Pip wrote:
What do you make of this.   I was working part time at a restaurant when 
I lived in another city and it was lunch rush.  I was in my late 
twenties and one of four people in the kitchen and it was hectic.  I was 
down by the end of the sink away from the serving area doing something 
when everything went black and I felt like I was sucked through a dark 
vortex.  I found myself exterior in another city watching someone being 
assaulted on the on the public sidewalk by two or three men (it's a 
little blurry).  For reasons I won't go into I was frantic to help this 
person but my body was ethereal in that I had no effect on the men or 
anything physical - just like the guy in the movie Ghost.  I tried 
pushing them away and hitting them but my hands went right through 
them.  No one else was around to help.  I stood by a car parked on the 
street frantically wondering what to do and felt myself being pulled 
back into the blackness.  I was back in the kitchen.   I had to get back 
to the scene so I turned around with my back to the stainless steel sink 
and slowly sank to the floor.  I didn't even know how I would get back 
there but I was already in an altered state.  I spiritually said to Ron 
who was at the till dealing with customers, something like "Hey Ron, I 
need your help".  Ron was an ex-Viet Nam vet in his thirties with a 
drill sgt. demeanor and a "still battle weary" countenance that made him 
look a lot older than he was.  Like a gray ghostly head inside his 
physical head, I could see his spirit turn and look at me and ask "what 
do you need?"  I said "keep everyone away from me".  His reply was  "You 
got it".  In my altered state this all seemed quite normal!  I was 
sitting on the floor leaning against the sink but I could see 300 pound 
Leslie come toward me saying "what's wrong!?"  Ron immediately turned to 
her and barked "don't touch him!"  She hesitated but again moved toward 
me and Ron again barked his orders:  "leave him alone, we'll work around 
him".  Ron was in command.  She backed off.   The other cook Jeff who 
was watching just took it all in stride and kept working.  I was having 
kind of a dual awareness here because at the same time I felt myself 
pressing against a black wall worried that I couldn't get through. 

Then suddenly I was back at the scene and it seemed like no time had 
passed.  I frantically flew down the street to the main intersection 
seeking help but there were no pedestrians, just speeding cars.  I 
imagined I was running which slowed my flying down a bit and added to my 
frustration.  I ran back to the scene and spotted some derelict across 
the street about 200 feet away under what may have been freeway 
overpass.  He was standing but just watching.  I ran over to him and 
pleaded with him spiritually to help but he didn't want to get 
involved.  I gave up and the situation was getting desperate.  Now, I've 
called out to God many times in my life and got nothing (as far as I 
could tell), but it's what we do when we're desperate.  But the truth 
is, we forget most of the good stuff, and I had forgotten all this 
before my Clearing work.  I called out to God. 

Ok, big build up, maybe I'll write a novel,  but here is the relevant 

I'm in the middle of the street and suddenly there was a presence all 
around me which swept me up until I felt like a tiny bubble inside it.  
I recognized this presence immediately as my creator.  There was no 
question or doubt, just the undeniable certainty that I was a small part 
of this presence which was somehow me but not me.  A much bigger me yet 
a separate entity, from my viewpoint.  There was no form but the sense 
of maleness and a powerful communication from this presence, which I 
call my Higher Self, or Big Guy.  I felt muted and devoid of any will or 
control, but entirely safe.  I also felt a bit befuddled.   He said 
"I'll show you how it's done!"  He definitely had a sense of humor!  
Time, in the external world, stopped.  We went over to Jed the derelict 
and Big Guy tries to convince him to go help but he is stubborn and sees 
nothing in it for himself except trouble.  He has a snickering 
attitude.  So Big Guy says more forcefully "Look, I was just being 
nice.  You have 2 choices: either you can run over there and help that 
lady and be a hero or you can stay here and go deaf in your other ear 
(he was deaf in one ear) and I'll take your sight away and you will be 
deaf and blind for the rest of your life."  Jed sort of chuckles with 
the attitude of "right, like you can do that".  Meanwhile as I said, 
time has stopped and this is all spiritual communication.  But in the 
next instant Jed is totally blind - this lasts for a couple seconds in 
his experiential time, long enough for Jed to be jolted into the reality 
that this is no joke.  He pictures his life as a deaf and blind man ... 
and then his sight turns back on.  "Make your choice!" Big Guy says with 
finality.  Time resumes.  The guy immediately runs across the street 
waving his hands and yelling.  The men take off running,  The day is 
saved.  I am aware that after this the hearing in Jed's deaf ear 
returned to normal and some physical pain or difficulty of his also 

I opened my eyes in the noisy Kitchen, stood up and announced "I'm back" 
and resumed work explaining that I had the flu and just needed a 
break.   Later when Ron and I were alone in the Kitchen I thanked him 
for how he handled the situation and he said "We all have our moments 
when we need to check out for awhile."  The event was still semi-lucid 
in my mind and I said "do you want to know what it was?" and he said 
"No, I don't need to know".   My memory of the whole incident was 
suppressed from then on.  I called Ron 15 years later after I recalled 
all this and he remembered that day in the kitchen as I have described 
it.   I shared this story with him, but only a brief summary.  He seemed 
to accept it without reservation. 

So the question here is how to fit this experience into a model of 
reality -  the one and the many.  My model sees the ONE creating MANY 
viewpoints which seem to operate independently but which are all the ONE 
pretending to be the separated MANY in order to have a game.  Many 
games.  So we operate on many different levels - each level is still US 
but with higher or lower awareness and each different level can appear 
to be a different entity from any viewpoint below it.  So Big Guy would 
be one of the fingers in your hand analogy and I am one of the fingers 
on Big Guy's hand.   That would be 3 levels the ONE, BG, Pip.   But I 
think there are more levels between Pip and BG.   I know there are other 
ways to see all this.  One more thing:  I now recall 2 other 
interventions by BG where my experience of him was identical to this 
incident  - swept up in the presence of my higher self - miracles 
ensue.  This opens another can of questions too which I think are 
answered by the Prime Directive.

My TA shot off the scale while I wrote this and I feel like I just had 
10 cups of coffee - back to work!


- Regardless of what I say, yes I know I'm dreaming.

Sat Jul 31 01:54:11 EDT 2010