SUPER SCIO #2B

               COSMIC HISTORY - continued


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To all intents and purposes, the whole big ruined mess left after the 
fall of home universe is the games universe vastly expanded with 
the residue of all of the prior creations.  And with the game twisted 
beyond belief by the introduction of the penalty universe materials 
and agreements.  This is what we referred to as the games universe 
later on the track.  It is the first of the big compulsively agreed-
upon universes where we were no longer in full control of the 
creation of reality.

In spite of all this, you were still a god; But a badly abberated one.  
You were still immune to force and knew it, but your mockups could 
be hurt and you were now subject to counter-emotion to some 
degree because you could really loose something.  In the home 
universe era, this wasn't true.  You could always mock something up 
again and your home universe knew no law but your own.

The body types, styles of mockups, etc. were quite varied in this 
period.  The penalty universes used 64 different body types of 
which only one was truly human.  Older styles such as people manifesting 
as clouds or whatever were also in use.  There was no pattern or 
organization to the universe similar to the way our galaxy is 
structured.  It was just a hodge-podge of planets, flat-earths, 
pictures hanging in the sky, or whatever and it all just sort of 
drifted around.   Individuals claimed areas and marked them off by 
filling the areas with faint light of various colors so that space itself 
appeared to be a sort of patchwork quilt.  The old proponents of 
the one dimensional creation system also often filled their space 
with music of some sort or another.  These were not sound 
vibrations but simply a musical telepathic wave that permeated their 

The games leaned towards the intellectual side since we were not 
yet very concerned with force and motion.  These included things 
that could be thought of as godlike equivalents of chess and cards 
and various strategy games.  They also included the old valence 
game and various other games of one-upmanship where the 
opponents tried to psych each other out in various ways.  Elaborate 
mockups were often built as prizes, or sometimes a period of 
service was wagered.  There is not as much motion as you might 
expect because much of the motion was still non-linear (objects in 
motion might jump the way a knight only touches certain squares in 
chess without passing through the intermediate points).

The Games Universe goes on for a very long time.  Some 
characters are so bad that you want them out of the game but you 
have no way of doing this.  Everyone thinks this, but of course 
nobody agrees on who should be thrown out.

Finally a solution is proposed.  A lower universe could be built and 
the undesirables sentenced to it.  But a mechanism was needed to 
fix the convicts up so that they couldn't just pop back up and cause 
more trouble.

So the remnants of all of the penalty universes were strung together.  
Remembering the hate and urge to destroy that occurred during the 
fall of home universe, this is used at the end of each positive goal 
to attach a negative goal to it.  I.E.. the positive (but degrading) 
penalty universe goals such as the goal to eat were paired with 
their opposites such as the goal to starve.   The negative goal 
swings the victim around to the next positive goal and makes him go 
round and round through these penalty goals.  This is called the 
treadmill.  With the attachment of the negative goals it became a self 
perpetuating cycle that is supposed to set the bad guys up to do 
each other in forever.  This is a very popular idea.  It is probably 
the first time after the collapse of home universe that everybody 
agreed on something.

Needless to say, everyone builds this thing intending it for use on 
the bad guys rather than themselves, and of course everyone 
eventually gets tossed in.  The treadmill leads the person down into 
what we came to call the Motion or Motions Universe.


In the Motions Universe, we have the beginning of real sensation as 
we know it now.  These things were suggested in the penalty 
universes, but they didn't really have a kick until this period.  It 
was probably due, initially, to the spinning sensation that you get 
from the treadmill (which is very slight the first time you go through 
it).  It was not particularly unpleasant at first and it seemed very 
interesting, so the games in the Motions Universe tended more 
towards experiencing sensations and having lots of complex 

It was a bit like being in a gigantic three dimensional video arcade.  
Of course we are talking about a near infinite universe which lasted 
a long time, so of course you could find just about anything 
somewhere in it.    But the predominant factor was big games of 
motion and sensation.

There was also more group activity than existed before.  The 
individual was weaker and so he did better playing as part of a 
team, and group effort was generally needed to build the more 
elaborate mockups and game playing areas.

And as people became more attached to sensation, it became 
possible to control and confuse them by hitting them with waves of 
sensations.  And so we have the individual much more at effect than 
he was previously.

This was the first large universe that was built specifically as a 
prison to eliminate undesirables.  This was the beginning of a pattern 
that we have followed for the entire series of universes.  Since 
there is no way to kill an immortal spirit, the best way to get rid of 
him is to exile him to some sort of lower universe built as a prison.  
Everybody works on building these things and then the game 
becomes one of tossing people into it and, if you have been tossed 
in, it becomes a game of escaping.

Usually the implanted conditioning used to force one into the prison 
universe and keep him there is not very effective at first.  One of 
the key ingredients is making the person forget that there is a 
higher universe to escape to.  Another is to make him forget that he 
is in prison and distract him with all sorts of interesting things within 
the prison universe itself.  But the individual is pretty tough and 
shrugs this stuff off after awhile and pops back up to the higher 

But as he keeps escaping and getting thrown back in and throwing 
others in, the conditioning gradual begins to have a stronger effect 
on him.  Also, as the centuries pass, gradually more and more 
people are in the prison universe at any given time and the game 
there evolves and becomes more complex and interesting.

And so we have the individual being tossed into the motions 
universe and playing there for awhile and developing some interest 
in motion and sensation.  And then he remembers that he is in jail 
and goes back up to the games universe and reestablishes himself 
there.  And then maybe he tosses some other people into the 
motions universe, either to punish them (because he has reformed 
and is now an upstanding citizen) or for vengeance (because they 
threw him in) or just as a joke.  Sooner or later, he gets tossed in 
again himself and gets a bit more attached to motion and sensation 
and this time when he gets out, he feels something is lacking in the 
games universe.  So he is more willing to go back to jail again and 
eventually might stay in the Motions Universe by choice.

