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                                MY GOALS
                                ROSS - 2
                            26 Movember 1993
                   Copyright (C) 1993 B. Robert Ross
       Redistribution rights granted for non commercial purposes.
     Church members in good standing and those who still wish to get
back to good standing are warned not to read this as their standing
could be jeopardized by doing so.  The Church would classify this
document as a suppressive document.  However, I also invite you to judge
for yourself.
     In April 1950 I returned from a trip to Israel where I had served
in the Haganah in the war of Independence against the surrounding Arab
countries.  When I got back to NY I immediately searched out and
purchased a book on General Semantics, which had been written about by
A.E.  Van Vogt in his stories of the world of Null-A.  That book ignited
in me the goal to make the world sane as well as to achieve full sanity
for myself.
     Then on My 20th 1950, I read DMSMH and changed my goals to getting
clear and clearing planet Earth.  As long as I saw Ron and his
organizations as enabling me to achieve those goals I elected to join
forces with them and did so for thirty-three years from 1950 to 1983.
During this time, I did not consider myself a follower, though I did
consider Ron to be my teacher, but rather I considered myself an ally,
with my own parallel but similar goals.
     I took many courses and did lots of auditing and preclearing.  I
made gains and my PCs made gains.  I started auditing as a book auditor,
and audited about 4,000 hours while in Israel.  I became convinced that
auditing worked but that I needed to know much more as it did not work
every time.  I took my first professional course the HCA/HPA Course at
the Founding Church of Scientology in Washington D.C.  After that I
attended the 18th ACC, the 21st ACC, a number of other courses and then
spent 18 months at Saint Hill, ending up as a Class Six auditor
certified as qualified to run GPMs on preclears.
     I served in the NY Org from 1967 to 1969 in a variety of posts.  I
started as D of T NY, then Dissem Sec NY, Distrib Sec NY, Ethics Officer
NY, Temp HCO Exec Sec NY , and finally as Qual Sec holding Review
Auditor and Cramm Officer from above.  While on these posts I studied
and was 100% star rate checked out on policy by another Saint Hill Grad,
Denise Seeley, who was then LRH Comm, whom I checked out in turn.
     That's enough for the moment about me.  Now I want to tell you my
purpose in writing this letter.
     Tom Tamblyn of Rockville, MD in a letter in the Free Spirit Fall
'93 issue, calls for lower prices in the field and setting an example.
I hereby add my voice to his.  You may order copies of the Free Spirit
by writing to Free Spirit PO 6905 San Rafael, CA 94903-0905
     The general public needs to be audited in large numbers.  That can
only be accomplished by effective low priced co-audits.  Enough co-
audits springing up all over the country will be hard to suppress.
     A low priced low level Pleasure Moment co-audit at $5 per person
per 3 hour session 5 evenings per week and four sessions on weekends
could bring in $200 per session with only 20 pairs of students.  With
five nights and four sessions per week end that would amount to $1800
per week.  This much can be easily delivered by a simplified comm course
and co-audit.
     Of course it would take a while to build up to that point.  But a
successful co-audit would grow by word of mouth.  No money or effort
beyond good delivery and a weekly free public lecture or church service
would would be needed.  Once started it could keep growing by word of
mouth.  After all, auditing does work.  Graduates of the co-audit, like
Dale Carnegie Course graduates, would be only too happy to serve as
graduate assistants in return for additional training and a bit of
supervision of their sessions.
     I have worked out the details of a Comm Course and Co-audit course
in which one person can effectively supervise 20 teams or more at one
time, no invalidative or evaluative flunking is used.  Students learn by
experience.  Write to me for details.  See Address above.  The cost of
the instructors pack is $20 plus P&H.  A smaller co-audit manual will
cost you $1 in lots of one hundred plus P & H, and you sell them for $5
a piece.  A separate student manual is available for $3 in lots of 20 or
more.  This covers handling and helping people in social situations is
you sell them to students who want them for $6 each.
     Now to give you more background and reason for this letter:
     Through 1969 I felt that I understood Ron's Policies fully and was
able to make them work.  It was only later that I discovered that I had
not also duplicated Ron's intentions, which it turned out were somewhat
different from publicly released policies.  I remember, taking the Org
Leadership test, which had on it multiple choice questions such as when
a policy does not seem to fit a situation I would a) figure out a
solution myself, b) apply the policies as I understood them. c) follow
the policies literally.  I would answer b).  I later discovered that the
correct answer to get a high grade and be promoted was answer c), follow
policies literally.  Ron wanted complete unquestioning obedience.
Anything else was labelled squirrel whether in Tech or Admin lines.
     I discovered when I was studying at FCDC in 1957 and later that the
qualifications needed to join staff were that one had to be a graduate
of an auditing course, the HCA or earlier which meant that one could
audit.  At that time, part of being a staff member was co-auditing with
other staff members.
     Some years later, Ron introduced a new policy, "in order to rapidly
expand the size of Orgs."  The requirements for being a trained and
capable auditor before being permitted to join staff were dropped and
anyone interested could join staff on the admin side.  There were
simultaneous policies which said that when a person joined staff they
would be tech trained and had to achieve auditor status within a year or
they would be dropped from staff.
     Unfortunately, or deliberately, this second policy was not fully
enforced and in recent time was seldom put into effect except for the
highest ranking staff members.  Many excuses were created for not
supplying the training promised.  The major excuse was that of low
stats.  Instead of training staff members adequately so that they always
had high stats, they were relatively untrained and all downward trends
blamed on them, so that they could not get trained.
