their
men and got their ships out of the harbor and then sneaked out
themselves under cover of darkness.  Now the accounts get
interesting.  Paul was officially reported as having died while the 
Bocciardos were escaping the city, but there are accounts of
people talking with him afterwards.  The historians hypothesis that
there was some confusion as to which brother was which.  I would
suggest however that if you were going to hunt down and kill another 
citizen of Genoa, you might want to issue a false report of 
your own death.

Then there is the matter of Julian's wound which he used as an
excuse to explain why he was leaving the walls (the Emperor mustered
what few troops he could and bravely held the main gate while
Julian made good his escape, the Emperor of course perished with
his men).  All but one account consider that Julian's wound was
a fake or a minor scratch that was self inflicted.  But one historian
considers that it must have been a real wound because there is
a record that Julian died at Chios on the day following the battle.
Although the cause of Julian's death is not recorded, it would
obviously be related to the battle, either being due to a real
wound, or, more likely in my opinion, being due to an angry man
extracting vengeance from a horrible traitor.  I seem to recall
catching up with him in a tavern.

One might well ask why the city was betrayed.  Julian was rich and
certainly didn't need any kind of payoff.  Another interesting point
is that the Pope sent a fleet from Venice to help the city but it
managed to dawdle around and avoided arriving until after the city
had fallen.

And the politics are very interesting.  Until the fall,
Constantinople had the greatest library of ancient documents in
the world.  It was primarily a city of scholars and traders with a
small but highly educated population (three quarters of the city
within the walls was uninhabited and the parks etc. had been turned
into farming land - the population was under a hundred thousand
when it had been over a million in early times).  They had original
versions of biblical books etc. which were quite different from the
versions that had been heavily edited by Rome, and they were 
considered religious heretics and dangerous to the church.  
They had all sorts of wild and non-standard ideas that were 
a mixture of early (pre-Roman) Christianity combined with
Greek philosophy.  This included things like trying to tap cosmic
energy, etc.  When the head of the church in Constantinople made 
peace with the Pope, his own priests rebelled and continued the 

My own feeling is that Julian was asked to betray the city to 
eliminate a dangerous source of heresy.  This fits in well with
the Venetian navy rushing to the rescue (to create good public
opinion) while never quite making it to the city (they had
plenty of time and zig zagged around at sea for months).  This
was the time period when the Catholic church was sinking into its
darkest era, with the Popes being concerned mainly with money and
power.  Within a generation, the church would hit rock bottom
under control of the Borgia Popes and it would be a century before
the church was cleaned up and reformed.

As to the Turks, the previous sultan had been friendly to 
Constantinople and the city was generally useful to them as a 
neutral intermediary between the Catholic and Islamic worlds.
A hothead had just come into power and was making his name
with a holy war.  But the cause was not popular and the siege
was running out of steam.  A final attack was called for before
abandoning the whole thing as a bad job.  That's when the city
was betrayed.  Without that, the city would have made it into the
modern era.  Of course we have Istanbul instead, and perhaps there
is not much difference.  Except for one thing.  All the books were
burned.  It was comparable to the loss of the library at Alexandria.

For example, the Hermetica of Hermes Trimagistus (a metaphysical
reference work which is popular among mystics) was compiled from
earlier materials during the 1100s in Constantinople.  Both the
compilation and the earlier documents were destroyed when the
city fell.  The currently available editions are incomplete
reconstructions from other sources that had had access to the
library at Constantinople before it was burned.


The other lifetime I found where the history books provided some
validation was during the American Civil War.

Although I abhor slavery and prejudice, I always felt a strange
sympathy for the Confederate armies.  This was hard for me to
understand because I had pretty much swallowed the popular view
that the war was fought over slavery.  Even though I had seen the
occasional mention of the fact that it was really fought over
state's rights, this seemed to me to be a minor side issue when
I was in school and the teacher's did not really bring the point
home or offset the heavy federal propaganda which was originally
used to justify an unnecessary and bloodthirsty war and which still
remains a part of our culture to this day.

The truth of the matter is that popular opinion in Virginia and
North Carolina and the upper half of the south had already turned
against slavery.  These states actually voted to remain in the
union after the deep south succeeded.  And they did so knowing
that with Georgia and the rest of the gulf states gone, the heavy
anti-slavery majority in congress under Lincoln would ensure that
slavery would be eliminated within a few years as did happen in
Maryland and Delaware.

Of course the slave holding land barons were resisting this, but
the bulk of the population in the cities had already turned against
slavery.  Most ordinary people had no vested interest to blind them
to the horrors of it, and even the rich businessmen were beginning to 
see that you can't run an industrial economy with slave labor and 
that you need a free population as a market for your goods.  And
there was dissension among the ranks of the landed gentry.  
General Lee for example, had freed his slaves before the war and
was sympathetic enough to the abolitionists to be offered the
command of the US Army by President Lincoln.