There are always a few people who remain at the top, and who stay 
in power and remain out of jail.  These are the winners of the game 
in the higher universe, so to speak.  Gradually the Games Universe 
empties out and all but these last few wind up down in the Motions 
Universe.  But without enough people, the Games Universe 
becomes uninteresting.  Furthermore, it is difficult to keep a large 
and elaborate universe properly created and cleaned up without a 
lot of people.  So the Games Universe begins to shrink and decay.

The last group sitting up in the Games Universe then sees that they 
have no choice but to descend down into the Motions Universe 
along with everybody else.  But they have been avoiding going 
through the treadmill and getting hit with the various conditions used 
on the prisoners and they have knowledge of higher realities 
beyond what the convicts sitting down below are aware of.  So they 
chose to invade in style.

This again is a commonly repeated patter.  The last crew in the 
higher universe comes down into the prison bypassing the 
implanted conditioning and using the technology of a higher 
universe to conquer and gain power and establish themselves as 
rulers or gods over the inhabitants of the lower universe.

In this case, where the Motions Universe is invaded by the "gods" 
coming down from the Games Universe, the primary invader trick 
was a "False Jewel of Knowledge" which conditioned the inhabitants 
to be good and willing slaves by teaching them that they had been 
created to serve the gods.  These false jewels were constructed 
based on an inmate knowledge of the treadmill (since the people in 
the Games Universe had the plans for it and the people in the 
Motions Universe had been kicked around by it and then made to 
forget) and the far better recollection of the original Jewel of 
Knowledge that was available in the Games Universe.  A trip through 
a false jewel was promoted as a wonderful holy experience.  The 
entire invasion was fought as a holy war and prisoners of war were 
given the "enlightenment" of the jewel to make them into fanatics 
who would join the cause.  These false jewels were also given out 
as prizes in competitions and pushed down peoples throats in every 
other manner that could be imagined.

And the "gods" grabbed power, but they never did manage to 
thoroughly control the population.  Everyone was still too free and 
powerful and tended to shrug off even the most powerful 
conditioning fairly quickly and go into revolt.

In the end, these "gods" were defeated and their kingdoms 
crumbled.  But what was to be done with these horrible people and 
their most enthusiastic henchmen?  The entire Motions Universe 
had been devastated with endless waves of fighting back and forth 
and the population was half crazy with strange religious ideas and 
rebellious counter reactions.  True organized warfare had come 
into existence for the first time and the crime of its creation was 
deemed to be unpardonable.

Instead of simply settling down to rebuild, the population of the 
Motions Universe made the fatal choice which has led us ever 
downward.  Instead of simply treating the losers roughly for 
awhile or even forgiving them, it was decided that the only thing to 
do was to build yet a lower prison universe to hold these evil 
characters.  And so the Symbols Universe was built and they were 
tossed into it.

And in the fullness of time, it came to pass that others were exiled to 
the Symbols Universe as well.  And so the cycle repeats itself as we 
take turns being good guys and bad guys and throwing each other 
lower and lower down.


The symbols universe was set up as a prison universe probably 
around 60 or 64 quadrillion years ago.

The transfer implant used to send people down to the Symbols 
Universe has them set up hidden pieces of themselves which give 
them all sorts of compulsions etc.  This is mental machinery which 
the person builds and then hides from himself.  This was based on 
penalty universe symbols etc. and gives him urges such as needing 
to eat and to feel sensation based on the degraded goals established 
by the penalty universes.  For the first time, the individual has a 
sort of "subconscious" and does things (mainly to himself) that he is 
not aware of doing.

Since each convict had hidden pieces of himself, various mockups 
based on the penalty universes would stir up feelings of hidden 
things in motion etc.  This expanded into a general concept of 
symbols where seeing any mockup might imply other things that are 
not immediately visible.  And so we have a situation where symbols 
were given great significance and there was a continual struggle to 
communicate as a result.

This actually acts as a sort of reactive mind based on symbols.  The 
person meets, lets say, a tiger and gets a stimulus response 
reaction even without the presence of mental image pictures.  He 
gets the reaction because there is a piece of him sitting in a 
compulsion pool being the tiger of the penalty universe "To Eat".   
At this time, the individual did not have an Engram bank or a time 
track.  He could not be affected by force (although his mockups 
could be affected) and knew it.  But you could show him some 
object out of a penalty universe and make his hair stand on end.

As a result, the subsequent games, implants, etc. used here were 
primarily based on symbols.  A common method of fighting was for 
opponents to send waves of symbols at each other (especially 
symbols of penalty universe terminals).  At first these only had mild 
impacts.  But everyone kept postulating so hard about wanting to 
create heavy effects on their opponents that they agreed too 
heavily with the power of symbols.  So these symbols developed a 
real kick.  This in turn let people commit stronger overts and 
become motivator hungry which made them even more affected by 
the impact of a symbol.

The individual was mostly worried about the effect of a symbol 
being pushed into his viewpoint since it could trigger compulsions.  
So he tended to put out substitute mockups in place of himself (he 
was not as concerned about these mockups being affected).  Here 
you have the individual flinching from direct telepathic contact and 
using communication vias to protect himself.

The MEST (matter/energy/space/time) of the symbols universe 
primarily consisted of "Thought Planes".  These are like 
photographs drifting in space.  You could float over to 
one of these and look at it and then sort of turn 
sideways and step into the picture.  The picture would then expand 
out in its own 3 dimensional space that was at an angle to the normal 
3 dimensional space of the universe (2 co-ordinates were shared 
and the 3rd co-ordinate would be in a different direction, hence 
you get a 2 dimensional plane at the point of intersection).

Over the course of time, more and more beings were exiled to the 
symbols universe.  Eventually entire populations were mass 
captured and dumped.

By around 46 Quadrillion years ago, the motion universe was getting empty 
and wilting away.  The remaining "winners" wanted to establish 
themselves in the symbols universe while retaining high status.  So 
they invaded.  There might have been many invasions and the 
range of dates might be as much as from 48 quadrillion down to 42 
quadrillion years ago.

