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WHAT IS:  The Sea Org is set up like a military organization.
This is not surprising since Hubbard's only management experience
in this lifetime was his brief stint in the Navy.  Remember, he was
a writer, an entertainer, and pretty much of a lone wolf.  As far
as I know, he never worked a salaried job.  His only experience
with groups outside of the Navy was with social clubs like the
Explorers and gatherings of science fiction writers.

WHAT ISN'T:  Despite his lack of experience, the great wealth of
his research into the human mind lead Ron to formulate many useful
ideas about groups and organizations.  Like most of us, he
considered the military approach to be one of the dumbest ones.
In the 1950s he encouraged the idea of having groups composed of 
true individuals, and considered that a few free and independent 
beings working together were comparable to a large army which only 
had a few non-robotic individuals doing all the thinking at the 
top of the command structure.

WHAT IS:  Before the founding of the Sea Org, there used to be a 
rumor going around the organization about how the book "Mr. Roberts" 
was written about Ron by one of the people who served with him in 
the Navy.  Of course we all thought that Ron was supposed to have been 
the wonderful junior officer who helps everyone in the story.

WHAT ISN'T:  As we now know, Ron was the captain of that sub
chaser, and the book pictures him as a psychotic.  I can't say 
whether the book is an accurate picture or just sour grapes, 
or even if it was really written about Ron, but it certainly 
shows what's wrong with military organizations.  Check out 
the movie sometime, its a lot of fun.

WHAT IS:  The SO (Sea Org) is 180 degrees in reverse to Ron's 
theories from the 1950s.

WHAT ISN'T:  There is no great heritage of early Scientology 
organizations.  It was not Ron's area of interest or expertise and
the early material has only the barest beginning of a true management
science.  The early organizations mearly got by rather than being
dramatic demonstrations of some kind of an OT organization system.
But they generally did so without crushing people and many good results 
were produced.

There are some later bits of brilliance in Scientology organizational 
theory, but they are overwhelmed and swept away by the grossly
screwed up basic concepts which make robots and fanatics.  Its very
sad, especially as he knew the right basics in the 1950s and turned
his back on them.  For example, he considered that it was a 
suppressive trait to sacrifice the individual for the sake of the
many and even in later times would point out that SPs (suppressive
persons) would justify their overts on individuals by saying that
they are working for the common good.  And yet this business of working 
for the sake of mankind is the standard justification for the 
commission of overts in the church.

WHAT IS: The lower ethics conditions with their liability projects
and abuse are in use in Scientology.  The conditions formulas (for
what to do when you're in the condition) are probably even correct
or at least workable if you really are in such a condition and want
to do something about it.

WHAT ISN'T:  The idea that someone who has done $20,000 worth of work
in the last year and has been paid only $200 could be a liability if he
accidentally breaks an e-meter worth only a few thousand dollars is
nothing more than gross exploitation.  This is not a real example.
The damage is usually something much sillier and inconsequential.

The lower conditions do not cure people of being liabilities and
becoming enemies to Scientology.  Instead, they take people who
had dedicated their lives to the organization and turn them 
into enemies.  There is no better demonstration of the Scientology
idea that you create your own opposition than to examine the
great vigor with which the CofS creates its own enemies.

WHAT IS:  The RPF (Rehabilitation Project Force) exists in the
Sea Org.  It is a method for degrading people and beating them
into agreement.  I speak now from hearsay and observation rather
than actual experience.  When I was first working for a Scientology
org, this kind of activity was called Not-ISness rather than
rehabilitation and we knew that it was a sure route to failure
because trying to make nothing of something never works in the
long run.

WHAT ISN'T:  The RPF was never intended to rehabilitate anyone.
It seemed to me that it was always the most able and individualistic
SO members who I saw being put into it (although I'm sure there were
some exceptions).  The actual intention was obviously to create
compulsive agreement (this is my idea, I have never seen it in
writing in a Policy Letter or Flag Order).  As such, it is a
dramatization of the basic intention behind every attempt to
implant people.

WHAT IS:  In one of his last writings, Hubbard labeled the 
suppressive influence up and down the whole track as being
psychiatrists and priests.  If we translate the Scientology terms
"Auditor" and "Minister of the Church of Scientology" into 
ordinary English, we discover that they ARE the latest generation
of psychiatrists and priests.  How Sad!

WHAT ISN'T:  That late bulletin, like many things in the later
days, is not really correct.  The psychs (or auditors) and
priests (or ministers) are the only groups that might conceivably
help mankind.  These are the ranks that people join when they really 
feel an urge to aid their fellows.  The truth of the matter is that
these groups are so dangerous to the oppressive control and
manipulation of the masses that they are constantly infiltrated
and twisted against their own purposes.  Sure there have been some
bad psychs and priests but there have been many good ones too,
ones who cared and tried to help.  But it does seem like their
information and techniques have been twisted and distorted by some
subtle hidden influence so as to ensure their failure.  The same
could be said of Scientology.

People who live in glass cities shouldn't throw H-Bombs.