     Then, as I was intimately familiar with Org Policy I was able to
decode the Org thursday weekly stat reports and discovered that some
sneaky things were being done that reduced staff pay.  According to
Policy as existing in the Staff Status Study Packs the staff
proportional pay plan consisted of paying out of GI essential utility
bills, after which the GI was divided down the middle half going to
ordinary Org expenses and building maintenance and half going to staff
in accordance with proportional pay status of each staff member.
However, what I discovered was that certain percentages were being
quietly being taken off the top, like an extra ten percent off the top
for the GO, legal services, which at last accounting the church admitted
to being about two million dollars per week and other percentages for a
variety of other purposes.  The net result has been starvation wages for
most staff even when income was more than adequate to pay more.  This
secret policy made the promotion, "What your fees buy" a lie.  The
circle should be a slice further divided.
     These policies supposedly brought about Org growth.  Actually these
policies kept the Org small.  Instead of keeping trained loyal well paid
staff who became more and more efficient as they gained experience,
there were always new staff who had to be trained freshly.  These new
staff members were inefficient because of lack of experience and there
was a large turnover.
     What concerned me most however, was the continual rise in prices.
Prices have risen far beyond the capability of anyone but doctor's,
dentists, lawyers, chiropractors. and other very well paid
professionals.  Prices have risen too high for me and too high for the
average person and by so rising it seemed to me have closed the door to
clearing the planet.
     That upset me.
     Later I took note of other events.  The IRS had won a case against
the church for several million dollars and was pressing to file an even
bigger case, which never took place.  Yet the raid on the church in LA
had revealed a great deal of evidence that the IRS could have used.  Why
didn't they use it?  Why did they never go to trial?  This was of great
interest to me for all during this period that the IRS was not
attacking, the church was spending between one and two million dollars a
month on lawyers attacking field auditors as well as defending
     The Church by its own published policy statements tries to prevent
anyone other than themselves from delivering auditing while at the same
time cutting back delivery themselves by charging ridiculously high
price.  Not that good auditing is not worth the prices charged.
Unfortunately such high prices do not further the goal of clearing the
     In the past year, I have rehabbed my purpose of clearing the planet
and bringing sanity to as many people as possible.  This is needed more
than ever.  What I feared twenty years ago to the point that it turned
my stomach, I can see happening today.  I started reading George
Orwell's "1984."  It horrified me so much that after getting half way
through it I had to put it down.  It took me a year to be able to
confront that book and complete reading it.
     What I see today in terms of double talk and double think, I see
and hear every time Clinton and company make a speech.  Orwell described
this clearly in his book.  Words change meaning daily.  The main
difference is that Orwell set his story in England in 1984, where as
this is the United Stated 1993.
     Ron predicted about 1968 that the U.S. would be taken over by the
communists by 1972.  In 1972 I didn't see it.  But, looking backwards
today, I do see that Ron was right.  True Communists have not obviously
taken over the entire country.  All they took over was the school system
and the government.  The State Department was the first department that
I was aware of having been clearly taken over.
     The U.S.  State Department has encouraged communist regimes in
third world countries and worked to topple conservative non-communist
regimes.  The most recent victories of the U.S.  State Department has
been forcing the South African Government to share power with Communist
leaders.  A Second victory has been the enforced peace between Israel
and the PLO which puts PLO people within the boundaries of Israel and
will next put them in the Knesset and eventually put them in charge of
the country, if the State Department has its way.
     Congress has been totally won over by this insidious menace.
Witness the passage of the Brady Bill.  Republicans under Senator Dole,
had been blocking the Brady Bill by filibustering against it.  Then with
one day to go, Senator Dole ended the filibuster.  Next day, after the
bill passed Senator Dole said that he had been promised certain changes
in the bill which the democrats did not put in.  He claimed that he had
been betrayed.  I don't believe that, do you?  I think he acted a part
to convince people that he was really against the bill, that he was just
a poor victim betrayed by those nasty democrats.  I am sure he did this
to give himself the illusion of credibility at the polls.
     The important thing is that if we do not quickly work hard to clear
the planet, we will be scurrying around underground in a few years if we
are still alive.
     Here's another interesting point, That dirty rag of an anti Scn
magazine, The Informer, edited by Dennis Ehrlich, ex Qual Sec Flag ran a
story I was told that stated that as part of the negotiations which
ended up with the IRS giving the church non-profit status, the church
had turned over to the IRS the last known names and addresses of all ex-
members.  Was this only for the purpose of validating, the claims of
such people for TAX refunds on donations to the church that the IRS had
not honored.  Somehow I don't think so.
     I propose that all active field auditors immediately, work to
expand their practices by delivering co-audits and low level training
while also delivering higher level auditing to those who can afford it.
I propose that auditors in the field trade their knowledge with other
auditors so that the overall level of skill goes up.  There are more
than enough preclears around for all of us.
     The largest number of potential preclears are in the ranks of
people who have never been audited and never been to a therapist or
     I have been attempting to push toward this goal by sharing my own
findings with others at very reasonable prices.  I urge others to do the
same.  I urge that every auditor charge as little as will keep him
solvent and continue to drop prices as the flow builds up in order to
increase the flow of preclears and students.
     We can all become rich while helping others.
     Bob Ross
     B. Robert Ross
     7826 Foothill Blvd
     Sunland, CA 91040
     (818) 353-1209
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