The invaders came in with implants.  They designed the implants 
based on their "higher" knowledge of earlier track and the anatomy 
of the sentencing implant mentioned above.  The symbol universe 
people were not much affected by force (it only hurt mockups) but 
were very subject to counter thought and gradually came to be 
affected by counter emotion as well (symbol masses could pack a 
considerable emotional punch as well as a heavy confusion of 

A common invader implant was the Pyramid Trap.  This is a big 
pyramid in empty space with an open doorway leading to something 
interesting in the center.  The unwary being goes in (later is drawn 
in by beams or tricked in) and the door closes.  The pyramid has 
128 layers of walls, one for each penalty universe and each 
inversion.  Each wall is covered with the symbols of that penalty 
universe.  The innermost is create, next is destroy, etc. all the way 
out to Endure and its inversion.  The victim can push through a few 
of these, but then he hits one that he can't confront and falls back to 
the center.  In some variations, there is only a single wall for each 
dynamic covered with all of the symbols for every goal associated 
with the dynamic.  This required fewer walls and therefore was 
easier to manufacture.

Once captured, the victim is left inside for a very long time to 
soften him up.  Occasionally the walls would state that another 
trillion years had gone by to make him feel that it was even longer.  
Eventually he gets worried about missing out on things and 
becomes abberated about time.  He starts getting desperate to get it 
over with and will put up with being implanted if only they will let 
him out.

So he gets trapped in the pyramid, sits there for a few thousand 
years while getting implant items that tell him that many trillions of 
years have gone by and then the invaders come and pull him out.  
Then he gets hung on a wall and simultaneously hit from both sides 
by a stream of symbols.  The first stream is Create/Destroy using the 
terminals from the penalty universe and its inversion.  These 
symbols alternate in each wave and opposing symbols collide in the 
center of the victim forming a ridge.  The symbols have the "price" 
thought in them (things like, the price of enlightenment is to
suffer, etc.).  This is done 64 times, once for each penalty 
universe.  After that he is allowed to compete in a game.  The 
winner is always an invader.  The being is then given to the 
invader as a prize.

There were also other sorts of traps based on symbols.  Usually 
these are either the terminal of a penalty universe or a symbol of 
one of the valence masses (from the fall of home universe).  The 
guy would be floating along and then he'd come to a big mockup of 
The Tiger or something like that floating in space and he'd feel 
drawn to it and slide in.  Then a cage would appear around the tiger 
and he'd be stuck.  The bars of the cage would be covered with 
symbols so that he couldn't pass through them.  Then they'd come 
and haul him out and handle him as above.

Eventually there was a revolution and the invaders were thrown in 
their own traps.  Also, more elaborate traps (big colorful energy 
structures etc.) were built, usually with pyramids hidden in the 
center or other sophisticated variations.

Finally a complex civilization of thought planes and symbol masses 
developed and went through the usual decline.

This seems to be the first time period when there was a real 
government.  People were just abberated enough to need a formal 
organization to undertake large projects and see to the welfare of 
civilization.  So a controlling council was set up, originally 
consisting of individuals who were most instrumental in combating 
the invaders.  Once established, the council saw to it that everyone 
continually perceived the need for such an organization.  They 
undertook the construction of large "Cities" consisting of 
interconnected thought planes and other mockups.  They 
established a police force to protect these sophisticated mockups 
from the ravages of malicious individuals and perpetuated the 
invader machine building implants and traps.  Here are the early 
upsets with governments and their police forces and bureaucracies.

The mockups of this civilization are a bit strange compared to our 
current experience.  Bodies and scenery as we know it only 
existed in the thought planes.  You might be drifting around 
disembodies and then feel the presence of another disembodied 
being who would then flash a symbol identifying himself (maybe a 
body mockup or even something like a Chinese pictogram).  Let's 
say you were being asked to a council meeting.  The request might 
be a series of symbols flashed at you.  Then you'd float over to the 
Council's thought plane which would appear as a flat picture of the 
council chamber.  Then you'd turn sideways into the picture and 
appear in the chamber.  You'd need to "manifest in form" so you'd 
tap the definitions for a suitable mockup that was not in use and 
materialize as that body.  Note that this would not be a complex 
body with internal organs etc. as we have them today.  It would 
simply be the image of a body which you would shift around by 
postulate.  Then maybe you'd walk around and talk with and argue 
with other councilors etc.

Of course if you had to appear in court the police would enforce 
the mockup you were supposed to appear in.

Note that this controlling council was in existence for most of the 
duration of the symbols universe.  This is an immense period of time 
and the lifespan of councilors was very very short.  The council 
was constantly being overthrown and replaced.  It was a position 
allowing for great overts and the motivators tended to come in very 
fast.  There were also periods of round robin rotation of council 
positions or competitions for the post etc.  So I think that most 
people will probably find some point where they served on this 
council.  Usually it was a very abberrating experience where the 
being played endless games of treachery and betrayal, especially 
against other council members.  Of course the universe was vast 
and there were occasional rival governments, but generally they 
didn't last long or control large areas.  The controlling council was 
very jealous of its privileged position and stamped out competition as 
fast as it could.

The only exception was that people were in good enough shape to 
wander off on their own and just pick an empty place and start 
building their own thought planes.  So the bulk of the universe was 
really in a big state of anarchy with the controlling council holding 
the organized area in the center.  Sometimes they would try to take 
over some of this anarchistic area, but they wouldn't have much 
success.  But let a crowd of the anarchists try to form up into an 
organized group and the council would move right in and make 
them join up.

This was the first great machine building period.  They would take 
individuals and condition them so heavily that they became robots 
and would follow a canned set of instructions without thinking about 
them.  Even after the invaders were overthrown (and made into 
machines), people were trapping each other and programming them 
up.  Nobody stayed as a machine throughout the entire span of this 
universe, but everyone had it done to them at least a few times.  
One of the common uses for the machines was to keep favorite 
through planes mocked up and dusted off.  Whenever someone 
uses a through plane, their postulates tend to alter-is it, so the 
"machine" would reset the mockup back to its pure state when they 
were done.