As an aside, I would say that the suppressive influence up and
down the whole track of our existence consists of those who want
to implant people to make them slaves and those who want to 
implant people to make them good.  These two groups are diametrically
opposed to each other, but both want to make the rest of us into
obedient robots.  The slave makers include some psychs such as
Pavlov, but certainly don't include well intentioned men such as
Freud and Jung.  This group also includes a certain percentage
of industrialists, rulers, fascists, etc., but don't make the
mistake of generalizing.  Not everybody wants slaves.  And on
the opposite side, there are those "priests" who would brainwipe
you to make you "good" according to some arbitrary code (this
especially includes the hell preaching demagogues), but they are
only a small (but highly visible) percentage.  Don't confuse them
with the well intentioned majority.  And please notice that these
"do goodie" mind controllers also include a certain percentage of
communists and even some teachers, lawyers, and politicians, etc.

It should be obvious that there are at least a certain percentage of
robot makers (whether to get slaves or make others good) within
the current Sea Org management hierarchy.

WHAT IS:  The continual infiltration of CofS by covert operatives
of various organizations.  In the early days (1966-68) at one
large organization, we discovered a newspaper reporter, an FDA
agent, and an IRS agent.  We completely missed another reporter who
subsequently wrote an expose, and we were slow in catching a Mafia
infiltrator who rose to an executive position before being found out.  
Notoriously absent were agents of the FBI, CIA, and KGB.  
But the E-meter only reads on overts and a loyal agent might 
well consider that he was doing a service for his country 
rather than committing overts and therefore might not react.
Also, these guys are often trained and conditioned to fool lie
detectors.  So I would assume that there were a few of these agents
in the organization as well and we never spotted them.  In later
days at least a few FBI agents were uncovered.  Agents on being
spotted usually confessed that they had been sent in to investigate
but had been "converted" by the wonderful tech.  So they often
remained on staff acting as double agents.  But this is a fairly
standard intelligence technique when dealing with "culties" who
will swallow anything if you start praising the glories of the cult.
In all likelihood, most of these were probably triple agents who
continued to do their work in a more exposed manner.  I wonder if
it might be considered entrapment (enticing someone to break the
law) to have given CofS these double agents with their knowledge of
Bureau internals.

WHAT ISN'T:  There was a tremendous error in judgment in launching
operation Snow White.  The Church might well have felt that it was
a justified tit for tat and in their mistaken egotism thought that
Flag training and OT abilities would carry them through unscathed.
But they were playing with the big boys, real professionals.  Even
so, Guardian Intelligence (the spy branch of the GO) put on quite
a show and penetrated longer and more deeply than any amateur 
organization had a right to, but they were burnt in the end and
the results were quite harmful.  With Ron driven into hiding and
Mary Sue in jail, it created a power vacuum about which much has
already been written by others.

Around this time period, we also have the death of Quentin Hubbard
who was the most likely heir to Ron's position.  He was not only
the oldest of Mary Sue's sons, but he was supposed to have a
flair for the tech.  He went around giving talks and he liked to
tell stories about whole track (past life) civilizations.  I had
very little personal contact with him and I really don't know 
what the whole story is, but he seemed on the whole to be
enthusiastic rather than depressed.  The "suicide" looks like a
gangster style fake.  Probably someone was getting him out of the
way, maybe to ensure that there was a really big power vacuum.

To her credit, Diane Hubbard tried to curb the SO craziness of
the early 1980s but she failed and was slapped down for her troubles.  
As far as I know she has kept a low profile since and has little 
involvement with management.  None of the other children ever
swung much weight in the organization.

This is the same time period that David Mayo and other highly
placed people were driven out of the subject.  The power vacuum
was so complete as to raise the suspicion that it was engineered.
As to who did it and for what purpose, I haven't a clue.  Maybe
the attempt was defeated and loyal (but misguided) fanatics now 
guard the subject.  Maybe the bad guys won and are in power now.
It could be Mafia (lots of bucks flowing through there) or
CIA (wonderful place for mind control experiments) or just a
bunch of little messengers who wanted to be fanatically worshipped.
For all I know, it could even be space aliens (just joking - I hope).

WHAT IS:  The CofS declares its enemies to be "Suppressive
Persons".  It has family and friends disconnect from them.  It
has Fair Game laws (supposedly canceled but still followed in
spirit) to harass them.  And their members are pushed to believe
that these people are real bad guys, rotten to the core.

WHAT ISN'T:  There is Scientology processing technology on the
subject of one person being suppressive to another.  There is
even an analysis of the characteristics of a suppressive person.
All of this is ignored when the CofS declares someone suppressive.
For them there is only one suppressive characteristic, and that is
that someone is not in compulsive agreement with or obedient to
the Sea Org.

As a side note, the entire suppressive person (SP) and potential
trouble source (PTS) technology is slightly questionable since
the person himself (rather than an SP) is supposed to be responsible
for the condition he is in.  Sometimes you do have to pry someone
away from a suppressive influence so that they can cool down enough
to get audited.  This should always be looked on as a temporary
measure.  There are already Scientology processes for auditing
out the situation (the Suppressed Person rundown) and the person
who was being suppressed ceases to have problems with the "SP" and
can communicate with them comfortably.

Somehow or other, this useful technology (to handle the guy who's
continually caving in because someone in his environment is
always cutting him to pieces), has become mixed up with witch hunts
and inquisitions.  And they do indeed have witch hunts, despite
Ron's warnings about not doing that.  Mass declares of SPs within
the organization happen periodically.  Its almost like the periodic
purges that you see in the more viscous governments.

WHAT IS:  Ron said that the greatest overt was making others guilty
of committing overts.