As to the deep south, they went into an immediate economic collapse
as soon as they succeeded.  With a heavy trade embargo, Lincoln could
have brought them to their knees, and the morally torn states of
Virginia and North Carolina would have debated and protested and
waffled back and forth.  It would have taken time, but it might even
have been accomplished before 1865.  With only vested interests
and a morally repugnant practice to encourage resistance, the gulf
states could not have resisted the pressure.  They had no real 
industrial base and could not go it alone in a modern economy.  The
true industrial base of the confederacy was in Virginia and North
Carolina and they were sticking with the Union.

But Lincoln was probably worried about the 1864 election, which might
disrupt a potentially successful embargo.  He couldn't count on
winning it if the union was still divided, and he probably worried
about a compromiser being elected.  And he must have foolishly
thought that a quick military strike could end the whole thing and
leave him as the great president who had both ended slavery and
beaten the rebels into line.  I'm sure he never imagined that we
would still be at war by the fall of 1864 or he never would have
risked it.  The faintest shift of events at Gettysburg gives Lee
a successful strike at one of the big northeastern cities and that
almost guarantees Lincoln's defeat in the election which comes in the
following year.  And that almost certainly gives us a
worst case result which is a permanent division bathed in blood,
hatred, and periodic wars with slavery perpetuated for an ungodly
length of time.

And so Lincoln makes the stupid and horrifying mistake of launching
an all out war and calling for troops.  And when he tries to draft
the citizens of Virginia and North Carolina, they promptly rebel.
And Maryland would have revolted as well except that Lincoln had
the Governor and his staff arrested for treason.  And there were
even draft riots and barricades thrown up in the streets of New
York City.

Of course at this point Virginia and North Carolina should have
practiced civil disobedience and covert non-compliance and a 
Vietnam style protest rather than going into open rebellion.
It is doubtful that Lincoln could have set himself up as a 
dictator (which is what the Virginian's were really fighting 
against) and a hated president can be ousted at the next election.
Even here a sane course could have reduced the horror and the evil
consequences.  But events had proceeded past the point where
people would listen to reason.

The true price we paid was to be shackled under a strong central
government (instead of a loose amalgamation of states) and to
see a century of unjust prejudice perpetuated by hatred and 
vengeance.  For it is the engramic impact and the continual
reminder in terms of dead and maimed relatives and unscrupulous
carpetbaggers that ensured that the racial prejudices would be
cast in concrete instead of fading over the course of a few
generations.  We might have had true civil rights by the turn
of the century (and certainly by the time of the suffragettes)
if Mr. Lincoln had restrained himself from launching the blood bath.

Of course I didn't think all of this initially.  I used to think
that Lincoln was a great man.  My change in attitude came first of
all from running incidents, and then from following it up with a
great deal of reading about the time period.  I believe that all
of the above is historically correct.

Before my recall opened up on this time period, I only had a few
odd loose ends.  First was an actual GPM item for that lifetime
which did not fit properly in terms of dating the birth.  I was
certain that I had left the previous body in 1853 and the dates
I was getting for this late 1800s lifetime were obviously incorrect
and overlapping the previous life.  Although I seemed to have some
sort of reaction on confederate generals and the civil war, I was
sure that I could not have been in it because I would have been
a child in 1860.  There was also my odd fascination with American
railroads, which seemed to have no basis in any past life experience.
I knew I was European in both the preceding and following lifetimes
(the next one starts in 1893) and it seemed unlikely to me that
I would have had anything to do with America.

But, despite believing wars to be part of the trap and a grave 
mistake, I have always found military strategy to be interesting
in a game playing sense.  And there is a proposition, both by
Ron, and by other intelligent writers such as Gordon Dickinson,
etc. that a small group operating as individuals can take on a
large army.  There is also the additional point that the American
Revolution was primarily won by frontier style fighting opposing
orderly regimentation.

So one day I wondered why the confederates hadn't simply all run
around in the woods as individuals and shot apart the invading
union troops in a guerrilla warfare like action.  And then I had
the wild idea that I had tried it.  And then the memory came back
to me.

What I recalled was that I was some sort of junior officer with
perhaps a company of men under me.  Things were disorganized and
there were few trained officers at the lower ranks.  So I had my
group to train as I saw fit, and I had heard stories about
revolutionaries bushwhacking the British.  So that's how I trained
my men.  I didn't believe in drilling them as if they were on
parade.  Instead we went into the woods and ran around in mock
combat, hiding and sniping and trying to stay in touch with each
other while we did so.

And finally we marched off to battle.  I couldn't remember which
one, but logically it seemed to me that it had to have been Bull
Run because I knew that one was a confused mess that happened at
the beginning of the war.