A final invader wave came down from the motions universe against 
a civilization that was armed (with sophisticated traps) and ready.  
To really fix these guys, the Controlling Council (which tried to run 
things in this mostly anarchistic era) had a prison universe 
constructed.  Soon there were many more convicts being exiled and 
the cycle was starting to repeat itself.

But this time, after a few quadrillion years the prisoners researched 
the implants, erased them,  and came out and took over.  Of course 
they needed to build a new prison universe for the former 
controlling council members and various other peoples that 
displeased them.

This sort of thing was repeated a number of times.  Each time, the 
sentencing implant became more complex.

To some degree, the prison universes became an interesting game, 
like Houdini doing his famous escapees.  If the beings didn't dig 
themselves out after a few quadrillion years, generally someone 
would be sent down to start them on the road.

Because these prison universes were intended as temporary, the 
Symbols Universe kept going at full strength for a long time. 

On the whole, it was actually a very interesting universe.  The 
thought planes often had a tremendous aesthetic.  The use of 
symbols and substitution made for very fine art and in a thought 
plane, you live the art rather than simply looking at it.  These 
thought planes were actually very much like limited versions of the 
individual universes of the home universe matrix.  You'd enter 
them to see and experience things or meet with people or play 
games or be told a story.

You could also have thought planes which contained subordinate 
though planes.  A high level though plane might be an art gallery 
where you could walk around and look at the paintings.  But the 
paintings would be lesser thought planes and you could step into 
the ones you liked (similar to Disney's cartoon rendition of 
Mussorsky's Pictures at an Exhibition).  If you are one of the 
people with a horror of art galleries, just remember that implant 
designers just love to take something nice and use it as the twisted 
hook that sticks you to an implant.  Eventually there was an art 
gallery implant used in the symbols universe where you were 
forced to go around in a gallery and experience horrible thought 
planes.  But this is minor compared to some of the other things that 
went on.

One mockup, usually used by the police, consisted of walls which 
could attract or repel you.  Their action is based on the symbols 
inscribed on the walls.  The repulsive walls had symbols you'd pull 
away from (as in the pyramid traps).  The attractive walls would 
have desirable symbols from the various penalty universes.  Things 
like symbols of wealth and power and sex.  Sometimes the symbols 
on a wall would change from one kind to the other or there'd be 
complex sandwidges of walls of various types.  They'd try to bang 
you around with various walls and get you into high motion.  The 
being was already slightly subject to motion sickness if he was made 
to jump around too much in too little time.  This comes from the 
earlier Motion Universe (which starts with the Treadmill which lays 
in a spinning sensation).

The police also used Black Thought Planes.  In this case, the 
picture is concealed and you have no idea what you're being thrust 
into.  So there's the flinch at black pictures.  Often they would bang 
you around with walls until you were dizzy and then push you into 
a black plane where you'd get an implant.

One common implant used this way is The Sources Implant.  This 
played on the fact that the people were already upset about hidden 
sources of things because of the compulsion pools.  The implant 
pretends to tell you what the real source of various things is.  Of 
course the items are intended to trick you.  They are things like 
"The only source of energy is Machinery". 

Another thing present in the late era of the symbols universe is a 
sort of earlier similar on Arslycus (discussed later) where endless 
slaves were made to serve in a city of endless thought planes that 
was much too large and where the tasks were much too boring.  The 
city was known as "Alpha Prime" (really just an intention that means 
"The First City").  The incident may include a body builder type 
sequence.  You might be assigned to clean up a thought plane and 
have to do that over and over endlessly.  This thing was probably 
one of the controlling council's big projects.  It seems to end with a 
collapse in a manner similar to Arslycus (these collapses are all 
based on similar collapses which occur in the text of the penalty 
universes for the goals To Build and To Orient).

The symbols universe also made heavy use of somatic pools.  These 
were mostly used to supply the sensations etc. that were 
experienced in the thought planes.   Instead of simply telling 
someone to feel and emotion, pain, or sensation, large numbers of 
people were ordered to place a feeling of this kind into a sort of 
"pool".  Then when the sensation or whatever was needed, an 
individual could be "connected" to the pool to get the feeling from 
it, which made for a much stronger experience than simply having 
him imagine that he felt a certain way.

The universe went on (in an active manner) for an incredibly long 
time period.  This is probably because everyone was Clear in the 
sense of not having a Dianetic engram bank.  You might think this to 
be a strange statement in light of the fact that we were loaded with 
problems, guilt, upsets, pains, sensations, emotions, and every other 
ill.  And we were subject to hidden influences and continually 
fighting against a suppressive government, and occasionally being 
made into machines etc.  Yet we just kept getting up and dusting 
ourselves off and carrying on.  Because all these abberative things 
did not have a cumulative and compound effect.  The Dianetic A=A 
mechanism was not present and therefore things would not go into 
chronic restimulation.  You could just go off somewhere for awhile 
and cool down.  So things only slid downscale very very slowly.

Our entire sequence of universe since we left the symbols universe 
(i.e.., the thought universe, the conflicts universe, the magic 
universe, and the current universe) have a combined duration of 
only around 4.3 quadrillion years.  This is nothing compared to the 
duration of the symbols universe.  So it seems like we've just gone 
down into one of these interesting little prison universe sequences 
again.  But this time, the implant was much more sophisticated.  And 
the subsequent war between the thought and conflicts universes 
(the theta mest wars) was very interesting.  And it seems like the last 
of the beings in the symbols universe got so interested in the wars 
that they came down as "gods" to join in.  So there might not be 
anyone left up there to dig us out.  And I don't think that any of the 
other prison sequences went deeper than two universes below the 
symbols universe.  Now we're 4 universes deep and the next one is 
already in operation below us (the Mud Universe).  So I think we're 
playing for keeps.