WHAT ISN'T:  This isn't the worst one.  The real worst one is 
convincing others to commit overts that they wouldn't otherwise
have done for the sake of a higher purpose.  This is routine within
Scientology.  One of the many kinds of examples are the cases
where someone turns against an old friend who has been declared
(often without just cause) as an enemy of the church.

WHAT IS: A basic Scientology idea is that you are responsible for
the condition that you are in.  I might twist this slightly and
say that you need to become responsible for the condition that
you're in if you are to have any hope of changing that condition.

WHAT ISN'T:  This doesn't mean that other people can't help or
hinder you.  It just means that in the final analysis, you need to
be master of your own life and you will not make a lot of progress
by sitting around and blaming others, even if they did work very
hard to do you in.

But the CofS has continually twisted this datum to always place
blame on the individual and never on the organization.  If its
an outsider screwing up the person's life, then the outsider is
an SP and its the outsider's fault but if its the org that's screwing 
the guy up, then the guy is responsible for the condition he is in
and the org is not to blame.  There have been rare exceptions to
this hypocrisy, because there are well meaning individuals mixed
in among the robots, but you will almost never find the organization 
taking responsibility for any overts that it has committed.


WHAT IS:  LRH never cared for the existing religions.  He figured
that they usually were based on some keyed out OT showing up and
overawing the natives and making them worship.  In one lecture
he talks about Moses having been a high powered OT.  The assumption
is that Moses pretended that "God" did it so that the Children of
Israel wouldn't blame things on him.  If that is the case, then
Genesis might be a vague sketch of the implants and past lives that
Moses ran out (e.g. confronted and erased) while he was up in the
mountains which resulted in his becoming a keyed out OT.

WHAT ISN'T:  The dumb quote about Jesus being a pederast etc. is
obviously not written by Ron.  It was almost certainly written
by Captain Bill.  Captain Bill announced that Ron's
thetan had left his old body (turning it over to BTs?) and had
moved into Captain Bill's body and he would issue new bulletins
etc. on this basis.  The CofS, of course, declared Captain Bill

Sometimes there's a processing rundown attached to this bogus 
bulletin when it appears on the internet.  It might be the real CofS 
OT8 (attached to the wrong introduction), or an invention of
Bill's, but more likely it is some older rundown (possibly from 
the 1st Melbourne Advanced Clinical Course) that Captain Bill 
was putting out as OT8.  

WHAT IS:  Ron preached tolerance for the poor Christians etc. who
were busily worshipping some long gone OT.  He did say that you
might have to work hard to keep from laughing out loud when you
were in church, but you should respect their beliefs and just
keep auditing them.  He expected them to cognite eventually.

Many of us in the early days had a fondness for Jesus, considering
him to be an old OT who tried to do something about the sorry state
of mankind.  John MacMasters (while he was still a loyal CofS
member) used to quote sayings of Jesus such as "Ye shall do greater 
things than I" in his talks.

WHAT ISN'T:  When he messed around in OT III incident 2 and got
all keyed in, Hubbard found that it included pictures of
"Christ on the Cross" etc.  He got pretty upset and over restimulated
and decided that all of Christianity was an R6 dramatization
(in this usage, R6 refers to the implant material found on Routine
level 6 auditing which was considered to form the core of the
reactive mind).  Some of his comments on this are floating around
on the internet.

This is obviously just the mental "charge" stirred up by getting
an old incident half run out and messed up.  He sees an implant
picture of someone on a cross and gets upset and starts damning
Christianity.  The truth of the matter is that there are very
early implants (much earlier than inc 2) which lay in the idea
that the best of us must always sacrifice ourselves for others.
They show you that it is your duty to get up on that cross and how
wonderful it is to do so, but the real intention was to get rid of
anyone who keyed out OT in a big way.  Many great OTs have been
done in by this implant during the course of our existence in this
and earlier universes.  There were others, such as Krishna, on 
this planet who had this happen to them.  When Jesus got up on the
cross, we lost a great teacher and eventually most of his wonderful
teachings were lost or twisted out of shape as the Romans altered
Christianity into a politically acceptable religion.

WHAT IS:  Scientology has a rule against mixing practices.  This is
used in the CofS to make it an ethics offense to have anything to
do with or even read anything from any other metaphysical subject, 
whether it be Zen or Astrology or Science of Mind.  They have
declared various other groups such as the Objectivists and the
Edgar Cayce group (I forget what its called) to be suppressive
groups.  They don't dare do this with the big religions, but I'm
sure that they wish they could.

WHAT ISN'T:  This is NOT in Scientology auditing technology.  There
is a different point, which is that you mustn't mix up two things
because they can get in each others way and you have no way of
evaluating what changes came from which source if he's doing two
things at once.  On this basis, mixing Dianetics and Scientology
processes together were at one time officially considered to be 
mixing practices and even now it is considered that the Scientology 
TR drills must not be done at the same time that a person 
is getting audited.

Of course Ron did consider that a number of subtle traps and
backwards ideas had been planted in the various earlier metaphysical
studies.  For example, he considered meditations on "I am nothing"
to be a mistake (he actually tried some processes based on this
and they did not go well).  He does recommend that you learn his
stuff first before you go and study metaphysics.  But he never
tells you not to look.  After all, he was reading tons of the
stuff himself, at least in the early days.  Some of the old timers
used to send him books and things any time that they thought that
another practice had come across something that might be useful.