On the battlefield, while most of the regiments were marching around
in orderly lines, we were crawling and diving around through the
bushes.  Of course what happened is that we got confused about our
position and lost contact with the rest of the Confederate troops.
About an hour later, we were crawling around in some tall grass 
near a rise and I sent one of our men to go peak over the top.
He waved me over frantically.  When I peered over the edge, there
was a wide creek and what seemed like thousands of Union troops lined 
up along our side of it.  And on the far side, upon a tree covered slope,
were the southern forces.

We tried to back away quietly, but one of the Union troupers looked
up and began shouting.  I was freaked out.  There were less than
a hundred of us and what seemed like ten thousand union soldiers
were about to turn around and come charging up at us.  So I did
the only thing which I thought might save our lives.  We had to
pretend to be a large Confederate force which had outflanked
the Union.  I spread the men out and had them yelling like they
were company commanders.  We had one flag, and I had them poke
it up once and then yelled at them to keep the flags down 
until we're ready to attack.  We fired one volley with every
gun we had (including firing pistols which were out of range)
and then yelled loudly to cease fire and wait for the main

Surprisingly enough, it worked.  We created such a fuss that the
Union did think they were being outflanked and turned their 
artillery on us.  But the cannons were at the far end of the
union line and we were right on top of their people.  So 
they began blowing their own troops to hell because of their
poor aim.  And then the Confederates across the creek, greatly
outnumbered, charged and the union line broke and ran from the

After running this, I tried to get more about that lifetime.
It seemed to me that I would have been disgusted with fighting
after that first battle.  I was sure that I was from North
Carolina and would have gone back there as soon as possible.
But it seemed to me that I would then have been in the local
defenses and gotten sucked back in when the Union landed
invasion forces on the North Carolina coast.  And then maybe
I would have ended up back in Lee's army and perhaps even
ended up as a general because I was known as a hero from
that first battle.

All I could get of my name was that I was called Bill.  And I
knew that I had died in Europe in 1853, so I must have picked
up a grown body there at that time.  And it seemed to me that
there might have been a 17 year old southerner studying
architecture in Europe when he took deathly ill and went into
a coma.  And maybe that thetan left and I picked up the body
then.  And I could remember designing a stone arch bridge
for one of the southern railroads (maybe the Richmond and
Danville?) in the late 1850s when I returned home, suffering
a bit of amnesia after my sickness (I seemed to know the
language and engineering but was uncertain as to people's names
etc.).  My father was a civil engineer and we lived in a small 
city along the coast.  We had no slaves and I had little 
understanding of the reality of it.  And after I designed 
that bridge, I was sent to the construction site.  And I was 
horrified by how they treated the slave labor that was used to
build it.  I remember having a fight with the foreman and getting
beaten up by him.

In that lifetime I certainly wouldn't have fought to defend
slavery.  But I would fight to keep my homeland from being invaded.
And I would fight to overthrow a dictator or a government that
tried to draft me and was ordering me to attack neighboring cities
that were in the state next door.  

The attitudes I had in the incident when war first broke out 
surprised me when I first discovered that I had felt that way.
Now that I have read a good bit more, they make a lot more sense.

It was at this point that I decided to dig into the history books
and see what I could find.  And I found him.  General William
Lewis of North Carolina.  He was 17 in 1853, worked for the railroads 
before the war, and became a civil engineer after the war, living 
until 1893.  The books don't say much, only about a paragraph, but he 
was the hero of Big Bethel, the first battle in Virginia, with a few
thousand men on each side.  And the Union artillery shelled
their own troops and the Confederates only lost a few men while
the Union ranks were decimated.  I had gotten the name of the
battle wrong, but the details were right, and I certainly had
never even hear of the battle before, it only gets about a
paragraph in the biggest reference works.  And after that he had
mustered out until the battle of Cape Fear where he is part of the
coastal defenses.  And then he becomes a Corneal and joins the
regular army again, eventually begin promoted to General before the
end of the war.

As for military strategy, it seems to me that I decided that the
idea of loose individual forces was unworkable despite winning the
battle and went back to the ordered regimentation that was the usual
military style in the civil war.  According to the history books,
the battle of Bull Run also had a lot of disorganized running around
which was handled by Stonewall Jackson forming his men up into a
"stone wall" which formed an organized position around which the
other troops could rally.  These organized lines of men became
the keynote of military operation at that time.  With hindsight,
however, it would seem to me that the ideal strategy would use
both with the solid formations providing strength and orientation
while the light individualized units drove the enemy PTS.

This concept might work well in many fields of endeavor.  Having
both highly organized groups and totally independent individuals
all working towards the same long range goal should result in
the maximum horsepower possible.  What ruins this are the implants
which place freedom and organization into opposition so that the
organized units try to force the individuals into line and the
individuals tend to fight the organization to retain their 

The long range solution would be to run out the implants.  In
the short term, the group members and the free beings should
work on mutual tolerance and those who are aware enough to 
understand this should encourage the others to move in the right
direction.  The right action when these two types come in contact
is to rehabilitate the shared goals rather than attempting to 
control or unmock each other.