The symbols universe contained much much more than the things 
listed here.  I've really barely scratched the surface.  Certainly 
there are numerous other implants and abberative factors.  But also, 
there was a great deal of good and wonderful things.  In this write-up, 
we're concentrating on what was wrong.  But there was tremendous 
rightness as well.  The universe was generally very exciting and 
enjoyable.  At least 90% of your time in the symbols universe was 
better than anything you've ever experienced here on Earth.  You 
can spot some pleasure moments of sliding into some incredible 
picture and having the most wonderful time.  Or even the 
satisfaction of creating a thought plane that others enjoyed and 
marveled at.


The final prison universe built below the Symbols Universe was 
called, by its inhabitants, the Thought or Theta Universe 
(depending on how you want to translate it).  They considered 
themselves to be Thought People in contrast to the Body People of 
the next lower prison universe (which they built).  But they were 
not thought people in the true sense.  What they really were was 
energy beings.  So maybe we should call this the "Energy Universe".

The transfer incident down to this universe sends you down a sort 
of 4 dimensional spiral staircase.  It basically lays in the idea that 
you are an energy unit and can be effected by energy and it gets 
you to build what Dianetics and Scientology refer to as the reactive 
mind.  From here on you can be effected by force and you tend to 
accumulate incidents of pain and unconsciousness which further 
abberate your behavior.  As you go down the staircase, things
seem to shrink strangely in the distance while remaining near by.
This is because you are curving off in a 4th dimensional direction.
With each step, the staircase disappears in blackness and you get
an implant item.  Then it reappears and you're taking another step
downward.  The implant includes the materials run on the clearing

The body here is a circle or globe of energy and it can be trapped 
and hurt by energy.  And unfortunately, we were stupid enough to 
think that we were these energy bodies and therefore could be 
kicked around and conditioned by the use of force.  This is the era 
of the Thetan as an energy unit and it is pretty high and powerful 
compared to people living as bodies, but it is far lower than the 
Thetan living as a "god".

And here we have the endless aberrations of energy and the abuse 
and misuse of force.  But we also have what is still a very thought 
oriented society with a tremendous level of creation and aesthetics.  

This universe starts around 4.5 Quadrillion years ago.  The goal for 
this universe seems to be to create effects on others especially 
through the use of emotion.  There was some sort of whole track 
word for this which I will translate as "To Emotionate".

People could kick into each other so heavily that the next lower 
prison universe was built fairly quickly, maybe around 2.8 
Quadrillion years ago.  At this point, beings were still coming down 
from the symbols universe.

Throughout our history, we had been projecting mockups of bodies 
but had never been really restricted by them.  But now we actually 
believed ourselves to be energy bodies and the next logical step 
was to condition the convicts being sent down to the next universe 
into thinking that they were physical bodies made of matter.

And so we built what we then thought of as the "MEST" or 
"Physical" Universe as a prison where everybody would be in a 
body and subject to physical laws.  But since it was not the current 
universe, and since we also think of this one as a MEST or Physical 
universe, it will avoid confusion if I give this some other name.  
Based on the subsequent events, I will refer to it as the "Conflicts 

And the implant which took us down from the Thought Universe to 
the Conflicts Universe laid in a terrible compulsion for using 
bodies, but it was otherwise defective and the prisoners broke out 
and counter invaded the thought universe from the conflicts 
universe resulting in the Theta-MEST Wars.


In the conflicts universe, the body type is a body as we know it, 
although there were no internal guts or biochemical processes.  
Externally it might look human (or whatever) whereas internally it 
was more like a homogenous mass with a few gizmos (electrical 
coils or whatever) inside of it.  And imposed into it would be an 
energy pattern of golden globes etc. used by the person (who 
thought of himself as an energy being) to control the body.

Because of the defective nature of the implant, the prisoners 
escaped and counter invaded the Thought universe.  This is the 
Theta-MEST wars with body people invading against the thought 
people.  Most of the theta line incidents described in Hubbard's 
History of Man are from this time period.  

The war went on endlessly (only the big super long wars are worth 
mentioning in this history since they are the only ones that had any 
significant effect on everybody) with people switching sides 
occasionally so that everyone has the experience of being the 
thought people fighting back against the invading body people and 
vise versa.

The only people who were not involved initially were those last 
few who were still up in the Symbols Universe.  But the war got 
very interesting and went on and on and gradually these Symbols 
Universe people became avid spectators.  Around 2.48 Quadrillion 
years ago, the final crew came down as Gods from the symbols 
universe and joined the war.  Everyone was tossed through the 
universe shifting implant many times and eventually we all wound 
up in the Conflicts universe as body people.

Near the end of the wars, the crossing back and forth between the 2 
universes became very great and more and more transfer points 
and common anchor points were established until the 2 universes 
sort of collapsed together.  This formed a sort of layered universe 
with a material plane and a thought plane (where you went between 
lives).  One was quite aware of living physical lives and being an 
energy being between lives (in an energy body which kept re-
incarnating in the physical).  


After the collapse, there is a long time period of living in the 
resulting "MEST" universe.  The goal of this universe was to gain 
bodily experience and sensation.  The environment is mostly flat 
worlds in space (continents in the sky).  The wars had been so 
extreme that we feared to build a lower prison universe for fear of 
starting the whole mess over again.

Again there is a long and interesting creative period building 
societies and civilizations.  But as always, there was an undue 
amount of conflict and people wouldn't leave each other alone.  
Some people just wanted make slaves of their fellow man.  Others 
were trying to make everybody good.  But in either case, the effort 
was to make people obey and walk in straight lines and the counter 
effort was to have revolutions etc.  And anyone who tried to step 
aside from this and "cure" the insanity was stupid enough (thanks to 
the misleading information in the jewel of knowledge) to try to do it 
by implanting even more conditioning, which only made matters 

Since bodies were of tremendous importance, but the person 
carried on in an energy form even after the body died, it was 
possible to push someone into a body, kill it off, and then pull him 
out, push him into another body, and then kill that one too.  So the 
predominant form of conditioning used here consisted of repetitive 
deaths and heavy pains and sensations.  Here the person can be 
mauled around by force and it is used either to make slaves or to 
force people to be good depending on which team you were 
playing on.  Here you might suffer endless car crashes or be 
thrown out of the door of an aircraft and go splat on the ground 
over and over again while they try to lay in various stupid orders 
and conditioning.