The current rules block any comprehension of Scientology's
backgrounds.  They interfere with well rounded spiritual growth.
They promote rigid thinking.  And they are a direct attack on 
those other groups who might actually be considered closest to
Scientology in their goals and ideas.  This would only be sane
if the org has the intention of becoming a monopoly in the field
of metaphysical thought.  Which is probably why they do it.

  * * *

WHAT IS: OT (Operating Thetan) abilities.  Mind over matter.
Telekinesis and telepathy.  Even teleportation (and Hubbard does
not say this is impossible, he mearly says that it is done by
disintegrating the object in one spot and recreating it in another
rather than by shifting it).  I have seen these things and I have
done them.  Almost any old time (pre 1968) auditor will swear that 
they are real even if he has left the church.

WHAT ISN'T: Stable OT abilities.  Stable achievements of OT states.
Repeatable demonstrations of OT powers at will.  The current OT
levels have been renamed PreOT levels because they don't produce
these things.  If the CofS had anyone who could repeatedly lift
an ashtray at will, they would have him on TV the next day.  These
things are never demonstrated, not even in confidential briefings
for OTs.  Ashtrays have been lifted, but Scientology never produced
anyone who could do it on demand.

WHAT IS: The keyed-out OT state.  By keyed-out, we mean that some
part of the person's mental blockage has temporarily moved out of
the way.  This has been the source of most of OT manifestations 
observed in the subject.  The key-out is much less stable than
that produced by lower level Scientology processes.  It often
only lasts hours or days.  Mine lasted for three months.  A rare
few (possibly including Ron) may have kept the state considerably
longer, but it is known to be an extremely unstable condition.
Trying to study it, experiment with it, exercise it to build up 
strength, or demonstrate it are the fastest ways to bump into something
that will turn it off and drop you back to human with a horrible
thundering crash.  I probably kept the state longer than most 
because I was young and innocent and wasn't pushing it.  I could
not do things at will.  The abilities did not respond to mental
effort and pushing.  Just occasionally I would think something
like deciding to grab a cup of coffee and it would slide to me
across the table.  The intention to do something, projected
lightly and without effort, occasionally caused it to happen in
a bypass of physical laws.  The only thing that worked was to think to 
do something, with the thought and the deed becoming the same.  
It never worked to try hard to do something.

WHAT ISN'T:  The processes that occasionally produced a keyed-out
OT are almost never used in modern Scientology.  These are
a) the processes of 1952-54 (a few of them are in the book "Creation of
Human Ability"), b) the power processes (never run on Dianetic Clears), 
and c) the old (before NOTS) OT levels 4 to 7.  It seems like
everything that did turn on OT abilities has been carefully pushed
out of use.  Those processes are being publicized now on the Internet
and CofS seems to be upset about it.  Maybe we'll start seeing some
more OT manifestations as people try this suff.

Note that there has never been a process in Scientology which 
consistently produced a keyed-out OT state.  It has always been 
a wild random variable.  It has never been thoroughly investigated
or pinned down.  Ron himself admitted on one of the Briefing Course
tapes (I think it was the one on the Classification and Gradation
chart) that he had no idea why they occasionally produced one
on Power Processing.

The real approach to making a keyed-out OT is to try a carton
full of techniques and hope that you get lucky.  Often you will if
the collection is big enough.  

WHAT IS:  Although the big OT powers have never been produced stabily,
minor abilities would sometimes be achieved, at least in the old days.
A good example is Ingo Swann.  See your local occult bookstore for
data on what has been confirmed on him under laboratory conditions.
He's about as good as any of the stable OTs.  He doesn't lift ashtrays
but he can raise the temperature of an object under laboratory conditions.

WHAT ISN'T:  Ingo doesn't talk about having been in Scientology or doing
the OT levels in the late 1960s.  The Church doesn't mention Ingo or claim 
that he ever was a member.  I think they must have a mutual agreement
to leave each other alone and keep quite.

I think they declared him a suppressive.  It was a long time ago.  How
many ways can you shoot yourself in the foot?  

WHAT IS:  Ron probably went keyed out OT in 1952.  There was an
incredible outpouring of bright ideas from 1952 to 1954.  He was
positively inspired.  Later he often made mistakes or misses the
obvious that he'd already found.  For example in 1952 he says to
get the postulate that the person made during an engram.  This was
forgotten and it took a decade of running standard Dianetics before
they created New Era Dianetics (NED) by asking for the postulate
(which makes Clears fairly quickly).  I wonder if he actually remembered
it or whether somebody simply heard the old tape and suggested doing

WHAT ISN'T:  Ron didn't remain in the OT state.  The keyout is 
notoriously unstable.  My guess is that the state crashed when
the police broke into the course room in 1954 and hauled him
down to the station.  He talks about the arrest in his next lecture
to the class and about how he managed to talk his way out of there 
without getting locked up, but he's obviously a bit shaken and he
gets out of the country real fast and heads for England.  He even
cut the 10th ACC (Advanced Clinical Course) short and they filled
it out by playing tapes from the 9th ACC.

If you compare the tapes of 1950-51 to those of 1952-54, you will
see a fantastic jump in speed and intelligence.  His exuberance
knows no bounds and he's really something to listen to.  If
you then compare them with the tapes of 1955 onwards, you can see that 
he slows down and is nowhere near what he was, but he's still better
than in the 1950-51 timeframe.

