Homer said:
>    Virtue for the Author is not the same as virtue for the characters.
 True.  I actually remember a frightening example of the author-character 
 relationship.  First I remembered a terrifying and tragic incident while 
 working on a somatic.    It was this lifetime but I had completely 
 suppressed it - I had not a clue.   In resolving this incident I began 
 to have flashbacks of earlier moments that led up to this event.  In one 
 of those moments I was in a higher state of consciousness and was 
 devising the way things would unfold; actually setting it all up, 
 creating it.  I wouldn't say I was the ultimate author, but I had author 
 priveledges and was shaping events.  So as the author, the story was 
 important, but the trials and tribulations (and pain) of my character 
 were of NO CONCERN.  That's the FRIGHTENING part.  As an author it's 
 fine to write that the hero of the story "arched in bone splitting pain 
 and the bullet passed through his shoulder blade" but the character is 
 probably not smiling about it.  However, the ultimate author knows it's 
 all just a story, an illusion cast in the world of duality.  In this 
 instance all turned out well (miraculously! - just as the author 'wrote' 
 it to) and the I survived.  Still, I don't much like being a pawn 
 anymore, even if it's of myself.  Even if I had read the script and 
 known the outcome I absolutely would have declined the part.  Probably 
 ..... maybe.
Tue Sep  7 21:37:55 EDT 2010