Near the end, a group formed that was going to take care of 
everybody once and for all.  It would bring about peace by holding 
everybody under its sway and it would solve the social problems by 
having a rigid social structure.  This was the "Magic Kingdom of 
Gilead" (approximate translation).  It had the innocuous appearance 
of a castle beside a lake on one of the continents drifting around in 
the sky.  But they had salvaged some of the higher dimensional 
technology from earlier universes and internally this castle went on 
infinitely with the 3 dimensional corridors curving off slightly at 4 
dimensional angles so that the castle was quite capable of housing 
the entire population of the universe.

Giliead was set up as a "pyramid" society where new recruits came 
in as servants and everyone else bumped up a level in the social 
hierarchy when enough people came in to fill the lower strata.  In 
other words, social status and privileges were based on how early 
you joined the society and when it began to look like they were 
going to take over all of civilization, there was a tremendous influx 
of recruits who were quite willing to work temporarily as servants with 
the expectation that they would be overseers later as the rest of the 
population joined.  But of course this tapered off when the 
remaining people saw that they would be forever stuck in the lower 
positions.  And so the Knights of Giliead (armed with energy 
weapons and riding flying horses) set out to conquer the 
remaining peoples of the universe.

This pattern of a stratified pyramidal society trying to take over the 
universe and make slaves out of the majority of people has been 
followed frequently.  Our modern day Hitlers are but the tiniest 
shadow of these super organized societies that live by continual 
expansion and enslavement.  But they inevitably collapse when 
their expansion is blocked either by running out of new people or 
by a determined military resistance.  The three really big ones 
were Alpha Prime in the Symbols Universe, Giliead as discussed 
here, and Arslycus in the current universe.  All of them had 
populations in the trillions and their collapse always has a bit of the 
feeling of the collapse of home universe even though none of them 
were really nice places for anyone who wasn't at the top of the 

Eventually, around 200 trillion years ago, we did build a lower 
prison universe.  This was probably done to provide a fitting place 
to dump the rulers of Giliead after its collapse.

But we still had a great deal of worry about a prison breakout 
triggering something like the Theta-MEST wars again.  So this time, 
the prison was intentionally made a fairly nice place so the 
prisoners would stay there.   The transfer implant used a volcano 
on a flat earth copy of the original earth.   A path lined with statues 
of the penalty universe terminals (the tiger, the bear, etc.) lead up 
to the peak where one was tossed in and went on down to the 
prison universe.  

People were weary of the constant conflicts, so around 181 trillion 
years ago, there began a wave of mass suicides where everyone 
threw themselves into the volcano to "die" as beings and be reborn 
in the next lower universe.

Eventually this next prison universe came to be known as the Magic 


Entry to the magic universe has an incident which shows you a 
wizard who floats out over the water from an Arabian style ship 
while holding a glowing ball between his hands.

The bodies again look like meat bodies but internally they have a 
structure based on the Chakras described in Eastern Metaphysics.  
Many of the early medical dub-ins such as the blood running in 
tides (instead of circulating) and "humors" etc. might also be part of 
the physical anatomy of the magic universe bodies.  

Many of the wrong ideas that people believe instinctively (whether 
superstition or incorrect science) were actually true in the magic 
universe.  People are just behind the times so to speak.

Based on the inspiration of the eventual 2 layered structure of the 
thought + conflicts universe, the magic universe was constructed 
with a physical layer plus a heavenly layer and a demonic layer.  
Dead people went around in a visible spirit body which was the 
older body mockup of the conflicts universe.

The goal of this universe was "To Enjoy" and it was primarily a 
hedonistic pleasure seeking place.  It was quite heavily oriented to 
sex etc.  Fantasy stories and fairy tales and most current 
metaphysical and witchcraft ideas are based on vague recollections 
of the magic universe.

But, as always, you have some people trying to lord it over others 
and you have another group trying their best to condition people to 
make them good.

Here the definition of the game called for many gods and 
goddesses, demons and devils.  And many came down willingly from 
the conflicts universe armed with higher level knowledge to 
establish themselves in these positions.

And the games and wars and whathaveyou went on for the usual 
long period of time until a need for yet a lower prison universe was 
agreed upon by all.  And so the current physical universe was built.

After being sentenced in court, the prisoner usually goes down a 
spiral path lined with statues of the penalty universe terminals and 
ends up at a sort of Greek style pool at the center where he is 
pushed under and finds himself shifted to this universe.


Our universe was built as a prison 86 trillion years ago.  The 
sentencing process includes passing through a sort of implant 
universe which tells him that this is the universe of physical force 
and then lays in the goals that he is supposed to live by in this 
universe (things such as being successful, popular, intelligent, 
strong, etc.) but putting them in with a twist so that he will forever 
get in trouble trying to do them.  Of course the implant is at the 
beginning of time (and says so) but it  is only the beginning of time for 
this stupid little universe and not for our eons long existence.

At first, people would escape and be in the magic universe for 
awhile and then get sent here again (receiving the implant again).  
The magic universe remained in existence (and is still there 
although it is very contracted and almost deserted).

In recent times, the remaining kings and wizards, seeing that most 
of the action and people were down here, relocated themselves by 
forming up invader forces and trying to take over this universe.

There are some parts of this universe where we have attempted to 
recreate magic universe operation and which to some degree 
imitate the magic universe.  One difference is that space in this 
universe is dark whereas in the magic universe, the space is light 

Most science fiction contains vague recollections of the history of 
this universe.

The goal of this universe is "To Survive".  The normal emotional 
tone level (as described by L. Ron Hubbard) is in the 0 to 4 band.  
There may be a many layered structure of "astral" planes in 
addition to the physical level in places where someone has taken 
the trouble to build these using higher dimensional technology 
carried down from the higher universes.