Note that my slightly strange word usage ("went keyed out OT" etc.) 
is proper Scientology speak and one would hope that any ARS readers
would have picked up this lingo by now.

WHAT IS:  Ron kept on researching in the later 50s and 60s, often
trying to get back what he'd had his hands on in those early days and
often missing the right answer that he'd found previously.
OT III is a complex arduous mess researched in the late 60s and
the simple NOTs handling is from 1952! (see the HCL lectures,
especially the two different lectures that are both titled "Theta Bodies").  
And they have still completely missed the 1953-4 processes on handling 
mockups of Thetans and blowing them etc. (see the 3rd ACC etc.).

WHAT ISN'T:  He never really got beyond the high point of the
3rd ACC and modern Scientology is perhaps 10-20% of what he had
at that time.  And even that peak was not high enough to allow
mass clearing or produce stable OT supermen.

WHAT IS:  In 1967 Ron went to North Africa and tried to research
OT III.  He went into it backwards and ended up half dead.  Its
one thing to read about the OT III incident casually, its another
to go in and bang around for months and make a mess of it besides.
It is quite possible that he got panicky and, fearing death, began
to take all sorts of medical drugs even though this is quite
contrary to normal Scientology practice and almost guarantees that
you will screw up the auditing.  Tony Dunlevy used to
tell a story at Scientology events about how Ron came back to
St. Hill with a roomful of materials and told him that if he (Ron)
should die while trying to finish getting though it, then Tony
was to take the materials and his best people and a staff of
medical doctors and try and get someone through it using medical
assistance to make it possible for someone to survive running it.
Ron flew off and eventually came back and told Tony to forget the
room of materials and that he had found an easier way through 
the level which could be done with a small pack of materials.

WHAT ISN'T:  The things that were then mocked up, the Sea Org, 
crush ethics, crush sell, and a backwards quickie standard tech
which lost us most of our experienced auditors and turned the rest
into robots were not the work of a monster.  They were the last
ditch efforts of a dedicated researcher who came close to death
and feared that the discoveries which he had already put together
would be lost with his passing.  And so he cast it all in concrete
and set up a cadre of fearless storm troupers and Gestapo agents
to guard it with their lives and never let it vary least some
fool turn it all to dust.  Needless to say, this was not a very
high toned attitude.

The astounding side effect was that all this organizational insanity 
eventually brought people into Scientology in droves and filled 
the Church's coffers.  It really makes one wonder about the 
average public mentality.  You can't attract the suckers by giving 
them an even break.  The sucker will only go to where he knows he 
will be sucked.

WHAT IS: The subtle OT abilities.  The manipulation of chance
and probability.  The pulling in of serendipitous coincidences,
and also the pulling in of motivators for one's overts.

The future is in flux, predetermined in the ordered motions of
physics but indeterminate in the subtler interactions of 
particles and random variables.  The flux responds to thought,
and especially to strong visualizations, whether intentional
or reactive, because these mimic the observation which breaks
down the probability waves into actuality.  All participate in
this working out of the future into the present, whether 
consciously or unconsciously.

The subtle influence of chance events can never be proven because
by its vary nature it is always in accordance with physical laws
and can be shown to be a random occurrence.  Even long runs of
luck are provided for and even required in the mathematical analysis
of statistical probability.  And yet there are born losers and
people upon whom luck always shines.

This is all in accordance with (although not stated or proved by)
the modern theories of Quantum Mechanics which sees all existence
as consisting of probability waves which are broken down into
reality by the action of observation.

WHAT ISN'T:  Gaining a larger say in the workings of probability
is not the exclusive prerogative of the Scientology OT.  Many 
methods, from Positive Thinking to Trusting That God Will Provide
are all capable of raising the level of your input into this flux.

Deep Faith is one of the strong amplifiers.  It matters not what
the faith is in, it is the raw power of the faith itself which
can alter the flow of events.  This is a good reason for giving
respect to holy men of all persuasions.  Even the businessman's
faith in himself or the craftsman's faith in his ability have their
impact.  Self confidence is often seen as a key to power.

But there are negative aspects to raising your input into this
flux.  Your subconscious reactive thoughts may bring on your
fate instead of your desire.  The selfish businessman is always
risking the backlash of his own overts when he begins to push his
horsepower up with various tricks and gimmicks.  The holy people
are much safer as long as they don't turn hypocritical or 
discover the flaws in their belief systems and moral codes.
In theory, the Scientologists should be in the best position to
handle this flux safely because of the concentration on
responsibility and the handling of overts, but in practice, they
are at risk when they let fanaticism override good sense and

WHAT IS:  If a coin has been tossed but the results not yet
looked at, it is still subject to probabilistic manipulations.
You may still alter the results by intense visualizations,
deep prayer, strong postulates, stubborn determination that
the results must come out randomly, or reactive dread at the
consequences of loosing (which of course causes you to loose).

WHAT ISN'T:  Once the results have been viewed, they are fixed
in physical universe mechanics.  All the regretful wishing
in the world will not change an observed result.  Altering
anything at this stage requires a total bypass of physical
laws and is a major OT ability rather than a subtle one.

WHAT IS:  The main "OT Ability" that has often been achieved in
Scientology is simply an increase in the person's input into
this flux.  Fascinating improbabilities sometimes occur.

WHAT ISN'T:  This is not a new ability.  Everyone has some
input into the shuffling of probabilities.  Amazing coincidences
occur to everybody.  The gain is simply in terms of the scale
and frequency of coincidences.

But as I mentioned earlier, nothing about this can be proved 
easily and as a consequence, this area is highly subject to
wishful thinking and unsubstantiated claims.  Perhaps some
of Rhine's work would help here.  We might even use large
control and test groups running different processes and then
give each person ten bucks, turn them lose against a bank
of Las Vegas slot machines, and run statistical distributions
on the winners.

The above discussion of subtle OT abilities is my own codification 
of vague ideas and concepts that are in the early materials.  Ron
never did give a clear and concise description of the mechanisms of 
pulling in motivators for your overts or of how to make postulates
stick, but I think the above is in keeping with what he did say
on the subject.


WHAT IS:  The CofS and the Sea Org have an expressed goal to Clear
the Planet.  This goal has been pushed for almost 30 years now.

WHAT ISN'T:  There are many reasons why this cannot happen in any
reasonable timeframe given their current methods of operating.

If the planet were to be cleared (which I consider to be a good
thing), there are only three ways its going to happen.  These

a) Mass Clearing.  This would be the opposite of the mass implanting.
It would require developing clearing procedures that could be
done on a group processing basis via TV shows.  This would
require radical breakthroughs which they are not researching
and which they currently believe themselves forbidden to research.
It would also require a willingness to give the tech away
which is contrary to current policy.

b) They would have to do enough individual clearing to get ahead
of the birthrate.  This would again mean giving the tech away.
It would have to be done in schools and self-help groups.  There
is no way it could happen given current org prices and the
average income level of the public.

c) There is an idea in Scientology that you can have a clear
group without all the members being clear and that in a similar
manner you could have a clear planet.  This would hopefully let
you boom the economy so that individual clearing could also 
take place.  Again I think this would be a good thing but a great
deal of honest research would be needed.  We are miles away
from figuring out how to make a clear group.  The Sea Org certainly
does not act like one.  In fact, it dramatizes quite badly and has 
a tendency to make clears act like they are abberated which is the 
exact opposite of what a Clear group would do.  Only when they
can figure out how to clear their own group will it be appropriate
for them to consider clearing the planet.

WHAT IS:  There are a great deal of court cases being fought on
both sides.

WHAT ISN'T:  This isn't very bright.  There are legal precedents
being establish that will hurt everyone except for those who want
to see all mental practices banned.  Even psychiatrists may see their
victories now used as precedents against them in their own field

Of course anyone being sued needs to fight a strong defense.
But the sheer stupidity of the CofS in fighting to prove that
it is a business with trade secrets rather than a religion is hard
to believe.

And in the matter of liability suits, CofS, Freezone, and even
psychologists should be banding together before all of them end
up paying out their entire income for malpractice insurance.

The basic purpose of the legal profession is to get rich off of
people's desire for vengeance and safety.

To misquote Samuel Clemmens, "It would not clear the planet to
declare all the lawyers suppressive, but it would sure be a lot
of fun".  And maybe there is a real use for the RPF after all
(just kidding).

WHAT IS:  It is proper for the holders of the copyrights to Ron's
works to receive a reasonable fee for those materials.

WHAT ISN'T:  Since these are religious materials, it is a 
violation of the Constitution for them to refuse to make those
materials (of course at a reasonable fee) available to anyone
who professes to have a religious purpose in studying them, 
even if those people have been declared enemies of the Church.

What if the Catholics had copyrighted the Bible and refused to
sell copies to the Baptists and hauled them off to court if
they tried to reproduce the materials themselves?  That is the
reason people fled here from Europe and it is the basis for
our tradition of religious freedom.

I also have a personal prejudice against corporations who buy
up patents for the purpose of suppressing inventions instead of
putting them to use.  The whole reason for the patent system was
to encourage invention rather than suppress it.  This doesn't
usually come up with a body of writing, but in this case we
do have a situation where knowledge is being hidden and suppressed
instead of encouraged.

In general I do support the rules on copyrights and trade 
secrets, but not in the case where knowledge is suppressed or
religious freedom is trampled on.  For this reason, I would
give Scam-iz-dat a pat on the back for broadly publishing
confidential materials on the internet (it's not a bad idea to 
break the word up various ways to defeat keyword triggered software).

WHAT IS:  It is not unusual for a religion to splinter into
an orthodox and a liberal sect.  The orthodox often feel that
the liberals have perverted their religion and have been known
to attack and persecute them.  The liberals often splinter
further and in some cases have been known to fight among themselves
as well as with the orthodox who are persecuting them.

WHAT ISN'T:  It isn't right to fight a holy war.  I know of no
good that has ever come of one.  It doesn't matter who is right
or wrong, the war itself is a great evil.  These wars were, at
one time, Christianity's curse, and the active persecution, which
is a lesser version of the war, has weighted on the conscience
of many.  When they have put aside fanaticism and attempted to
teach and to help and to heal, the Christians have done much good
in the world.

If L. Ron Hubbard walked into a Scientology org today, they'd
declare him a squirrel (Scientology's name for a freezoner -
squirrels gather nuts) in short order.

WHAT IS:  There has been some picketing of Scientology events.

WHAT ISN'T:  The last thing you want to do with a bunch of
religious fanatics is harass them with nasty signs.  That 
REALLY strengthens their resolve.

Since people will probably ignore this and keep picketing anyway,
they should at least use slogans which might actually bring
about some change for the better.