Again there was a big society which tried to make slaves out of 
everybody.   This was Arslycus.  It was a great city in space and 
was researched to some degree by L. Ron Hubbard in 1952.  If you 
will think about building in three dimensions instead of 2 (on the 
surface of the Earth), it should be obvious that a space city 
occupying a spherical volume equal to the size of the solar system 
would have more "land" area that all the planets of the galaxy 
combined.  And gradually they captured all of the populations of 
the outlying spiral arms of this galaxy.  Their main activity was
implanting people to be slaves.

An equally viscous group of religious fanatics, known as 
Helatrobus, was entrenched in the center of the galaxy busily 
implanting people to be good.  Gradually the Galactic Empire
(millions of planets in the center of the galaxy) came under
their sway, began using implants to solve social unrest, and
ceased to be a nice place.

These two groups came to blows and fought a war that just about 
wrecked the galaxy a few hundred million years ago.  It pretty 
much resulted in their mutual destruction.  You might say that 
Arslycus won because they collapsed the center of the galaxy into a 
black hole which formed the next lower prison universe (the mud 
universe) where the remnants of Helatrobus now rule.  But it was a 
Phyrric victory since Arslycus was also shattered.  This ended  
around 167 million years ago.

Of course there have also been plenty of subsequent little empires 
that have claimed to be the continuation of Hellotrobus (like 
having Constantinople and the Holy Roman Empire around long after 
Rome fell to the barbarians).

Since then, there have only been petty little empires and the usual 
operations of civilized man.  And if you object to calling these
later glorious empires "little", please realize that an empire
with a thousand planets would hardly be bigger than a dust mote
on a picture of our galaxy with its billions of stars.  

The galaxy has, to some degree, remained in a dark age ever since,
with petty kingdoms fighting wars and buisily implanting their

Eventually the invader waves started coming in from 
the magic universe to add a little spice to the 
action.  These invader forces would generally be formed up by a 
few kings and wizards grabbing entire planetary populations and 
dragging them back up to the magic universe briefly for advanced 
training and implanting followed by returning here in a wave of conquest.

The body types in this universe are generally humanoid ( 2 arms, 2 
legs, etc.) but not necessarily human.  This is in keeping with the 
penalty universe designs that we have tended to fixate on more and 
more.  The more exotic types of bodies sometimes envisioned by 
the science fiction writers actually hearken to earlier universes 
where we had a bit more free thought and our mockups were more 

Things are not really as simple here as they seem.  To make things 
this solid and immune to thought, everything is setup on a very 
indirect basis.  We carry all of our earlier universe experience 
along as baggage and we hide a good bit of it from ourselves and 
keep it out of sight.

The real structure of our bodies actually carries our entire 
"evolution" (or "devolution") with it.  The bodies consist of a 
physical body generated by an astral body (a hidden immaterial 
version of the old magic universe style body) which is generated by 
a spirit body (the old conflicts universe body) which is projected by 
an energy body (thought universe) which is projected by a symbol 
body (symbols universe) which is in turn projected by a mask 
(motion universe) which is projected by a basic object (games 
universe) which is mocked up from one's operating space.  I.E.., the 
people operate through many layers of vias to keep themselves and 
their stuff from being hit.  The higher level forms are very 
carefully hidden and the being wouldn't even let himself know for 
fear that someone will read his mind and zap them.  The person dies 
in a physical body and then stupidly runs around in an "astral" 
body where he can still be hit (and is still carrying around tons of 
baggage) until he can hook up to a new physical body.

If the person were smart, he would step outside of the whole mess 
and be like a god again.  Occasionally, some people do.  
Unfortunately, they then proceed to get into even more conflicts 
and trouble and wind up right back in the soup again.   They 
perpetuate their early aberrations instead of facing up to them.   
Even the gods fall prey to the early stupid and self-destructive 
ideas such as jealousy and vengeance.  Everyone swallowed the 
jewel of knowledge hook, line, and sinker and believes it to this 


The next lower prison universe has already been built.  The entry 
point is through a black hole at the center of our galaxy.  They are 
already tossing people into it, but its just started so most people 
come back up and out pretty quick.  Most people on Earth, being of 
the troublesome type that gets sent to prison planets etc. have 
probably been down there once or twice already.

It seems like Hellotrobus structured the mud universe as their last 
act in this galaxy.   The remnants of the old Hellotrobian hierarchy 
may be in power there now.  

In the Mud Universe, space is very solid, feeling like molasses.  
The goal of this universe is To Persist.  Note that survival implies 
continuing to struggle to live whereas persist implies simply hanging 
on as a rock or whatever.  The normal tone band (i.e.. the thetan plus 
body range) is -8 up to 0.  It is an unpleasant place.


We are not in the Mud Universe at this time (although many of you 
may have visited there briefly).  But we do seem to be in some sort 
of a local prison within the physical (space opera) universe.

Although this planet may have had some good times, it is a copy of 
the original Earth and therefore tends to be selected for whatever 
nefarious deeds are required by the local space empires.  Its recent 
use as a prison planet is probably the result of a war, with the 
soldiers of a captured army being dumped here.  It might also have 
its compliment of political prisoners, revolutionaries, and real 
criminals.  It has previously been used for mass implanting on the
same basis of being a copy of the original Earth.

The prison machinery has to be elaborate enough to keep the 
prisoners from simply reincarnating back in normal society and 
starting to raise hell.

Advanced technology allows the manipulation of multiple three 
dimensional spaces in a four dimensional framework.  The entire 
solar system (out to about 1.3 light-years) is handled in this way 
(there is a set of 12 stations, sort of like the zodiac, surrounding the 
solar system at that distance).