The idea would be to use some mental ju-jitsu rather than
toughening up your opponent.  You might try the following
signs.  The Scientologists will suppress their reactions,
but they might think about these things later and even 
end up helping your carry the signs eventually.

a) Sacrificing people to get stats up is an overt.

b) You have become the priests and psychs that you opposed.

c) The overt speaks loudly in the accusation.

d) You have created your own opposition.

e) End PTSness, Disconnect from the Sea Org.

If you say the subject doesn't work or is a scam, you will hit
absolute resistance.  It never works to use your own buttons
on someone else.  You have to hit their buttons.  They have them.
Most believe the prices are too high.  They detest registrars,
routing forms, and sec checks.  They are afraid of Ethics.
They are often run on wrong or unnecessary processes.  Some
feel they have betrayed their friends by disconnecting.

The membership does know that there are things wrong.  They
swallow it because the subject does work well enough that
most people will have had at least one big gain.


WHAT IS:  Don't let me give you the wrong impression.  Things 
were not perfect in the early days either.  I was not there in
the 1950s to see for myself what was going on (I have simply heard
most of the thousands of tapes from this timeperiod), but I'm
sure that they had their share of craziness.  For the mid to late
1960s (prior to the Class VIIIs and the Sea Org and the 1969
collapse), I can point to many dumb ideas that were in vogue
for brief periods of time.  

At one point, many auditors would not let the PC run
past lives because it was too restimulative (!!!).  At another
time, a bulletin (1967) came out saying that "All sickness equals
PTS" (PTS means that the person is a Potential Trouble Source
because they are connected to a suppressive person) and so the
org went crazy on having everybody disconnecting from supposed
SPs every time they had a sniffle.  I remember one course supervisor
who decided that he was PTS to his DESK (!) and we had to carry
it out into the hallway for him.  These are just examples, there
were plenty more.

WHAT ISN'T:  The stupid ideas generally did not stay with us and
the subject kept evolving.  You could always wait for next year
or find another auditor or go to a different organization that
wasn't riding the same hobby horse.  The subject was not being
held in a rigid mold and there was room to maneuver around the
barriers.  And there was always hope for next year's technical  

Now we supposedly have all the answers (what a joke), and the
technology is perfect (even when it fails), and the organization
is in a case condition which we know as "resisting change" which
is a characteristic of a suppressive person.

WHAT IS:  When the movie "2001 A Space Odessy" came out, there was
a dumb ethics officer at some org who issued an order forbidding
people to see it because it was "too restimulative".  

WHAT ISN'T:  Never confuse the actions of individual idiots with 
the group as a whole.  It was a local order, not a general one.  
At the org I was at, we shook our heads and felt sorry for 
anyone who was affected by this order and continued to encourage 
everyone to go see a nifty movie.

WHAT IS:  Scientology was once known as the high IQ religion.
Ron was extremely bright and anti-authoritarian and so he appealed
to every genius who had been forced to swallow crap from teachers
that were dumber than themselves.  There were many of us who
were in MENSA.  We even had a National Merit Scholar (that wasn't
me, I only made the 99.3 percentile).  This is just in one small
organization in 1966.

Scientology processing would occasionally raise IQ.  There was
no steady progression or specific thing that did this.  Just
occasionally, some big mental block or stress that interfered
with the person's ability to think would get handled and there
would be a dramatic IQ jump.  In the old days, the org used the
California Capacity Questioner which is a well respected
non-Scientology IQ test (it is one of the ones that Mensa uses).

WHAT ISN'T:  Although it still has more intellectual appeal than
some of the more mindless forms of ritual worship, organized
Scientology has been slipping in this area for quite some time now.

First of all, the anti-authoritarian air has been replaced by 
a belief in LRH as a new and even more absolute authority.

They might still occasionally be creating a sudden surge in IQ with
processing, but they no longer can tell.  They moved off of
standard IQ tests and started using one designed by Ron.  Even
assuming that it was structured and calibrated accurately, it
only runs to 150 which means that it is inaccurate above about
135 (the upper edge of any IQ test's range is considered to be
random, being affected more by mood, experience, and careless
mistakes rather than an actual difference in IQ).  You can hardly
tell if you were really raising or lowering IQ with such a test,
and there is a reason for this.

When the technology was screwed up in 1969 due to the Class VIII
auditors and the introduction of Standard Tech, there was a
dramatic crash in actual, properly tested, IQ scores among
Scientologists.  I heard from many other staff members that their 
IQ scores had fallen, generally by 10 to 20 points, after being 
audited on the quickie "Standard Tech" which was in vogue 
at that time.  An order came out to stop telling people what 
they had scored on the IQ tests (until then, it was 
freely mentioned and even used as a sales point because 
it occasionally jumped significantly and almost never slipped 
by more than the normal day-to-day variation of
a few points).  The next thing that happened was that the 
CCQ and other "wog" IQ tests were declared to be suppressive
(because they showed that we were lowering IQs) and they were
replaced by this test of Ron's.

I think that the technical corrections that came in during the
early 1970s fixed this lowering of IQ and that we are back to the
occasional significant improvement.  But we have lost the ability
to see what is going on.

The worst plight is that of the current staff members.  They rarely
get the processing which might give them a significant IQ increase.
They are constantly pounded with authoritarian dictates that inhibit
their ability to think freely (and it was removing this stuff that
used to raise IQ!).  And they continually use things referred to
as "Learning Drills" on the staff members (doing what they call
"Chinese School" reciting things etc.).  These learning drills
were developed and tried briefly in the early 1960s.  Per Ron's
actual statement (on the Briefing Course tapes), they are known
to lower IQ by actual test (while improving the ability to 
recite formulas by rote) and they were dropped at that time for that
reason.  So they have created a generation of staff members who
can't think, and especially, can't think for themselves about the
subject of Scientology.

WHAT IS:  Most Scientology staff really are there to help people.
They are enduring terrible conditions for the sake of mankind.
They don't get rich.  They generally don't even get a lot of
Scientology processing.  A few may be on a power trip, but that is
only possible to top management.

WHAt ISN'T:  A lot of money flows into the Sea Org, but few ever
see any of it.  Most of it disappears into reserve funds for
fanatically defending the organization, or it is wasted on various
bits of foolishness.  A tiny handful might be living like kings 
and a few might be siphoning off funds into their own private
nest eggs, but 99.9% of the staff are in self sacrifice mode.
This is why you fail in any effort to attack them.  Most are 
already martyrs to the cause.

They have been so abused that anything they do to you does not
seem to them to be an overt because they have suffered far worse 
at the hands of the organization, and they have swallowed it for 
the sake of mankind.

I have said many critical things about the organization, but they
are still trying to help people.  And the processing does help
people even if it doesn't live up to the sales pitches.  On this
basis, they should be helped rather than destroyed.  I am not
in opposition to the Sea Org or the CofS and I do not consider them
an enemy (although they will probably consider me to be one).
I simply consider that they need widesweeping and radical reforms.
And what they need most is truth, honesty, and free communication.
You cannot clear a society if you yourself are loaded with withholds.

Like handling a wayward child, you have to hold a firm line and refuse
to tolerate their overts while encouraging everything about them
that is right and sane.


WHAT IS:  The CofS charges high prices, withholds data labeled
confidential, tries to restrict other data as being out-gradient,
imposes endless barriers and pre-requisites, and often attacks
any use of its materials that are not under their control.  They
act like a corporation which is trying to impose a strict monopoly
and dribble out a small amount of service in a tightly controlled

WHAT ISN'T:  The actually is not the way to get rich.  The big
joke is that if they made everything freely and easily available
(at reasonable book prices of course) and encouraged self-help
groups and co-audit clubs and do-it-yourself magazines and
gave away free group processing on TV specials, they would have
so much business flooding them that they couldn't handle it.


WHAT IS:  The clam is described in "History of Man".  It is
presented as being part of our evolutionary history.

WHAT ISN'T:  This isn't a real incident.  The entire set of
evolutionary pictures presented in the portion of the book
that deals with the genetic line was later found to be an implant.
Hubbard referred to this as the "Darwinian Implant" (see the
1963 tape "Errors in Time" etc.).

The book was written in 1952 after only a few months of running
past life incidents.  As was the case with most of the early
research, Ron took a quick stab at it, felt satisfied that a few
people could find the stuff he was talking about, and went on
to something else.  Dianetics and past life incident running 
wasn't used again until 1957-58 (see "Have you lived before this
life") and was again dropped until 1963 when some research was
done on implants and past lives.  What we actually have is
only three brief but intensive research periods in this area.

It was only in 1966 that they began regular training of
Dianetic auditors.  The 1966 technique was a beginners technique
aimed at giving people who had no auditor training some experience 
in engram running before doing the clearing course.  It would
actually make a much better do it yourself type book than the
1950 Dianetics book, but I doubt that the SO would be willing
to tolerate such an endeavor.

Real use of professional Dianetics techniques did not begin until
1969.  With the vast amount of data that has been accumulating
since the 1970s, it might actually be possible to start putting
together a real history of man, but the will to seek out new
answers seems to have deserted the subject.

Based on my own experiences, I have tried to produce a real roadmap
of the course of our existence (see my next document, "Cosmic
History").  But again, this is only based on the work of one person
(myself).  At best (if I'm not wholly deluded), it will serve as a 
starting point and a framework for organizing more data.  It is not
thorough research.

Ron used to say that we are still on a research line.  That statement
was never canceled.  It IS still true.


WHAT IS:  Cults exist and will always exist as long as society and
families are imperfect and leave the teenager (or anyone) with 
a painful vacuum that needs to be filled.

WHAT ISN'T:  Scientology isn't very bad as far as cults go.  You 
might think of them as mind-bending, money-grubbing, and 
dangerous fanatics, but they will at least keep your kid off
drugs and away from gang violence and perhaps even make him into
a good worker who can get a job elsewhere if he leaves them.
At worst, it's probably better than joining the army.  Some lives
have been ruined and a few have even been lost but they're nowhere
near as bad as the competition where the death toll is often
beyond counting.

WHAT IS:  There is a spiritual side to man.

WHAT ISN'T:  We don't have all the answers.  We are in the
position of Columbus who, having found America, believed that
he was in India.  But the untapped resources of the new world
were far greater than anything he could have imagined.  It was
well worth the trip.



I can't claim to be a true scientist in the field of the human
mind.  I still live in the darkness of alchemy, searching for the
light of truth.  But it is my hope that perhaps I will be the last
alchemist.  If I inspire others to look further and carry us
forward into a true science, then I have done my job.

                       May Truth Be With You,

	                    The Pilot

                            Fall 1996