The entire structure (this solar system) has been copied sideways in 
a 4th dimensional direction to form a "heavenly plane" on one side 
of us and a "hell plane" on the other.  These are not very thick in a 
4D sense and therefore are a bit ethereal giving them a bit of an 
"astral" (spirit-like) quality.  They are like positive and negative 
plates between which our reality is suspended.  Earth as we know it 
is very thick (thousands of layers) along the 4D axis with a dead 
spot in the center that acts like a mirror.  What we normally see is 
in this mirror which is reflecting the thousands of "real" copies to 
either side.  One of the reasons you can't grab the things you see 
with your thoughts is that there really is nothing where you are 
looking.  You have to reach in funny directions to grab an object 
with your mind and move it around.

Don't get all religious about the heaven and hell planes at the far 
edges of the prison.  This is like painting the top floor of one of our 
penitentiaries and fixing it up to look like heaven according to 
legends remaining from the magic universe.  Similarly, we could fix 
up the basement to look like hell.  Then we give the guards 
costumes as angels or devils.  The best prisoners are given an 
occasional day in heaven and the real troublemakers are 
occasionally thrown into hell.  But its all part of the prison 
machinery and the supposed angels and devils are all really guards 
who work together to keep the convicts confused and under 
control.  The guards might play good/evil type games to keep 
themselves amused, but they are basically guards and they never 
really loose sight of that fact.

With the prisoners so horribly conditioned and brainwiped between 
lives, there is not much danger of a prison revolt.  But there is also 
the possibility that the prison might collapse.  If anything were to 
destroy the Earth, they would suddenly have far too many people on 
their hands and at least some would escape out into the galaxy at 
large.  So they must protect the world from destruction.  And yet 
they must leave us with advanced scientific knowledge to support 
the ever growing numbers of prisoners.  They encouraged a 
scientific revolution so that the population could expand and now 
they have the constant difficulty of our blowing ourselves up and 
destroying the world in various ways.

But there is a technical solution to this given the ability to 
manipulate 3 dimensional spaces in 4 dimensions.  You can store 
copies of the 3D space sideways along the 4th axis.  Imagine that we 
are living on a flat sheet of paper.  The paper changes constantly, 
but occasionally someone makes a xerox copy of the page.  If the 
paper ever catches fire and burns up, they pull the last xerox out of 
the file and everything goes on from there.  You will see the same 
thing if you play a computer video game that you can save and 
restore.  If the game goes very badly, you can always go back to a 
previous copy.  If you try this, you will also notice that after 
restoring an earlier copy of the game, you have some knowledge of 
the "future" even though things will go slightly differently.  This is 
the real explanation of "deja vu" (remembering the future when it 
happens again).

One recent example was in 1963 when president Richard M. Nixon 
launched a nuclear war that destroyed the planet.  As we all began 
dying in droves, the prison machinery was used to restore a copy of 
the Earth taken in 1957.  We were all conditioned to go back to what 
we were doing in 1957 and life picks up with a second pass through 
1957 to 1963.  Of course they intervene slightly and Kennedy is 
elected by the barest margin.  Since he begins introducing major 
changes and because everyone unconsciously expects something 
bad to happen in 1963 anyway, he is assassinated and things begin 
to settle back down to their normal course.  Nixon even gets to be 
president later with less ill effects.

These "backup" copies of the earth appear to be taken every 5 
years in February of the years ending in either a 2 or a 7 (i.e.. 1952, 
1957, 1962, etc.).

When they restore and earlier version, they don't like to back up 
too far because they have the problem of the growing population 
(as more prisoners are added).  Pushing earth time back too far 
gives them a host of newer prisoners who have noplace to go.  Small 
numbers can be handled by using animal bodies for a brief time, but 
large numbers require setting up "holding tanks" on yet another 
copy of the earth further sideways along the 4D axis.  This gives us 
a bunch of weird "preternatural" earths that some people will have 
experienced just before birth (and right after the previous time 
they died in this lifetime).

As you can see, this makes a terrible jumble of one's history.  
Nobody in their right mind, catching a halfway glimpse of the truth, 
would believe it, because things are not in the simple logical order 
that you would expect.  You wonder why his recollection of 
Christmas 1957 doesn't match the facts?  Maybe he's recalling a 
different time that he lived through 1957.  Does he remember a 
funny incident when there seemed to be old steam boilered fire 
engines on the streets of modern New York, well that's a much earlier 
pass through the 1950s and things were slightly different.  We have 
been reliving the 20th century for quite a long time.

A person's actual experience might include quite a few 
reincarnations on earth.  But he might have lived through the last 
one or two incarnations a large number of times and he might even 
have another incarnation "up in the future" that he's been through a 
couple times as well.  And in between, there might be visits to 
heavens, hells, pre-birth worlds, and even a few stints where he 
was forced to work in the between lives administrative area to keep 
this whole complex show on the road.  Now mix in tons of heavy 
conditioning to keep him confused as all hell, and you have a true 
picture of today's human being here on Earth.

This paints a pretty depressing picture.  But its no more than frantic 
hand waving meant to keep a god so confused and distracted that he 
wouldn't remember who he is or what he can do.


Here is a brief list of the universes:

a. Separation from static

b. Jewel of Knowledge

1. Creation period 

2. The  Mis-aligned spaces

3. The Agreements Universe

4. Home Universe

5. Games Universe
6. Motion Universe
7. Symbols Universe
8. Thought Universe
9. Conflicts Universe
10. Magic Universe
11. Current Universe
12. Mud Universe.

It is quite possible that I have gotten some of the details wrong.  For 
example, it wouldn't surprise me if it turned out that Giliead was in 
the Magic Universe instead of the Conflicts Universe.  And I 
have intentionally avoided mentioning things which are still highly 
speculative.  So do not take this literal mindedly or assume that it is 
complete.  It is the barest sketch of a framework and further 
research is needed.

Some of you may think that I have an overly active imagination.  In
that case I invite you to enjoy the above as an entertaining piece
of fiction.  I do hope that you will begin to research your past
existance and attempt to determine who and what we are.  I do not
insist that you find the same answers that I did.

Take this roadmap and use it as a suggestion for things to look at.
Don't simply swallow it as a matter of faith.  Wrong ideas are not
harmful unless you blindly insist that they are correct, otherwise
you would simply have a good laugh.